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TAKE DOWN THE FENCEOh my god @Lis_Smith How many greys now Lis
@DanaSchwartzzz @Robyniwitz So much worse @tedcruz Lol you walked right into this oneYeah sucks to have your reproductive freedom taken away doesn’t it
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @JadeRhinos @AliciaMenendez @MSNBC @rashadjohnson Thank you!! @PethDerek very strong referenceEach day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @apbenven KARAOKEPlease enjoy this video of Ivanka looking at things should be front-page news. The public deserves to know why Attorney Barr is going to great lengths to try to…
Retweeted by Laura BassettAnd... scene.
Retweeted by Laura BassettUpdate: the casual pizza slice was a much better experience for her. Also my mom is very cute
@MaggieAstor WRONG @feministabulous @JamilSmith @AliciaMenendez @jazmineulloa Awwww mannnnnn I’m doing her show tomorrow!! Feeling such FOMOThe internet was a grave mistake but stuff like this almost makes it worth it
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @RightDmitry @ginsengaddict @ingloriousBOH @newrepublic No. He’s a millionaireA few weeks ago I stepped off the train in upstate NY and saw Daniel Day Lewis waiting to retrieve his wife, and he…
Retweeted by Laura BassettMy ex-boyfriend
Retweeted by Laura Bassettif/when Bloomberg makes a Democratic debate this is how that debate is gonna go
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @SopanDeb I feel this deeplynothing kills a workout like when you’re in the middle of an exercise and angel by sarah mclachlan comes on the spo…
Retweeted by Laura BassettThat’s it, that’s the tweet, just a random voter anecdote for your Saturday apropos of nothingLast night I spoke with a married white woman from Georgia who’s voted Republican her entire life, voted for Trump… @BeaucoupFred Aw. ❤️ @TAMBIN0 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @HenryRosoff @GQMagazine Hey thanks for this!Why did Bloomberg seem so ready (see below) to respond to the WaPo story and subsequent cable news follow up? Becau…
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @BeaucoupFred I do what I canLast night I wanted to give my mom the true NYC dining experience, so I made a reservation for 7:45 and we didn’t g…“Copyright law and intellectual property in America does not follow the creative production of artists. Rather, it…
Retweeted by Laura BassettOn the brighter side, I hear Bloomberg News is hiring. African Americans. Like, all of us. Immediately.
Retweeted by Laura Bassett
@PethDerek @BrettSVergara OH MY GOD I CANNOT 😭😍When Bloomberg is on the debate stage next week, it is imperative that he is pressed on his history of racism and h…
Retweeted by Laura BassettIt is super wild that Bloomberg hasn't been in a single debate, is skipping all of the early states, and we are talking about him like this.
Retweeted by Laura BassettThe story that broke my brain, maybe permanently
Retweeted by Laura BassettYou’re my best friend and my biggest love @jamesblake
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @misstessowen @AndyBCampbell looks like you’ve been replaced 😬 @EricMGarcia it's a half-rhyme but i'll allow it @EricMGarcia Lol @dceiver story of my lifeI always get a kick out of the candy heart that says "e-mail me"That will show him
Retweeted by Laura BassettOh... wow @bartbing71 I know but that’s too many syllablesRoses are red Fishies be swimmin Abortion laws only Screw over poor women #HealthPolicyValentinesThe red roses are ready The champagne is still chilling. I love you more than private equity loves surprise medica…
Retweeted by Laura BassettRoses are red; Diamonds have clarity. But federal law doesn't; We need mental health parity. #HealthPolicyValentines
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @gforce0ne @GQMagazine Guys, this was a response to a comment that said "now do Trump," referring to journalism. You're all teenagersPSA: when you buy Claws Out nail polish, 20% of the proceeds go to a charity or non-profit. This color, Witch Hunt,… @ArthurDelaneyHP How dare you @TaylorLorenz Get it? A coffee tableTrump imposed 25% tariffs on French wine. A hike to 100% would put many Americans out of business. “We would…
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @PingitoreTony I honestly don’t know what it’s used for at this pointNot that everyone is scrambling to be my LinkedIn friend but if you have tried to connect with me there and I didn’… @joanwalsh Honestly after several years of dating in New York this sounds like a dream @feministabulous Oh hell noA beautiful Valentine’s Day tale @k_h_a_l_i_l__m @EricMGarcia I’ve written this column about trump 1000 times. Here’s one example @MLSist Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼Scathing column by ⁦@LEBassett⁩ on Bloomberg’s sexist remarks and demeaning attitude toward women.
Retweeted by Laura BassettThe Save Journalism Project’s very own @nickcharles61 featured in this important column on the McClatchy bankruptcy…
Retweeted by Laura BassettI love Yashar but one of these days he’s gonna tweet something like “People don’t throw a ham out of the window eve…
Retweeted by Laura BassettInbox: Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Joaquin Castro have introduced a resolution "condemning the presence of white na…
Retweeted by Laura BassettLove to talk on the phone with @JamesCarville
Retweeted by Laura Bassett
Now I’m being called a Bernie Bro. This is p funny @maxwellstrachan Oh I see the food enjoyer has logged on @gforce0ne @GQMagazine I've done Trump many times wrote a story rounding up Bloomberg’s well-documented sexist behavior for the past three decades, including sayin… @mattham2 @GQMagazine Him and his company. Many of the lawsuits specifically call out Bloomberg's behavior in the o… @emilylhauser @GQMagazine thank you for reading and sharing 🙏There have been 40 sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits brought against Mike Bloomberg by 64 women. Why is… a teenage boy buying a Valentine's card that said 'we are the same kind of weird'. shop assistant said 'i…
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @aterkel @ArthurDelaneyHP Congrats you twoTrump is publicly admitting that he is holding Global Entry for New Yorkers hostage in exchange for dropping lawsui…
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @MartinPooper Nothing, and I don’t even like Bloomberg, but the height thing is still supremely dumb @chgrimaldi if you'd like to nominate me for this I accept @pelkinator Yes. And punching someone's seat is not the way to express that frustration or fight that injustice.This dude is being an ass. It sucks to be in the one non reclining seat. But if this woman is supposed to not recli… Jeffrey Epstein never got stopped and frisked in Bloomberg’s NY.
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @AmandaBecker I relate to this @morningmoneyben All of my political opinions will be delivered in this form nowRoses are red Carnations are fatter The height of a president Does not fucking matterWhen I moved to NC, the News & Observer was a prosperous paper with a bustling newsroom. It is now down to a skelet…
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Roses are red Band-Aids are brown They can cost $629 In one Connecticut town #HealthPolicyValentines
Retweeted by Laura BassettI want to live in that America’m so proud of him
Retweeted by Laura BassettRead @letsgomathias, who has written extensively about Bloomberg and stop and frisk over the years.
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @ShayneDoesTweet If @dcbigjohn were still BF bureau chief he would pay me thousands for this @BQueefish TrollOk I have written 4,000 words on things you should never dip your crawfish in. Who wants to publish it? We can discuss pay laterWe predicted this about a week or so ago: Wuhan is now short of pure Oxygen for respirators.
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @SurfeagleEd Classic meWow how did I manage to use two semicolons in that tweet. What a nerdTrump’s misogyny is objectively far worse than Biden’s; they’re hardly in the same category. But the important diff… called Omarosa a dog. He also called Gail Collins a “dog with the face of a pig,” which doesn’t even make sen… called a porn star he allegedly paid off "horseface."
Retweeted by Laura Bassett @SopanDeb Would you understand or would you understaaaaaeaaaaeaaannnd @zachdcarter It’s a fair question