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📒 Patch 11.24 Highlights! (Our previous post showed the incorrect Debonair Draven splash art. This is the correcte…'s a special day for the Tidecaller and the Steel Shadow! 🎉 Show some love for Nami and Camille's double bday! 🎂 looks like Goth Annie is getting a PBE splash update 👀🖤🗝⏱💚 Firelight Ekko 💚⏱🗝 Ekko lights up the PBE 🔦⏱🌳🥀 Elderwood Gnar & Rek'Sai 🥀🌳 Elderwood creatures coming to the PBE 💚 Elderwood Gnar & Rek'Sai have been spotted 👀
Oil and Water... sometimes it does work! 🧼
Retweeted by League of LegendsThe tea is fresh and the snacks are ready! 🍵 Who's serving in your lane? 👀
Happy #DayOfTheNinja's time to wish our favorite Curious Chameleon a happy bday! 🎉 Let's show Neeko some love in the comments! 🎂
Want even more @Arcaneshow goodness? 👀👑 Unlock some exclusive content for some of your favorite @Riotgames: LoL:…
Retweeted by League of Legends @riotgamesmusic the 218,960 of you who listened to us more than any other artist—you're all real ones 😉🖤 #SpotifyWrapped |…
Retweeted by League of LegendsQuick Gameplay Thoughts 12/3: The points system for event missions is changing. Learn how to keep earning rewards f… advantage of a successful gank is one of the best ways to start the day. Say goodbye to this Draven!…
@Wordsonx1 order is ready and the Cafe Cuties are here to serve their lane 🍵's Thursday, which tunes are you vibing to today?'s Udyr's bday and almost everyone was invited to the party! 🎉 asked for more and we are here to deliver 👏 Unlock next month's @LeagueofLegends Capsule for free with your…
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@Manda_AMSBT @arcaneshow @Immortals @primegaming @RiotForge your mid-week mood with a GIF! We'll start:'s time to celebrate the Troll King! 🎉 Show Trundle some bday love in the comments! 🎂
Good news! 📰The Bandle City Mayor has decided to honor the Between Worlds Seasonal Tournament with a special speech…
Retweeted by League of Legends @RiotBrightmoon December @primegaming Capsule is out now for Prime members! Claim free RP and more here ➡…’s time for the last Patch Preview of the year and it’s packed full of surprises! Join @RiotMirross and…
Retweeted by League of Legends🚨Last Chance Alert🚨 Have you been bringing the HYPE with the exclusive Happiness Overload emote in…
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@discord Two of Ava’s adventure leads her through the enchanted forests of Ionia, where unseen dangers—and unlikely fri…
Retweeted by League of Legends @riotgames @wildrift #JinxWasHere Relentless Storm rages on! 🎉 Let's show Volibear some bday love! 🎂 @GetRhinoShield @wildrift
"It's Jinx now. Powder fell down a well." 🎨 We're loving this amazing Jinx cosplay by @SherlinTsu!
Retweeted by League of Legends“We are the City of Progress and our future is bright!” ✨ 🎨 @behindjinfinity
@sonwooang Happy bday! 🎂🎉"Are we still sisters?" "Nothing is ever going to change that." 🎨 #Arcane-inspired handcrafted sculptures by…
"What makes you different makes you strong." 🎨 Vault breaking Vi cosplay by @gingersptx 👊
Retweeted by League of Legends"What are you shooting for?" 🕵 🎨 @larochefort11
So...what are you guys eating? Plate pictures ONLY 🦃
Retweeted by League of LegendsFor those of you enjoying feasts and family this weekend, here's your chance to introduce #Arcane to a new audience…
Retweeted by League of LegendsJinx is definitely having a moment and we're here for it. 😌 Throwback to this Glorious Jinx cosplay by…
Retweeted by League of LegendsMonsters aren’t born. They’re made. The final entry in the Council Archives is open.
Worried about watching Arcane without knowing about League of Legends? If a senior citizen can understand it, so c…
Retweeted by League of Legends @LEC @arcaneshow Heard from a reliable source that Jinx is perfect so 💣Thank you, friends, for making #Arcane the #1 English language series this week on @Netflix, and keeping us top 10…
Retweeted by League of LegendsMediocre Rap Battle of the #LEC x @arcaneshow: Fists to a Gunfight
Retweeted by League of LegendsNow you can also be sweet like a cupcake! 🧁 Prepare to serve these HOT tomorrow, so you can eat them whilst you wa…
Retweeted by League of LegendsWe sit down with Christian Linke and Toa Dunn to dive into the music of #Arcane. final entry to the Council Archives is here! Check out the newest collection for Jinx!
