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Lee Sargent ✏ @leesargent Brisbane, Queensland

Illustrator, digital marketing, blogger, podcaster, CrossFitter, vegetarian.

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I think the #trekmas scribble I'm currently working on is the most ambitious one so far - it may be Voyager related…
@aktoman @JetstarAirways Thanks! @leesargent "I tore my shirt again..."
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @aktoman @JetstarAirways I'm very hopeful - even if they strike I'm hoping to just be delayedCaptain James T Kirk – Character Scribble More at I started using Brave browser and unwittingly started earning some sort of cryptocurrencyTo help you get in the #Trekmas spirit you can download the #Enterprise colouring page for free right now at… you’re in Circleville OH Area PLEASE SHARE! **$50 REWARD MISSING CAT** His name is Oliver. He went missing fro…
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I agree... 😉🦇
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @bosscroft @gnader I certainly am - probably more of a focus on the illustrations - you tend to have to put up with… #Trekmas Number One – a festive #StarTrek scribble More at's #trekmas preview @leesargent She stole my dream...
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏Soko - I'll kill her. I still love that song. @gemmaelaine LOL yes!!Stuck on a train sitting at Geebung - could be 30. Minutes - fault caused by stormWhen I was young lad there were three songs they would play at the local "blue light disco" (it's an Australian thi… case you are wondering what the insurance implications for the Batmobile (yes this is something I think about) @ListeningToFilm LOL I can't pick it but I CAN see your christmas treeSo based on my slightly increasing understanding of UK politics (thanks to my UK Twitter fam) things just got very bad. @lha_again Right so before the election he was being held in check by a more even balance of power? and now that's not the case @pwatson6x Lol informative.So with my limited understanding of UK politics in mind, I'm assuming that the results see the UK right back where…
@the_beccaeller Thanks for thinking of me! @the_beccaeller I'm afraid not - still have a pretty crowded dance card :( @matthew_darcy Thanks... i think ;) @dotglen I really loved that design - it was great seeing a really alien design for a spaceship @dotglen Yeah I appreciate the shout out and personally I'm fine just being tagged no need for link (but that's just me) @dotglen @AlexJayBrady I really like that CGI rendering @Charles_Rengel Paul Feig is a really classy dude
A Data and Spot #Trekmas – a festive #startrek scribble More at's a #trekmas preview for tomorrow 👊🏻
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏The Picard series #Trekmas scribble should feature @Sikamikanico How good are contradictionsI have a very rough idea for a Picard #trekmas piece featuring Picard and Riker with a christmas cracker whilst Tro… @palomarskies The added bonus is the longer I stuff around the more bonus stuff shows up in the package LOL
I'm so incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Marie from #Roxette A huge part of my lifeOh that sucks - I was giving away my first Baby Yoda scribble and the person I promised it to has deleted their acc… I'm doing admin, which I hate and suck at but means people get their things in the mail which is a good thing @trekkerprise I am sadly without a working oven at the moment so I need to order in to hit that pizza craving @Ery_Max @Dominos_AU I would try that!That coughing and spluttering you hear are the "quiet Australians"...meanwhile where's Scott Morrison? #sydneysmoke
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏NSW is burning, but how good are those franking credits boomers? #NotMyPrimeMinister
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @SherbetBomb42 @Dominos_AU Tastes like ham and is a pretty good recreation of shredded ham - not sure what it's based onMy actual pizza VERY tasty but overcooked and not worth the premium price excited to try the plant based hawaiian pizza from @Dominos_AU VERY disappointed that the photo they took of… @tinyangrysquir1 @TheRealAlienTwo He's about to be a whole lot more annoyed LOL#NewProfilePic Just the narcissistic part of this amazing piece from @leesargent!! Thank you sir, this is truly a…
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@LinnLLAP Thanks!I delivered a project at work today two days ahead of schedule - I'm pretty happy with that. @dotglen Yeah I'm not sure when that started - it very well could have been then, it's one of those myths that creep into the consciousness空気よめてないのは百も承知で修正版。 昔はあたまに何かあったような…
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @isle_of_jason @BatlethBabe @StarTrek I think that was one of the ones he later used as his profile pic, extremely generous gentleman @DigitalWheelie @Taezar Marina Sirtis' husband passed away last night as well @Taezar Rene Auberjonois and Marina Sirtis' husband passed away and last week a couple other Trek alumni as wellTo my #startrekfamily - it's natural to feel grief and think about one's own mortality at a time like this - don't… @chaosbria dittoHug your loved ones everyone - this is heartbreaking @Marina_Sirtis There are no words - all of our love Marina @MilanLegius @trekkerprise Yeah the first was set in World War 1 @Rory_Pond Also really unsafe drivers and I bet their insurance isn't paid up - little bastards! @leesargent Their mockery angered me, and I support the Mandalorian's efforts to disintegrate them
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏ @trekkerprise well his character pretty clearly died in the first one would be my starting point lolSo I have questions regarding Chris Pine featuring somewhat heavily in the #WonderWoman1984 trailer.
It is with great heartache and loss I share with you the passing of dear,dear Rene Auberjonois.His last message to…
Retweeted by Lee Sargent ✏'m incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of René Auberjonois - he was a true gentleman and he was a massive s…’s a very Borg #Trekmas – a festive #StarTrek scribble More at grief @octavya360 @JetstarAirways yeah, I hope so, I'm torn between supporting better work conditions etc and just wantin… @octavya360 Maybe it's a metaphasic particles thing ;) @therealgruffy LOL it grows back within a week @wakeangel45440 Hey Tanya - sorry I'm all booked up for the foreseeable future sorry. There will be the occasional… @natural20shirts LOL, I let my hair grow back in as well -I'm a digital sham!In other random news I shaving my facial hair tonight.So I'm flying with @JetstarAirways on Christmas Eve down to be with my wife, I am really worried about the industri… with your nose so bright won't your biological distinctiveness be added to our own tonight...🎵 wife is watching #TheMandalorian ! She just texted me: "those Jawas are assholes" I tell everyone where they can go stick their "odd films are bad" opinions... preview for tomorrow's #Trekmas scribble @trekcatcatcat @FixTheFrock @ArtofTrek @GeekFilter @Larkistin89 @lazmarquez @Lyrics_Mad @lisazamanart too kind! when Andy became a focus in The Office @enterprise0204 😊🖖 @JeffreyKneeream Yes it's awesome and that's where we discovered itWas pretty excited to find this at my local corner store #coffee month's #NoGum cards have been announced to Patreon backers and no great surprise the Trek Tarot series contin… @JeffreyKneeream I'd probably trade them all for a hand phaser or a good solid clubSince when did more than 600 homes destroyed by fire in a couple of weeks not become a national emergency? Not even…
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It’s a very TOS #Trekmas – a festive #StarTrek scribble More at for tomorrow's #trekmas case anyone wonders where I live don't draw political commentary - maybe I should start. can tell you right now the Brisbane heat does not make want to draw trekmas snow scenesDefinitely #wewantstargate you are in rhe Brisbane heat spare a thought for the birds and leave out some water for themAn Enterprise #Trekmas from last year
@EnterpriseExtra LOL yup - it's a bit hotter than it should be for this time of year but you can't say we don't put on the sunny days ;) @EnterpriseExtra LOL is it warm enough for you?