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•FACTS speak louder than fancams •idgaf about kpop anymore •dae, yb and top said ot4 stans don't have rights Kwomilee1 backup 🇧🇬🇫🇷🇷🇺🇸🇰🇮🇹🇰🇷

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Im crying right now. Such a hard day to be on Twitter. But i went on IG. And i saw THE Peter Chun. Aka YG producer…
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@DYKEREVOLUTION @__Dokkaebi The funny thing is that he has been getting so much hate from koreans for being openly…
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 premieres July 31
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@distresseddae Because y'all are flops. Jiyong said so
Never forget seungri VOLUNTEERED to be investigated to prove he's innocent. He walked into the police station and A…
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Channel A under suspicion of colluding with prosecution for an exclusive
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @dailynaver Shut them down
@ppsskr Trash. This is what your page is. FKING TRASH. Reported.
he went from Maknae to Leader 😭
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsdoes it surprise me that since he enlisted the media hasn’t written articles updating how he’s doing in the militar…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsJust sharing this as I found somebody asked about the badge and the company commander, Captain Jung answered that p…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsI stand by my words lmao this is a win for everyone. This is what happens if you can't hype your favs withou…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsTrying to get Daesung's Shut Up mv to 2.5 million views! Please give it a watch! 😁 #DLiteStreamParty CLICK HERE👇FO…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsBritney Spears really for like basically her entire career has just been a nice lady who minds her business makes c…
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@distresseddae That makes one 🤡 you're so full of hatred, it's disgusting. @dangdaee @distresseddae The post is trash honey and its posted by trash and rn im replying to trash 😷😷😷 @distresseddae This aint tumblr, no one likes you here @distresseddae @Koreaboo And you're t r a sh
@allkpop It's so sad that vips are the only ones calling out an actual r*pist. Meanwhile Seungri, who was MISTAKEN… @itsmixxty This deserves more likesIf i still have any moots who are uninformed. This is the Singer Lee in the Molka GC. Not Seungri. It was reported…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winssee the badge on his sleeves? that means that he is the leader of his team ❤️ the soldiers vote for their leader,…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @bigbxng5 Honestly. All the koreans I know think they make good music. Nothing more. They dont hate them, they dont… is the leader of his military team damn boy is loved and keep collecting fanboii u go Ri✊✊
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @awakensmeraldo @Koreaboo You thought you did something but you only spread more misinformation. Disgusting @VIP__MINT @Koreaboo Amen @rizkitakurnia @Koreaboo And it shouldnt have been posted by this disgusting page @Koreaboo I seriously think koreaboo needs to be taken to court for spreading so much lies. At this point this beha… @yousuf_bts @Koreaboo Yeah like new gen stans refusing to get educated about the case and koreaboo feeding them lie… @awakensmeraldo @Koreaboo He was never even summoned about the case. You sound patheticly uneducated about the whole thing @Koreaboo Yeah this SO didn't happen. He went out once for the national Day of the teacher and his pictures were al…
@KRYSTALPALETTE Marty McFly and Doc called, they said they want you to bring their car back, dumbass.
@mingisluts @idgafxxkJ @VIPBlink28 As a r*pe victim myself i find this disgusting. You cant throw "r*pist" around e…
A father admitted to touching his child inappropriately on national TV at hello counselor. Korea laughs about it A…
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This is hilarious. Look at that kid crying in my mentions. Poor baby got reported over being offensive and problema… @99babygirl_ You got reported lmaooo Twitter doesnt get you reported when you tell the truth @nyongtoryxx Most koreans dont deserve his comeback so...
