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Regardless of what I'm doing I'd rather be dreaming bro I love that shit /lemipog got sussed

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Goal Juventus. Weston McKennie. 0-2.
Retweeted by Lemi @LFCNxsir I agree but I disagree with the "man's duty to provide" @grimm_chasing @ManCity @Lemii already exists 👍
Retweeted by Lemi @AubieAnderson @grimm_chasing @ManCity Hexagon is so stimulating @iammissbrock It's the last time I'm high for the month had to make the most @iammissbrock Same I genuinely tried drawing how I felt, then took a selfie to compare it to (this is the selfie) is peak @Aloreiii Is heDo you guys like my drawing @itsKuba_ He's such a beast man and he's so wholesome and a good personDALLMYD is a legend man, watching him go from entering SoaR and FaZe recruitment challenges to becoming this sick s… @jason91474725 @sowunna48 @OzilThings @UnitedsRelated i know it wern't on purpose but it was still a red card worth… @bubbIxs maybe hes just fatigued he's been playing game in game out since coming back from injury and he's still not fully into the system @StarBoiKeita need that mentality @StarBoiKeita Beast you got that self love @noealz the bottoms look super comfy @noealz You look really happy man also don't mind the fit it's comfy drip Congrats @jacksondahl Need some SuperRare x 100T digital artThiago at Bayern vs Thiago at Liverpool.
Retweeted by Lemiman said soft sugar walls bro not wrong bro but I’m begging you to please get some help
Retweeted by Lemi @shouIdanever i havent been in school for 5 years and i havent needed to spell it for like 8 @Carlylmfaoo thank u @OinkTips Thank u @shouIdanever whatI was finishing cereal milk then bent over to grab my dogs ball from under the couch and I felt the milk come back… the fuck do you spell Clorean that shit in water bc apparently I've got it wrong @sowunna48 @OzilThings @UnitedsRelated Ref didn't cost you, Nani did. @sowunna48 @OzilThings @UnitedsRelated he jumps up and then lifts his leg up there, he's already 2 ft off the groun… @9squeeze predicted 11 imo ali robbo taa fabinho phillips gini keita jones salah firmino jotaSalah, Keita & Jota must start tomorrow Idc about the rest
Retweeted by Lemi @sowunna48 @OzilThings @UnitedsRelated it's a high foot, he could've easily just gone for a header, arbeloa was running towards the ballBring Mbappe to Liverpool fr (the organizers claim if they don't reach the money it'll go to the LFC Foundation cha…'M CRYING BRO
Retweeted by LemiAny of y'all know how to get a refund for a subscription through paypal? @MohamaadS_ it's different on android too, it's wrong imoWhat the ball sees when you’re getting it from under the car
Retweeted by Lemi @moiicunt id say im more of a snowflake than an edgy cunt, i always want everyone to be happy so i rarely use edgy… every single Transfer Window
Retweeted by LemiWouldn’t it be awesome, to spend all day and night taking photos and sharing them? I look forward to retirement som…
Retweeted by Lemiso should our players for medical care
Retweeted by Lemi @moiicunt I'm somewhere inbetween @AnfieldEditon @cfbayern As long as we sell Adrian 🤞Liverpool are heavily linked with young Belgian prospect Simon Mignolet. The club has been "impressed" with the goa…
Retweeted by Lemi @sowunna48 @OzilThings @UnitedsRelated Nani killed the game for your with that reckless challenge*Blatant corruption for decade after decade have convinced United fans that a kung fu kick to the chest isn't a stra…
Retweeted by Lemi @Hauntterr Twitch gotta sort their shit outTwitch having different prices for bits and subs on mobile compared to PC should actually be a scam dude @Youssef_Mo28920 @TheAnfieldTalk Wtf his value is 92m bc his contract we ain't paying 100 plus mane we'll pay like 70 @LizzyBalentine I still can't believe that's a thing over there like wtf @jazzyjazzz0 That's so fucking horrible I'm so sorry you have to deal with that and hear that from your own mother.… @CM__LFC
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@daveonater game memories when you're a kid are so insanely positive it's insane man i absolutely fucking loved playing the warriors on ps2 @daveonater that first game looks like a secret gemYanay backwards is Yanay @Mlord70001 ah im august @Mlord70001 when u born @charlieacog Happy Birthday Charlie :) @LFCLaurie Ox PR merchantX-Men reboot is reportedly being developed under the title 'The Mutants' (via @The_Illuminerdi)
Retweeted by Lemi @lfcalexx6 Bangerwhen you win a game of chess
Retweeted by LemiYeah this sucks. If y'all don't know, people hang up shoes on powerlines to remember the dead
Retweeted by Lemi @archieIfc I don't understand man @Funtime_Videos @_Mottag @Minions as a person who knows nothing about ace attorney i hope this is decent
Retweeted by LemiThis is hilarious all! I don't really do this a lot or share my personal life here but my school is on the brink of closing down…
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2021 player completed more xLGCLG (Let’s Go Chelsea Let’s Go!) than Pulisic vs Liverpool (28.87). Cheerleader.
Retweeted by Lemiwoke up got my swag on @isoquince idk what this is but that was madTook me to his opps block(unknowingly) long story short his gun jammed and we had to dash
Retweeted by LemiIt’s still Protect Black Women.
Retweeted by Lemi @innocent look forward to taking your job <3 @amaanderz Aw“are u ok?” No i suck at a game that I play 8 hours a day fuck you
Retweeted by Lemi @percneet @blooderings @amineesiriboe Couldn't even spell activities right but go off @ahrabik Awww good boy @ahrabik gl Bernie
@Hauntterr Trust bro I'm going full Lemiath @Hauntterr Bet bro this the one 🙏 @Hauntterr Put my ass in a movieWhat y'all doing rn" ur so quiet " thanks im not comfortable around u
Retweeted by Lemi @blakekathryn @GNev2 top 3 skillers in the pl? @Nabyllionaire tbf, if the swoosh was smaller and in red on the white bit above it, it'd be peng as fuck @Gavpai goodbye brother @donkopleone @9squeeze @TheAnfieldTalk thats a shout actually cheers @donkopleone @9squeeze @TheAnfieldTalk im not calling them united and sheffield united is long @9squeeze @TheAnfieldTalk true but we still play dog doing our regular 433 and sheffield play boring football like… @9squeeze @TheAnfieldTalk it was our formation vs sheffield @Nabyllionaire you gotta love this one tho surely @bubbIxs vvd and agger back lineits so funny seeing kids argue over consoles in 2021 of all times man @TheAnfieldAlert @GrizzKhan Mbappe, Camavinga and Romagnoli