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Felix @legobutts Toronto, Ontario

they/them, aspiring he - maybe: #blaseball definitely: producer @polytron - @tunicgame - #sablegame - @finjico - Untitled Goose Game with @panic, @house_house_

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@KyleOrl this is fair @bombsfall lovei for one am proud to have donated all my coin to the redistributionlol thank you so much to everyone who has supported us on Patreon. We’re a small, independent studio. Any help goes…
Retweeted by Felixthere are suddenly a lot of you. give it a minute🩸⚾️
Retweeted by FelixBlaseball is way, way bigger than we expected it to be. We LOVE this community and are going to take a bit more tim…
Retweeted by Felix @natethenate i feel seen @ja2ke right?!?shoutout to the tiny bug that has been utterly perplexing my two ostensibly predator class pets for thirty minutes… you're NEGGING me on a PLANE where we can't move for the next SIX HOURS i see, thanks, great, awesomeLRT: I've had so many airplane conversations (with strangers who insist on speaking to me) that result in them sayi… I met a guy who when I told him I wanted to go into animation he said "I thought kids made animation?" when I…
Retweeted by Felix @faux_rex oh huh i grew up saying chicken burgers, it never occurred to me tha tothers didnt. same with fish @spellbang good morning rjsometimes when i’m unsure of where to put my despair about the world, i get mad that we call non beef burgers “sand… @coffeentacos oh!! congrats. where to! @stupopp im glad!i can’t stop watching this jays game is this internalized shame look away for five minutes and landry violence goes down?!?⚾️🩸The Tigers even the Internet Series! The ILB is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Tigers star Landry Viol…
Retweeted by Felix @davemakes 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @davemakes <333
@duckvalentine pants cheeseI compiled all of the Seattle Garages' fan music into one EP, which you can pick up here:
Retweeted by Felixmeanwhile in the background in her eyes did the bugsnax filter again and got razzby and was overwhelmed by how tiny i would be so, check out my instagram… think the biggest thing getting me through 2020 right now is the fact that sometimes when I wake up, my brain is…
Retweeted by Felix @_ChereeZ_ @oxenfree @nightschoolers 💜💜💜i can’t stop watching this raptors game is this internalized shame @klav_ichord !!! @ShaneWatch it’s in my top 10 - that death scene
I have listened to Mike Townsend (Is a Disappointment) ...many times....and I just want to's a very good… squeaking in the bg of this is v cuteVERY happy with this result #Bugsnax @ObiCynKenobi who can say! (i can say i’m not “The Creator” as it’s a small team, buuut 😉) @Kitty_Crawford three i guess now, the time flies @Kitty_Crawford it launched two-ish weeks ago so noremember you can support blaseball at @ShedworksGreg hahahahahahahahahahahamaybe i should play sea of thieves @ShedworksGreg this sounds SO fun @ShedworksGreg by someone do you mean you @ifnotnowgwen @furansishu love!!!! stay safe and bundled up and if there’s anything i can doThank you @Polygon.
Retweeted by Felix @Sir5000 howd i do @austin_walker it’s ok blaseball will be here when you’re back
@screencuisine what could go wrong @hexsharpe das u!!! no witch here ;)We’re so close to hitting 1000 raised!! Come on byyyyy
Retweeted by Felix @nocturnadesigns anywhere to request more of these by commission? 💜🥰Surprise, it's done. If you hear Ghost of Tsushima faintly in the back, I'm sorry. Anyway! link in bio. #dnd #dice
Retweeted by FelixJust added the rose quartz sword and Obsidian greatsword to the shop! #StevenUniverse #stevenuniversefanart
Retweeted by Felix @animtrash still tiny 10lbs!!! ITS JUST A TRICKa small treat for a good girl
@thatJaneNg @duckvalentine wow, WOW @addison_l IM LOOKIN AT U THOholy shit im looking at...several of my mutuals @duckvalentine jesus christ WHO IS THIS FOR @logancollins you keyboard weighs one gnome🌏 Eco-Packaging: A Thread 🌎 As you may know, we recently revealed the first-ever official eco-focused PS4 game pac…
Retweeted by FelixThis carrd is very useful
Retweeted by Felix @BagelofDeath Always all my strength and love is yoirs, always. @Seannnegan my love to you, so much love.i dreamt i went to disney to prepurchase park hopper tickets and the park worker was like “it’s weird here” and i f… time is 2 hours from now
Retweeted by FelixInternet League #Blaseball's Season 3 Sponsor Friends at the Table @Friends_Table wants to know: Who's your favorite ballplayer?
Retweeted by Felix @sintecta close“i cant help you this is your nugget” “big red headed kid from where” “why don’t you text chip”
If any animators want references, you have my permission blah blah blah tag me ✌🏾
Retweeted by FelixI need your help, Twitter. I'm tryna get in on this new Avatar show on @netflix! Help ya boi be seen by the right p…
Retweeted by Felixi need to drink more water @danlesac sorryyyyi’m just trying to work here @seankrankel I MISS YOU TOO you monster, i can only imagine what quarantine is like for you @seankrankel scuze meI asked you all not to open it 🩸⚾️
Retweeted by Felix @duckvalentine ♥️Friends, the Games and Online harassment hotline is open. We exist in an industry where there aren't a ton of place…
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@PTibz SAME @diseasedgeck0 @HallowedCrow for sure! thinking about like 16yos who are coming into their identity as nonbinary, doesn't feel as good @HallowedCrow im trying to get niephe goingToday the hotline officially opens. We want you to know that we are here. We're listening. We're ready to help. Te…
Retweeted by Felix😕😷😕😷 @A_Webster for a second i was worried about covid and then i looked at the scores @torvos oh wow gone!!!!! wild WILD @torvos backorder tho! or is that gone
when i get an email from a show/convention that says it has made the “difficult decision” to postpone to next year…⚾️ RT if i'm doing a great job ⚾️
Retweeted by Felix @Sparklykiss imagine not keeping all these to pass on to the kid you're currently having @Sir5000 this is aggressionSomeone requested that I post my comic about eco fascism here!! Here you go :)
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number one blaseball team the hades tigers
Retweeted by FelixThe #Blaseball season 2 playoffs are underway! Let's take a look back at the week that was to see how we got here:
Retweeted by Felix @blaseballcomms i'll never forget thisTook a quick trip to this lovely little dépanneur this morning. I suggest you do the same. 💙
Retweeted by Felix @Sir5000 standard pricing! 2600 pieces so, generally how IP sets are priced @James_LRR i nabbed it at juuuust before midnight @beardswin the NES