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@necrosofty @C418 brandon’s right! sometimes i default to “such a good cleaner!” as in, I go with the job. like for…’m weirdly proud of meghan and harry (weird because I don’t know them and it’s an emotion I reserve for those clos… know it just occurred to me that I grew up with the Sleep Country jingle stuck in my head on many mornings due… need the one person in the world who has tried to set up VR in a room with a glossy ceiling to find this tweet and tell me how it went.
Retweeted by felix @wastedfashion oh that’s all@coming on the truck! moved everything I own :):F
@McSassblast *whispers* there’s a liquor store in my building wish me luck in resisting wine every day @Haje my fav site @McSassblast on their way on the truck luckily 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @kabojnk great hiding spot. perfect for “peet storming” as we call foot ambushes here @sintecta ya! a lot of high rises have them. usually structural i think!!! every corner unit has one here! @BexSaltsman @Sonic9jct they’re such sweeties and honestly are loving the new place so far (it’s empty tho so let’s… @TrinAndTonic SHE A HIDDEN BABY ANGEL @Sonic9jct i’ve never had it before!!! it’s so good for hiding cats @JacePro they’re doing great!!!! lots of hiding spots and they’ve explored it all now and are sleeping in sunbeams @neomonki I do I DO👀... 👀 @cdutson smart is a stretch, motivated maybe? persistent? mischievous? hmmmmthe second bedroom has a security issue it seems!!! internet in new place set up. now to....wait for the stuff. tomorrow. today day? I guess? wha… @sciencecomic congrats!!!!!!! i'm so excited for you all!!!食後の歯磨きが終わるとそのまま寝ちゃう子😌💤
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@alex_navarro alex don’t tease me with this omg(bless the smash team they do a great job) @donpoeisdead @GiftedAsia <3thank you to @nosplendorr and @mcgill_gabe and @macgillivray514 for handling the move with me!! and Nick and Gabrie… @TWoloshyniuk yes!!! A RESTAURANT omg ya. ok well let me text you after my move - DM me yr digits bb @TWoloshyniuk YES also i’ll be in madison feb 12/13/14 idk how close that is to you @JosephJBroni welpi’ve kissed my cat more than everyone else in my life combined @benkutcher ITS MOVING DAAAY @McSassblast !!! which one did you buy I must also get one @JoLammert is this dictation @JoLammert how’s he typingy'all ain't asking the important smash roster questions
Retweeted by felixcan bowser wear his kitty costume in smash or is that team full of cowardsput my cat in smash @JeffGrubb this does make me feel better tho @MitchyD ♥️found the laser pointer gremlin is helping @Kitty_Crawford I went to Medipsy clinic here in town!!WE HAVE BEEN PACKING THE LAST 5% OF THE APARTMENT FOR LIKE EIGHT HOURS. HOW DOES THE CLUTTER NEVER GO AWAY THERES N… Regina King Beyoncé
Retweeted by felix @inspectorbeans i’ll be back for visits!!! I knoooow @MrPope oh my god @disco_jill come visit!!!! @A_Webster noooooo andreeewww come visit the city again @prryjcksn :3 @Seemo please never stop.
@MrPope did the shoe shelf workFound an old video from when I was prototyping a physics based RTS game. Haven't touched it in a long time but I s…
Retweeted by felix @liamesler @TheVTran @macgillivray514 there it is @liamesler @TheVTran @macgillivray514 wait @liamesler @TheVTran @macgillivray514 you’re definitely foie gras you’re right @MelRambles LOOOOVE @liamesler @TheVTran it was a cheesy breadstick and I yelled IM STILL GONNA EAT IT as it fell I think maybe @macgillivray514 remembers @TheVTran ok this is the MOST on brand i’ve ever been so i’m very very glad you were there to see it @Rokashi 🙌🏼🖤 @TheVTran 🧡🧡🧡🧡i’m moving tomorrow and today i’m struggling with some final packing and stress over moving the cats but overall I… time in montreal was too short and I want to just say ive connected with some people here that I truly hope are… @ashichuu i’m canadian :) the important part is it’s psychoeducational analysis and psychotherapist interpreted. DMing you the list!a quick description of my testing is “a neuropsychological assessment with psychoeducational aspects, and ADHD + a…
@beardswin right?!? it’s very good to just. have a resourcefor the record: yes i’m a hot mess AND i have a guide for how to tackle it now 🙌🏼 @rshunter88 standby! as soon as i’m home tonight i’ll post that infoas soon as i’m home i’ll look through the package and find the actual name of the type of testing I did and post it… I was sure I tested like garbage on I was actually really good at and conversely things I thought I nailed I… she not only recommended strategies for psychotherapy but also things I myself can do, and related them b…! I’m back. i’m not going to discuss my actual diagnosis but I am going to say that 1: I got one and 2: this p… @JayMFernandes this is the most you🌸Hi #PortfolioDay I'm an artist creating a game called @ButtonCity I love designing worlds and cute characters. My…
Retweeted by felixonce again: here's my profile of bong joon ho from october including making parasite, his fight with harvey weinste…
Retweeted by felix @seankrankel 🙏🏼 thank you!!! man it feels bad at first but then a little better later @viiolaceus 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @nalarsen 😞😞😞😞😞😞 @beverlynoelle yes! I have jaw trauma and it causes my apnea so I have to get my teeth fixed instead of CPAP which.…!!! i think those are probably anxieties and i’m sharing them because I suspect others have these sorts of fears…’m under two weighted blankets and just want to melt into the bed or maybe be shot into space so I don’t have to h… in one hour I sit with the doctor to find out the “results” of my testing and i’m currently paralyzed in fear… this video will help you understand what it means to live in the Bay Area.
Retweeted by felixWe added a new feature: hangers! Please look forward to Unpacking📦, the game where you put clothes away #indiegame
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@innesmck wait @FiveOutOfKevin it’s the 80s I believe, like I said, no apologies to ProvostFinally. Everyone is just cryptically tweeting about “grapes.” 2012 Twitter is back, baby
Retweeted by felix(no apologies to Mr Provost)“him” still bugs me. it’s 2020 and I still get miffed by referring to audience members with “he” AITA reminder that Joaquin Phoenix was one of the people who, along with Casey Affleck, forcibly locked women in a…
Retweeted by felix @scalzi :) :) :)LOL Noot! Noot! @legobutts
Retweeted by felix @MattBodega you’re so great @scalzi 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 I adore you as a friend and I still haven’t had a chance to read your stuff!!! (sorry 🙇🏻)oh no @DevRelCallum'm out of the loop on new(er) videogames - I'm looking for some things that are: - multiplayer - not first person/…
Retweeted by felix @Nullzone42 permission to retweet original tweet? @regameyk coward, but also, understandable @Nullzone42 local multi? @regameyk show me yr face