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islam and women - a thread for edtwt bc a shit ton of yous are NOT educated and it shows 🪡
Retweeted by layla🧵 Islam honours the woman. Thread for ED twt bc there is so much Islamophobia and misconceptions regarding muslim…
Retweeted by layla @almondbones omg hi german bestiesince i’m skinny everyone around me became so fatphobic @anorexsick_ probably way less because i would’ve lost weight healthy(yes i liked it)and the drawing is just a girl w food infront of her
@teacals444 i kinda have one and no but it’s free motivation so yay
she knows damn well @cut4fame @kikocult was wearing a dress and some russians started speaking ab me and pointing their finger at my arm 😭
? @weetasoup
Retweeted by layla @winterspunch soup - 112kcal @VANITYLUVR no xfeel like i’m gonna die because my heart is beating so slow but hey day 4 on my fast 💪🏼🧿this is your sign to keep going w your fast, diet or whateverbffr @mayaslungsrshit 39kg
“You are worthy of eating” I’m also worthy of being pretty and feeling pretty so
Retweeted by laylaNew food rule: if u can't post it on edtwt you can't eat it
Retweeted by laylawhy r there so many wannarexics now on edtwt like go back to tt we don't want u here
Retweeted by layla @DOLLPHNE no @hyejukalz 202 🧿dni if you follow/support that edtwt nazi acc /srs
Retweeted by layla @xPrxttyinPxnkx you could have such a big delicious lunch for the calories @417kcals thinspo @seulmecals @oatbliss no i like to talk like this so my brain will believe me @maxssunset666 one @kkuralbs never sleep againi‘m sorry but i‘m unfollowing everyone in recovery.. hope you’re feeling better tho <3how much did y’all lose by liquid fasting?
@missetareh omg i missed seeing you on my tli‘ll start my thread era i promise @b4y0n3tta it probably wasn’t ur intention but using the name of our god with an insult in one sentence isn’t rlly.. okay. @menlimenlimenli i don’tseeing people recover and becoming overweight is so scary i‘m sorry @eleganttear @ me @frailash only in a binge @liacaIs @MEXlCANMACHETE me when i go out w my mom @upgradedcorpse sleeping w my ex knowing damn well he’s just using mei‘m not hungry
@poppsterr 8 @hakuspo don‘t do it this could be dangerous for your health. i assume you’re not eating enough calories and these… @starve4mae @rawrspo @GH0ULISHED there’s no concept of ugly. everyone has a different taste and likes different people. out of… my ex texted me !! i love him but i rejected him for my mental health !! @thinspdiet 4 yearsgo report this is so fucking vile i hate people
Retweeted by layla @st4rryc4ls omg my birthday is on december 8 !!Y’all please block and report this c*unt @kennedyrexic. I won’t show the original tweet because it’s vile and I don…
Retweeted by laylagoing to bed. i’m sad. i miss her already. please go report @/kennedyrexic, that’s all i ask. fuck this place.
Retweeted by layla @espressochaee not moot but yesweight loss ‘reward’ ideas! 𖡋 an edtwt thread like rt / interact to share ♡ 。˚
Retweeted by layla
Retweeted by layla @SEVSCALS @Honeym00n3r can u add me? :) @b1lliespo THIS IS SO MEAN WTF·˚ ༘Work/ Activity Sheets to Distract You Geeks who Starve !༉‧₊˚. 🧵 for EDTWT
Retweeted by layla @JiOzV0id @daintyburberry i love this so much omg thank youuuu <333fuck eating
Retweeted by laylareasons why i want 2 reach my ugw before summer a huge thread 2 keep me motivated and remind me what this is all 4…
Retweeted by layla🪡 thread for edtw on how to get that lil dopamine hit u get from binging without having to eat 🖤 (what works for m…
Retweeted by layla This website is so fucking good hello???
Retweeted by laylawhen i reach my ugw i will apply for a job at brandy melville @Hyp_nosi_omanic stealinghow many of these gross things have u done: a poll thread
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@greekcalories hope you’re okay now :/ you got this !!edtwt rt if you weigh less than the typical bug 🥺
Retweeted by laylart so September is ur month
Retweeted by layla @starvinforluv can i join?tumbłr tips/tricks from the ~2016 era~ a blast from the not-so-distant past 🧵 for edtwt 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by laylasomeone should make a thread for rare but good thinspos.. sick and tired of always seeing the same ones 😔 @_monica404 this is exactly what i‘m talking abt like ribs showing through my shirt omg @_monica404 omg i thought it was a pregnancy test at first 😭 get well soon <3 @kollectivekk my mom was depressed and addicted so that’s why + i got into forster care at a young agekeep fasting ❤️‍🔥
Retweeted by layla @FlLLEFATALE can u add me???2014 proana tumblr quotes ୨♡୧ a thread for edtwt 💋
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sleeping is the best way to escape from food
Retweeted by laylathread of disordered motivation and advice from r/1200isplenty 💌
Retweeted by layla𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊𓆏𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊 tweets/threads i’ve found that help motivate me to reach my ugw a thread for edtwt 🪡 meanspo ricecak…
Retweeted by layla💕 ... reasons to lose weight !! 100+ reasons a thread for edtwt
Retweeted by layla @BLUNTSPO NO?? @swiitchblaze 61my brother just said ”YOU are eating? you’re never eating“ omggg i love himmy mom made pizza i‘m crying📜
Retweeted by layla @minharexic @ribbedd or crying over not being blonde @ribbedd happy birthday !!“ no one cares that you starve yourself unless you’re skinny “
Retweeted by layla @ilystrwby happy birthday !! @mwahcats 14.8
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Retweeted by layla @th1_nspo @838cals + masturbationa tablespoon of mayonnaise is 100 cals excuse me while i go cry
Retweeted by laylaOld school Tumblr motivation thread pt2 like and retweet 🌸🍭🎀
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Retweeted by laylahow i did 7 day fasts every week for 4 months: a 🧵 for EDtwt:
Retweeted by layla @ed_bratz homework 😭