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@KEEMSTAR she also has a fucking boyfriend
@aid8nn @abeswanick @inversedaniel yes @kekify we all are 🤡 @dogchan1001 so what are you like a fucking fbi agent or something @KEEMSTAR is this what you do after you win by society standards @abeswanick @inversedaniel grilled cheese @AIIyNicole i have yet to see a commie pussy that have done anything even remotely on that level - i will say this… @AIIyNicole ive never even fucking voted lmfao @inversedaniel @abeswanick well done domestic them @something4lse i also broke my nose once playing little league baseball when you get hit in nose hard enough you kn… @something4lse aim for nose from my vast experience in watching fighting webms and gifs its highly effective
@For3v3rRain they sell their moms xanax in suburbs @KEEMSTAR well said @KEEMSTAR THEY ARE WHITE @KEEMSTAR we all know this is a fucking scam @KEEMSTAR i dont see the issue keem - he is a creditable advisor for getting pussy
@Boogie2988 🙁 @elonmusk that shit kinda look fake af
@KEEMSTAR @Slasher what no pussy does to a mfall for sausage mcmuffin
@something4lse wtf am i the only american this hour @backt0nature a land lot in the midwest, United States. @AshleyLake charmander @MediumTaroLatte "so now what" @KEEMSTAR nah i dont think i will pussy get on rust
@AIIyNicole inject it with random shit until we figure out how to win @MediumTaroLatte 11/28/2020 @MediumTaroLatte are you fuckign kidding me @MediumTaroLatte @SoulEatingTime @SexHaverNick there is no playlist its a massive folder i could torrent it and giv… @darkpat77 you in college debt for 600k as liberal arts student? @inviterlol @MediumTaroLatte why am i run on sentencing you right now @darkpat77 why @MediumTaroLatte good decision little did they know i wouldve done it for free @SexHaverNick @MediumTaroLatte my typing music @MediumTaroLatte just type 150 wpm, understand basic econ/accounting, and be obsessive excel weirdo - get contracte… @MediumTaroLatte dont stress as i said i will die of a heart attack spreadsheet and the keyboard have been my shit… @MediumTaroLatte spotify was my shit always fun when you buy alittle of something that rakes in no money at all but… @MediumTaroLatte no funny - ive never had a schedule if i stay up too late i push it until next day, ive done this… @MediumTaroLatte how long is this stupid bullshit gonna last holy fuck
@AIIyNicole slower than how fast i can type @Dracsquatch oh mb didnt realize
@KEEMSTAR @nicholasdeorio @XanderhalTV keemstar beat this political big brainer with nothing but sheer witt alone, gg @zaptiee i was who he was talking to
@Boogie2988 i see well right on @KEEMSTAR i wouldve beat off to that from your end this is not a joke @Boogie2988 do you support abortion rights @KEEMSTAR what was the best story you covered dj keemstar @KEEMSTAR you fucked his wife bro quit playing with him @foxlordhentai @AIIyNicole some hunter type verify this ive only been a few times and even fewer times did someone… @foxlordhentai @AIIyNicole and you start around there to remove the parts cause you want the skin not the skin with… @foxlordhentai @AIIyNicole wait i was a little kid when someone taught me - it might actually just be the groin sin… @AIIyNicole i have no idea i was taught with butthole up to neck then turn and didnt like the idea of going across… @foxlordhentai @KEEMSTAR at this point i think a complete no mask gc would be funny @Bowblax personally i hope hes completely guilty and gets away with all of it @AIIyNicole find the deer skin the deer @foxlordhentai @KEEMSTAR if one of them retires/quits other one will too its dry been dry but they all including my… @KEEMSTAR i was backstabbed 😭 by that man 👃 and to be honest hes kinda been indirectly motivating me for near 6 yea… @KEEMSTAR the hatred levels is the only thing keeping you from quitting and him from quitting ahahaha i love it @AXE968 he really just surviving off sun itself sick @kekify smart @kekify yes @kekify you are an actual predator @kekify bro they coming to get you watch out @kekify @torturednyako nah bro you have some sort of thrill to see if fbi is real or something idk lmfao you look for this shit @kekify @torturednyako bro wtf is wrong with this account @elonmusk WHAT IF FLAT EARTH IS REAL @KEEMSTAR i mean id say who behind it but twitter ban meLeafy discovering who got his channel banned.
Retweeted by Leafy @MangaBlushing @MediumTaroLatte AHAHAHA @MediumTaroLatte i will leave the country before paying child support @KEEMSTAR im down @inversedaniel wisdom @KEEMSTAR win what @KatOfficer boredanime can be trusted @dogchan1001 gold guns and landgod cannot be trustedthe government cannot be trusted
@MediumTaroLatte fucking nonsense just make minecraft potion chart crude sucked from ground refined aka burnt in tu… @MediumTaroLatte are you being sarcastic or do you actually understand that shit cause it never hit for me i only u… @MediumTaroLatte i should downgraded abit more of pfe but hmmmm jnj/mrk outpreforming pfe now lmfao @MediumTaroLatte i thought asian languages were the only ones that didnt stem from latin but i guess not latin real… @MediumTaroLatte how do you even type this shit, like a keyboard has abunch of letters do you type like how they so… @MediumTaroLatte FLEX YOUR CHING CHONG IM IN CLASSES RIGHT NOW
@slushyisleaks @foxlordhentai @AIIyNicole annoying npcs aggressive to someone vibing @iamflous HE DO IT FOR CASH AND I RESPECT IT BUT BRO LMFAOI TRIED WARNING YOU ALL @KEEMSTAR i wanna see tik tok news @toastedtoast__ idk but james charles type different level @KEEMSTAR keem how much would he have to show you in his bank account to make you go unironic towards that bs @Iightlizzy did* they fired me bro cant handle my energy 🥳would you pretend to be gay for 10m/yr @slushyisleaks @MediumTaroLatte why would you do that you gonna die eventually anyways @AIIyNicole @leafyspanda good @MediumTaroLatte pfizer****** @jollytwocoin @ctrlbooh pfe big drug company found the cure for covid apparently just been in pharma somehow wake u… @ctrlbooh they wanna milk it for all its worth like they should i love them so much only with phizer can we not die @ctrlbooh phizer doesnt sleep they cure covid