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Lee Sargent ✏ @leesargent Hobart, Tasmania

Illustrator, digital marketing, blogger, podcaster, CrossFitter, vegetarian.

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Tribbles 2/9 - Mister Spock LOL yeah, I didn't expect this guy to be showing up in a sketch card so soon!… its always the way - was smashing out some drawings and the power has been knocked out so we are sitting here i… @chellefontaine my condolences Lucy looked like a sweetie and I'm sure she knew she was loved @RichWouldBeMe it will be especially annoying if they go with ten all access since they own them and there should b…
Well that's certainly a relief & gives international Star Trek fans firm confirmation that umm... that we shouldn't…
@leesargent The trouble with tribbles
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏Tribbles 1/9 - Captain Kirk A new sketchcard series that I'll do on and off whilst my eyes settle down :)… these random Marvel sketch cards out of a box and if you like them they're up on the Lee Draws Stuff shop as a… throw shade at @telstra when they stuff up but I gotta praise them, the NBN is down because of the cyberattack bu… @cosmicjester Prescriptions have expiry dates i think its 12 months I've had that happen to me before where the p…
@leesargent @RichWouldBeMe If you find someone to take them off your hands, ask if they also collect Beanie Babies.…
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @ryantriddle I've never seen it. Everyone insists that I should. @MJaySFH Yeah, I was gearing up for a week of ignoring those big marble-sized ones so was over the moon about them… @LoreReloaded Actually, I think you might find that you're wrong about that... :P @RichWouldBeMe I just don't have room for a lot of it and some of it especially the funko vinyl pops I just don't r… @MJaySFH Puffy and bloody LOL I've only got the slightest hint of a couple of floaters left in my vision though so… unpacking one thing is very clear I have a LOT of collectibles that are going to be sold or given away
@elemiglio31 I don't recommend it if you can avoid it ;)Just to clarify the blood on my eye I can't see and just looks gross and is no problem at all - the blood droplet i… @karinchu Macular degeneration - we're aggressively trying to save my eyesight so I'm actually thankful the tech ex… @elemiglio31 My initial reaction as well.Both eyes have bleeding in them so they look GROSS! Plus I have two decent sized blood droplets in the eye that I… the last 24 hours have been, different. Injections in the eyes went well after I was able to chill myself out m…
New doctor is shiny. Ready to get those needles I like the song from mysterious cities of gold and kokomo @Tyranicus I 100% play easiest "story mode" - I just want to experience it - I'm not aiming to be elite lolToday is needles in the eyes day and because no one at my doctor's practice could see me yesterday I'm not "calmly… that happen when I'm having an anxiety/panic attack: 1. I speak a lot quicker than normal. My current speed…
Well deserved receptionist - sorry the doctor isn't coming in today so you have to reschedule Me: oh okay umm it's quite u… my friend Becca over on Facebook - accurate @trekfan4747 That's a wonderful profile view of Odo - perfectly captures him with some simple lineworkI'm very excited to see these out in the real world now :) @UntenableWhale Yeah it was and I think that's what has thrown me out LOL that turned out great but I've struggled… @ARTPHOBOS LOL I think I just arrogantly assumed that it would translate especially because my illustrations are ve…’s your #StarTrekking for #TrekTuesday. Includes @simeyowen, @leesargent, @AndorianSoup, @dandeckr,…
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@GautreauRachel @leesargent Nice! 🖖
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @MrStephenPike I'll always be traditional first but it would be nice to be able to work digitally for some projects @ARTPHOBOS I feel like I just don't have the right program but that excuse is starting to wear thin LOLLook what came in today!!! So happy I went with the matte finish as they look and feel gorgeous (scribbles aside)… am not a natural digital illustrator and that makes me sad.This is cool @bboyle did my Borg tutorial over on Patreon - man! You took your T’Pol out of the box?!? Don’t you know that just kills the value. 🙄😉🙃🤣 #AllStarTrek #ENT
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @LoreReloaded I think mine was a fair while ago so I'm not really concerned about it - but yeah the reaction isn't… @trekcatcatcat OMGAlso I should add that my position doesn't necessarily reflect anyone else's so I always check with the individual. @clinton_o It's always appreciated :) Though I try not to expand too much energy on it ;)Huge thank you to the ever vigilant and awesome peeps who call it out and let artists know - I always feel very hum…'m not personally interested in getting into argy bargy about it but my position is very clear - credit, link and… I've been aware that there's some controversy around a "Star Trek Fan Page" republishing fan art without permiss…
The project I'm working on at #Glenorchy #Tasmania #mountainbiking #mountainbike
After several weeks of stuff in boxes taking up what is to become the office it feels like we are only 1/4 the way…
This is great - I love the extra graphics etc an awesome solution to filling in those gaps!!!**APOLOGY** I have been informed that running a JK Rowling parody Twitter account is in fact abusive and misogynis…
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏Art Trek Podcast #3 - Captain Kirk Random House Birthday Card Listen to the podcast at (o… art and a bunch of new artist accounts for me to check out - nice!
