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Leah @leah San Francisco, CA

I bake cookies and collect skulls. Mama. Feminist killjoy. Avatar puppeteer. Animal Talking Exec Producer. Wife to @garywhitta. Pro-vax. Get your flu shot.

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@ndntacocat I got it a few years ago so there might be better options, but this is what I have. @ndntacocat I had to buy a new seat and a ridiculous gel seat cover to not feel violated any time I sat on the damn…
@DazzlingGeek @garywhitta It was popular in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. I loved it as a little kid so I bought the anni… @ErrorJustin @positivepending @BeardedMetsBro @braynbasher @Z_alfano @garywhitta’s not rebellion or anything worth getting self-righteous about. Just selfishness, recklessness, and stupidity. A…
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@ndntacocat Serious side-eye to all of this, but especially eggs. EGGS? Eggs.Soooo, Brian Williams has run out of fucks to give 😂
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@nickervision PB has been acquired!I feel for people who follow me after someone accidentally tags me instead of their smart & successful friend Leah,…
@duckvalentine @SoShwoink Not a ton before I left! I get frustrated in early games when I know there are cool combat abilities com…
After Big Thanksgiving Dinners, Plan Small Christmas Funerals, Health Experts Warn - Mississippi Free Press
@JRamos090 @garywhitta Thanks for the tip! We weren’t happy with how dark that came out. 😬
@amityjam Seriously. I don’t understand that mindset at all. It makes me sad for them.I worked as a domestic employee to pay for college. Some jobs were so physically demanding, I needed years of physi… you're in Georgia, the upcoming election is so important. It's going to determine whether we have business as us…
Retweeted by LeahWe’re at a playground for the first time since March.
Bath time is hard.
@ManMadeMoon What a cute little crowd. For contrast, this is a small section of the crowd at one subway station the… importantly though, I got to pick up a cat. #AssassinsCreedValhalla lighting in #AssassinsCreedValhalla is stunning. this. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Sony really couldn’t choose between ugly or huge? It had to be both, huh?Mood:
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@Trask899 We used to build kits all the time and had building parties with friends. Not so much since having a kid… was a very good mail day.
In this clip Barack Obama is sitting down & welcoming a man who spent years arguing the Obama presidency was illegi…
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Seeing a lot of MAGA people complaining about being demonized. Here’s the big difference. I didn’t like MAGA peo…
Retweeted by LeahOn Feb 4th, 2017, Der SPIEGEL featured a cover depicting Donald Trump beheading Lady Liberty. Today, on Nov 7th, 20…
Retweeted by LeahToday is day one of some fairly strong steroids. If I start tweeting in all caps and addressing the neighborhood fr… @Enter_Name_Here @garywhitta We’re not far enough into it to know yet - barely dipped a toe in last night. We’ll play more tonight though!So @leah is not the type to be easily impressed by gadgets or technology but even she was like “wow this thing turn…
Retweeted by Leah @garywhitta I appreciate your generosity here, making it sound like I am impressed by things outside of gadgets and… allies! I ask that you give to this effort. Or share as far as you can. A Native family needs immediate funds…
Retweeted by Leah @noctopian After! @noctopian I got myself this shirt. was really a lot’s possible I did too many celebratory vapes. all proceeds to the Georgia runoffs.
Retweeted by Leah @Jlpeaks @garywhitta @GameOverGreggy @Ubisoft a party in the usa!! a compilation of block parties across the world celebrating the defeat of a fascist
Retweeted by Leah @garywhitta @GameOverGreggy @Ubisoft I’m really sorry that you’re not gonna be able to play on your new Xbox for like 200 hours. @garywhitta 👀Tonight is the first time transgender people have ever been mentioned in a presidential victory speech. Thank you, @JoeBiden.
