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30 years of journalism from hot metal to online. I have 3 daughters, a hospital matron wife and Bowie love. Cornwall Live chief reporter. Pronounced Tre-wheeler

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@StephenHMoseley @HenryDavies @LeighHickin 💦 @RuthOvens1 Ouch, good luck with that. @RuthOvens1 This is the third - I’m going to try and do one every week. @mizzledrizzle @mikesmallcombe1 @CornwallLive Thanks Heather, much appreciated. @HenryDavies @LeighHickin Does this mean I can show you my Cocks again? @RuthOvens1 Thanks Ruth, kind of you. @TanyaAGT Will pass on to my weekend shift colleagues, thanks. @DavidVeevers1 Not a major event, but I still remember the realisation that the world could be a scary place when I… @DavidVeevers1 Elvis dying (I was 7).
@Falmouth_Dai Cheers, it is a special place. @clare_price101 I agree with him about the valley. @photogregmartin One for next weekend?Have any of you been possessed by Satan at Devil’s Arch? I drive under it every day and I’m fine 😈 is nowhere on the planet quite like The Lizard village, the most southerly place in Britain. I visited this w… this went down well... of the few films my kids still watch with us is getting another viewing. In its honour, eight years after… @RachelABishop @MarcusRashford @robrotchell He’s a good man. @ColinBradbury3 @Luke1Darren @MarcusRashford Thanks Colin. We are part of the community, care about the community a…
Just to let everyone in Cornwall know that we've put together a blog featuring all the businesses which are selfles… @davecraigy @CastleBeachCafe Just added it to our blog.'s face it, Christmas 2020 is going to be a bit shite, so I'm delighted that the best, and most hilarious, festi… @calluna23 @thedamned I've seen them at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth a couple of times.In other news, I'm surely not the only one excited about the original line-up of @thedamned playing shows. Sensible… just realised you have to click on this as unlikely to see the whole thing otherwise.I’m sure this is doing the rounds, just sent to me by my daughter. It never changes. @MarcusRashford Some more for you in Cornwall - the @SeinersArms in Perranporth and Smokey Joe’s in Blackwater are… @PrimroseHerd @CastleBeachCafe Thanks for the heads up. The @SeinersArms have told me they’re offering every child… @mpad_mark @CastleBeachCafe We already haveWhat an incredible gesture by @CastleBeachCafe. A timely reminder there are kind people in the world…
Hooray for Falmouth Town Council @UkFalmouth was a pleasure to talk to @LynneLees2 about her experiences of Covid and the amazing challenge she is fighting b…
@NicolaKSmith Yes please.
@Laylaastley @annspasties Apart from a lot of new housing, since I last visited.Just been down The Lizard for another of my village features. Almost 30 years ago this was my patch so it was good…
Did you know @davidwalliams that David Bowie’s half-brother was a patient at Cane Hill too. Interesting #WhoDoYouThinkYouAre tonight. @burngold I can only see this as the start of regionalisation for Radio Cornwall. Hopefully I'm wrong.Dear God, say it's not so. Not Lozza!!! @McGuireDavid Exactly so with my kids. It gives cause for optimism for the future. @NixRosewarne @Philip_Martin_ @Kernow_King @SeamasHCarey Yes, Seamas. Good shout.This project is a great thing for LGBT+ pupils in Cornwall - let's hope all of our secondary schools sign up for it. call to help the beleaguered arts in Cornwall by releasing a Cornish Christmas song is getting increasing supp… has been shared myriad times but it's worth sharing again. Altogether now...
