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18+. ⵉⵏⴻⵙ. Indigenous. Amazigh ⵣ. nonbinary. researcher. kitten mom. alt: @illegallyines

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@porousfreakk i love ur work a lot🥺 they replaced it @retrograde in pain @Pikaclicks whatever 3 seconds ruleim in so much pain @nottoolame420 😭😭😭 helpid probably be in that pool if it wasnt for islam <3 sometimes things being haram and makruh is goodsome of u would have an infinity sign tatted on the back of ur neck if it was legally allowed to get anything at 14-16very long winded Hagrid type of energy
Retweeted by hanging outhave tiktoks advanced to the point where it looks like professional editing what the fuck omg know how geminis like to share short, fun facts? i’ve been thinking, and sagittarius doesn’t do short. if we dr… @miyaissleepy that’s.... messed up omg i don’t think it’s the case for Yuka as i am able to trace back their inform… @miyaissleepy this app is incredibly resourceful, quick as hell and backed up by scientific ressources so you can m… @miyaissleepy ive watched a video on youtube that talked about this!! thanks for reminding me of it LOL especially… @miyaissleepy thats so true dude. so many lie like hell too lmao i use the app Yuka, it scans any item (face or bod… @miyaissleepy do u mind elaborating on that? @dandelionxdust its true 😭 @spiiiinch ive never switched products so fast lmaoany of you use Cocokind in your skincare? i bought 10 of their skincare products a few days ago and i feel really f…
@caroreadstarot i blocked that word out of my memory how dare you @ruledbymercuryy 😭😭 @cottoncandaddy it’s true. seconds within meeting @Iainey this one right there hits home 😭😭😭i forgot this one: what about a soccer player 😭 @ANGELWEEPS_ it mustve been gloriouswhos gonna tell u what they are first: an italian, a bisexual or a leoit must be so fucking humbling to be a musician. artist, yeah sure but musician especially. people are ruthless, an…’s do some math! - Canada’s military spending/defense budget for 2019 was $22.20B - The number of students enro… government has no intention of ever paying for their students’ public transportation and it pisses me off lmfao… @biboofficial lmao the fact that the bottom reply is probably unironic @AndyHedonist ._. thats $150 CAD @ericaoroszlan i don’t like these prices .if you live in Montreal, it’s around uhhhh $55 CAD/month, and if you’re a little outside the city it’s $113 CAD/month i believeout of curiosity how much do you guys (students without cars specifically) pay for your public transportation monthly, during school?i wore a nice outfit. was shaved up. put makeup on. was ready. walked for 2 mins then had a moment of clarity. what… almost went for a 3 hours commute for an HOUR meeting. i pray i never want to impress a boss this bad ever again.… @breether1 ok i have a primary pick its a warm yellow toned colour but im looking into 3-4 other colours n playing w them lmaoim gonna paint my room this weekend :D im so excited to change things around, and during leo season? perfect
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every time my girlfriend and i have a meeting point somewhere we like to race to it (since we’re coming from two di…‘girl’ pants not having pockets is infuriating enough but they’re really provoking us by sewing fake pockets lmao.… @mimamsic ty for offering but no ty i like ur account 👍 @babbyburd i may have a tiny crush on akame …. the moments where she gets soft and caring surprise me every single time shes so cute omg @PHEAUXBIA ._. that was definitely not on my timeline, thanks for letting me know. that’s messed up. i’m shocked th… @PHEAUXBIA what did i missi’ve just started Akame ga Kill! and i can almost say for sure i think akame likes girls, not necessarily exclusive…’t even know it was uma thurman at the time (idk how many years ago) so yeah i absolutely bought a shirt becaus… thoroughly enjoy wearing my pulp fiction shirt because ive never watched the movie. when a film bro asks me if i… @cappicsapphic it really spoke to me. an inspirationi can’t find the tweet but i just found out the owner of justgirlythings started her tumblr at age 13 and now shes… be over there🧍🏻‍♀️ $heyinesbefore fleets go away does anybody wanna cashapp me $100 just wanted to see everyones goodbyes cannot believe the amount of penises i just saw on FLEET @biboofficial why is poor a gotcha lol
Retweeted by hanging outi especially recommend this for those with ADHD or ADD! anyone who struggles with time management, punctuality and… @cottoncandaddy psychotically speaking, these people have little to no control over their life. it’s plain misery.… @lovedoveclarke excellent development of the thread @sagistarbb i could dive back into it, it was a really informative course and it was given by two clinical psycholo… @sagistarbb i’ve had a chunk of my semester dedicated to studying cases of kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder… tweet for girls that find themselves attracted to their reflection as they walk past a mirror @adeolajking dude it’s so helpful! i haven’t forgotten or been late to any meeting in a while because of itdisclaimer: i picked two random locations in Montreal for context lol don’t try to find me there on the 25th LMFAO…’ve started doing this on Google Calendar and it has really helped with my punctuality so i thought id share 😁👍 l… @ericaoroszlan AHHHHHHH CHCKEN BABIES!!!! ????? @smsdsx Thanks bestie U tooreal
Retweeted by hanging out @ericaoroszlan Morning erika im v sleepy but im AWAKE and suki is a baby as always :D shes doing great how are uGood morning besties a straight girl starts talking about how she loooves gay men it’s so obvious that she has no gay friends... st…
Retweeted by hanging outabout to watch angry birds 2 with my girlfriend im so fucking EXCITED !!!!!watched Love Is Blind: After The Altar and that shit is so disappointing how can a show have so many unlikable people omg
drake is so petite and fertile @gooliamasi mmm mm grass😍🥰😘 @iloveburgerzs close mindedness is not a good look on U 🙄🙄it’s time we sexualize touching grass @kaerazy itd make a good vid ngl @chanceusegal 😭😭 @Pikaclicks yep thats my bestie @astromoondust 😭😭😭😭
@elextra__ swrywatwssthetfor your information hot girls don’t need to enunciatei start twitching and everything during the into to Get Into It (Yuh). having the time of my lifei am slightly addicted to listening to Planet Her............... is fantastic how tumblr trademarked “and everyone clapped”this is how you sound when you make up a lie about your therapist. yes you. you are going to hell, tumblr quote thiefi told my therapist i could do a really cool split and she let me do one in the middle of the room. she made me do… i just found fruit ninja on apple store i cant believe this game still exists @moonisourfriend ILYSMMMMM i appreciate you
remember when i made one (1) tiktok then got off the app. i love my mind BACK AND I ACED MY WORKOUT it feels so fucking good to witness progress within my own body. im a champion @ericaoroszlan that little P looks very cool @nocrimeivy thats fucked up LMFAOwho wants 2 help me rob his house ⁉️⁉️⁉️ @727angeI oh . im so silly ...... @gaialect i love the hair so muchi want to rob the shit out of mr krabsmoney is so weird. like why is 100 EUR = $150 CAD that’s so fucked up