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Lee James Palmer @LeeJPalmer Penzance, Cornwall.

Cornish born wanderer and coffee lover. Paralian, one who lives by the sea.

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@glitter_earth I’m normally rubbish at spotting them, my partner is a whizz at finding them! @AmandaMugford1 Pretty much would be the same issue, it seems to settle slightly as well and needs a stir before use. @ESDale77 @RedKyteCherwell First came across this in Gemma Gary’s Traditional Cornish Witchcraft book, which is a must read really. @AmandaMugford1 That was the one thing that isn’t recommended for iron gall ink, as it’s highly corrosive over time… @Reliefgrumpy Hahah thou shall doeth so! @MandyGr15648719 Thank you! @hamishboglin Ahh thank you, it turned out blue/black in the end. The longer I left it the better it’s become it seems. @RedKyteCherwell @ESDale77 It’s an old Cornish protection symbol. @ESDale77 Surprised I didn’t spill it everywhere! 😂 @thewitchesstone Thanks, it’s quite straightforward despite wondering how this would even work!My first attempt at making traditional iron gall ink. This process of using extracted tannic acids & iron salts was…
@lorraine_atkins @BrownieLB_1 Plenty of work on this week, so I might not have a chance unless I’m passing any waves on the way! @BrownieLB_1 Bring it on!!! @ScornaLott Very much looking forward to reading this! @Ocean3DUK Wouldn’t of been by much either!
@GarnetLynne Not really but that’s very kind of you to say! 🙏🏻 @GarnetLynne Hey last year I ended up wearing bin bags over everything! 🤣 @GarnetLynne Sooo used to this time of year, spent a fortune on wet weather wear this year!!!Our first live event from the shop 🤞🏻it all works and goes according to plan...
Retweeted by Lee James PalmerChanneling that storm vibe! #penzance #cornishlife
@ljcolli @beauty_cornwall Normally miss them but this was on its own! @andypaciorekart The T-shirt buying is something I’ve embraced in mid-life! @MandyGr15648719 @beauty_cornwall Thank you!Wonderful visit to @dustltdshop and was absolutely spell bound. Couldn’t resist one of the small poppets by… treasure and the smallest Portuguese Man-O-War I’ve seen this year. #cornishlife
Trial batch of Soul Cakes in the advent of All Souls Day in the near future. Apparently every cake eaten would repr… you to our first stockists in Cornwall, @dustltdshop, for sending this beautiful parcel including art, a han…
Retweeted by Lee James PalmerDelightful images sidetracking me completely this morning, it’s very inspiring! House Cafe at Geevor. @geevormuseum #endchildfoodpoverty @_pastelpumpkin_ Next year for sure, maybe something underground & very discreet this year! 🤷🏻‍♂️ @DrJaninaRamirez One of my local swans & hopefully something to make you smile! into town with a large random list, got everything I needed (even ink dipping pen & nib and a loose incense bu… composition, love everything about this photograph! #inspirational
Lamenting the loss of Montol festival this year, but grateful for the many previous years of photographing the chao… @WendyHa19159296 Now that’s not a commonly heard name for them these days!Lucky hagstone find this afternoon, best commutes ever! #cornishlife @mjpcuervo @helleborezine @nathanielhebert Looks fantastic, kettle’s on and that’s the afternoon sorted!The Malefice Issue of @helleborezine has arrived.🔥 Beautiful work as always, many thanks @mjpcuervo &…
Harvest Festival, Atherington Church, September 1982. Photograph by my Dad ©Beaford Arts @beaford @LittleToller
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer @Steph73_NL Fingers crossed you can visit again soon, although it would be better if it was sunny when you eventually do! @Steph73_NL It’s raining so the day will be spent mostly eating or working (& eating) 😂 @LallyMacBeth @manukenkun There’s a lot of happy stuffed faces around Pnz at the moment I would think!Beige Donuts, the breakfast of champions. (Yes they’re vegan 🌱). The answer to any rainy autumnal day! #cornishlife @MandyGr15648719 Thank you, certainly found some lovely bits over the years.