Retweeted by Leah @Travlyn We stayed in the car with masks on any time the windows were down. As for people outside, I only noticed o… @McAdamstry I hope that doesn’t happen. I only noticed a couple people without masks. We have a very low risk toler…
@djKENTOLive I’m really hoping it was done intentionally as someone’s final “fuck you” before they’re done with that administration. @LeeSutton182 On repeat through the whole damn city. 😂We did a victory lap around San Francisco, culminating in three laps around City Hall. After 240 (!!) days of quara… new favorite thing on Twitter: giving random Leahs a lil cash when they accidentally tag me in posts with their Venmo usernames.Driving through the Castro blasting the “You About to Lose Yo’ Job” remix is the highlight of my day so far. I ♥️ San Francisco.A mini #Oakland USPS mailbox dances in front of the American flag while community members surround him in adoration…
Retweeted by Leah @LeahRaderBowers I gotchu, fellow Leah.15hr poll worker here. I just want a bottle of Prosecco...the rest I’ll redistribute. Venmo: @Leah-Bowers Cashapp:…
Retweeted by LeahSeeing a married couple in the White House who actually like each other will be a nice change of pace.BREAKING: Jared Kushner has reverted to Doll Form
Retweeted by LeahWe did it, @JoeBiden.
Retweeted by LeahI’ve watched this video so many times. swear to god my eight year old daughter saw the result and said “Maybe I can go back or school sooner now” and I…
Retweeted by LeahIf you’d like to learn more about our new history-making VP, check out this six part podcast put together by…
First off, Isabel.... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by LeahWhat I'd really love to see is Big Publishing band together to not publish a single one of these fucking clowns in…
Retweeted by LeahMay I say, despite how you may feel about her, Kamala will make history alongside Biden as not only the first woman…
Retweeted by LeahI don't EVER want to hear black people say their vote doesn't matter again. Look at what we did!! Georgia hasn't be…
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This is what stealing an election actually looks like.
Retweeted by Leah @SaraJBenincasa Oh my god that’s a beautiful baby.
Joe Biden is going to win. But what people of color have long understood should be clear to everyone now: Donald T…
Retweeted by LeahGeorgia peeeeeps!!
Retweeted by Leah @joshuashanevis If we do go through another cycle of treats, I need to petition hard for Reese’s to add some more holidays. 🙃Then we moved on to the trees, and then hearts, and eggs. I remember joking that the treatments better hurry up and… problem with rituals is, if chosen poorly, they mark the passage of time. We started fertility treatments last…! Your voting has been extended in some precincts. Please vote!
Retweeted by LeahSome people stayed, moved to, or even moved back to their hometowns in deep red states in an effort to make things…
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I can’t remember the last time I got through a school day without rage-crying at least once. @vilmar22 For everyones sake, I hope we have a good result today. ♥️ @r1nd4 That’s awesome! I’m sorry your first election as a voter is a shit show though. 😅 @LeeSutton182 @garywhitta Thanks! It’s from the Biden store. @MrPope Thanks! I’m not normally a fan of campaign shirts but I ♥️ science. can find the face on my sad Halloween egg but not my actual face. did the thing. Now I’m gonna call my family and make sure they do the thing. gives good blep. ⁦@washingtonpost⁩, things like this should not be behind a paywall today. double blep. levels have reached “hide and google ‘puppy blep.’” not delivering equipment again to Dem polling places. They did this in Stacey Abrams election. This is el…
Retweeted by LeahLet’s restore honor and decency to the White House.
Retweeted by LeahTexting with my eight year old. 🙃
@Kat_in_hat Omg I need that. @manraysky It seems like the city is doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. I’ve been impressed with thei… @manraysky Thanks for being a poll worker! Do you know what precautions your precinct is taking? Ours (our garage,… be kind to your poll workers tomorrow. That kindness extends to mask wearing and distancing. Don’t be a plague rat.As a reminder - we have none of these things because of his failed pandemic response. From it'll go away magically…
Retweeted by LeahAn important reminder as millions of folks across the country vote early or make plans to vote on November 3: You h…
Retweeted by LeahTomorrow is #ElectionDay. You still have time to register to vote in the following states: -CA -CO -CT -DC -HI -ID…
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