@99babygirl_ I mean... You didn't even get attention from your fellow braindead kids so i wont bother explaining @iluvjiyong1 @dramatichourss @JAYBUMAOM She showed u so good omg @dramatichourss @JAYBUMAOM Who tf are you @TheKoreaHerald The comments: ❤️❤️❤️ The article itself: a disgrace The person Who wrote the article: a jealous disgraceSeungri..... two criminals
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins...imagine being a kpop stan since 2010' and see all the new kpopies or 2017' stan come on Twitter and shit on Bigb…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @abstractttop @mariasherm @Jezebel @Jezebel such a shame journalism nowadays is a way to spread lies & misinformat…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @abstractttop @mariasherm @Jezebel @Jezebel please take actions against this woman. It's a shame to post such lies.… @__languyen @balloon_wanted Cute lol
@__languyen @balloon_wanted Memes from 2007 nice @__languyen @balloon_wanted You never really had me 😌 @perfectpeaches_ Im sorry i dont find fancams funny sis my bad ooops skskskskksk save the turtles skskskskThe fact that they released a song called EGO, but Koreans were reminded of BIGBANGS Ego and searched an old ass so…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsFinally 🤠 lets go boys @Roisin_OConnor @greatseungtsby @Independent Anyway u fked up big time and shouldnt be verified. Spreading lies is… @__languyen @balloon_wanted Nah m8. You should be reading korean sources and police reports @floofyval @balloon_wanted For what sis? Maybe start reading actual korean sources and not Twitter newsletters. The…
@YeosangD @Fra_ForRi Peak dumb kpop stan mentality. You're disgusting and i feel bad for your parents. Mustve been… @Roisin_OConnor @greatseungtsby @Independent Like buzzfeed and "credible" sites such as allkpop picked up stories p… @Roisin_OConnor @greatseungtsby @Independent You must be joking. I would rather see people taking about the way kor… 318: Silkyloona aka Ivy, I hope you are crying yourself to sleep. @yunhoshappiness @kaitmonster04 @GToD88 @tayvipleah No, a loona stan said it and y'all fktards believed her. Her na… @kaitmonster04 @GToD88 @yunhoshappiness @tayvipleah He reads minds, doesnt he? Cause jjy was never his Best friend… @yunhoshappiness @GToD88 @tayvipleah Sis you're the disgusting person tf disgusting bully @yunhoshappiness @GToD88 @tayvipleah Neither do we kid 🤠 go tell top, dae and bae that cause they have all liked ot…’s EGO trending at number 1 right now on Melon getting the love it deserves 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsI just realize something if BIGBANG have a comeback even if it solo from a member, that fandom is going to loose th…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @yunhoshappiness @tayvipleah ALL IMA SAY IS NO ONE ASKED U FKERHere's a hard to swallow pill: No one from the people very close to BIGBANG are OT4, be it stylist noona and even…
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Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @bleta_p @real_miako Your delusional ass is the only one having a problem. Im so sick of y'all 12 year old cyber bullies @bleta_p @jensmotte @_elma____ @JAYBUMAOM Lmaooo it must be hard to live with such brain damageIf yg is paying people to praise bigbang when can i collect my payment? Its 12 years overdueI just want Jay Park to snap at all of those 12 year olds attacking him @TGSoutsold 5 million zillion copiesI came back just to retweet the post about the guy working with top following Seungri. Thats how badly i want to keep antis pressed.So apparently he's following seungri, tabi and yg 🙀
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @oneGkind008 @tttopmayonnaise The guy whos allegedly working with tabi on his comeback
@mililadiez @SHINee_SuperM Kids like that aren't allowed at Coachella lmaoooo do u really think 13 yr olds on Twitt… @SHINee_SuperM Awww all of them went private 🤡 not so brave after all, huh? @haeIip @SHINee_SuperM Better go private like the other brainless uglies 🤡 @haeIip @SHINee_SuperM Disgusting fker
@seokkiten Yeah especially while they're flexing their new building lol @MaxTeller4 @DeeD89172651 Wow this person asked a genuine question. Can you kids fking chill for a second? @bffxiuho Also gotta add that ot5 VIPs are helping you report that fker. We know what these kids can do and the pot… @bffxiuho Love how u guys are handling this without dragging anyone into it. It's the mature thing to do and really… @CultAmbassador A mature fandomif you are having a rough day, here's CL with her helium voice to brighten it up 🥰
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsMass report this ugly fk and her lame account lmaoooo @HYUNJlN_JPG Jobless fk lmaooo you're pathetic. Get a life or a hobbyThis generation of new kpop stans ruined kpop for everyone. It's all hatred and brainless barking. You flew all the… accs are the same person who went to the outskirts of YG & wrote on one of the benches where fans write "Seun…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsSomeone make a GoFoundMe and contact someone in South Korea to paint over that fucking bench and donate money to re…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 wins @yoongiiibearr @soompi You're pathetic @houyamlovesbts @soompi It's hard to be this dumb @chrissbaby_ie @Jitopkitty @soompi Then why are you commenting u fk?funny how they protect his identity but haven't hesitated a second when posting false rumours about yang hyunsuk an…
Retweeted by 게리 💖 ot5 winsSo let me get this straight. Because of the behavior shown by stan kpop twt,these girls flew ALL THE WAY from Chile…
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