@MariaStrutz At a mention of Emily Banting I can immediately see the connection, but I completely get where your co… @MariaStrutz It’s a wonderful piece of work, very apt cover! @ScornaLott Looking forward to reading your contribution in issue 4. One of my favourite pieces of writing this yea… @In2TheGreen I do rather post a lot of images from my daily travels around here! 😁 @In2TheGreen 🙏🏻What a wonderful surprise this evening, and that cover by @MariaStrutz is absolutely sublime! @KarenKayFairy Thank you!Flawless olive green seaglass find, perfect for a pendant or ring. #beachcombing #cornwall walk to work! #cornwall #cornishlife book. March 2021. @saltpublishing
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer @CarolynKennett 🙉🙈 pretend I didn’t know what your talking about...😭 the forecast is horrible, I’m annoyed! @BrownieLB_1 Off early to work via a beachcombing session I think, sea might of chucked stuff up. @pearsonp69 Some of them use the inner harbour when it’s too much like earlier. @CarolynKennett Think that’s the way of it for the next few days now! @BrownieLB_1 Think it’s choppy all day, low tide is incoming now so it’s a little calmer atm.Stormy morning views. #cornwall #cornishlife
The leaves, broad, glossy and evergreen are unapologetic against the subdued architecture, bringing liveliness to t…
Retweeted by Lee James PalmerNon-human locals are always the best source for gossip... #cornishlife classic, as it is #ExmoorDay... Looking south-west from Five Barrows under snow, January 1986. Photograph by my D…
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer @hanabackland @NTTrerice Wonderful! @mjpcuervo Absolutely wonderful! 🙌🏻It’s here!
Retweeted by Lee James PalmerShe also balances beer bottles on her head for good measure...This deaf old lady had plenty of 3am songs for us this weekend, then sleeps in like a teenager! #CatsOfTwitter @CornishMyst And it’s surprisingly mud free walking down there for once.
@SittingByTheSea The Boscawen-Un Stone Circle!Autumnal afternoons amongst the stones. #cornwall #cornishlife @CarolynKennett @Intocornwall It was looking particularly fab there yesterday!
@cork_linda It’s a treat to see this during beach walks. @IronAgeKernow Wonderful atmosphere there today, always a joy to visit! @GarnetLynne It was looking wonderful out there today, amazing autumnal colours! 🍂Boscawen-Ûn Stone Circle, always a special place to visit at anytime of year. #standingstones #cornwall #cornishlife
Afternoon views in the bay. #cornwall #cornishlife hello there! Beautifully worn seaglass marble doing its best ‘Eye of Sauron’ impression! #seaglass a hint of land #seascapepainting #beach #cornishcoast #art #contemporaryart #artwork #expressive #painting
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer @drogoberor @KineticGame OMG 😱Friday sunrise over Mounts Bay, have a lovely day!#cornwall #cornishlife @ESDale77 Happy birthday lovely 🥳 X
@JamesRavilious Oh my that’s hilarious & also ingenious!!! @JamesRavilious Think I need to get my grown up camera out!Seeing all of James work is a wonderful breath of fresh air, it’s incredibly inspiring! views over the bay! #cornwall #cornishlife would explain the hagstones & seaglass immensely! #beachcombing crew, Appledore, December 1975. Photograph by my Dad ©Beaford Arts @beaford @rnli @AppledoreRNLI #lifeboat
Retweeted by Lee James PalmerBoat builders workshop belonging to the Badcock brothers, Appledore, August 1974. Photograph by my Dad ©Beaford Art…
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer
#EmilyBanting on those who would gatekeep the identity of the witch, those who make the mistake of hierarchy. Those…
Retweeted by Lee James PalmerIssue 4 is nearly complete - just waiting for a bit of content from @HooklandGuide illustrated as always by…
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer @Amorejewellery Ahh if there was no female about then that’s the son of Mr S. I’ve been looking for him as we got o… @CarolynKennett @justin_wiggan @MayesCreative Is that unique to just this particular place, or has there been other locations?Touching the wall of the beehive hut makes the sound frequency change, its all quite bizarre @justin_wiggan
Retweeted by Lee James Palmer @CarolynKennett @justin_wiggan @MayesCreative Wow that’s amazing, Children of the Stones vibe going on there! @Amorejewellery More so than ever, particularly on lovely sunny days like today! @pearsonp69 Thank you very much! @liz_fenwick What rates does he charge?Last night chasing after reflections at sunset. #cornwall #cornishlife
@JamesRavilious It immediately makes me think of our winter festivals, lovely unusual torch design as well. Thank you for sharing!