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2020: Know your value. You have worked too hard for too long, to be discounted by anyone. Don't accept less than wh…
@FredTJoseph #2019TinmanLet this sink in: So-called pastor Joel Osteen just blocked the mother of a child killed at Sandy Hook School in Ne…
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Still standing with TeamFoxx! your mailboxes, @GovPritzker ! We are writing you postcards because we still want you to #SignSB1970AtTFN We…
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This is what its all about. Tens of thousands of steps, thousands of doors knocked and oh so many conversations wit…
@teresa_lance I am so glad that you took this suggestion and ran with it!
Last year,we held the 1st TF North parade 2 the polls.I asked @ElgieSims 2draft a bill giving students time off fr… Students were thrilled to be in Springfield and part of the legislative process.
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis(3/4) Students were joined by many elected officials and community leaders when they voted for the first time.
Retweeted by LeeAnn RevisHoping we can convince @GovPritzker to come to the place where SB1970 was born to sign it into law- TF North High S…
Our work isn't change or convert the vile, the greedy or the hateful. Our job is to outwork, outwit and outlast them.
@royalpratt @CTULocal1 Good for him.
@Lordofbeefcake @chasbottom @Join_RAGE @CWBChicago @LightfootForChi @chicagosmayor And Eugene Sawyer....
The piece turns the current debate about the teachers strike on its head. Teachers aren’t asking for too much; they…
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @kena1019 @ewarren Love this!!!! @TheManInCannes @shavarjeffries And actually, it says a lot about effectiveness if less is more. In fact thats kind… @TheManInCannes @shavarjeffries You are making assumptions. I am not a teacher. Lol. I support teachers. I know tha… @TheManInCannes @shavarjeffries Please provide peer reviewed research that Rahm's arbitraily longer day improves st… @West_Looper @CTULocal1 Nope. I have witnessed LL go all in on someone exponentially less significant than a 30k me… @West_Looper @CTULocal1 Yes, sour grapes because CTU endorsed Toni. Happens all the time. @StRitaAthletics @stacydavisgates @StRitaFootball @StRitaHS @michaelsobrien @Tim_OBrien10 @disabato Way to model sportsmanship St. Rita! @CTULocal1 I challenge anyone to convince me that her indifference was fueled by anything but sour grapes from the election. @CNN They are also more likely to be dealing with teenage boys who may or may not be contributing to emotional ups… @davidmfaris The flipness about missing votes and not watching Dem debates reveals a hyper self centered-ness that… @ddteachpaz @CTULocal1 @ChiPubSchools @GWHS_Patriots @WBEZeducation @WBEZ @chicagosmayor @SharkeyCTU1 This class of…
@CTULocal1 I still believe she intends to use the out of class students as leverage to get what she wants out legis… @teach_mich @CTULocal1 @SharkeyCTU1 @stacydavisgates @alison_eichhorn @KenzoShibata Wonder how many of those studen…
#unity’s great for administrators to pop in classes. But maybe it’s good for them to withhold judgment if they happen t…
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @whitesox @chancetherapper Punk move White Sox.Who has any doubts that he planned this event thinking he was going to get a standing ovation after the events of t… this & remember. im can be so vile.
Another perspective on the term Latinx. I know several native speakers who find this term offensive.
@RepKamBuckner Thank you. This tweet took some courage Rep. I have subbed in CPS classrooms & if folks experienced… @UncleSa08189158 @lizzo So you support teachers until they band together and leverage their power to improve outcomes for students. Got it.
@wjk1971 So she didnt have the sense to know that language was demeaning and derogatory? #tonedeaf #sheaintfromhere #thisaintohio @marydifino I have subbed in CPS schools that are in decently resourced communities. If LL had to spend 1 day obser… @ad_quig @CrainsChicago @chicagosmayor Hubris.
@JiveBunnyMuzik @CTULocal1 So in other words, you knew your original tweet was not accurate. #morealternativefacts of my success as an adult can be traced to advantages that I was born with—advantages that I had no control ov…
Retweeted by LeeAnn RevisDr. Monique Redeaux-Smith, Dyett Hunger Striker. We’re just going to leave this one right here. #CTUSEIUstrike
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @JiveBunnyMuzik @CTULocal1 You do know that teachers can opt out right? Teacher voluntarily PAY CTU, CTU cant just TAKE.
