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Warm, cuddly, too grumpy for the Midwest. PGY-2, pediatrics. She. Not advice; opinions mine & not my employer’s. Vaccines/justice/snacks #girlmedtwitter #BLM

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@JustSayXtian Pack up the Internet, we’re doneYo! Semites! Adonai eloheynu. Adonai echad.
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@accio_DO_ This will make your nurses love you and also front load your night, which will help you get all the sleep. Power move. @sophsa SopranosMe: Hey what's the gender of these knives? Roommates: ????????????????? Me: Are they meat or dairy? Roommates: Ah…
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@MySystolic Love & cuddles, but handle alone time well and don’t need BID/TID walkies. They’re great pets for docs.As state-seal-on-a-background flags go, this one is v striking.
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today I learned that Michael DeBakey, MD was born Michel Dabaghi to Lebanese immigrant parents. next time you ask f…
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Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @scholarfairy Nope, regular detergent (I use Tide pods bc I have to schlep my laundry up and down multiple flights… @scholarfairy I wash everything on cold. Occasional exceptions made for exceptionally grimy dish rags, scrubs etc. @JuliaNEM33 Instant oatmeal! If you like boiled eggs, boil a bunch of eggs on your day off and grab-and-go througho… @ERshitmagnet Have you ever drawn blood while belting Eye of the Tiger for a patient? Most fun I’ve ever had with a blood draw 😂we all laughed at “no malarkey” but have you ever seen more malarkey in your fuckin life
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @thomasthetaxi Yes @PettyHomoMD It’s dumb and should not happen but there’s too much In My Day-ism to stop it
Smaller bodied people *systematically* received earlier antiviral treatment than larger bodied people. Controlling…
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Pleasantly unsettled. “Holes have also been described as "ontologically parasitic" because they can only exist as…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @kreepklebsiella @CcTheScientist p10: has never once in history dispensed an accurate amount of fluid p100: p200 but half as useful…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋53°C / 127°F today in Iraq. Normal human life is impossible in temperatures like that. We are in a climate emerge…
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Short answer: No. Long answer: NOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @EmmGeezee @DGlaucomflecken Enough people are liking this tweet that I think we can do it. Twitter University Hospi… @gradydoctor @AdnanRaslan Heyyyyy (from someone doing residency here!) @EmmGeezee @DGlaucomflecken I wouldn’t be mad about a delayed sleep phase hospital, where instead of 4:30am labs an… @DDiprivan We can def fill out incident reports (including for professionalism) @JeanMoorjani Mildly Midsommar vibes 😅 in the whole fuck.
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @emily_fri @LGSentinel It’s papain! Papaya protease. Not sure what protein in venom they’re hoping it targets, but 🤷‍♀️
me reserving a table at applebees
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @melissagira @HowsMyDrivingNY ny:jgb1864This is deeply troubling. Plainclothes NYPD officers yanked a protester off the street — identified by her friends…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @theKevinGarcia_ Dinner last night. @ADocNamedDani YesEvery morning: “I am so tired. I would sell my soul for 15 more minutes of sleep. I am definitely going to bed earl…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @theblondeMD Be safe and do what you gotta do. Will miss you. Sending good vibes!
@emily_fri Just wait until you find out about fever as a verb. “If she fevers, culture both lumens and start cefepime.” @firecracker_doc Here is my cat sitting on the radiator but perching her chin on the windowsill. wildlife sculptures by artist Diana Beltrán Herrera document nature’s most striking details…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @DrEricLevi Trigeminal neuralgia. Also not sure how useful masks are if you breathe through a tracheostomy? @pathologiste08 @MrsPA_C My whooooole hospital has foam instead of gel. That tacky film is bleh @nursekelsey Peds Hospital: the cystic fibrosis unit (2/3 of a floor) and part of the PICU. On the adult side, I do…
@browofjustice Yum, (iron) sucrose. 😉 hoping this helps you feel better. @DocSighsALot wrote about “Hygiene Theater”—how restaurants, gyms, and subways have wasted millions of dollars on fancy cleanin…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @ClinicalPearl 🎶THERE CAN BE MIRACLESThis is the most badass #MedBikini post I’ve read and I’m sorry if Dr. Candice Myhre is on twitter and shared this.…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @browofjustice 💕 oh eve, this sounds so disorienting and frustrating. Can any of us help? @drwangmd Peds, and you know we are rainbow glitter. @AhmedBuehlerMD In med school I vagaled while *watching* a colposcopy w biopsy bc it made me think about my own IUD…
@magnetochron I ... sometimes take my mask off at work ... because I work 12+ hours at a time and need to eat/drink… @RachelBocchino No pants, -20 professionalism points 😂
@EEEaley @bryanboling Absolutely
I have a health equity joke but only certain people would get it.
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋#whypeds bc a middle schooler just absolutely smoked me in wii cars. Like, took the controller out of my hand and s… @bryanboling I mean when I can’t get a screaming preteen who’s in the hospital alone to take his Miralax because “I… dating app but it helps people find their landlord's other tenants so they can organize a rent strike
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @twkelly_EDU I’m from NY but was raised by a Texan. I say y’all, including to patients @HungryScribbler Hello coffee 😍
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @MsXandry Yay! Thank you for the update 💕honestly the most healing thing for me, moving from christianity to judaism, is learning that "wtf, god?" is also a prayer
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @MsXandry HOLY SHIT MAZEL TOVMy boys? Beach. @smartereveryday In terms of daily use + couldn’t-live-without, Littman stethoscopes
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋My man? Wicker. @RyManMD DownToDate.Who had “public health authorities recommend glory holes” on their bingo card?
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@adrianmontufarh Well hello from D’Booté. @adrianmontufarh
@J_Motoki Popsicles 🎉This thread is full of gems.
@CasarezKk Pink. Then orange. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. @YoungMace22 Munchkins @urfemmebot Bear-y peaceful. ☺️
This year has been relentless. RIP John Lewis, an exemplar.
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @Caulimovirus Ah, yes, the “clear out your sinuses” shelf @snug_slug 💕 this will not ruin you.
It is with a profound sense of loss that we share the news that Dr. Benigno Rodriguez, principal investigator of th…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @marklewismd HydroxychloroquineWe need clarity about what’s going on in Portland. Unlike DC, the fed’l government doesn’t run law enforcement in t…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @TheRealIJM Benedict xynbervatchUSPSTF Recommendation: Screening for Bacterial Vaginosis to Prevent Preterm Delivery a trav…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @relatableafmd @j_thePA @c_diazepine YES. Occult GI blood loss as a result of cow milk is common in otherwise healt…
@ConnorLounsbury Big Bang theory. @c_diazepine @screamingmd @melhkwan @Covid19Docs WOW. We def see pos patients in clinic and in hospital/ICU. Had literally not o… @c_diazepine And his hemoglobin is 6.8DID YOU KNOW JEWS INVENTED SPORKS?!?!
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Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋(*Our standard lyte panel is an “RFP,” which is a BMP with albumin and phos)*yodels* Just put the mag in the lyte panel! There is literally never a time I want all the lytes except the maaaaa… dentists of twitter. Deep pain in my R eye when I blink or look up + to the right. Not itchy or red or ha…