The World of #RiotXArcane web experience has been extended to remain open through Dec. 15. Catch up on missions and…
Retweeted by League of LegendsThe other enforcers may have forgotten, but Caitlyn is ready to remind them all what it means to protect the people… leaving this here... as more evidence
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@ReputationNate 💖💖💖 @CleopeyArt 💕💕💕 @primegaming's time to celebrate ALL things Caitlyn! 🎩've embarked on the most exciting phase of our journey so far, and we are forever grateful to you, the players.…
Retweeted by League of LegendsThe chem-barons of Zaun… just what are they up to? Examine Caitlyn’s files in the latest update of the Council Arch… day to be an ekko main #Arcane
Retweeted by League of Legends @wildrift @cookgoddess26 still too soon 😢
Cupcake's ready for #Arcane season 2 🧁 🎨 @ffSade
Retweeted by League of Legends @arcaneshow SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEAS… 2!?!? 👀👀👀
@riotgames @Pond3r LETS GOOOO! L 👊💥💥 @TheRealMintySSB NOTHING BUT HYPE HERE! Thank you for asking, appreciate you 💖♥♥♥🍻 Raise 🍻 your 🍻 ale 🍻 to 🍻 support 🍻 Hytale 🍻🔊 Catchup drops are available on @Twitch for those who missed them on Premiere Night. If you already got these drop…
Retweeted by League of Legends @TFT TFT💡👀 performing “Misfit Toys” with @itsmako at #UndercityNights 🔥🔥🔥 The entire Arcane Original Soundtrack is…
Retweeted by League of Legends @aimlab @arcaneshow doors are OPEN down at The Last Drop with #Arcane cast and creators. Catch special live performances from…
Retweeted by League of LegendsWe're LIVE from #UndercityNights 🎶🎊 Musical performances by @bonesbandbones, @PUSHA_T, @itsmako, @MIYAVI_OFFICIAL,…
Retweeted by League of Legends🎉 LIVE NOW!! 🎉 Don't miss the #UndercityNights Day 2 fun— and your last chance to earn Premiere Night catchup drop…, friend, to Piltover - the City of Progress Home to the most brilliant minds. Prospering together. Join us…
Retweeted by League of LegendsAll people need is a single seed of hope. #Arcane
Retweeted by League of Legends#UndercityNights continues! Join us at 12pm PT for an #Arcane finale conversation with the creators, Riot Gauntlet…
Retweeted by League of LegendsDream team ✊🔨 #ArcaneWatchParty
Retweeted by League of LegendsThe era of legends is here. Tune in to the final act and epic conclusion of #Arcane. All episodes now streaming on…
Retweeted by League of LegendsWatch history become legend. #Arcane Act III is here. All episodes and our epic finale are now streaming on…
Retweeted by League of LegendsAww, c'mon, what's the worst that could happen? #JinxWasHere Watch #Arcane final act @ 12am PT on @Netflix.
Retweeted by League of LegendsLeft our mark on #UndercityNights Watch #Arcane at 12am PT on @netflix 📺👀 for following along all the #UndercityNights fun! Don't miss the @arcaneshow finale at 12am PT 📺👀 @arcaneshow misery in the blank 💫 In Act III of #Arcane, _____________ will happen.
Retweeted by League of Legends500 attempts later, and the @SpinMaster still evades us... Going to try one more time... we talk about the #UndercityNights @secretlabchairs?! // NEW TRACKS IN @arcaneshow 🎶🔥🎶 Tune into Act III of #Arcane at 12AM PT on @netflix for new songs from…
Retweeted by League of Legends @jaelalaray Thank YOU for being a part of the community that helped make it all happen!💖BRO I got to tag a wall (digitally) and there IS SO MUCH going on here
Retweeted by League of Legendsuh oh #UndercityNights
Retweeted by League of Legends @RinTheYordle waiTOMGSOHYPE!!