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@theMihirV Sir Innova ? @piyushchaudhry @DownloaderBot @pvsubramanyam Also PJ selling his amc shares at 2300,matlab niche aega yeh share
@Deishma 253 I think in short term @kedianomics @Google @Microsoft @amazon @Facebook 9500 is good level in coming months @kedianomics Sir 20 saal se chal rahe hai HDFC bank aur HDFC ltd ab thoda aram kar rahe hai dono @sahneydeepak Icici bank range in cash @manaman_chhina @DownloaderBot @SanaSecurities Time laga apko diwali par darshan dete hai with mithai in your ofc 😊, acha u like cookies or sweet? @SanaSecurities Bhai delhi me rakh lo @safalniveshak 69 😁
@TickertapeIN Expense ratio? @TheBullBull Wrong
@SanaSecurities Around my neighbourhood many doing construction work @AndrewThrasher @allstarchartsIN Following his views on the Indian market and most of them are bang On @AndrewThrasher Sir, what's your view on India market (Nifty 50)?Rickards: Why Gold? @schiffgold
Retweeted by LearnerWhat additional harm will befall if BAT wins ITC’s successful cigarette division, paying a hefty control premium to…
Retweeted by LearnerSee #WEALTHBUILDERFUNDS. Choose Canara Robeco Emerging Equity Fund. It has a 15yr track record of giving supernorma…
Retweeted by Learner @piyushchaudhry No idea @indiacharts sir I think risk is more in IT @manuconsultants Rajesh satpute ne bhi call di hai Shriram par @kedianomics 11200 11400 wala bhuchal ? @VRtrendfollower share ke price se pta chal gaya :P @sahneydeepak hit ho gaya sir slA lot of people asked me to explain how one should read the charts I keep posting. So here's the thread about the…
Retweeted by Learner @CNBCTV18Live @kothariabhishek @latha_venkatesh @_ritusingh Is this combined with Allahabad bank performance? @Ajaya_buddy Fir maal.bech kon raha hai 2300 ke pass ? @firstglobalsec but ITC exception :P @ashish_tn 12250, @abhihiremath94 1600 @avannedubash Avanne, when the rental yield is so low it makes sense to buy property ,but as the bubble is forming…
@SanaSecurities @StockIdeas6 Sir ab 14000 par rehna back to 8000 par mat ana pls 🙏😭😁 @sahneydeepak Sir i think 1600 journey started for ril @Sandeep53723 @AkshayChinchal4 sir how to cal the tg in bullish gartley? @TheBullBull sir I dont which retail investors were bullish @sandipsabharwal when value emerges do tweet ,so we can buy :P @kedianomics best idea @kedianomics Sir 12000 resistance hai waha bikwali hue aur kuch na hua @deepakshenoy sir do a podcast on how operators control the share prices . @deepakshenoy May want to read what we just wrote :)
Retweeted by LearnerA lot of #PSU stocks making falling wedges and bottoming out patterns and indicating a bounce. #Powergrid,…
Retweeted by Learner @SumitResearch Sumit ji what is the record date for hind zinc dividend? @rahiljasani Clear distribution or profit-booking
#ConferenceCall series... @RajeevThakkar on ITC :  #investing #mutualfunds
Retweeted by Learner @amunjal The best indicator according to you? @amunjal Is ril uptrend over for the time being ? @ca_kumargorave
Retweeted by Learner @BMTheEquityDesk bihar ke related koi bt hogi @indian_stockss sold some from portfolio @maheshCMT From 2000 till 2020 Bank Nifty performed well let Nifty have some fun . @Raminations @SethShruti @realDonaldTrump sir astrologers are predicting that Trump will find difficult returning to his ofc again @SandeepParekh What about the new edition? @SandeepParekh Sir hardcopy available ?NISM exam can be taken from home now: @WeekendInvestng
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@sahneydeepak Sir sun pharma apne 493 bottom bola tha 😭🙃 @sahneydeepak 2300 ya 1300? @maheshCMT Same.levelBest #trade on the books is coming up. Long #bonds and #dollar. Short #international and #emerging markets.
Retweeted by Learner @Prashanth_Krish Sir subscription ke bad mat bol dena yeh bt ,main roo duga .... Vaise Congrats sir 🙏Sir yehi aa raha hai 😭😂 @kedianomics Sir what levels you see in coming months for Nifty? @srinivasjain market top is near ,as sahi hai ad start poping up :P @piyushchaudhry No ideaPractical Approach to Tradingview Pinescript Programming
Retweeted by Learner @sandipsabharwal Sir the system is heavily corrupt when govt has fixed the crop price why farmers in the Mandi are… to Feed Crowds in a Protest or Pandemic? The Sikhs Know.
Retweeted by Learner @CzarVT ongc type ya bank ?My new blog article UNDERSTANDING THE “ECONOMIC RECOVERY” – SANDIP SABHARWAL via @sandipsabharwal
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@kapil_tandon Sir one request now pls stick to 13000, 10500 ka tweet mat karna 🙏🙏🙏Cheaper stocks are like low duration bonds - should fall less if rates rise - Ed Chancellor
Retweeted by Learner"Sunday is a time when you sit back and reflect on all the blessings that you have received. Smile at all the good…
Retweeted by LearnerCheck out my latest article: UNDERSTANDING THE “ECONOMIC RECOVERY” via @LinkedIn
Retweeted by LearnerAny takers for #Silver above 80000 INR and #Gold above 65000? Here's a poll we've posted on Linkedin for wider re…
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@1000waystodle @DownloaderBot
There is no good reason for the #Fed and other central banks to abandon rules-based policymaking when adopting a ne…
Retweeted by Learner @sahneydeepak Sir yesterday bought sun in cash at 495 as per yr tweet of 493 as stong support , so i should exit in cash or hold ?Pretty good explanation of various stocks. Also includes ITC ;)
Retweeted by LearnerVoting Right— how to safeguard it: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿੱਚ (Punjabi version) |KBS Sidhu via @YouTube
Retweeted by Learner @mohanty_swarup sir main problem according to me is 1)average advise investor get when he/she visit bank (bcoz ba… @Infra_VinayakCh still we are far far ahead of Pakistan and Nepal!!!!!! @kushkatakia sir what is the reason fund manager underperforming ? @SanaSecurities was it law firm or finance firm? @sahneydeepak Sir kal he sun pharma liye hai 😭 ab careful kaha se ho jae @SanaSecurities Fearful for the next few months @MSChawla555 aaj late utha hai bhai kya ? @piyushchaudhry sir I think first big volume bar,seller thought best to book profit .Second vol bar buyers were exp… @piyushchaudhry sir why you don't use green/red vol bar in the chart?
@kedianomics @realDonaldTrump If we remove Corona thing from his tenure,Trump did a good job for America @kedianomics @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden Dji 19000 ,spx 2100 ,nifty 9000 and ril 1400 possible in one yr @KalpenParekh Rs 8000 in which yr sir ? @KalpenParekh Sir in which field you did your engg? @SanaSecurities Bhai apke ghar toh air purifier hai ,Philips ka 🙃 @zzzune distribution @MyFnO Sir sab ko pta hai market ne niche ana hai 🙏 @BissaGauravB it show profit is going into undervalued companies @NSEIndia If previous gold bond we are getting at a lower value why to apply to this? Can u explain @sahneydeepak whole month ,next 2 months will also belongs to the bears @mc_economist yes @connectgurmeet apple top is near :P