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🎶You know I got it like all day, all the time... More of my Ahri cosplay 🦊💙 @LeagueOfLegends @KDA_MUSIC
Retweeted by League of Legends @NargaLifestream @KDA_MUSIC Spectacular!!
⏰VGU and Thematic voting both end in less than 24 hours! Vote in the client by Jan 19 @ 11:59pm PT!
🎨Season Start 2021 Fan Art Contest!🎨 📣Calling all artists! Show off your favorite Champs and characters from acros…🔍 [LoL] We are aware of login issues that may be affecting players and are looking into a fix. If you're still expe…
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📢 [LoL-TR] Due to unresolved network issues across all queues, the remainder of Clash games for the day will be can…
Retweeted by League of Legends @NinjenSN Honestly same @callmeanyt1m3 @JumaraloHexCore ¡Feliz cumplis!🎂 @gogglesgallade1 Awesome!❄️❄️❄️ @_WickedSystem_ ❄️💖 @pusangboy Maybe just some wax, but Bristle probably doesn’t mind 🐷 @piggyxbackz 🎉👑 @ohjuby ❄️ 👑 @primegaming week, another chance to get the skin you've been wanting in @LeagueofLegends! The 2nd Mystery Skin Shard is…
Retweeted by League of Legends @kaylyneporter5 Happy bday! @DAGANDANGEROUS Not yet but close 🐊Charge! It's Sejuani's Champiversary! "Who wants a treat? Bristle wants a treat?!"
@RiotCreatorSupp it's started! Tune in to watch your favorite #LeaguePartner compete in the League of Legends: Riot Grand Prix!…
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Tune in tomorrow for the Riot Grand Prix - League of Legends tournament where current members of NA/OCE LPP go head…
Retweeted by League of Legends @Nya_chan_0W0_ Loving this so much!! 😂 super creative and the art is adorable 💯💯💯 @tinyvoidling @AdrianBlah @supermetroidlol @EvelynnsOF💀Ruined splash art for Karma, Draven, and Shyvana! 👻ICYMI, PBE Preview video in the thread below! @PastryFudger YES this is poppin'! 🌽💯😂 @_erisiar This is more than we even hoped for thank you!!👏👏👏👏👏 @BaByDoLL_MooN @leochamposa Okay we did laugh 😂 @urf_is GG 😄
@jopa12624142 Incredible, thank you! @OhHelloKeroArt It's beautiful and well-deserved! @Wanderlustluca @LoLUKN Stunning!🤩🤩 @GenoLegend So adorable!!😍🥰TBT to this glorious @cutiepiesensei Senna cosplay🔥🔥🔥 @LustSenpai +1000 ! 👏👏👏 @urf_is But puns specTACOlar! Okay okay we'll stop 🌮🌮🌮 @urf_is Taco 'bout a good idea!😂🌮 @diazex_art This is so perfect for our prompt today😂🍌🍌🍌🍌This week's #lolartprompts will make you hungry! Knot your apron, pick up your rolling pin, and turn your favorite… @eSportKrypto @Cosiek7 @a1a7s45 I see what you did there.... 🤣Fight as five. Win as one. Compete for the Shadow Isles Cup Jan. 16 and 17th!🏆 Find info here:… @AzurLan38705881 Didn’t want you to miss it ☺️ @J3VANKAY 🥰 @Cosiek7 We are gonna try 🤜🤛 @G22Kon 😌🙏 @Gustajojo Happy bday! 🙌It's the Boss's big day.👊 "Let's give 'em a show." @BigPongLenis420 @riotgames Awesome!! all Clash contenders: If you haven't placed in ranked for Season 2021 before this weekend's Shadow Isles Cup, we…
Meet the teams taking on Twitch Rivals: @LeagueofLegends Series 1. Group Stage kicks off with Week 1 matches right…
Retweeted by League of Legends @YayaHan @LegendOfMicah @riotgames Thank you for the phenomenal work you put into this!!💯💯 @AsdielFelDown “I’ve heard about this hero with a hammer, can’t wait to meet him.” @__Sirup__ Truly spectacular, both as a tribute and for the art itself.💯💯 Thanks for sharing w/ us!🔥Shan Hai Scrolls splash art for Nautilus, Cho'Gath, Jhin, and Neeko! 📜ICYMI, check the thread for the PBE preview… @9_Random_9 Happy birthday! @swagsterbee Happy birthday! @Midnight753 Happy bday! @IgIgorantunes13 Happy bday! @GenoLegend 🥰 @lmaojexi 🤭Share all the hammers... it's Poppy's bday!!🔨🔨🔨 @eroseuu @RiotForge Spectacular work! @DegenerateYeen @Raymond06019171 @VeeVeeh @Zendoma @cinamoncune @MumbleMango It looks so great! Thanks for sharing!! @eroseuu @flightspath, the end of the club ❤️❤️❤️ #shyvana #quinn #kalista #azir #ornn #LeagueOfLegendsFanArt #leagueoflegends
Retweeted by League of Legends @leochamposa This is beautiful 🥲
2021't forget to head to the client and submit your picks for: ☑️VGU Voting ☑️Thematic Voting ❗Voting ends Jan. 19t… @lolpaja This is awesome!
@EsportzNetwork @NinjenSN @AnsonArtomica Spectacular!His reign is terror. His love is eternal. Learn more about Viego, The Ruined King, in his biography:… 2021 is just getting started! Check out highlights in the thread below, including: 🎬2021 Cinematic ✅VGU & T… the Viego - Abilities Rundown article here👉
Viego👑 year, new cosplay! I made Vayne's full costume + props to celebrate the start of the 2021 @LeagueOfLegends seas…
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@LegendOfMicah @YayaHan Absolutely stunning! @VeeVeeh Beautiful!Season 2021 opening weekend.👊 LET'S GO! the season with unique missions and rewards across League!🏆 GLHF and see you on the Rift!