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David Lebo @leboism A Van Down By The River

Something resembling a journalist. Bylines here and there. Better than a chef. V makes the W sound. Pronounced LEE-bo-ism. He/him. Avi by @jojoseames

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what am I even doing on here @Learnonaut just have The Miz star as Johnny Cage already
Retweeted by David Lebo @maggieserota @mcgee_gorgo without a scintilla of exaggeration, I've been waiting all day for someone - ANYONE to cite this specific book @colonelnemo I met with my Congressman over the PRO act! @clapifyoulikeme @MattFriedmanNJ @amywilson I'm gonna ask my friend from there if he knows this guy, this is how I'll pass my time nowand if you reply to this with any goyische nonsense, that's a blockMy grandmother died an hour or so ago at the age of 98. She was mostly alone, but it sounds like it was painless at… I am 100000000% sure of: AOC and Jon Ossoff both wrote fanfic and probably browsed fanfiction dot net back i… the envelope is an article Bernie cut out of the newspaper that he thought Biden would find interesting
Retweeted by David Lebo @abrahamjoseph @daveweigel @colonelnemo but Jacobin told me she has a good point @ApertureHeart @jstreetdotorg @Jagger23 @colonelnemo his wife runs a farm to rehab animals, so... possibly @ATotalBlamBlam @abrahamjoseph he's a super cool guy and he's got a future in action, I think! @abrahamjoseph not only is it real and good goofy action fun, I interviewed the star of it! @RadioWaco @HereToStay91 @colonelnemo @TheSickness85 Arnold is a prime example of a guy who knows exactly who he is @DylanRoth @anguirus42 @midgetnazgul I'd definitely kick your ass at the original one, and probably the DS one. I'm useless at Double Dash, thoughLike this tweet and I'll tell you what book you should swear into office onwhen ur mum makes you sit in shule and listen to the rabbi's dvar torah but you just want to play with your friends…
Retweeted by David Lebo @midgetnazgul it entirely depends on the edition of Mario Kart as well @midgetnazgul Coral, grey, and I'm getting orange vibes can I can't prove itThe only celebrity who handled these ghouls correctly was Seth Rogen, who refused to take a picture with Paul Ryan'… @DylanRoth In fairness, Rey Palpatinesome album covers with cold Bernie
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Retweeted by David Lebo @RadioWaco we wouldn't have needed the Lincoln Project either if George just talked to his wifeWhen the indie show is 35 min late and it's a 14 match card with a battle royal to cap things off.
Retweeted by David Lebo @froonding_loom is this what the Resistance (TM) freaks are gonna becomeGave it to him like 3 weeks ago and still waiting on notes wtf
Retweeted by David LeboListen my days is stressful enough with non-inauguration stuff, can you people NOT be freaks for a few hours at lea… @baddestmamajama way. no fucking way
Retweeted by David Lebo @colonelnemo Bernie would have gotten us Half-Life 4No excuses now. ✔️ #SurvivalChecks ✔️ #MedicareForAll ✔️ #GreenNewDeal ✔️ #CancelStudentDebt
Retweeted by David LeboIn Jewish yoga this pose is: waiting for my wife at Loehmann's
Retweeted by David LeboHaven't had the ability to feel a goddamn single emotion about the inauguration because of this, and it's weird, be… @TheStuffOfMemes Reverse Spartacus, where no one asks questions and no one gets answers @TheStuffOfMemes and we still don't know who this guy is. amazingPro tip: don't have your grandmother slowly die on inauguration day, you'll get emotional about the wrong thing at the wrong timeWas hoping to have better news before the inauguration but sounds like my grandma is getting moved to hospice careSome idiot at the Atlantic compared the Trump administration to the Insane Clown Posse, to the detriment of the ban…
Retweeted by David LeboWe've reached "getting calls at 12:47 am from the hospital to sign off on procedural moves" levels with my grandma @strongforecheck No arguments @strongforecheck who does Marchand pair up with in this situation @DieRobinsonDie Jacobin will there, ready to write another pieceJust a reminder that Jacobin also once published a hagiography of the guy who created the Nazbols AND put out a pie… @midgetnazgul Chapo was quoted, too! @GeneralMcMaul no it was not, but it should have beenHELP: I'm trying to remember the name of a show about space that got cancelled because it came out around the same… @DevilsMSGN @LeighannStrollo here to Bother You @THE_Stefano_DLC my favorite scene in the movie is when Costello and the cops bump into each other and they have a pleasant conversationEveryone wants Mando's Beskar armor because it's literally the only armor in the entire history of Star Wars that actually works @depechejoe honestly was my first guess, damn I'm getting good at this @depechejoe which Stando Boy do you consider most likely for this to occur to? @starsinmargins It took me a while to even recognize him in Fargo, because the beard makes him look like a third personI refuse to believe this is the same person*po Tr*p H*us* is like Elon Musk in that ever time you criticize them even mildly some weirdo will jump into your menchies to defend them.
