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lindsay @LeisureSuitLinz North Canton, OH

I should have peed before I left the house. // PSN: LeisureSuitLinzy // she/her

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Hey @sheriffkevin it's our jam
I wish I'd done anything except stare dumbly at him. I hope he at least got it out of his system on me.Just wanted to breeze through my a familiar hometown drive-thru for some party drank. Got treated to a dude's xenop… can be made canon by everyone at Nintendo, but they're my favorite Mario baddie and this is just the hill I'm going to die on.Listen, I know there's a lot of political turmoil right now and the last thing you need is some know-nothing's opin…
male action protagonists could look like this but creators are just cowards
Retweeted by lindsayOkay but now I want it. @LissySandwich My name is Lindsay and I'm here to say I love you too baby I love you too baby and I love you too baby. WELL.Just after standing outside my front door, hucking fistfuls of leftover corn in the garden for the birds, I turned…
one of my all time favorites, despite skipping it on the album for *years* after I bought it. @merrittk RIGHT?? I think about this game literally every few months.
THAT'S what I like to hear! @sheriffkevin @JoeyRukkus It's just one of those things (at least to me!) that's justifiably super popular. It's hard to not get invested.
Watching game of thrones is an amazing reminder that I am physically weak and would immediately die in a world wher…
Retweeted by lindsay @lolacoaster SAME.
Retweeted by lindsay @theferocity @IsaacFitzgerald Also, I always have to have subtitles on because either they mumble or I've got shit ears.I know I'm going full Wine Mom but MAN do I dig a rainy Sunday. talk tho the best Joker adaptation was Liz Lemon's.
Retweeted by lindsay @evtofficial This is very good.
@LissySandwich If you ever get the kind that you make yourself , I'd highly recommend making it with coconut oil in…
Can't wait to see who comes out of the woodwork acting like my best friend now. 💅💅💅 #donthatemecauseyouaintme
When i die instead of a moment of silence, I request a moment of everyone pretending something that’s not a phone is a phone.
Retweeted by lindsayI've been in the waiting room to see my regular doctor about my anxiety for a half hour now and part of me wants to… @briangaar I can't wait to see who you transform into! Also, I'm super happy about this but I wish they'd let you m… @DanaSchwartzzz Reading the phoenetic descriptions of various dad sneezes has me in tears.twitter dot com baybeeeee @FlatFootFox @High5Hannah holy shit if this isn't you
@JoeyRukkus @sheriffkevin Dude that's incredible!! Well done! @sheriffkevin HIGH FIVE.GUYS. I just figured out the source of a leak in my bathroom sink (not plumbing! Just a weird hole at the base of t…
Retweeted by lindsay @Chickadeeeeedee I would be honored to adopt them all! @Chickadeeeeedee That would be raaaaaad! I love your decorating style... It's pretty much in the vein of what I'm going for! @Eleaseisowned MOST LIKELY.Robert E. Lee’s last words before his death were “Oh Mary I’ve gone and pissed my pants again. Just like I did when…
Retweeted by lindsay🆒🆗 @Eleaseisowned Oooooh okay!! @wormsRgross Next time I see her, I'll get her takes on what I should keep inside my living/dining room!! Duh, I ca… don't know the first thing about plants but I desperately want to become a Plant Lady because it seems like a goo… @LissySandwich I bought this from Amazon for when I sell my video game candles at craft shows. 😁 @sheriffkevin Also, I hope you feel better soon.❤️ @sheriffkevin Dude me too! Hooray for old tenants! @sheriffkevin my dog suplexed me from the couch to the ground for trying to get her ear drops in and I found a huge patch o…
@SamSykesSwears Between that, breeding chocobos and cross dressing to turn on a bad guy, the game is Pretty Horny™ @McNarnia I won't be at the conference but that's my neck of the woods if you want to grab a beer! @sheriffkevin SO BAD. @wormsRgross
Retweeted by lindsayMajored in philosophy, IPA-drinkin-ass boy.I'm always going to have a soft spot in my heart for Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" but in retrospect the lyrics… @kathbarbadoro Bless.
@LissySandwich Dorothy Parker, for sure! Her sharp wit and occasional nihilism would be perfect in this era. @EmmiEmmiBoBemmi BTW she's still obsessed with that slap bracelet. @EmmiEmmiBoBemmi YAY!This is my Sea of Thieves character. In the canon of our stream, her name is Porridge. @AM2DM @joshgondelman He's such a damn gift to us.
They say to never meet your heroes.
I can't wait to see who gets cast as Ed. @amyisajarjar Love YOU! 😍😍😍😍😍 @amyisajarjar At first I thought I wouldn't have any idea what things in my life were causing anxiety, then suddenl… @tonybonesarelli @bransonreese ME TOO.Me: these earplugs should help me actually sleep through the night instead of jolting awake at every little noise.… disease where i can’t read book without thinking “well Look at U!!! you’re reading a book!!!!!!!!”
Retweeted by lindsay @JakeBaldino @mistermegative I didn't spend hundreds of hours cultivating in-game coffee beans to be sassed by this killjoy. @sheriffkevin For sure, I just get weird about talking through stuff sometimes. It's almost deer in the headlights.… my psychiatrist's office. Apparently just north of Shadow Cat and adjacent to Learning To Live Again.
@meeklexilight Ahahahahaha I love those kids so much! @meeklexilight Between that and Violet calling Navi "Knobby".... 🍆Today @Eleaseisowned made my daughter the happiest I think she's ever been. night, my bearded lady crafted a unicorn flamethrower and my husband got us a decked out muscle car and what I… @Harpua1987 Alex might, I can't remember... I haven't yet, though.When someone asks you how your depression has been lately.
Retweeted by lindsay @theyetee Uh YEAH......once Alex's Steam updates.Possibly finishing Far Cry: New Dawn tonight if you wanna come hang out? @sheriffkevin OMFG
"Margot, why are you so fussy and HOW did you get mud all over your leg?" -Me, moments before instead getting the… @theyetee 🐵👍When #yeteesquad puts out a call for merch pictures and this Kong has a funny face. @Eleaseisowned Pan's Daaaaaaam, Bish!🐐
@evtofficial You have no idea how much I needed that just now. @evtofficial Today I called the Easter Bunny in front of her and told them not to bother dropping candy by our hous… @Crunchyroll @Eleaseisowned lemme hear yours boo @evtofficial Holy shit sameAnyway, genuinely thought I was being pranked when I woke up to an email that this was out on early access, but unl…
oh god oh fuck
Retweeted by lindsayI paid for a stranger's coffee and then she cut me off for a parking spot! 🌸 #payitforward #blessedBilly Corgan rides a rollercoaster
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@exteenaw We need more Daisy in the world! 👑Clud
Retweeted by lindsaythrow in your weapons and I will make you mayor of flavortownjust googled 'great fieri fountain' and was shocked that it doesn't exist yet. someone who can photoshop plz make this happen for me.DOCTOR: It says here you took 3 years off to "soak in tub" ? ME: (pleasantly) Yes, due to my agonies.
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people with anxiety tend to: • telegraph their strong lunge attacks 3-4 frames in advance • dodge roll away and us…
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Toy Story (1995): When you're not looking, your toys are having adventures of their own! Toy Story (2019): Kill th…
Retweeted by lindsay @sheriffkevin You know I just subscribed! 😎 @sheriffkevin Lmao that's the first time I've ever heard his voice