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WHATEVER!!! we get up out of bed, get ready, and get through the day. sending a big internet hug to everyone. have a good day ♡!!!!!!and today i woke up w so much anxiety LMFAOOOhelpme @brisklul either way i hope she has an amazing dayhappy anniversary to this iconic video @stnPooPooPeePee eevee stans rise upEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @zfeliciaa @ashIyne right!!!!! @LRichyyHCIM @xmmah @_destinybright caught in 4k @xmmah @LRichyyHCIM @_destinybright LMFAO @_destinybright i need to clean my eyes and thoughts @_destinybright no fucking way you just tweeted this. @stnPooPooPeePee POG @stnPooPooPeePee it looks so real @xoxabstract @ashIyne 👉🏻👈🏻 ur kidding. it would be pretty cute tho........ @Fam1LyGB i woke up to that this morning and yours and i was just like wow in awe. everyone is so talented. i love you all @jakkuxd @ashIyne actually not a bad idea omgi love u so much @ashIyneguys guYS ITS ME W EEVEE EARS. totally not freaking out.....excuse me while i cry. made by @ashIyne :’) !!!!!!!!!!! @xoupgone NOT PPL CALLING HIM TOMMY IN THW REPLIES LMFAOOO @xoupgone this is everything. fkn coolholy shit
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @xoxabstract ok @xoxabstract literally me rn curled up in a ball, on my un made bed, zero motivation to do anything but sit here in silence and hate myself.It’s alway “wyd” never “dyktmm”
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @xoxabstract brain got hands @JhbTeam @MxjdTV @LoganDodson YOU LOOK SO HAPPY!!! aweeeeeee you’re growing up 😭😭😭😭 i’m so proud of you and happy for you 🤍🤍you had to be there
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if you ever went to a one direction concert with Zayn, you are SO lucky.
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @lanikilpatrick next we need to go to HIS show @lanikilpatrick we are gemsslept in for like the first time in weeks. thriving. love everyone. love my life. i’m happy. i hope you all are hap… is so fkn sexy u @novachronee ur hard work will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. u SNAPPED @NoshinOcean literally is everything.FIRE IN THE HOLE!
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @NoshinOcean HAKSSKWJWWJSKSJWHWHWHS @kaweiiii on the bright side it’s cheaper
Ladies stop the self doubt and just decide that you are Sexy.
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @MellinaKong stunning or whatever @aucheezy don’t worry. i didn’t leave a CRUMB behind. @reallygraham_ is the sky blue @JuujiTV fkn amazingjust had shake shack 🤰 @BlocksDrawing @mcblockdaily phenomenal.
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @ImSuda @youtooz POGGY WOGGY😐 @Class INSANEtoday i woke up and decided i’m pretty........ tomorrow..... who knows @KittenElise 🤧🤧🤧🤧 @Jeremy43735195 @Sixxyy_ @brookeab @Valkyrae i am female. and brooke simp. sorry. @J0nna__ GOOD JOBhi! good morning. have a great sunday! be productive. or don’t be and just relax. idc. do whatever makes u happy. 😃🤍You just had to be there
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw)POV you’re playing Mario Kart
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw)“what is grief if not love persevering” what a line. what a fucking line. i will be angry for the rest of my life t…
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw)uhm. fuck @imane awwwww i love u too babe!!!!!!! @Valkyrae U DESERVE EVERYTHING RAE!!!!!! i’m so happy for u ♡happy birthday @TheForay you snapped, yet again!!!!!!!!!! @abbyeversfield @lexihaileyxox this shook me to my core. @NoshinOcean it’s perfect. saw it on tumblr. had to share am giving u all permission to tag me under “tag friends to enter” giveaways. k bye. @TheForay happy birthday to the legend behind the poopoopeepee graphics. 😃😃😃😃😃😃you had to be there
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @xoxabstract i’m blushing....... @ivannaamae I KNOW! so random. i miss u. maybe i’ll come to vegas and visit 👀 @j4zzyko omg!!! @2dlex it was, i love going on hikes. @Fam1LyGB on this hike i literally could see the city. it was insane. zoom in county kinda pretty i guess
@kliqdic ☹️ @lexihaileyxox queenladies y’all take selfies and look at them for 20 minutes until u hate them toothink i’m gonna go bother my aunt today. have a good day everyone! @Class @MxjdTV dudehowdyMac Miller’s ‘Swimming’ has just become his first platinum album. RIP! 🙏🏾🕊
Retweeted by LEAH (leehaw) @Iexiepriv POGGERS!!! bby idk if i can watch tonight bc i’m exhausted. i’m off tomorrow tho @GASCITY707 RIGHT @HyperNovaPuma i was thinking to myself “damn i hope hyper sees this” LMAO @BossUpJose ;) @MrFuryRevenge sameeeee. @TheForay popped tf off @NullTruth i was thinking the same damn thing my dudePOG @that OHwhat the actual fuck is that @Oreologist AMAZING @zfeliciaa pretty good. can’t complain :)
@zfeliciaa hey hey @GASCITY707 really well. i hope the same for u too, always! @Oreologist hai hai @GASCITY707 HEWWO TONE BONE MALONE @NoshinOcean hi pretty angel bbyhi @pokimanelol and model