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When you say: “something bad is going to happen to this person because they told the truth & did right!” — you are… 6th, 2020: “Kobe, Inc. requests that this proceeding be suspended for 30 days to allow the parties to con… large boulder the size of a what
Retweeted by An0maly2 Huge #Protests That #Media Wont Cover! (March For Life & 2A #Virginia Pro...
Retweeted by An0maly2 Huge Protests That Media Wont Cover! (March For Life & 2A Virginia Pro... via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0maly @LegendaryEnergy I was there for Christmas!
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The main fissure where most of lava came from last Hawai’i eruption. aftermath of where the volcano erupted from on Hawaii. Still steaming. Remarkable. 🌋 2 Huge Protests That Media Wont Cover! (March For Life & 2A Virginia Protest Footage) who are into science think they are Gods. Creating viruses. Trying to shift the climate of Earth. God wi…’s obvious that liberal cities are facing a massive homelessness & filth crisis. Any politician or partisan leade… day liberals have replaced wisdom with ego & common sense with government school indoctrination. So smart, y… was conquered by invaders. Ask the Native Americans about his revisionist history.
Retweeted by An0malyTake care of your own huddled masses and wretched refuse flooding your putrid streets first, twit.
Retweeted by An0malyThe right wingers who only talk about the left wing are complicit in selling out your free speech. I’ve proved it c… want disagreeing with the media & the political elite to be a crime. It’s not just the left wing doing it eith…'re living in 1984-world. It's not maybe it could happen. It's here. I'm still happy I can drink a coconut & relax. God is good!Have a blessed day! Food. Water. Shelter. Life. That's not guaranteed! Every day we are lucky.The truth is scary to y'all because you're attached to fear, ego & media projection.Science & wisdom are humble. Politics is stubborn & egotistical. The media projects politics & calls it "science".… you speak is what you think of yourself. Your spirit is your energy & that’s what radiates. A lot of people ta…’re meaningless with no control, yet we control everything, yet despite knowing the power of nature & how little… paradox matrix of the atheist “science guy”: ➡️ Doesn’t believe in God ➡️ Says we’re a meaningless, random spe… people don't have an opinion on everything. Being able to say 'I don't know' is often a sign of wisdom, rather than foolishness.
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Retweeted by An0malyShould have never hired Bolton in the first place.
Retweeted by An0malyDemocrats are upset that Bernie "Progressives" are taking over the party. It's your own fault. Your media is fake.… to see here folks... Carlson is knocking it out of the park every night now. I don't watch TV news but if you're going to watch s… you have a patent on the virus five years before it breaks out New York Times Editorial Board endorsed Amy Klobuchar & Elizabeth Warren. This is all you need to know with wh… your vitamins
Retweeted by An0malyThis Kobe & Kanye ad is fucken scary
Retweeted by An0malyThis clip recently went viral. So sad what happened today & very bizarre timing. one runs the @FoxNews twitter account. it hasn’t had any activity since 2018 and i just want to know why
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This is really creepy & would have been even if he didn’t die today. I wish people understood the power of media, m… was a really smart guy with a world-class work ethic. He didn’t even start his after basketball journey yet.… passes Kobe Bryant in all-time points & the next day his helicopter crashes. Crazy timing.Don’t read my tweets as angry. Read them as love. See it as a challenge. I’m challenging everyone as I am myself. L… saw the truth. All the right wingers that say they stand up for free speech, America, the constitution & are agai… a wonderful day! Sunday is a special day & my favorite day of the week. Perfect day to eat some fresh fruit &… could not possibly be less angry right now. I am living a blissful life & I’m at peace. You perceive my text as… left wing & the right wing fight their little battle. You choose a side. You’re losing. You’re winning. But you… not only exist, they are everywhere. They dominate most of the right wing news market. Old & new. Neocon & new… you stand up for free speech like right wing groups claim to do — they start blacklisting you & telling everyone… stopped caring about what top right wing groups say because I watched what they did & supported. Expanding big go… you truly defend free speech, you have the right to get upset at losing free speech. If you support Republicans… think the people you follow are better than neocons. But you follow people who lie, sell out free speech, are c… standing up for free speech & free speech on college campuses is bad now? I do what conservatives claim to do. I…’re not free in the right wing. You’re free to be their identity politics puppet to parrot their talking points.… wing groups claim they want “free speech” & “free speech on college campuses”. No safe spaces! It’s all a big… Make Ya Think
