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Liberals being liberal a few years ago is too edgy for their liberal-controlled networks. Vote red or these loser… tonight's debate were a Super Bowl, Trump would be favored by 5 touchdowns.
Retweeted by An0malyRemember how every year before this year we would watch the election & states would be confirmed by the end of the… Those kids Are Black Lives Matter protestors blocking the street & the train is American conservatives try… @RealCandaceO hahahahahAnybody got time for this catfish today? Because I certainly do not.
Retweeted by An0malyRest In Peace! God bless Kingface. Wasn't following this situation but I'm very sad to hear he has passed. always knew the media was corrupt. When Trump said it, that was a big deal. Bernie got a bad wrap from the media… lied & said Trump was: - Mentally declining - Corrupt in politics with foreign countries - Disparaging the m… company isn't "diverse" enough until they've replaced every conservative thinker or white person with a left wi… you make six figures a year as a "Director of Diversity & Inclusion" you're really just getting paid to show up… Is Lord is trending on Twitter & Joe Biden didn't wiggle his way out of the 1st debate. God is great! Makes for a solid Tuesday.The Rock Gets TRUMP'ed On His Joe Biden Endorsement Post On Instagram via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malyThe Rock Gets TRUMP'ed On His Joe Biden Endorsement Post On Instagram via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malyHow rigged is this debate going to be in favor of Biden? Will he get questions ahead of time? If someone gets cau… Masvidal will join Donald Trump Jr. on a day long "Fighters Against Socialism" bus tour across Florida this S…
Retweeted by An0maly @ali 😂😂😂😂Elon Musk says he won't take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’
Retweeted by An0malyI'm almost certain the people writing this are in an insane asylum.
Retweeted by An0malyBREAKING NEWS: The Atlantic claims Trump rightfully thinks private jet-buying mega-pastors are scammers. Big if tr…’s biggest supporters are Christians & military — so The Atlantic puts out two fake stories trying to take tha… Biden has no chance tonight. Not sure why people are worried about him being on drugs or having an ear piece.… @LeahBow23070262 You too! @LegendaryEnergy Have a blessed day! 🇺🇲
Retweeted by An0malyI hope normies tune in to watch the debate today so they can see how cool Trump is & how demented Joe Biden is.NEW: The Rock Gets TRUMP'ed On His Joe Biden Endorsement Post On Instagram @SemiKinda Hahahah right. That’s the best part. The one celeb agreeing. 😂😂😂Rules for you, not for them. Democrats = Always lying, stealing & taking your freedom away disagree with conservatives about pretty much everything, but they’ve never tried to rabidly cancel me for disagr…
Retweeted by An0malyThe Rock got ratio’d harder than anyone I’ve ever seen on social media. This is what happens when their PR teams d… Veritas offers further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting. It's not a partisan issue. It's been…
Retweeted by An0malyThe tech companies don't want you to think this election is going to be rigged, so they're censoring Trump supporte…'d be surprised by the amount of suburbanites who support Joe Biden. They're so far detached from city life, cri… Prediction: Trump smokes Biden. Obviously. But the moderators will be working against Trump the whole time &… being so evil that you don't even care your city is falling apart, getting overrun with homelessness, havin… the terrorists. Then make them clean up their disgusting neighborhood. @Fattiresrock I wasn't talking about you my man. I retweeted your other post agreeing with it.If people didn't turn a blind eye for the last few decades, Trump wouldn't be in this position. He can't save you c… same people who say "Trump has no power! It's the states & corporations" that tell you not to worry about mass… chess is when citizens stop acting like pathetic slaves & dogs. On the chess board, the elites are laughing hys… Hillary was in office, you wouldn't see this level of excuses, lies, fake theories & complacency for the evil lo… love & condolences to everyone who couldn't see their grandparents, couldn't have a funeral, couldn't keep the… is no point in trying to convince people anymore. I've been saying the same thing since March. The numbers ha… people have zero idea what's actually going on. "This ends after the election! It's just about the election!… Days to Slow The Spread turned into mandatory face diapers for life & breathing air without one can get you drag… be smart to take your family & little kids out of New York. Face diaper slave muzzles are now the law.
