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Mother. Wife. Actress. Author. Producer. Advocate. Intolerant of Bullies, Bull**** & Injustice.

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#MondayMotivaton @michellevisage will walk me through how to do an Instagram Live with her for our mediocre appearance tom…
I can’t even think of something to say to this @brianmathis_329 @apangelo I’m joking with you... ;)
@TerrySueko @apangelo Lol @brianmathis_329 @apangelo Okay well I don’t need to be “backgammon shamed”... I wasn’t good at it okay? Lol#ThingsILearnedInQuarantine: 1. My hubby @apangelo has no patience for teaching me a new game. 2. I suck at backgam… @4aliciadavis Thank you to you and your hubby! @janiemc82aolco1 @rwilliams0630 Happy to hear that @little_bo_peep Thank you so much @ForresterCa Never, have I seen jerry upset off camera @sofinemusic Thank you @jyayo87 We thank you for loving us! We loved doing it and I’m so glad that we can still make you guys laugh. @rwilliams0630 So glad you like it! @PaulBugzySanche Nothing, just saw it on the king of queens page, so I posted it. I guess we just miss laughing and… @fls1201 So weird that we did it the same day! @coachdchap There were so many scenes where I broke down laughing. I can’t pick just one. I loved when he yelled though
Jerry Stiller—loved every minute working with this man. So funny on camera and so loving off camera. #fbf @wolf2gs @IRSnews @MikeRinder @realDonaldTrump We agree. And so did the IRS. And then they caved because of Sciento… America and our network of food banks are working round-the-clock to provide food to people across the coun…
Retweeted by Leah ReminiThank you to @thecut for adding “Troublemaker” to “the cut” of engaging audiobooks to keep you company. @GetFitbyRob Happy Birthday!!! @MariaLongname Thank you for watching @Kolinagirl If I can make anyone happy during this time, it is very much my pleasure to do it! @Kolinagirl Emmie, Happy 17th Birthday honey! @ttornatore1 Well here is the thing, they show up in yellow shirts that read, “volunteer” and “ministers”, usually… Empowerment Mission will be mailing these #coronakits to low income households across the US. If you would l…
@TeamSPNetwork @vazr00 @SweetieKayla Thank you!Scientology mom: "I'm indoctrinating my son with the mad teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. Come join us and give all you…
Retweeted by Leah Remini @MarisaDilley We were ALL told to stay distancing. Scientologists did the opposite. Their staff are h… @amytwit1 @KevinJames Glad we can offer some cheer during this time.-For laughs- Throwback to @CherylBurke, @ShannonFarrara1 and I trying to give my mom @RealVickiMars a “signature mo… @Colly44765887 @bballinaridland Thank you love. Stay safe @SweetieKayla @vazr00 Thank you! @luvwaverunning2 No, thankfully-I was just bored! But I got up! And here I am, all showered and have my daytime pj’s on! @vazr00 @SweetieKayla I wish I knew! Anyone know where folks can see the aftermath? @Colly44765887 @bballinaridland We are not talking abt the same thing. Yes, Vit C has it’s benefits. Not the point… @bballinaridland All we can do is continue to expose & hope that someone who does have the authority to do something, will. @RussellATalley1 Very well! First sitcom!Stay clear of Scientology’s “ministers”,who think this pandemic is a joke, doing nothing to protect themselves & ot… @Madckmn Nope, not my kind of humor @sharks67cooper Pretty much @Flamyngo70 @lifetimetv That’s a great idea! ;) @Mike_Asmus Nah @AngisUniversal I think that was productive. Do you at least feel better?I don’t want to do a TikTok, or a work out, or a puzzle...anyone else feeling like this? #HumpDay #QuarantineLife is hiring during the coronavirus? Try these industries if you need a job now
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If DOJ means it and you have loved ones inside this might be an opportunity to help get them out.
Retweeted by Leah ReminiScientology leader David Miscavige calls COVID-19 a"planetary bullbait." Meaning it's a joke/distraction that does…
Retweeted by Leah ReminiNurses in the US say they aren’t getting proper staffing, equipment, education & more from employers. Signing this…
I screamed “noooooooo!!!!!!” in terror before I realized it was a cake! Sign of the times. @The_Bakeking @tmaadman Yes. ;) @charebear003 So glad it made you smile, this made me smile, so thank YOU @dms1013 Do you have children hon?Checking in on my teenager who apparently is doing better than me with the social distancing thing.
#Repost @MichelleObama ・・・ These past few weeks have been scary and difficult for many of us. We just don’t have a… @BelardoJamie Thank you! @Monkeysinhat I know. It’s pretty sad. I was there and they truly believe they are the solution to it all, I did when I was in. @msnvrmnmd94 Thank you! Hey! At least you are watching it now! Glad you are enjoying it @HulkGates Trying to get through it, just taking it day by day. You? @vioelvira Awww Doug and Carrie! @EstheticianLys Thank you for your honesty! Lol . That I’m on your short list is a compliment. DM
Our little Louie’s face says it all.
Tipped workers and other service workers were already struggling. In this crisis, they need our help. Please don…
Retweeted by Leah Remini @McbrideSindi I hardly kept a straight face as well as Kevin. Jerry often wondered why we were laughing all the tim… @Nic617DDubsLove You have us. @NoraV55460857 I didn’t mean to learn a language in one day, I meant start to ... lol#FridayThoughts
Collecting & sharing the funny... @TKFord1 Thank you and okay ;) @boone2877 I’m glad honeyNice talking with you all today, I hope no one was annoyed by all the tweets, but I think it’s important we all sta… @NamoInExile Well, lots of “entheta”. We are not only SP’s, but “Jokers & Degraders”. Which is the same thing, rig… @patticlare2 Makes sense, I was there the other day . Let it out if you need to. @kulbreez97 Now you can learn to cook, right? There’s a positive. @KatyElizabeth81 @realvickimars Oh I’m glad we could make you smile. So sorry to hear about your grandmothers passi… @BenEdge4 Also, for about 300k if you are “lucky” to get to the “OT levels” you will learn that you are made up of… 20-something New Yorkers have amassed an army of volunteers 1,300 strong to deliver food and medicine to the mo…
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@Str8gal Same @calebnheaton Oh but wait, if they do get sick, Scientology teaches that it’s the persons fault or they are connect… @daisyduex2 I know love. Once he bit it too hard, I think he learned his lesson @luvdabeach33 I get it @AMOZONS @TomCruise @LRonHubbard If we were taught anything, it was how to pretend that we cared about anyone who w… @Serom_Yi Nope, doesn’t matter what city or state in America. Scientology is above the law. Just ask @LADAOffice of… @liljosh2383 Other than that? You good? Just kidding honey, trying to make you laugh. I understand. But hopefully t… @fine_whatevs Exactly! Let’s see who has the balls to call them out @Ms_CindiMcEntee Well I got out today, I had to. Maybe just take a walk? Go outside for a minute @Minnestrong1 Yes, it can get lonely @fyschmidt Have you called your doctor? Be safe. It can’t hurt. Rest and take care of yourselves @kylo_dash14 I don’t take that lightly and I am honored that I was able to help in any way that I did. Thank YOU. @Beezer1971 Congrats!!!Scientologists believe they don’t get sick like the “average human”. Scientology telling their members to still go… @bronxharlemusa Good @ShiningChar1 Thank you @PattyBr74079571 Happy Birthday!!! @Carmie838 But that looks like it’s going to get a whole lot better! @jodilange Good stuff right there! @boone2877 Being anxious is a valid feeling , so it’s just good to acknowledge the anxiety but just know we can’t c… @marym_carlson Lol