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keeping twitter dumb. insta: @leckybang. partner + creative director @superhumanideas.

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Not sure how I’d get through this winter without my fuzzy shirt that makes my dog think I’m a dog.A client uploaded a video we made to YouTube the other day and immediately a sexy bot commented “I’m single.” Biggest praise of my career. @JayGabler Yum
Maybe rename it Boo-vid19 in honor of spooktober? Or is that fucked up?
Retweeted by Becky Lang @jasonzabel Your twitter name reminds me that our yearbook captioned us “Jason Zabel and date” and once just wrote…’m like my puppy in that when I have to pee I cry
Trump should step on a rake this week!Sneaky Pete should rebrand as Woke Pete to keep up with the times
Emily in Paris caused me to find out that “eyebrow” in French is “sourcil.”2020 has been like that episode of Mad Men where someone’s foot got run over by a lawnmower.realized recently that i have absolutely no idea what dry cleaning is. don’t even have a guess really
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@Aqy Aw thanks pal 🤗
@jaymboller Hate the sinner, love the sin @jaymboller Was that when he got McDonald’s cuz that was kind of enjoyableI hope this is a preview of dumber, simpler times to come.
Chief Zhuzh Officer @angely_cg I assume you are buying and importing a Newfoundland dog? @MarcusMichalik Wow way to remind me :( @keldao Bet Nathan hates it though
@notnathan i just added smirnoff ice to my grocery list @notnathan you're asking to be iced with that kind of encouragement!"Surviving is the New Living" by Okay Kaya is a great quarantine album.They rotate locations because they don’t want to get caught loitering but also “they each have different magazines”my mom just called Barnes & Noble “you know where” in a text. @jgfagerberg Do it @GaalMeMaybe!
@winnerbowzer I’m picking up some innuendo hereMy phone was like “do you want me to turn off your alarm for Columbus Day?” What do u think I’m gonna do, party on…
@saylehan Hannah, are you working with that large zucchini on your desk again?My neighbor graciously offered to cobweb my railing and I said “go nuts!”I love Twitter's attempt to moderate content. It's like "are you sure you want to see this," you click a button tha…
Retweeted by Becky Langwhen a dolphin swims toward you? that’s e e coming
Retweeted by Becky Langi do not watch the snl show (Too crass) but i do enjoy reading the episode summaries that they put in the newspaper for some reason
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@scullness @jgfagerberg @bahroomn Yay did you love it? @useful_noise i'm sorry that happened to you @angely_cg maybe i have internalized west coast earthquake anxiety. i also remember a time when a giant skull fell… who have big shelves full of stuff above their bed clearly don’t share my fear of heavy objects falling on your head while you sleep.I like dogs cuz they would never be like “omg i just *forgot* to eat today.” @GraceGThomas Some would call that cool
Living for the little girl mean mugging and voguing the whole time during puppy zoom class.oh no, i've become the type of manager that deploys evil smiley 🙂A dog is merely a creature in your house who is extremely jealous of your bagel @SafyHallanFarah I think watercolor painting feels nice on the brain when you’re in a bad mood @DThomasMPLS Has to be Jeff Golfblum @saylehan Honestly Brecklin hits a little close to home for ole BeckI too have some words for this “Brecklin”A mercury possum?’ve lost a lot this year, by god don’t take away our fracking too.If you lie but say “the American people” 7x, whatever you said becomes true.
I celebrate the chicken tender, which has never let me down
Retweeted by Becky Lang @ianjpower Lolol
@carolineroyce i am going to on friday. honestly can't remember the last time i did, even when i used to work at starbucks! maybe never ... @keldao How about fri?I kinda want a pumpkin spice latte nglI think about how cruelly naive this tweet was every time I name a file now. Clean go to hogwarts or how else did he make the magic eraser?
i think often about the time i listened to my college boyfriend explain what cream cheese was to a guy on Counterst… @Staciaann @EinsteinBros get a time machine, go to 2006, i'll hook you up!Remember how in “Sideways Stories from Wayside School,” Mrs. Gorf turned kids into apples but then they used her po… @Staciaann @EinsteinBros I used to work there in college and would get so many free bagels @ana_carrete Leave poetry and get in the balloon biz with that! @ana_carrete Instagram poets with over 500k followers are just teabag quote plagiarists imo @IvankaTrump You’re either cognizant and deeply ashamed of your dad or ignorant and proud of him but you can’t be both!
We should add "dd" to every day of the week to make it like "mondaddy" "tuesdaddy" etc. Just an idea.Please. It is destabilizing for our country when our planet destabilizing president is destabilized. Have some respect.
@keldao What @jgfagerberg Too much leeway ... @angely_cg Solemn concern has been needed at every other point during the Trump presidency ... why start only once he’s incapacitated? 👎 @biketrouble You are the true #yolo #dog #forever!My friend @biketrouble legit got quoted in Fox News saying “Now, some blue-check liberals out there are saying it's… a government-in-freefall cheese plate.
Retweeted by Becky LangJ. Crew is like “Feel like being freeeeaaaky today. Gonna put a touch of chartreuse on the cuffs of these cashmere sleeves. 😈”Man, once Covid found out trump was poor, it really went in for him.
Retweeted by Becky LangI know this timeline. he’s going to start seeing a godzilIa out his window soon
Retweeted by Becky LangA “this time last year” album reminded me that I have a cute fall coat
What if his last name becomes shorthand for when a person denies a problem that bites them in the ass?
Retweeted by Becky LangDo I wake up my puppy to tell her the prez has the rona??Thought about it and ... opiates are the opium of the masses. @angely_cg Yay!
@keldao Dewy boi @keldao How is he todayVery troubling that the song "Monster Mash" isn't the Monster Mash — it's a song about the Monster Mash, which is n…
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MeUndies? What about UsUndies? @Lussenpop @jaymboller @ianjpower Ian deserves virality! @jaymboller @ianjpower Ian read the Left Behind books and it SHOWS @notnathan ShudderSomewhere, Biden’s debate coach is taking down and crumpling a post-it that said “Dunk on the tax thing 🔲.”a part of me wants to think the people ruining everything are diabolically evil but I’m constantly reminded they’re all just very dumbMe every day this year @marrina Honestly, “steamroll” was the word I would use too. I don’t mean that as a compliment through, as it’s an… @timheidecker 😬what if you were in a Mama Mia situation and these two men were both trying to convince you they were your dad? @MilesOfBryce lol @ianjpower I like this
@j_fette Honestly i thought they ruled in 9th grade and I think we should respect that about them forever @brandon_mn that might wake her up!new puppy seems "unimpressed" with band "red hot chili peppers" @jaymboller @biketrouble liberal/marxist america-hating punk is pretty cool @crispinbest that is strange though
@karanesvig that's his right! @jaymboller he wishes he was as yummy as dorito's but he's just not imo