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•FACTS speak louder than fancams •idgaf about kpop anymore •dae, yb and top said ot4 stans don't have rights Kwomilee1 backup 🇧🇬🇫🇷🇷🇺🇸🇰🇮🇹🇰🇷

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@AlexieJimin95 @hugeboysfiancee Dude u dont know anything about bigbang 🤡🤡🤡 shut up @AlexieJimin95 Neither are mine luv 🤩🤩🤩 exclude yourself from this narrativeimagine being in a business gc to talk about serious matter but one of the colleagues was a prick and sent you some…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @gatamchun I love how posts with 0 evidence and proof get 1k so easily but the articles and police reports are comp… @gatamchun I have no idea what u are reading. Korean sources stopped claiming this A LONG LONG time ago. He wasn't… @realms_unreal @CeeSqared Oh yes his exit is SOOO clean rn. Most people are accusing him of things he has never don… @AlexieJimin95 Lmao I'm moved by your speech now go stream some lame mv
@thicbitchjimin Dont worry about him he ain't going to jail. You better work on those two brain cells of yours. Ha… @thicbitchjimin Use a better fancam next time bby I cant take u seriously with this one @thicbitchjimin Yawn, anyway ttylSCOTT STERLING stroke again 😂😂😂😂😂 #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @thicbitchjimin Do I sound mad? Baby, again, you are the one crying in my mentions. Anyway I'm off to class 😘 I'll text you in a few hoursKids like her think this is about kpop and this is the huge issue. This isn't about kpop, leave him alone. This isn… @win2ren Sis you dont know the facts. It's so obvious you've only scanned through posts on Twitter. You didn't repl… @thicbitchjimin You obviously have nothing else to say so u might wanna leave ❤😘I don't wanna say controversial things but during the emo days, the Jonas craze, "bieber fever"and the 1D mania kid… @thicbitchjimin You dont get your higher education in a day but you wouldn't know that @thicbitchjimin "No you" 😂 @thicbitchjimin Me being healthy is sad??? I meannnn ok just sit on ur ass and scroll through Twitter and insta all… @thicbitchjimin I'm at the gym rn. Texting you between reps 😘 gotta work for this bodyodyody @win2ren @aidaliz15 Also responsible for what? Burning sun was proven squeaky clean around april? @win2ren @aidaliz15 Oh you are a special kind of dumb aren't you? Do you seriously not understand the chart or are you just playing slow? @win2ren 8% , my bad, but it further proves how wrong you are @thicbitchjimin "NO YOU" @88doie You're implying I cant comprehend your lv A1 english tweets? A child in 3rd grade can do better...It's December and some of y'all still think seungri is the owner of BS? This shows you havent read a single article… @win2ren You outdid yourself on this one: 1) Burning sun is a club, not a cafe 2) He's not the owner, he's the face… @thicbitchjimin Ok let's play this game lol I dont care I'm gonna have the last word @88doie Ugh when a slav girl who's 4th language is English forms more logically and grammatically complicated sente… u gonna be an anti at least have TASTE. Stream Juicy by queen Doja or dont come in my mentions. @thicbitchjimin No baby, these are my mentions 😘 you're leaving @doiesunn @win2ren @88doie Koreaboo is someone who wishes they were Korean and also degrading the culture, fetishiz… @thicbitchjimin Then get out 🤡 I have a job and uni to keep me occupied, I cant waste my time on u. Find a hobby. @88doie @doiesunn @win2ren Aka degrading the culture since this is a very serious matter to koreans and they hate s… own cafe? When you're trying to preach but you have no idea what's going on 🤡🤡🤡 @win2ren Your attitude baby. If you have proof that he was in the group chats and that he was aware of them contact… @win2ren Start talking facts baby. Backup what you're saying. His own cafe? Lmao u have no idea what you're talking… @88doie Cause your cringy attitude is amusing me baby 😘 it's like a trainwreck I cant look away from @doiesunn @win2ren @88doie I can skip the word but y'all still cringy and degrading a culture by stating and spread… @thicbitchjimin Aww poor baby 😘 acts like a VIP but doesn't even know that we ain't streaming crooked rn. Try untit… @bol4luvr Idk what it's about but trust me when I tell you that we have a LEGAL TEAM by VIPs, all of them professio… @bol4luvr This is what I meant by being blocked lol @thicbitchjimin Bye baby 😘😘 stay mad, uneducated and cringy. I love that for you @88doie Ooof my brain hurts after reading this. So cringy lmaoooo typical koreaboo. Are you done embarrassing yours… @thicbitchjimin I'm not mad, I'm actually having so much fun watching you embarrass yourself 😘😘😘 carry on, it's fun @thicbitchjimin He wasn't in the group chat what r u on 😂😂😂😂😂😂 anyway have fun being suspended, no one will miss yo… @thicbitchjimin Nah bby because I have a group chat reporting you every single time you use a cuss word 🤡🤡 only one… @88doie Watching du mb fks like you struggle to form a sentence is my hobby 😍😍 y'all dont have arguments so u use fancams "sksksksk" @bol4luvr @rizkitakurnia The tweet u r sharing. I wanna reply to u in some way but I cant since I cant see the content @thicbitchjimin You wanna know the