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@Shxey3 i miss u x @Shxey3 wait ur back and ur so good @EzWalla inshallah @snowydva @EzWalla imy leo @EzWalla vouch x @fifafeet banger tweet tbf @fifafeet i was just abt to tweet this fuck @QuiescentAPX @Callum24903 @RealestLFC @m4del1nee @NolanCoronaV stop this ratio 💯
Retweeted by troy @QuiescentAPX @Callum24903 @RealestLFC @m4del1nee @NolanCoronaV stop this ratio 💯 @QuiescentAPX @Callum24903 @NolanCoronaV block this ratio
Retweeted by troy @mommymiIks oh you meant that way okay that makes more sense @EzWalla @m7ghty @AngeIinah vouch @AngeIinah Hello Angelinah, Wanna do cardio together?
Retweeted by troy @mommymiIks i’m glad we’re friends too scar @QuiescentAPX @m4del1nee @NolanCoronaV this ratio might be the worst thing ever
Retweeted by troy @QuiescentAPX @m4del1nee @NolanCoronaV this ratio might be the worst thing ever @mommymiIks sorry i meant to say i am a cancer @mommymiIks i have cancer! @mommymiIks thought so @mommymiIks are you bitches @babiidomian thanks bae @babiidomian did u like my cat impression x @babiidomian thought you were a pigeon @babiidomian ? @babiidomian don’t worry we all are @VictorinoFan please? @VictorinoFan oh i meant the chocolate but okay🙂 @Zatheria stop @babiidomian you fr are down bad @VictorinoFan omg i love mars bars @babiidomianmaybe a group chat w angel and babi was a questionable thing.. bird from the twitter logo is called Larry, just thought you should know @mommymiIks ya ibn el sharmouta @lvstys @mommymiIks she’s hiding her embarrassing don’t worry man i kno you ain’t apart of this @mommymiIks you have an anime girl profile picture, i want you to seek help @mommymiIks this is one way to farm interactions @cantfeelurtouch My dog be wilding n shit he jus be fuckin my other dog when he sleepin n shit
Retweeted by troy @mummyangel__ goodnighty <3 @babiidomian wanna chat @babiidomian what up
@greaqee real james @mummyangel__ i’ll come give you a massage trust @babiidomian listen rnyes @babiidomian i agree w this a lot @babiidomian well done x also check snap @snowydva okay sorry @Zatheria no @Zatheria why @_MrPinto fuck you @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ @m4del1nee maddie loves amy @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ to get the point across @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ @m4del1nee amy* @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ @m4del1nee need back up for any @mummyangel__ @Nyctxphobia honesty is key @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ don’t you ever talk abt amy like that you ducking cunt twink @Callum24903 @Czrmo_ @VictorinoFan why are u getting lippy u scrawny little ginger rat
Retweeted by troy @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ i am honest, that’s what i was doing at that time? @Nyctxphobia @mummyangel__ i’m an honest man katai i don’t see an issue with my tweet @Speedymc123 @fifafeet go on x @Speedymc123 @fifafeet fuck off ginger t*** you fed your fuckin small cunt brain out @fifafeet @Speedymc123 bro speedy went from carrying to throwing fuck him @snowydva yeah @mummyangel__ @babiidomian true @babiidomian wouldnt @babiidomian who wanted @prodziii okay @babiidomian actually angel > babi > adele @babiidomian adele > @fifafeet understandableNeed a big titty gf so I can use them as stress balls
Retweeted by troy @Nyctxphobia fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuck him fuc… thinks adele is overrated 🙁👎
Retweeted by troywaited for my provisional for just under 4 months for it to be cancelled lol🙂🙂her favourite show
Retweeted by troy @aesvuu @BrigIsBest yes but i had recently woken up thomas @aesvuu @BrigIsBest i do like you thomas i was tired :( @aesvuu i copy you! @snowydva jk! vouch @snowydva finally back at your proper sr dva one trick L shitta 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯having someone who’s loyal is the best thing ever @babiidomian need one for hanzo next @mommymiIks 😭😭 that’s true tbf @legolover42 i don’t know how to spell the words she just used do u think i know what they mean???
Retweeted by troy @mommymiIks scarlett do you understand anything she said at allbro what does any of this mean @liljaack @mommymiIks you’re #1 head giver x @liljaack @mommymiIks hate to break it to you jack, i’m a simp so you’re #2 @mommymiIks i could think of a list of things i want and that doesn’t even make the top one thousand @mommymiIks i didn’t wanna see this again.. @babiidomian i agree she’s v pretty n so r u @babiidomian pretty + cool + hey + rly cool top + inspired by angelcan i be part of the bunny gang too?
Retweeted by troy @xoprriiv girlboss @Callum24903 @ikeasharkowner @BrigIsBest real @xoprriiv you’re welcome @ikeasharkowner @BrigIsBest @legolover42 fuck it im homophobic
Retweeted by troy