Something familiar here...
I love @KoalaMattress's products but their customer service and delivery arrangements are absolute garbage. All-da… @cosmicjester LOL I think the whole park revolved around that @cosmicjester When they first opened they had the actual screen used Batmobile on display but they didn't bother pu… @cosmicjester That said the animatronic Batman had a bit of a "pray for Mojo" vibe going on LOL - also I remember… @cosmicjester Definitely built after my last visit which is kind of terrifying LOL - the Wayne manor library was am… @cosmicjester Is that the start of a ride? I suspect they did it due to door constraints - if you get a photo at t… @cosmicjester I don't recall the Hall of Justice - it's been many years since I've been - I disturbed by the off-centre text lol
@GarrAarghHrumph Me too!Today’s #StarTrekking includes a Mind Meld with @johnbijl, art from @leesargent and much more. Also, I may be start…
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @neilkid75 Looks like I'm only going to be out for a day or so after next week - but you should all still behave LOL!!!
@MoveablePress LOL at least it's only once a month ;) @cbryanjones There's a course of action and path forward so that's a really positive thing.So a stay of execution - I've got to go back next week for eye injections and there is nothing I would prefer to do… @cbryanjones Diabetic macular issues - no surgery but injections next week and then some laser surgery down the roa… I'm off to the eye surgeon in an hour so I might be a bit quiet around here - be nice to each other while I'm goneThe full set of 45 cards are available as a set of five prints - limited to 25 (there's actually only nine sets ava… final set of Daily Spock sketchcards are now up on the Lee Draws Stuff shop for auction - do the logical thing!…
@JeylPrime Actually that's the last one! - after a lot of debate I finished here instead of his cameo in Into Darkn…
Spock Sketch Card - The Movies II: 9 - "Good Luck" Spock⠀ #LLAP #StarTrek #Spock #sketchcard finally bit the bullet and watched #jokermovie - very glad I did...
Spock Sketch Card - The Movies II: 8 - Watching the destruction of Vulcan Spock #LLAP #StarTrek #Spock #sketchcard @StarTrekVHS Wow, the blacking out of Yar is amazing! I didn't even think to look at the feature photos at any gre… Sketch Card - The Movies II: 7 - Captured by Nero Spock⠀ #LLAP #StarTrek #Spock #sketchcard @_lizbarr I'm currently halfway through my "badass" ME2 play through!!!! (It's where I'm mean to everyone)
@leesargent Replicates chocolate, cuz that officer looks upset.
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @leesargent Everything past this point is built upon a throne of lies.
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏Random Trek - Inquisition - DS9 "Is it really necessary to drag a Starfleet Officer across the Promenade in irons?"… the drawing board #randomtrek @startrek101tos Will do! Thanks for the advice! case you wanted to see the covers whilst listening to the podcast I'll be reposting each week over on the blog! batch of drawings heading out the door today - I'm catching up - slowly. @CCH_1980 Same here - I knew a kid who had the water one - I think I had the comic book @bdrew73 when it works it's brilliant... when it works that is @UntenableWhale LOL oh dear. @leesargent I made this joke a few weeks ago and at least a couple people did. not. like. it.
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @bdrew73 Some didn't @ThatNeilGuy They could have done an amazing Knightfall'esque reclaiming the mantle of the Bat filmThe feeling during the time of reading this and then realising I'm joking (slightly longer for some people LOL) @dilvish_damned Pffft fake fans @bdrew73 Everything after The Cage is an abomination and corruption of everything The Cage stood forShameless hacks - didn't even keep Dr Boyce wonder if I should start butting into people's Star Trek conversations to tell them The Cage is the only real Sta… @CCH_1980 ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG Loved Centurians btw
Enjoy Star Trek Cats? Definitely go check this out!!!