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Leigh Alexander @leighalexander Brighton, UK 🌈💖

Award-winning writer & narrative designer (Reigns: Her Majesty/Game of Thrones, Love Island 2, others). Also extremely online post-truth futurist fiction.

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@basketogress Full moon in libra today I’m gonna swan around all night @EsmeLangevin v goodI love my hairstylist @EsmeLangevin is her name pikachufor all they gassed it up in school the whole checks and balances system is a wild flop
Retweeted by Leigh Alexander @TecnoSmurf Yes so? was this comment worth being forever muted @dr_spaceman138 It’s true that a great many of the ‘damn, that was great’ lines are from the book; other really goo… was some great dialogue in game of thrones season 2... where did those writers go tbhhey any other jews gonna watch the whole Ten Commandments movie this weekend bc I do that every year @VoldeHop In full sun !?!! @zarkonnen_com :((((( @buddleoffun I am not on the beach due to need to work....... this seems like a problem with an engineering solution & we must find itcan someone please invent a laptop that has a screen you can see to work on while lying on the beach @buddleoffun It’s wasted EVERYTHING potential. remember when michael decided to go running IN THE SHIP CORRIDORS @TimRozenski @arielle_newton oh yeah you’re right, I guess this is utterly useless as an example of the social valu… billion $ in 24 hours. Chronic poverty and houselessness. GoFundMe as health insurance. Student loan debt as…
Retweeted by Leigh Alexander @buddleoffun I think it’s just really a bad show and the fact people watch it and engage with it seriously makes me…
in which the only thing not redacted from a page of the mueller report is a footnote that defines the term "troll."
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderWho ever said you can't tell a compelling story in a mobile game
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So, I scrounged a PDF of it and have been reading it here and there. It's still as warm and charming as I remember,…
Retweeted by Leigh Alexander @dialacina Nothing makes me happier than to see all these items in one sentenceWe’ll look back on this generation of media boors, how they gurned and sneered at climate change, and marvel that w…
Retweeted by Leigh Alexander @kezamacdonald I’m gonna get highlighter green acrylic nails put on today like it’s 2002HANDMAIDENS TO AUTHORITARIANISM gave me chills"My question to you is, is this what you want? Is this how you want history to remember you? As the handmaidens to…
Retweeted by Leigh Alexander @kezamacdonald @emilybuckshot Eager to join games, still needs mum’s help: those two don’t tend to make for a good culture fit
do you ever think about how tuxedo mask started dressing up in a tuxedo and a mask to rob jewelry stores BEFORE he…
Retweeted by Leigh Alexanderi feel that some apps, like maybe Snapchat, force users to learn a labyrinthine system of UI norms to control its c… would think that netflix and amazon would have the resources to do like, any UI design at all; like, a UIwoke up this morning opened my laptop like, what did i DO last night I'm hungover and I've stumbled into an animal mask shop in Texas and I'm too hungover to know what a suitable…
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everyone I know from the pub memorizing Targaryen-ass family trees and High Valyrian-ass prophecies? Never underestimate the audienceit will never stop being wild to me that the fantasy epic that crossed over to mainstream TV and changed it forever… @BRKeogh we don’t say it like in normal conversation but we know what the word is from school; English teachers acr… WANTED THOSE ELEPHANTS
@illusionGD Nice meeting you too! Email is preferred — the address is on my website @BinarySoloZeb Thanks for coming! @emshort i hate when this happens to meThings are kind of rough this month. I've been going to physical therapy to be able to run/walk without pain. Whil…
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderTfw I'm riding my turnip cart
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@laura_hudson NotArtist @PromiseToNina made super cool main arcana tarot cards out of @yoshiro_kimura's black bird. She sent me 6 de…
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderI’m just going to leave this here.
Retweeted by Leigh Alexandernothing changes @Raineship 🔮✨🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽✨🔮They put us in photos when they want to show our party is diverse. However, when we ask to be at the table, or spea…
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Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderOh dear, here we go again
Retweeted by Leigh Alexanderbitch I made it @Jabberant @not_Tena it’s true
@seanparsons pls report backgo home algorithm, you’re drunk‘what inspires you creatively’ @itshannahflynn oh Natalia is a wizard!! I can’t wait to see her when I get back @itshannahflynn Omg!!! In bermondsey or Brighton????? @not_Tena 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 @MichaelCarusi I can’t believe anybody read it back in 2008 😂😂😂Pelinkovac & Lana del Rey w @not_Tena on a balcony facing the mountains 🤩🏔 @picek Thank you so much! @inurashii games are about feeling powerful and about you getting your way @bagmanman Perfect! (Ps: will reply to your mail when I’m back from this conference)I mean @keefstuart I now feel so guilty for ever making anyone be interviewed by me @keefstuart YESThis choice-based non-fiction game took just a couple of minutes to play, but by tying stats to particular situatio…
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderI spent so much of my life interviewing game developers; giving an interview as a game developer feels REALLY weird… cool!!!! this individual immediately @educueto I just thought it was normal in E. Europe @nerial yes -- one of the hugest limitations on our industry is def the challenge of archiving and deprecationgood @catacalypto @maxkreminski @unormal srsly though i've had the same year! SUDDENLY IM AHEAD AT THIS @cnnbrk why would you even post this horseshit @willbrooker very bored w this version of womanhood @allithatsme thank u so muchbritney spears as early 2000s cellphones: a thread
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderTECH CONSUMERS: Alexa decides what music I listen to, what my children eat, and who can open my door ✨🎉💻 TECH WORKE…
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderI swear to god I am following a recipe...
Retweeted by Leigh Alexander @catacalypto @maxkreminski @unormal Yesssssssss
Today at work, we decided to blow off steam by drawing "Pokemon" based on @JanelleCShane's "Pokemon generated by ne…
Retweeted by Leigh AlexanderI heard ariana’s cover of ‘emotions’; I do like her, but i would still be kind of offended if I were @MariahCarey.… if true @educueto there was definitely a half naked guy! @vidaisonline @necrosofty @leighalexander thanks!
Retweeted by Leigh Alexanderif you’re at @ reboot develop my talk is at 1230 tomorrow (fri) on the SUPERNOVA STAGE.we killed it! i were a presenter on ancient aliensNice @steishere @basketogress SOMETIMES good things happen to me at workisnt even my final form
@annyfm Well, I came from New York, which is a very expensive city, but even with the exchange rate I find savings… @pervocracy @doriath69 @dylanmatt @libbyanelson (mumbled lyrics) y’all: wow awesome captures the tranquilized spirit of our times woman: (mumbled lyrics) y’a…“The American Family Association with a glittery coat of paint” @hunktears @scumbelievable 50% of my entire personal online vocabulary has been permanently murdered 🤠😎 @kylekpate lavender, sage, rose and thyme as all ok @ghoulnoise I’ve never experienced this sensation... @kylekpate White owl on our coast, this isn’t a meaningful differenceYou don’t see me getting in your citröen and spitting on your novenasI’m from Massachusetts so when I see people putting tobacco in weed it verges on cultural disrespect and is very offensive.