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Award-winning writer & narrative designer (Reigns: Her Majesty/Game of Thrones, Love Island 2, Neo Cab). I make stories from systems & divine patterns. she/her

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looks like u need to tailor... your approach loli haven't done media work for like six years now and i still keep getting press releases from sectors i never cover… real gender binary
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@lauraehall @cabel Ahhhhh πŸ§¨πŸ’” @cabel I will take photos next time I visit 🀞🏽 I still have the framed piece you gave me in my living room 😍😍😍😍 Cab…’s not as old as this one and this person drank it! please please tell me all the reasons not to bid on this ancient 12 pack of rare vintage soda @castpixel outrageous. I’m sorry that happened, also your work looks absolutely incredibleDo you struggle to pay for basic necessities like transportation? As a Black trans woman, public transit/rideshare…
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absolutely here for the man who keeps shouting β€œbabe! i’m going to France!!” as he swims off Brighton Beachβ€œI don’t even want to say that word [cottagecore]... I don’t want that energy in this house” - 2 Libras
ok from now on... this is turning into a twitter account of Good only ...
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@NotBrunoAgain so true, and that’s been the case since before I even entered the industry I feel like @AutoArtMachine I think that’s smart honestly, I prefer that approach more and more too @nTronz thank you. that was my feeling too.Happy birthday to Geri Halliwell who once tried to book a unicorn for her daughter’s birthday x
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astonishing to see @CEDUK_MEDIA and @MEDIAprogEU award a grant to Weather Factory and Alexis Kennedy after having d…
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@milquetoaster the anything of video games is not really possible, because so few video games manage to retain thei… remember thinking it was a stunt reveal and that there was no game imminently even at the time)tfw when your game takes so long to come out even I wrote about the announcement don’t know who needs to hear this but absolutely no one needs to hear your speculative twitter thoughts and opini… @Judgegrumble @xoxogossipgita why is everyone who complains about how media works too stupid to even look up how it worksNEWS: Blizzard staff put together an anonymous spreadsheet Friday to compare salaries and pay raises as part of an…
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