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David Lebo @leboism A Van Down By The River

Something resembling a journalist. Bylines here and there. Better than a chef. V makes the W sound. Pronounced LEE-bo-ism. He/him. Avi by @jojoseames

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Retweeted by David Lebo @mclaineileen @tito_the_pirate I NEED THIS FOR CHESTER @Leask @aubreysitterson The strongest Amen, brother I've ever given @GeekTalk51 He has another thing that helps: he was Always Nice To The Baseball Press. That'll get him in right quick in and of itself @internetFionna I genuinely, truly Do Not Know Anymore @internetFionna Quarantine Birthdays Don't Count @AmandaAshPlease @colonelnemo I'm against abolishing the police until we can arrest you for this and get to the bottom of thisI didn't know what approaching 31 in quarantine would look like, but it's apparently taken the form of Finally Getting Into Jimmy Buffett @GeekTalk51 He spent as one of the top three baseball players on earth, often as number one. Even if you wipe years… Shit it’s The Skunch
Retweeted by David LeboTotally missed the Albert Pujols news. Dude is going to be a first ballot of Hall of Famer and would have been so i… @ronchronchronch @YupItsCaitlin @vanetti do you have any stories left? alms for the poor?me: (flies a rocket ship into the moon's eye ball) Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès: i have to invent movies now to show e…
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@AllNewDom more like MDK because this project needs to get the shit beaten out of it am i rite @amywilson possibly! Depends on you and them @meg_ebooks @aptly_engineerd @jdforward I'm grateful that Batya has ultimately been replaced by someone Good At Their Job @amywilson How do you define "north?" Because I've got a bunch of places in and around Cranford that might help @AllNewDom @anthonymandler @RadhaMUSprime @AllNewDom @anthonymandler @RadhaMUSprime Your boy spoke with the stars of this movie! @tatianatenreyro Look at who else was born on June 14th. I'll take your birthday twin any day over mine @DylanRoth One of my favorite stories for the set is that before many scenes, Bridges asked the Coen bros "did The… @PositronicWoman @dogunderwater I for one would like to go literally one week without goyische shenanigans trending @depechejoe It's just a liberalish Christopher Hitchens with more of a wink and less actual writing skillThere's literally nothing left to say about this. It was all said at the time. If you expected more "journalistic i… just accepted a Tucker Carlson talking point from 15 years ago as fact. We've been over this ad nauseum: Stew… @bungarsargon He was entirely right -- he's a comedian who told jokes, not a journalist, and these two engaged in p… is actually kind of exciting to me. Hopefully Laura will be able to clean up all the wreckage Batya left after… @quietprofanity @ronchronchronch also I'd like to add my name to those haunted by the phrase "spanking discourse,"… @quietprofanity @ronchronchronch I know she's expressed regret at what she was when she was younger I also know th… @DylanRoth Sports films, non-football @THE_Stefano_DLC My first formal introduction to that term was (cringe) over a decade ago in a film course talking… @Ragnarogatory Also explains this technically correct but very-cringe-for-a-white-guy-to-say tweet that has haunted… still crops photos for me so this might be my last chance to post this
Retweeted by David LeboYet at the same hearing of our T&I Committee, a county judge from Texas said high speed rail should "live or die in…
Retweeted by David Lebo @Ragnarogatory Nobody that young should have that avi @midgetnazgul if anything, I should CHARGE you for all the psychic damage you've caused me why must I know what "dfp" is @vanetti Every evening is an incredibly evening if you're a Lesley @krebshouting I JUST HAD TO BE SUREDo not ever tip me for my tweets using tip jar. Tweets are entirely for The Love Of The Game @krebshouting hello yes don't be a Red Sox fan no matter what your neighbors say @crookedroads770 masterful subheader, tooalso hey if you're still up celebrate @jamesdleech's birthday by saying a bunch of British nonsense @FanboyCristian Let's not forget Anthony Goldstein, the One Jew At Hogwarts @GemCityGem I'm old enough to remember when queer coding was thing old timey directors did to get around censors an… @gottahaveitguy Show me a cool CD
It's not gonna be John Cena but I should be John Cena national hockey league, folks,,,
Retweeted by David Lebo @ShadowTodd RightImplement an option to fine someone for bad tweets.