Retweeted by An0malyIt’s been common knowledge not to trust a politician for decades. If you’re surprised in 2020 that a politician or… you have expectations for someone who routinely disappoints, that’s not their fault. That’s your fault. Classic Tao.😂😂😂😂 #TRUE
Retweeted by An0malyIf you play along to the left vs. right paradigm & watch left wing or right wing programming — expect to be in a co… you were silent when the government made it illegal to boycott a foreign state, this is what you eventually get.…
Retweeted by An0malyDid you know: Right wing groups like TPUSA support anti-free speech legislation when it comes in the form of Israe… fact that you’re shocked is part of the problem. That’s your own fault for being emotional over a predictable c… @FrankLuntz @NPR The right wing is hypocritical a lot on free speech. I agree. But NPR is government-funded left w… right wing is hypocritical a lot on free speech. But NPR is government-funded left wing partisan politics. It’… ban might make sense here until we figure out what’s going on. Probably smarter than intervening in the Mid… Sandmann is really coming into his own does the one on the right look like Nick Kroll? education is empowering. Learning to read. Learning math. However, the ‘education system’ often now strips co… on @LegendaryEnergy
Retweeted by An0malyWhy "Socialism Sucks" Isn't Resonating With The Youth! via @YouTube @LegendaryEnergy
Retweeted by An0maly @LegendaryEnergy #LegendarySoups👍
Retweeted by An0maly @LegendaryEnergy how dare you leave out Pho
Retweeted by An0malyRamen. Curry. Wonton. New England clam chowder. Tomato. Broccoli & cheddar. Chicken noodle or chicken rice. I stan… take ever. Disavow. I’m a massive soup fan & I’m offended. is wrong with white ppl
Retweeted by An0malykids ain’t finna have no feet.
Retweeted by An0malyLike watching a full length movie - but in just 27-seconds...
Retweeted by An0malyThey have the right wing trapped & the left wing trapped. You’re fighting a battle that was invented. What are you…’m connected to the Earth and the souls here. Everywhere I go I see my friends & good people. I don’t live in the… dialing into the realm of talking about impeachment or media narratives lowers my vibrations. It’s such a low… President has an opinion on other world leaders? Wow! What a scandal. Every previous government leader must hav…
The countries who really control America aren’t talked about on TV or in the impeachment trial. It’s not Russia or… many people claim to “hate” this & “hate” that politically. But do you talk about it all the time? Do you think… can’t have peace if you’re offended by everything or give attention to the things that stress you out the most.… literally kick out every semi-decent person from their party & then blame Russia or the right wing. If Joe… evening! Have a beautiful day. God bless you.Why "Socialism Sucks" Isn't Resonating With the Youth An0maly 👇
Retweeted by An0malyWhy "Socialism Sucks" Isn't Resonating With The Youth! via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malyWhy "Socialism Sucks" Isn't Resonating With The Youth! via @YouTube
Retweeted by An0malySome pretty good advice for outreach for the 2020 election.
Retweeted by An0malyTime to reform unconstitutional government surveillance on Americans! #FISAReform
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NEW: Why "Socialism Sucks" Isn't Resonating With The Youth! whole right wing “fight back on college campuses” is artificial. The same people pushing this brand also suppor… @ShakaThaGod @notthereyetok Send me your fav video that you’ve done. I’ll check it out 🙏🏼Twitter is where a bunch of liars in politics call other liars liars all day.
Crazy Bernie takes the lead in the Democrat Primaries, but it is looking more and more like the Dems will never all…
Retweeted by An0malyY'all are really surprised? It's 2020, everything on tv is fake lol.
Retweeted by An0malyWhat y'all arguing with strangers about today?
Retweeted by An0maly“If they can bail out banks, they can bail out students” Agree or disagree?Give this guy all of the awards. Every single one of them.
Retweeted by An0malyYour political affiliation does not automatically give you the moral high ground
Retweeted by An0malyLooked up at the sky tonight & saw thousands of stars. The sky looks crazy when it’s clear & clean.Zion Williamson’s NBA debut was terrific: 22 points, and 4-for-4 on threes. He took OVER in the fourth quarter.
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