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felix @legobutts Toronto, Ontario

they/them/he soon? - @polytron - @FellowTravellr scout - @tunicgame @neocabgame #sablegame producer - @finjico - Untitled Goose Game with @panic, @house_house_

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@yorikv OMG FOR SURE RIght @jabelsjabels hahahaha <333 @davemakes let’s leave twitter together tho @DocPorpoise sadly they were just eggswait but it bestowed this perfect final villager onto me so trash island is good actually @elektrotal yes BUT i don’t want 5000 succulent pots sowhat the fuck i went to an island and there’s ONLY toe biters in the water (UUUGGHH) - all the fish are cans rocks…
@AllieCatNap lipstick imo he’s an iconhe calls me cubby be having a house conversation about barold both being a queer icon and also maybe having some problematic iconography in his design @doomocrat DID NOT HESITATEb...barold put my sign down to help folks beat the final boss of dark souls 3 dlc Got summoned by a dude named MAGA2020 di…
Retweeted by felix @NickZuclich i can’t my heart omg
i was using twitter as an output-focused AC posting tool and thought, ah, i should log on and immediately it’s AC t… close #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch gay lionel helps junior lesbian tammy practice coming out
Retweeted by felix @JonRenish GASP @TheYoungScot PUMAS ARE INSIDE ME
they''re perfect i must have them visit me OTHER WATERS IS OUT NOW! ✨Explore and study an alien ocean through a unique and beautiful interface. 🐠Download…
Retweeted by felixOk THIS IS EVERYTHING ❤ My heart can't 😭
Retweeted by felix @Sparklykiss my switch lite has a black one i think. it’s p cool @Sparklykiss @shoomlah please. PLEASE @Fobwashed i was like. HE WAS IN MY KItchen DID HE LEAVE LASAGNA @Taliabear @carolmertz wait we can customize the outdoor baths can we customize the pools just checking @carolmertz i can buy something else if you like!!! anything you’re into over at nook miles shopping land @gennhaver @PeppersBoutique oh that’s adam and maybe - adam are you canonically peppersmy sister started a good AC account and i’m considering doing the same also follow @PeppersBoutique monster statues - i have red and blue, are there others? black, green i assume? will buy and trade a blue… @duckvalentine i got a sewing machine and some cotton to make some! it’s gonna help me with not touching my face at the very leastI snuck into @legobutts' town to use the bathroom #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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@NickZuclich woah i know a lot of these!gates are open for friends, i’m afk but CJ is in town (wait can you sell to CJ in another town? idk how that works)More exciting news: We're Hiring. We're looking for a Canadian 3D Artist for remote part-time contract work! Van…
Retweeted by felix(RPGs; CW sexual assault) Genuinely shocked that a major, well-known figure in indy RPGs (@/skinnyghost) streamed…
Retweeted by felixmabel trying to sell me a crown for 1.2million 🔔 i want it @cabel where. did you get. this many kewpie. dolls. @mollygos thank you
@iam8bit WOWOWOOW @BexSaltsman all this going missing, why not just,, hang out here instead, i can build a fence aroundn him.... @BexSaltsman this is just intervention, i need him to see he's hurting himself and others @BexSaltsman to save him from himself @CaseyMalone listen @Matt_Volk he’s trapped realised i could just ...push him around my island ...hmm @macgillivray514 @nosplendorrbuddieeees #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch good son and his bath #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Pushed game live on Steam and Itch, which feels surreal. We've…
Retweeted by felix @Beanz122 i have him that’s why i want the mech suit @SyrenneMcN i wonder if maybe you can dig them up randomly on the beach ...or on an island? i wonder how i got 3 @SyrenneMcN oh i’ve just been finding them i think in general - i’ve helped him a bunch! but i have several! so i m… that mech suit is all i care about now. 10 gold?? gold armour?! a ROCKET? i’m gonna do itshow us, coward
@HarrisFoster david from panama#AnimalCrossing #ACNH @gracebruxner @GlassEmbroidery big thanks to @DevRelCallum for the gift 😭💚 @gracebruxner @GlassEmbroidery 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @KeitaTakahash 👍🏼
tommy: what’s up you broke bitch! timmy: ...ᵇᶦᵗᶜʰᵎ
Retweeted by felix @BexSaltsman she almost definitely started it but as always cannot finish iti love them so much. gnome just quacked in the distance, a distinct QUACK that she makes when brisket chomps her haunchaccidentally left the catnip pouch out where the gremlins could find it so my wake up call is what sounds like seve…’ve been a union rep for multiple healthcare and hospital unions and the running joke is that instead of fair wage…
Retweeted by felix @johntdrake omg. what a good good boy. i’m so sorry and my heart goes out to you both. hope his brother is doing ok so far too. ♥️💔💔💔
why can’t anyone say it right in this show??? Teal’c: the Goa’uld Daniel: yeah, the Goald. Sam: that’s what we s… @Sparklykiss :o center those fingers on the home row @logancollins oh nooooo brisket does this toochecked who bought places on my island and next is bianca and megan
@iocat omg the maw 💕 @Ekanaut @DevRelCallum 🤩 RACER ON SWITCH???? @davemakes i keep unironically thinking of death stranding as i play..@InOtherWaters launches April 3rd on Switch and PC! // Explore and study an alien ocean // Learn to use a mysteri…
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#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch sweet home Pro-Tip: If you drink from a transparent glass on a conference call, everyone can see your mouth open, distorte…
Retweeted by felix @cabel @TimSweeneyEpic classic @rifflesby HE MSUT CHOOSE ME @rifflesby and like i don’t wanna cheat i want him to come to me, if his own will @rifflesby yes i am staring at how much amiibo cards are now on amazon canada and it’s. a lot @NaahidJohnspoon hahaha i love tank and i’m not into cherry we are opposites! @A_Webster 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼how about zell anyone have zell @Jacezilla he’s perfect omg i miss him @comet_melting !!!!!!!! yes thank goddoes anyone have beau. is beau in the game. he’s perfect and when he says his tag line it looks like he’s calling m… @sarahcatconde i’m glad to hear it lasts!! i’ve had it a year and a bit, through two moves now so it’s part of the… @sarahcatconde it’s really big!!! why is it so big. i need to trim it and put new twine on thereALWAYS EXCITING