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Lecrae @lecrae Atlanta, GA

This is not the end. #Restoration Artist. Activist. Author. CO-founder @reachrecords. Venture Partner @collab_capital

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Honoring my ancestors from the Cherokee Tribe today. #HappyIndigenousPeoplesDay @KB_HGA Call this song super spreader and perform it now.
@marktheboys Shooooot tell her before she even considers dating.Women aren’t rehabilitation centers for emotionally unhealthy and immature men.
♦️♦️♦️ work with the Dream Team. @reachrecords God felt like showing out today with a couple Grammy Nods.
Black Friday Sale is here! Enjoy 25% off STOREWIDE and Free Shipping on orders over $75. Shop at… @GabbWireless is offering a one day only promotion today. Use the link ‘LECRAE49’ at to tak…🙌🏽🙌🏽 @DJBTRUTH You need those no matter what you’re dealing with. 😊If you struggle with anxiety, fighting against it can often cause more anxiety. 1. It can’t physically hurt you.…
@BrianHortonArt @Lacrae Honored.I can’t make this stuff up. I’m literally the soundtrack to an Afro-Caribbean Spider-Man. What is life?! 🤯
Congrats to my sis @ReginaKing on directing a powerful film. Thanks for including my music. Honored. 🙏🏽 video reacting to our favorite totally normal televangists over at want our rhythm but not our blues. @_collinmercer
😤😤😤📣 All Outerwear is 20% off on Grab your hoodies, long sleeves and sweatshirts just in time… you @Yale @YalePsych @redrev @dawnthom Too late I married Vanja and Beth’s best friend @Datin_TripleD 👆🏽👆🏽Don’t spend your days wishing you could change the past. Imagine all the ways God can change your future.
Keep holding on. The change you’re hoping for may be right around the corner.
@BlairImani Your transparency is refreshingly dope.
This week only, all outerwear is 20% off on Get your hoodies, long sleeves and sweatshirts…'s be real... we all know what political party God endorses. New video live at - coming… your neighbor is not a suggestion.
@CooldamXbone 2020 @luc_kambere1 He’s family @TiiJayy @Limoblaze Majorly @BlakelyIv 10 toes @ENumberTwo I do a lot of local stuff but I need to get out nationally too @bro_ivory Well currently everyone is still on lockdown. But when the doors upon back up yes. @Nxndo_Bz @hulveyofficial A pain in the neck!!! 😝 @Jamilla_t Appreciate you greatly @DougieDan93 Great friend of mine and I greatly respect her. @JustJamalLee No lol. She said “rockin wit you.” @Benjami83480811 Not sure yet. @Pelakilwa Man...I wanna go so bad!! @therealraposa Subscribe to my YouTube page addressing that this week. @brandt_stark @johnlegend Can’t take anything away from that mans professionalism and work ethic. He’s dope. @Kdorner_11 Probably Nothing left to hideWhat’s good family! I’m hanging on here for the next hour. Hit me with your questions on Restoration and The Deluxe… The Deluxe Album is out now!! Join me today at 2 PM ET to have an open dialogue on Twitter. What does… @lecrae Now listening to Restoration Deluxe from South Africa🤍
Retweeted by LecraeRestoration: The Deluxe Album is Out Now!! I truly enjoy making music that can help someone on their journey! As we…
I’m on the journey of being restored. That’s a choice we gotta make. Do we want that process? The Deluxe drops at M… is the key to breakthrough.
😬😬😬 know the vibes. One time for the family linking up for Restoration: The Deluxe Album! Coming Friday.… tried GABA, melatonin, far it’s been a combo of CBD and prayer/meditation that helped most.Kiddush hashem#Restoration continues Friday with the Deluxe Album...
@drantbradley nonsense gotta stop man. #KingVon should be alive. @GuvnaB Criiiiiiine
@courtneymosier3 Lol @smoovyseni I’m deeeeead @thezg3 🤣🤣🤣 @mrmedina 😂😂😂Someone offers you 50k to spend the night in a graveyard. Respond with a gif. @AmIshoBaraka Man...registered nearly 1 million people bruh @MichaelRWear @MelissaMWear Congrats @MagaKev @DustinGoodman10 It’s allll one person sorry Take me as I am. @MagaKev If you love Jesus...get used to’ll be with me for eternity.How are you doing at loving your enemies today? Matt 5:44
@Gladwell Proud Jamaican 🇯🇲 🇯🇲Your loved ones may not always say or do it right, but they’re trying to love you as best they can. Sometimes we ha… @redrev Dag.... @MichaelRoeJr Yo mike...thanks for the follow. 😊 @CHRISTIANRAPYES’all quick. Lol. @johnfaisonsr @michiguaz Let me say this...tho you’re misunderstanding my point I did read Daniel 9. Vs 18 blessed me! Thank you. @Yamuvasaid @AbelOrozco8 @wilwdyer @richvillodas Didn’t have is Twitter. Thanks @Mell_mah *South America...and the same principle applies... @Omobawealthjii @gstack1213 for thought. @julie_vechery @PREACH0921 My tone in the tweet is not mean or angry but you may read it that way. @PREACH0921 Actually her prayer does that. I’m sure the angels in Africa are pretty busy @gstack1213 Then why dispatch them from Africa? @AbelOrozco8 You should slowly read my tweet. Then process what I’m saying. This isn’t about color, or nationality. @LiveLife3In America is not the messiah of the nations @LiveLife3In I’m sure the #endsars advocates in Nigeria would disagree with you.On a serious note this speaks to the idolatry of nationalism and Western Christianity. Of course we think we deserv… @aboutgregory_ 😂😂😂I was waiting for the beat to drop. waking up in the middle of night recently. Anybody got any solutions?
Check me out on November 10th at 7pm ET to chat about my new book. Get a copy of I Am Restored and join me for a li… Election Day Plan: 1. Pray 2. Vote 3. Refuse to retweet, share or engage any partisan negativity 4.…
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@sportsnerdmatt 😂😂😂I feel like Canada is sitting back looking at America like... a bop tho... @SocialClubMSFTS you know no matter the outcome God is in control. thoughts originated by @JohnFea1