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Educator/podcaster. Opinions are my own, nobody else would take them. Writing: Black Panther transmedia book, Noise Paradox game. He/his/him. Avatar by @geneha.

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@fourhman Yeah that's silly and kind of puzzling, like they have not been paying attention to the sum total of Marvel's output since 2008 @fourhman I mean, yes, they probably will, but I imagine it would still be a separate thing and so submitting it in… @fourhman But there' actual way they could do a second season without changing the premise and name of the show.More broadly, far & away the biggest threat to classics, philosophy etc are neo-liberal university boards & adminis…
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrI'm still turning over MvC5's roster in my head but I can assure you Arthur and the 09 Bionic Commando are gone @john_learned we're gonna do great things budI'd also have a talk with the licensing team about why I can't find any Chun-Li merch I can wear in publicAs God-Emperor of Capcom I'm greenlighting a proper Marvel vs. Capcom 5 with super high-res sprites or at least tha… @billsallak As someone who loves comics and pro wrestling, I have gotten fairly good at never putting anyone from the past on a pedestal. @billsallak I just love how thin-skinned you have to be to get mad about a (mostly affectionate!) Simpsons parody in 2021I don't know if this is a good soccer joke or a good cape movie joke and frankly you're getting this for free either way sodon't worry in 4 years Zack Snyder will do a revamp of the Super League and it'll finally live up to its potentialPlease note this is not an invitation to teach me about this manI don’t know anything about Morrissey other than he’s awful now and I thought this episode was actually pretty funny
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrDamn this wins
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrRIP Walter Mondale at age 93. He deserves to be remembered for far more than a 49-state loss in 1984. Mondale was a…
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrBREAKING: The family of Former Vice President Walter Mondale says he died today of natural causes in Minneapolis, surrounded by family.
Retweeted by Bryan J Carr
@Joe_Hunter The guy from SHRILL? @kdrewproctor Marvel's Katy is a star ANYWHERE, Drew, but they wouldn't know that otherwise @ByCharlotteFinn The hell else is Ken Levine doing that's so importantWould we be getting Marvel's Katy in a movie - MARVEL'S KATY, people! - if they could have had Wolverine? I highly doubt itAgain, literally none of this would have happened if Marvel Studios had access to Fantastic Four/Spidey/X-Men from…, I know Shang-Chi and Mandarin but I have no frame of reference for any other superweirdo in that trailer and… thing about SHANG-CHI because I am sure there's just not enough discourse about it: one of the things I've… @ByCharlotteFinn This is very good. It feels like what Freedom Force could have been.So they're going with the "jury can't be objective because LAW AND ORDER did an episode on this" thing huhHonestly haven't watched much of any of the JEOPARDY guest hosts but Anderson Cooper seems like one of the ones tha… thing about Jack Black that I like so much is that he is entirely shameless and a total class clown, but there’…
Retweeted by Bryan J Carr @jason1749 Like some of them are legit classics but most are easily forgettable, designed solely to win an award an… @bradcandoit "Why the hell is Jack "I'm gonna basically confiscate your phone at my shows" White getting into one o… @bradcandoit, also good but I'm already on the lam so I'm not turning around for itPARASITE, ROTK, NO COUNTRY and then I throw sand in your face and run off with MOONLIGHT too @rusty_shackles Honda big, yeah yeah yeahI like that the PR statement here pretty much says "yeah man we screwed up and apparently did no market research wh… @Learnonaut
Retweeted by Bryan J Carr @jason1749 I think I just skipped like a third of the main book for that reason. @jason1749 It frustrates me because I think those comics were generally written well but that art. that. art. @Joshstrangehill For now.I will hold it in front of my class and say "this is what happens when we have a cultural ecosystem built around es…'m absolutely going to get this action figure. Keep the box. How could you not? It's so transparently stupid that… to announce I am joining the MCU family as "Marvel's Bryan"Marvel’s Romy and Marvel’s Michelle’s High School Runion Presented By Marvel, A Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Corporation
Retweeted by Bryan J Carr have to identify her as Marvel's Katy so Disney can legally continue to make Katy movies for the next 100 yearsLooking forward to Marvel's Katy getting a friend in the sequel, Marvel's Denise @Learnonaut I don't talk about any Katy that's lesser than Katy Keene, sorry
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrYou have to identify her as Marvel's Katy, so as to avoid confusion with DC's Katy, colloquially known as the Fourth Joker @Learnonaut I know you're being sarcastic but you have to admit that one DC's Katy scene where it was shot entirely…
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrYou have to identify her as Marvel's Katy so as to avoid confusion with DC's Katy, who Warner Bros. executives demanded be 30% funnierYou have to identify her as Marvel's Katy so as to avoid confusion with DC's Katy, who Geoff Johns read about growi… have to identify her as Marvel's Katy so as to avoid confusion with DC's Katy, a Katy whose fans insist she is… am waiting on a fax like I am in 1988.