@mrsimonraymonde @LlSTENlNG_PARTY I shamefully have to admit I was one of those. This is the first time I’ve listen… @aapennington Now amended. Someone didn’t speak clearly!The arrival of Gordon Ramsay has drawn attention to Rock, where 60% of properties are second homes. I visited this… @jamesinstance Blond not blonde. That education was wasted on you. @CornwallFE That’s my follow-up sorted... @ceecee319 Heseltine taught me art too. I made a pottery mohican jack in the box in his class which I only chucked… @ceecee319 GeographySad to hear this morning that one of my former teachers at Truro School has died. I always liked Mr Collenette even… @whittlechris Blimey, some names from the past there. Still in contact with Dave from the Pirate in Falmouth (a muc… @DerrenBrown Would sit nicely on my wall next to this. interviewed remarkable little Heath and his mum Jo about his book My Mummy is Autistic. Hats off to… @TanyaAGT I happened upon something about him online. Perhaps it was posted because of the programme. @TanyaAGT Was he mentioned on there? I honestly didn’t see it. Not a programme I watch.What a man! He wrote Trelawny (Song of the Western Men) and invented the Harvest Festival. But he is also said to h…
@remaining_amiss @kernowprawn And very good it was too.Currently introducing my daughters to the delightfully politically incorrect evergreen that is Airplane! and I’m pl… @Therasa78 Oh that was you! @Therasa78 Barnecutts? Had a beautiful Builder’s Bap. @Therasa78 I was. Feature coming on Sunday. @mizzledrizzle I would start by approaching the radio stations as it’s a music-led business. Plenty of internet, co… standing on a rain-soaked, windy beach last week, I wrote this about how #Cornwall at this time of year is th… @PHwomantype @BBCSpotlight I have no idea what the situation with his leaving is. You’d have to ask the BBC.
I never ever thought I’d cry at @BBCSpotlight but Justin Leigh’s emotional departure really got to me. I remember i… @AndyMoirKernow Ask the BBC @AndyMoirKernow I don't know.Dave likes the #unflatteringdogphotochallenge @clairehawke Only seems like yesterday (it doesn't).Good luck to #JustinLeigh - one of the few people to work in media in the South West for longer than me! He will be…
@Tim_Burgess @divinecomedyhq Bugger, I missed this but will catch up ... Our Mutual Friend is one of the greatest…
@BrownieLB_1 94.6% of people on social media are arses of the highest order. Pay no attention.May the force be with you @HenryDavies @WTW_PlazaTruro you ever wondered what Lynyrd Skynyrd would sound like reared on Rattler rather than rye whiskey, here's… @davecraigy @thisischerilyn @CornwallLive @CornwallCouncil Soldiers on the Tamar bridge in Cornish tartan?
@Shubabs You win Twitter today. @BineRoy @BBCFOUR I'd love to read that book.
Did no one in comms, marketing or design say, ‘hold on a minute, this is the highest level of insulting twattery’? @susanpenhaligon @RiskManager01 @BBCFOUR Will have to track it down.Enjoying #DramaOutOfACrisis on @BBCFOUR about the legendary A Play For Today (some of my earliest memories). Can we… day topped by forgetting a mask to do my mum’s shopping. This will do, she said, passing me a ... plastic ju… from this evenings Press Briefing. Considering that millions of people from all over the UK have holidayed in…
Retweeted by Lee Trewhela 〓〓Some much-needed help for a number of arts businesses in Cornwall.
@Perranarworthal @Anniebell32 @18Bodega Opposite the Barley Sheaf pub in Old Bridge Street. @Anniebell32 @18Bodega I think it might be mine now. @Sal_Photo @18Bodega Really good and lovely staff.Superb meal @18Bodega in #Truro last night. So good I couldn’t wait before taking photos. The sign of a good dining… plays a major part in this forthcoming documentary film. I really want to see it after watching this trail… Trumps in bed with the wife, who thinks it’s “ridiculous”.
@mark_elton @burngold Not scary. I always prefer my horror films psychological, based on the human psyche and dark.… @KernowBeachBum Yes. Dark. Unsettling. Last scene...Saint Maud ... o fy duw! @debbiedotmac @BBCCornwall Good luck Debbie.Sums up Facebook commenters. I posted that Truro Cathedral has received aid from the Culture Recovery Fund. A respo…
The weekend starts here. Beautiful mango sorbet beer by @PadstowBrewing bought today at the new, bigger… done Henry. It’s important we protect such a vital and historic business.
@AndrewCollins The Plaza in Truro. Art Deco greatness. First film I remember seeing there was Warlords of Atlantis.… school will remain closed until Monday.’m one of those obsessive fans who buys everything but it’s fair to say most Bowie nerds thought it was a step too… @journalism_news Well done @RichardAmofa