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Warm and cuddly, yet too grumpy for the Midwest. PGY1, pediatrics. She. Not advice; opinions mine & not my employer’s. Vaccines/justice/snacks #girlmedtwitter

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@pissedoffpremed Pronamel. Accept no substitutes!!!
@AmyPeeblesMD Mazel tov @KattrinBee Wait, there’s male Vocera out there?! (Ours is female)Endorsed. @pippage If the pressure from the blood blister is what’s hurting you, go see a doc, it may be able to be lanced @traependergrast Yes (more so w loan forgiveness). @DrGolfShirt “Warm, well perfused, normal color for this individual & with good turgor” @Cardiac_Cutie life changing.Licensed physicians. Fixed it for you monsters.
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @carriuncensored @ivynoelle Llama in a car, alarm a llama, llama duck 🎶 @Ink_Girl_ @ivynoelle Mushroom mushroom!I think to understand Trump and the cultishness you really have to internalize how much people really want to belie…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @nurse_charming D sticks. Where I came from they were BGs. @themouseyouknow
@ClinicalPearl Aw thanks pal#medtwitter going after #medinstagram is what i fucking live for
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @RozehnalMd Thanks. @PAlife3 Was pretty much ready for the ground to swallow me whole. @PAlife3 I explained sedation in lay terms to pt’s family. Found out after that pt’s parent was an anesthesiologist 🙃I have no nationality other than American citizenship. Judaism doesn’t require a passport.
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋Grassroots progressive group Indivisible has given Sen. Elizabeth Warren the only "A" on its scorecard of some 2020…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋base from 🍊 (tangerine) eyes from 😄 (closed-happy) mouth from 💩 (poo)
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋Real sick society we got here
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋ok if we aren’t american anymore can american jews at least be called hebrew nationals or something funny
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋One of the reasons Jews are so touchy right now about the President referring to American Jews as a nationality is…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋Guys... I might love PEM. @mattbc ALL THE PT. @babbymd ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@NorcoPharmD The point I’m trying to make is elaborating isn’t to “make everyone feel warm and fuzzy,” it’s for effective patient care. @NorcoPharmD I mean idk it’s useful to know why people do things - can’t afford vs don’t want to vs whatever. Makes troubleshooting easier @SusanSlavicek @ERshitmagnet Challenging when I’m trying to juggle three admissions and still make it to rounds on… @ohkayewhatever CUTE @ERshitmagnet (I haven’t placed an IV or NG since starting residency bc nursing does them here & I can feel my skills eroding 😭) @ERshitmagnet For real. Those skills are so important for patient care — **and** knowing how to do them will make t… @ERshitmagnet The nurse we all wish we worked alongside as med students! Thank you!! @katrn80 “Not taking Thingolol as prescribed due to (cost/ forgetting/ “I didn’t think it was important”/etc). Esti… I bother my building for ruining literally all of my clothes or is this a fight not worth fightingRan a load of laundry including many favorite sweaters on cold. Go to open up the washer when it’s done, and with t… @DrGolfShirt When a patient w chronic Foley x years opened the leg bag and let it drain onto the exam room floor.… @ZackBergerMDPhD Yikes. @ClinicalPearl HI IT ME I HAVE A LOT TO SAY 👠
@MollyRach33 The carceral state.if you don't want to vote for warren bc she's not a socialist, go for it, but stop with this "she's actually a corr…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @browofjustice Kitty & puppers. @NorcoPharmD I mean, if the people in the house have colds, that ship has sailed. @notpotdealer Let me guess, it’ll be in 2 weeks 😂 @thatsr3asonable A) reminds me of this tweet B) what a beautiful story of a peaceful & dignified end of life @adrianmontufarh I can’t quote tweet this and I’m VERY UPSET @SmolStudent 🦔Every lawyer who looks at the Warren disclosures understands that she made a small fraction of the money she could…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @DrSandman11 Badge reel
@CarrieMalavolta @BirthControlDoc @MPaiMD How many “this” gifs can I find to back up your tweets with? Bc this @BirthControlDoc @CarrieMalavolta @MPaiMD Ah, man. That’s sad. In that case I’d say reassurance (and make them food.) @CarrieMalavolta @BirthControlDoc @MPaiMD @BirthControlDoc @CarrieMalavolta @MPaiMD You can still help plenty. Make some food for their freezer. Pay for a la… @diannaeanderson People who straddle the lane line. 🤯, I would tweet about it too, but someone screenshots my tweets and sends them to my chiefs. (If it’s you, dea… of the most important stories in liberal politics right now is that jobs like banking, consulting, and big law…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @Jake_Vig nONYC's response to Art Basel:
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋
This story has two tragedies, one of which we're not talking about. 1) contaminated produce sickening and potential…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @BirthControlDoc Peds intern here so grain of salt: I wouldn’t bring them if they are under 2mo and going to be aro… @ilikemints @lilaflavin If it’s “wow, you look really tired, you must have had an impossible night so let’s get you out of here… regret to inform you that the straights are at it again. @browofjustice I wear them under dresses to keep my thighs from chafing. Magical. @VirginAtlantic And in that moment, we were all Deborah.“Hi, I’m Dr. Leah, I’m the doctor here to doctor you as your doctor bc you wanted to see a doctor who went to docto… @babbymd I’m so sorry. I can only begin to imagine what you’re going through. The dead dad club is an awful one t… website is a weird place @NaanDerthaal @theblondeMD @Delta Congratulations, you’ve never been a woman. @snug_slug @scholarfairy thank you for sharing yr screams 💕
There already fucking is one.
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @JeanMoorjani (Try running a piece of dental floss under it! Worked for me)There are no words to express how upset by this I am and you should be Please, read this. Retweet this. 700,000…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋okay cool, now pretend you're an actual human being whose rent is more realistic, who has to pay for transportation…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @NICUNursey_ I’m sorry. So frustrating.Walked into a pt room last night to a toddler who was sitting frozen in mom’s lap weeping with fear (she’s afraid o… not look away. God damn it, do not look away. We did this, and we are still doing it, and we will continue to…
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @adrianmontufarh hallelujah man🥰😍
@attunurse Not a nurse: all the ID tags at my hospital have last names. Typically nurses will ~strategically~ place… people’s communication styles just really don’t mesh and you walk away feeling small and misunderstood and fru… @believe_women_ @andrew_siva @JulianCastro Didn’t realize that didn’t actually name the campaign. Here’s the email… @believe_women_ @andrew_siva @JulianCastro @soladelsky I look at my phone in bed ALL the time. I also skip breakfast as often as not even tho I know it’s not helpful for my migraines @Disgusted_DDD I’d buy this on a shirt! @Nirbion Need that on a shirt! @VeegsRedds @Nirbion Omg I need that on a shirt @Nirbion Omg I need this on a shirt frfr 😍😍 @rabbitholer @traependergrast @JUULvapor I’m An Old (tm) and confused @rabbitholer @traependergrast @JUULvapor I thought Juul pods looked like this?
@miblogestublog Side note: It’s shocking how much more fluent his speech was 15y ago 😬But also:
Retweeted by yr peds pal 🐋 @jatemple @AtsukoComedy @curlycomedy Christ Christ Baby @DrBrendaHardie Yeah. I agree. I think in this case it was so she can get out of work ASAP and have the least amoun… (already). Running away from rounds to puke in the bathroom. Got sent home.