Back of the Yards teachers and staff singing a take on the Backstreet Boys inspired by our contract campaign and wr…
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @renaeranum @IAmSophiaNelson The adage applies: to the oppressors, equality feels like oppression... @PerezJr @SenWarren @rweingarten I suspect Mayor DINO is having a rough morning considering that she has managed to… @McFaul definitely one of his tells. Also, when he pauses to define things or says "a thing called..." he is showin… Local 73, which represents support staff such as custodians and bus aides, and is also on strike... holding pr…
Retweeted by LeeAnn RevisSaying teachers work 8 am to 3 pm for 10 months is like saying Tom Brady only works 16-20 Sundays a year. #realtalk via @coodegrace
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @eileen_aldrin @CTULocal1 Pretty sure The Force aint with her...I am astounded that LL could not see that opposing school nurses and social workers for children would not play wel…
@SpockResists It wasnt life threatening. Way more fascinating to watch it play out and see them work together. Obvi… @PCunningham57 @KatieMcIntyre96 @JennBinis Are you stupid? 94% of the TEACHERS voted for this strike.We had to strike so 4 year olds could take a nap during a full day of school. Let that sink in. This is Chicago.…
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @CTULocal1 teachers in the 10th ward are standing strong in the wind, rain & cold.Visited with student advocates at… left my CTU friends at John L Marsh. On my way to Gallistel! #solidarity @Ejukator Need some help with suburban school board members? Wishing you abundant success in this new endeavor Dr. Allen.
Some things go way deeper than what we can control as educators #realtalk
Retweeted by LeeAnn RevisThis. A thousand times this. can't keep asking Ts 2do more non-teaching work &not expect them 2need another prep period.Its just not right.Ei… much here 2unpack.This captures what @CTULocal1 is striking 4.The roles teachers play in the lives of students c…
Let's hope so. @alison_eichhorn @ChiPubSchools Alison- TF South BOE member here (2009-present) I along with many others are proud… who needs to hear this but 7,500 CPS janitors, bus aides, special ed assistants &security guards w/ @SEIU73 are…
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@kingsrush As a native Chicagoan, I find the snowflake insult hilarious. These people have no idea of the power of… Elijah Cummings’ widow: “He worked until his last breath.”
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @ndrew_lawrence Finally a subject he can speak with authority on...Home sick today.Once I am back in fighting shape I will be visiting my friends at Marsh,Washington and Gallistel el… @bradleyrsimpson Being a jackass is not the equivalent of unwell-ness. Even as white men fail so severely, we still… to @CTULocal1 4 swinging 4 the fence 4 kids.They are picking up the mantle & saying enough is enough.We all…
@jaketapper I dont hate much. I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THIS VILE MAN. @_SJPeace_ @BobbySteve19 She wasnt stepping foot on that grass though! Too cute!
I have reached my conflict/hatred/stupid threshold. Head down &narrow gaze. Focusing on what I can accomplish& righ…
@marclamonthill We are living Idiocracy.
Something to cheer you up: The Boomer/Silent Generation share of the voting eligible population will be down 8% fro…
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @niketasays Which white folks use as an excuse to send their kids to the Selective enrollment schools. All neighbor… @niketasays The whole system placed neighborhood HS into self perpetuating decline. By artificially removing the to… you’re trying to build the right culture, ask yourself this question: “Do my staff members feel valued?” I thi…
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@AphugeTfs I caught this segment. Who knew Ag was so tech driven???
@nhannahjones Research XQ. They want to reimagine HS. JEFFERY CANADA was on the board of XQ.Same for my girl. Ms. Reed connected with my girl in a way that inspired her to care about the text like no other t…
@LupeERamirez @NewmanDominique @teresa_lance I read this in an undergrad politics and race class. Our class discuss… @thehowie @realDonaldTrump Not knowing the meaning of amoral, he will likely retweet this....Seeds bare fruit. @kingsrush Marine mom here. I follow you because we have to stick together and your voice is really important. Semper Fi Marine.
Dear @VP Mike Pence: Do you agree with yourself? #FridayMorning Thoughts
Retweeted by LeeAnn RevisAnd this is just one reason why @CTULocal1 is fighting so hard for social workers and school nurses in every schoo… D215 is readng Between the World &Me by @TaNehisiCoats.This 1Book, 1District initiative has been a dream of… @NewmanDominique So excited that we will be reading this fantastic book!
If you think Kim Foxx should lose her job because of how she handled the Smollett case but don’t believe Trump is c…
Retweeted by LeeAnn Revis @MarkEth12996914 @NBCNews A bikini pic is not naughty. @DougSchlesser What a wonderful resource to have access to inform your instruction choices!
MY daughter wanted 2teach. Now, she has serious doubts about the career path.She isnt alone &would have been great… we know teachers of color bring significant value to schools for all students.But what are we doing to create a… found myself curious about the nature of the Inspector General role... This whole course of events has identified…