Trump is pushing mass testing. Trump criticized Sweden for going no lockdown, pro-freedom approach. Trump is doing… testing isn’t a good thing. When you test positive, you lose all your rights. Trump is pushing mass testing… liberals are so "Progressive", why does their most controlled state (Cali) lead the nation in poverty despite ha… was a scam. It was legalized theft. Imagine someone selling you something that you don't want to buy, for… is this 😂😂😂
Retweeted by An0maly4 Shocking Number Patterns! Watch... via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0maly4 Shocking Number Patterns! Watch... via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malyGeorge Floyd Body cam footage took months to come out after people terrorized major cities but Brad Parscale's came… @CombatJones HahahahaI’m prepping mentally & financially to move to the most free area in America. The devil has a full grasp on America… Mass testing is leading to imprisonment. Once you test positive for this virus that you most likely won’t… have this quote hanging in the kitchen & by my front door. It’s really true! Mental health is important. guess they can’t tackle people for blocking traffic & terrorizing entire neighborhoods but have no problem tackli… Shocking Number Patterns! Watch... #GodBless
Retweeted by An0maly4 Shocking Number Patterns! Watch... via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malyInteresting 4 Shocking Number Patterns! Watch... via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malyHating Trump from the left is the least rebellious thing you could do. Supporting Democrats is the most pro-two par… are fact-checking these tweet with their own propaganda. "It's safe! Trust us!". Umm... no. They've never do… is anti-establishment, the establishment hates Trump, therefore Trump is punk and fuck and Johnny Rotten is be…
Retweeted by An0malyImagine calling Johnny Rotten a poser. Some people will never truly understand. Wearing that shirt in this climate…
Retweeted by An0malyNEW: 4 Shocking Number Patterns. Watch... video! Watch on Facebook first... 👉🏼👇🏼 an evil bunch. & Draconian slavery is here. Only a matter of time before they start rounding up dissidents.😂😂😂
Retweeted by An0malyRemember the food pyramid? The government health officials would never be wrong. They'd never lie. Now put on your… want a fair election.Social media is censoring people from calling out ballot fraud because they want cheaters to go unquestioned, unscrutinized & unchecked.Remember when the media covered for ISIS terrorists overseas, then when Trump defeated them, that same media re-bra… literally get paid to push state propaganda
Trump Tax Returns & The Media's Power Over America Going LIVE! livestream tonight. What topics do you want covered?I’m grateful! Thank you. @sirhottest 😂😂I think they’re mad she didn’t transition her kids into confused, blue-haired activists who dance to sexualized mus… has the fifth largest economy in the world & leads The United States of America in poverty. That tells y… you want to abolish private property & give more of people’s earnings to the federal government, no one cares ab… fact that only one side of politics rejects this shows you who the “lesser of two evils” is: always understood the abortion debate. When is it a child? When is it just a sperm and an egg? In 2019 I realized… celebrities in Los Angeles degenerate the country through mind control propaganda & can’t even clean up their… @filupmolina @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Imagine selling child sexualization, pharmacy pills, soda, shitty foo… selling child sexualization, pharmacy pills, soda, shitty food & mental degeneracy to the masses & calling… @RealBrysonGray That would be amazingAfter Trump y’all think celebrity leftists will move out of the country this time? I hope so.
Retweeted by An0malyThis Pope shills for the United Nations, decries anti-communist beliefs & worked to undermine the United States by… @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Another phony puppet. This is why I don’t watch TV or movies.Another phony puppet. This is why I don’t watch TV or movies.’s a hate crime to NOT want Mini Mike & G*orge S*ros to destabilize & overthrow your country from within. THE BALLOTS!!!
Retweeted by An0malyRadical feminists don’t want more women in power... they want more biased, bitter and vengeful women like them in power.
Retweeted by An0malyBanks funding both sides of the wars? No way! That’s hate speech. shirt makes you sick to your stomach, but all that human shit in the streets and being knee deep in used needle…
Retweeted by An0malySo umm... when are we going to have the conversation about the alt-right actually being the identitarian left.
Retweeted by An0maly