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helenus @leen_of_troy Accra, Ghana

used to be daddy’s girl. aspiring free spirit✨

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@ebenkb_ 50/50>>>>*soft anything really, all nauseating @EwuradjoaBrew Same @_amandee Yes dear. And sausage should come before pork @Okimma You have taste
I’m obsessed with this channel and they just do stupid shit 😂 @Blay___ Don’t do that. I’m disappointed in u @thicknlong 😂😂😂😂 i can barely stand it in soup either. Throw the whole animal away 🥴 @zubaidah_x DO ITTTBottom tier protein. Belongs in soup only.Goat should be the last on this know i’m not tripping cos I couldn’t sleep without a duvet if the ac was on but now i’m only sleeping in a tank top with no covers @zubaidah_x It’s really really badIs there a heatwave or something? Cos it’s been really HOT these past few daysStop making a big deal ‘bout all the lil things cos i got big deals and i got lil thingsIf a bitch is bold enough to disrespect me & my relationship in broad daylight, my EX has failed me. And I don't ha…
Retweeted by helenus @TheAkuvi Is that the formula? Cos i’m a taurus too 👀 @TheAkuvi she’s a taurus @wolfmangreen because he made so many bad decisions...idk I just can’t sympathize with him 😕 @fillechaude_ @karima_says @FemiiHeaven @papsiejay 😔😔 @wolfmangreen Lol fr? I was kinda on his side till he messed with the auction too. When he placed the final bet I w… @Sayywarr Right? Nobody fucks up that much and gets away with it 😂 @wolfmangreen It was so satisfying. If he had gotten away with it I would have been mad 😂Loved the ending. what is this fucking emotional roller coaster? Adam Sandler is so damn annoying in this i might not watch a mo… have a whole hour left to watch??? Why me 😭😭😭😭Uncut Gems is annoying to watch. @pojodre @Qadis_ Don Toliver x No idea
@wofa_slayzie @EL_Loco_Polo Is something going on guys cos i’m up now and i’m really bored here @itz_jux_oj soon come @lidisiac Always ❤️ @__abui please read the tweet again @lidisiac Love youuuu 💓💓💓I knew we had more in common than names 😔 of you were still assholes and insensitive. The story being made up doesn't make that go away
Retweeted by helenus @ebenkb_ Ei. I will never believe anything on this app ever againThe inconsistencies and coincidences are too many @99Poke_em My conclusion is that it don’t make sense why she was acting like she knew nada about the thread when sh… @ebenkb_ I know. The story just seems too true to be fabricated. I can’t believe this herh😔 Who do we believe on Twitter now? @Koffy_9 Mandems want do like they knew it was a lie. Nobody doubted t he story here, they just insulted her cos of her decision.
Retweeted by helenusEverybody’s reaction was genuine. Whether it was a lie or not. Now we see you :)
Retweeted by helenus😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @AkwasiNigel @Oi_Penelope I can’t give an estimate yet but people here are selling it for 20ghc and above. We’re th… @omithehomie @nanetteknows Oh sorry sorry i missed your mention, so apparently the german story was made up by the… @AkwasiNigel @Oi_Penelope Add taxes and shipping😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @nii_marley No the issue is important and needs to be brought to light but you don’t need to fabricate a story to do thatW’ama yatanfo enya yen 😔Crien. We we vex for nothing but the people them be assholes expose dema body free sksksksksk
Retweeted by helenus💯 @LabellaBrooks How much did you get it for?What? 😂😂😂😂 @kofi_233 I’m dying ooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Wow we’ve all been scammedddd @1Edem_ @FrankDoe101 @danQuoffie Soon come @zubaidah_x what do you think @Koffy_9 *but working in secret* 🤝 @Koffy_9 I see a pent door. God rewards the hard worker ✊🏾 @ebenkb_ It was probably not a permanent job. People get hired to to stuff for short periods of time (sales/ushering etc) @Toasta_ The lemon one tastes like medicine. Get the plain @S_2Ch Don’t do that pls 😂 @afadjato Loooool i see what you’re doing @edudzi_ Be a big man and drink some booze dear @edudzi_ I only deal with korinsani people 😔 @S_2Ch Aye it’s like right now you’re hard oo, no mixers😂 @fillechaude_ That’s actually fairHow much will you pay for it? It retails for about $8 for a six pack (bear in mind shipping & taxes) @xMonezzz The 6 pack retails for about $8, so how much do you think is reasonable (include shipping costs and taxes)Guys, help me out. Will you buy this if it was available?“Good is alright, but it ain’t great.” @naa_ahiney Happy birthday suga mama 💓 @Nhardeeyah This is just someone that looks like himWhen your earphones are about to spoil but you find a position that allows it to work perfectly @wendysena_ I shock oThey think they’ve got life all figured out and it makes them look super smart you better tell someone to fuck off before I get angry.
Retweeted by helenusHer: I was desperate and naive but at least I survived and now I know better Y'all: Well you have no one to blame…
Retweeted by helenus @wend_o_lyne dkm 😂😂😂😂😂😂She already took responsibility for the mistakes she made. What else do you want from her?Not everyone is fortunate enough to have family/friends they can go to at their lowest point. So as you’re sitting… @wend_o_lyne WENDY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂That’s how we know you’re full of shitPeople on this app acting like they’ve never made mistakes in their lives @SmylyThe3rd Were they even bigger than Backstreet Boys?You people are such weirdos. She was minding her business up thirsty af but the kitchen is so far away 🥵
Les Twins were killing me in this performance. Energy 💯 looks like paper boi @Dictasavage as compared to deliberately feeding your child to the wolves instead of just leaving people to specula… @kwesi_win I disagree. Let me use Beyoncé as an example. She never addresses any of the shit people say about her a… @kwesi_win I’m not speaking on the transitioning cos it’s honestly not my business but he could have been a “bad pa… @xMonezzz Honestly the kid has been building up to this for a while and people have been commenting on it, I don’t… is on talk shows discussing thisNow this innocent child is being attacked, and I can’t say how this mess is going to affect the kid in the long run… he chooses to handle it is honestly his right cos it’s his child but you can’t put something into the world… Wade shouldn’t have put his 12 year old’s business out there. This should have stayed between family and clo… I don’t think women have a problem cooking for men. I just think they don’t like it when you make it loo…
Retweeted by helenus @99Poke_em If you have a solid routine it can take you 15 minutes or less @2suktg Meanwhile she has barely acknowledged her new found “fame”. I don’t think she cares like that, she looks rich 😂