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrYep. A lot of vague allusions to personal and family “struggles” but they leave out specifics. Not shocking, as it’… this Steve Austin Biography special as I grade and I'm gonna take a wild guess that there are some pretty… @thebitterguy Yeah if they would have delivered on either of those I would have considered the slog worth it but they just...didn'tYes I know "Immortal Weapons" and such but Iron Fist, to me, is interesting primarily as a counterpart to Luke Cage… other thing: I do think it is kinda fun that Shang-Chi got the big-screen treatment and Iron Fist got relegated… @bradcandoit I was thinking the same thing and I am here for it @TheJewishDream and a joyous GET OVER HERE to you as well my friendAlso interesting that Marvel is selling this as an "Only In Theatres" deal, I would be very surprised if that holdsBlack's take on Mandarin was such a perfect skewering of mediated Othering and fearmongering (the terrifying, vague… have no particular affinity for Mandarin apart from the one kinda good story Fraction wrote about him in one of t… is possible that they are trying to make a larger metatextual point about defeating regressive Yellow Peril ster… thing I will add to the Mandarin discourse that is sure to sprout up around SHANG-CHI is that the way IRON MAN… @rusty_shackles At the very least it seems more interesting than a lot of the upcoming MCU stuff this year. @rusty_shackles Gonna be honest your take was the one I was waiting forBus fight scenes are the new hallway fight scenes I supposeLike the thing I was most hoping for out of this movie is that the fight scenes would be good and so far they're at least serviceableI will say I do like this tho @jason1749 Though to be fair those bother me less because I don't really care about the Eternals and I do care abou… @jason1749 yeah as long as we're talking about this what the hell, EternalsLike I think they're trying to evoke this specific look which is fine, it's a good look, but the black part in the… @jason1749 I don't know! Usually their outfits are on-point but this one just feels...uninspiredI think another pop of color to break it up would go a long way, honestly. But it might look better on film, too, as these things often doI reserve judgment on the rest of it, but "red shirt that looks very restrictive to movement" doesn't exactly screa… I don't like the MCU Shang-Chi outfitJust realized the original tweet is a grammatical Rorschach test so to clarify: there are many things I used to enj… for legitimate, thoughtful reasons, most of the time because I get tired of talking and thinking about themIf there's one thing the Internet has done consistently, thoroughly, and efficiently it is make me like things I used to like a lot lessI dropped by to say that I love this movie. Hope you guys like it too...
Retweeted by Bryan J Carr @rusty_shackles Was that the one where you fight the robots or the one where you fight the robots
@jason1749 But he was so good with kids RT: would have to be, right? There’d be no other way. And man, the moral high ground of a lot of the MCU… I have to ask this, in “Civil War” the super serum Winter Soldier stole from Howard Stark in 1991 - was that ma…
Retweeted by Bryan J CarrI distinctly remember staying up to watch this just because it was an X-Men thing and little else is an outstanding thread about the class consciousness of the original incarnation of Superman: have this framed, I love it and god willing some day I will acquire still more of Mr. Norton’s pug art @leboism This is entirely too hot a takeELECTIONS MATTER
Retweeted by Bryan J Carr @philhornshaw @heWIZARD Yeah I think it fumbles that aspect a bit but it doesn’t go full Death Wish either so I’ll call it a win @heWIZARD Kolstad is definitely doing the “you know what you need to know and fill in the rest yourself” thing he d… @heWIZARD It’s pretty fun, the action scenes are top notch and Odenkirk is great. It could use another 20-30 minute… @heWIZARD That’s exactly it. If HISTORY OF VIOLENCE decided to be funny @NeverOnBrand Jim’s terrible but this is just sillyIt’s a little harder to root for the lead in this one than it was for Wick and I think maybe a little more screen t… main problem is that at 90 minutes there isn’t a slow point but they could do with establishing some aspects mor… isn’t quite as tightly-written as JOHN WICK but it scratches more or less that same itch and I would definit… is good when it panders to me specifically, is my ultimate point