Retweeted by David Lebo @Oseguera2020 @NicholasJSacco Sweeney might like a word @ThatCarlGuy Happy Kyle Day! @starsinmargins One of the worst things living in the NY area post-9/11 ever taught me was how people called "heroe… @Koomdogg @dslifton @jefito I'm now searching for it and found this gem @Koomdogg @dslifton @jefito I just found evidence of it existing! @Koomdogg @dslifton @jefito ooooh, I'd never seen/heard of the Donut ad! Any idea where I can find or see it? Also… @Sir__Duque novelizationsSo apparently someone has been spoofing my number and leaving "bad messages" on someone's cell phone. That's fun. T… @froonding_loom @depechejoe *George Costanza voice* meat jelly... is having A MOMENT!!! @JennaKassArt Albums (music) @depechejoe there's some fantastic ones this season @depechejoe if you're still making that list of trailercore songs, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist has had a few soli… @tatianatenreyro just messaged me this and said "it's your time to shine" She ain't wrong. Kanohi Pakari is now on sale at Etsy if anyone is looking to get Strong this summer
Retweeted by David Lebo @jefito @dslifton I refuse to assign blame based on tweets, because no tweet has ever *solved* anything @jefito @dslifton I love the 87-88 Devils... so, so, so much @jefito @dslifton *pushes glasses up nose* furthermore, the Devils got into the playoffs that year by leapfrogging… is a clusterfuck of the DoPS's own making asking Feinstein questions. She's either going to say something bad or something so wildly incorrect that her… @ronchronchronch It's just 49 bananas Kayleigh, what could it cost? 490 dollars? @misskittyf @FuryohfuryGood morning, one of my friends posted this meme on Facebook
Retweeted by David Lebo @hardplasticeyes poor Scotty, being forced to entertain EVERY sci-fi thingHaven't stopped thinking about this. It's something Jenna Maroney would say, if not Jack @hardplasticeyes is this [MEGA REDACTED]?
Retweeted by David Lebo @dslifton @jefito or if you need some good vocal stylings, we've got a young Alan Thicke singing a song about Bobby… @dslifton @jefito There's Dave "The Hammer" Schultz singing his original song "The Penalty Box" @dslifton @jefito okay so I'm 100% gonna yell at 2013 Jeff for saying "have another donut" was a "NYC sports moment…'S HAVE ANOTHER DONUT DAY @DevilsOfYore In the coming weeks, I'm gonna have a whole YouTube video about the incident @GeneralMcMaul @Neochiiz3000 He probably drank lot of wine in Wales, yes @handsomeadult time to link Yzerman On The Kiss Cam @GeneralMcMaul gonna tag @Neochiiz3000 on thisIt's a shame that Talmud closed before Fiddler On The Roof could be formally added to it @midgetnazgul Q? A wizard? Such limited human thinking.We're gonna find out that Cuomo disposed of a body in the Long Island Sound and one week later everyone in New York… needs to be impeached ASAP for a dozen reasons but also it's hard to deny that every time something new comes… @midgetnazgul YOU NEED THIS SHIRT @chick_in_kiev Takei once said that he had no idea how to fence but he insisted he did just because he really wanted this scene in the showI get the Rangers wanting their pound of flesh tonight, and maybe Barron didn’t realize who he was grabbing, but TJ…
Retweeted by David Lebo @brentalfloss been fortunate that each time this happened the friend involved knew the show wasn't greatTweet of the night
@NickTagliaferro I dunno man Princeton is real niceI know this is 'the way it is' in hockey, but this is why there's a department of player safety so the players don'…
Retweeted by David Lebo @annetokarski no one born in 2005 should BE, Anne, PERIOD! That's TOO YOUNG! @Mariners
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