definition of a dumb koreaboo? Look in the mirror ug ly fk @thicbitchjimin Also Korean medias proved that such statement was never made and it was a lie spread by Channel A 🤡… @thicbitchjimin YOU QUOTE PANNATIC WHILE WE OVER HERE QUOTING POLICE STATEMENTS AND THE KOREAN HERALD 😂😂😂😂 Oh bby I… @bol4luvr @rizkitakurnia The person has blocked me, u might wanna ss @88doie Reread what you just wrote, clown 🤡🤡🤡 you ain't only a koreaboo but a pathetic excuse of a human being. R O T babyJJY was never his best friend, the others were just acquaintances. If you have proof that "he knew" about the chat… @88doie No he did not, it was stated many times. But you do you koreaboo @thicbitchjimin No sis you are a koreaboo because u dumb af 😘😘 and also blind to ignore all the articles backing ME… @mangoeuphoria What a liar you are. Disgusting @thicbitchjimin Sis start speaking facts cause all im seeing is a koreaboo crying in my mentions 😘😘😘 did u contact… @taefromdae Yeah actually this is how it all started @lollypoptarts W h a t 🤡 @thicbitchjimin Did u just * a fking space because u had nothing else to say 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 your lack of braincells is cute 😘 @AlexieJimin95 He never knew it happened, he stated (AND THERE IS PROOF)that he saw one 20 second video in the busi… @emilialucaxo He knew? Sis I guess u have info the Korean medias and police dont. Contact them with your proof, the… @thicbitchjimin U weren't invited u glyWe need more memes with kang in it. I cant stand her lying a$$. So many girls got r*ped by JJY while she slept on t… @Cruelsoulz Glad you asked for someone to explain. It's a rare thing to see on stan Twitter :) @Cruelsoulz 1)yg didnt kick him out, he left 2)he wasnt friends with the other dudes, he was acquaintance with them… was obvious to his fans & obvious to anyone who could see how his name was just used for publicity 🤦🏽‍♀️ if he h…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @nabihahashari @Koreaboo I dont understand people who would hate someone in their guts before doing their research.… Y'ALL OT4s you should have known better. Fucking clowns. #ApologizetoSeungri
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsSeungkarma in Ricember. How poetic #ApologizeToSeungriREPOETER KANG, SWEETIE, LIARS ALWAYS GET THEIR KARMA #ApologizeToSeungriNever forget seungri VOLUNTEERED to be investigated to prove he's innocent. He walked into the police station and A…'s the end for reporter Kang #apologizetoseungri
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsAll VIPs wanted you to do was to stop trusting allkpop and start reading KOREAN articles and police reports. It was… We dont stan liars, sweetie. We're sending this to the legal team and they will take actions against this d… @SONlCADVENTURE2 @SE0ULUKE What a liar omg lol hilarious @SE0ULUKE If you need legit info, unlike the lies the other person is spreading, you can dm me. I have links and st…*pretends to be wise while spreading lies* Stan Twitter needs to shut up @SONlCADVENTURE2 @SE0ULUKE You obviously don't know anything. He's in no way involved in the molka chat trials, he… @SE0ULUKE Yup. "He's richer" isnt a solid argument because he was never involved in the molka trials. He wasn't in…
@jeffreyjamestv @Pollik15 So by your logic: Alleged embezzlement by someone famous> proven r*pe by someone who's no… can’t imagine a world without this precious baby.
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @alpacapacats Yeah your 2 brain cells came up with this instead of an apology. Hating on someone without a reason b… @alpacapacats 2019 is almost over and koreaboos won't stop slandering a man without even reading a single legit art… @_payodhi SEUNGRI IS NOT INVOLVED IN THIS CASE, YOU DISGUSTING LOW PATHETIC LIAR. People like you fked over JJY's v… @_payodhi @AllPhryne What about seungri? What about him? U disgust me. U r one of the people calling the poor girls… @jeffreyjamestv Stop mentioning seungri when he's not involved
@yangjinman0819 I believe this is the case in which kids say "electric chair"● KSK SNS 1 : Destroy YG He said his grandfather is very powerful person in government, so he can destroy YG. All…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins
@thicctansonyeo8 @StacyKwon8 Reread your tweets luv
@antonellasoloan @celiaketir @soompi U know the info sis, I'm talking about people who didn't bother reading a sing… @thicctansonyeo8 @StacyKwon8 I did bro why are u hating on someone while idols are taking their lives every single… @ntxxxxx97 @younglancho You really think I dont know Korean people.... :/ ok well maybe you should meet Italian peo… @idlelovemail @shaicology @soompi No sis let's talk because we're bringing legit information to the table while thi… @soompi Bless Hara. I hope she rests in peace. Meanwhile Kang Kyung Yoon is a disgusting human being who keeps maki… @_ImVale @firstoryz @soompi There was never a "sr chat". He was a part of a business chat which JJY was in, no molk… @Charrrmaanderr @bigb5ng_VIPS @soompi No, he wasn't. She basically lied for attention and now she's trying to make…
@dizzzyy88 Ot4 stans are gd and top stans who don't care about the band. They enjoy the most famous members and lik…