Retweeted by David Lebo @EvelKneidel Chapo is such a prime example of "white dudes who fantasize about being in a violent revolution but wo…
Hey I have a pitch: what if Daredevil were blind? @GeneralMcMaul it's a very different movie. It's more action/adventure, pretty cartoony at times. lots of fun, just different @GeneralMcMaul Not that I'd ever discourage a Train to Busan rewatch, because that movie is astounding, but the dir… @THE_Stefano_DLC Full credit for getting it exactly right but finding a way to ruin it anyway. I think that's his superpower @RadioWaco She's voted mostly progressive since becoming a Senator but I was still on the "let's see if she keeps t… @FERALROBOTS @PostCultRev My favorites: 1) carelessly revealing information that put actual troops at risk several… keep confusing Kyle Kulinski with the evil Parkland kid @PostCultRev Snowden always struck me as a guy who was brave about one thing and coasted on it to get past all the… @EvelKneidel Whenever people ask me why I hate the Lincoln Project, the short answer is "these people pushed Iraq" @Sir__Duque "Clean Comedy Tours" are the bane of our nation @Sir__Duque Will never be over a guy claiming to be 35 AND that he was working a high powered job in NY on 9/11 @hardplasticeyes @BarelyVirginia You had *no clue* you were moving to a blue state, either. Things change so quick but slow at the same timeI'm going to once again request that Chuck Todd go back to managing Flight of the Conchords @MattFriedmanNJ He's back @EvelKneidel Goodfellas, keep Ray Liotta @froonding_loom Juggalos are the only good fandom - genuinely like their thing - don't proselytize, keep to themsel… is a vastly underrated senator and should honestly consider running for prez in 4 to 8 years @progressiveer @JewishWorker Let's not forget that the party was launched with Jesse Ventura and Jimmy fucking Sore attached to it @kenlowery Even Lee was like "don't do this, please" @kenlowery Ken Wonka @driabzz Just leave us alone, okay?Cc: @CoryBooker @SenatorMenendez I'm your constituent and you need to intervene here, your colleagues is a risk @abrahamjoseph My favorite part of Bridesmaids is that there's one cop in the whole state of WisconsinIt's far past time for Dianne's Senate colleagues to intervene and convince her to resign @depechejoe Let's all check in on how American Radium is doing @midgetnazgul today I learned the Menendez brothers accidentally ended up on a basketball card @TheTorontoSix @BlueJays @Fyreball13 @malaphor_ as for the worlds... I can't put it ALL at Aflac's feet, but I think they shoulder part of it. They made… @malaphor_ Ad revenue has crashed since March. Things have picked up a bit lately but there's fewer brands out ther… @malaphor_ I have a friend who works for a company that offers long term health insurance for overseas travel. He s… attention was focused on Warren's political equity and aspirations explode, because it was more spectacular an…'s rise to party leader and fall from relevance is one of the more underreported parts of the past year o…