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@Hehe_TV @GFuelEnergy how many times am I gonna find a new word for a person, I really said man, dude and bro in the same sentence. @Hehe_TV @GFuelEnergy Hey, I'm really proud of you man this is awesome dude keep up the grind bro.we've worked for years for this and today I'm beyond excited to announce we've officially partnered with…
Retweeted by lemi @Bifner @MikoCatalano @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump Even then so, think about the people you pass by on the streets a… @Bifner @MikoCatalano @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump I'm a person who cares more about your friends and family than you do it seems. @Bifner @MikoCatalano @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump You could get it and be asymptomatic, wear a fucking mask. You pu… @Cxmaron ahhh @Cxmaron are you looking to buy a car yeah? @ELPWSwastaken @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Valkyrae @brookeab @CouRageJD $100 or $90 or more @Bifner @MikoCatalano @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump just saw it in my notifs bro @Cxmaron shoulda said $1000 fr @shivisdumb do they have one for liam or lemi @Bifner @MikoCatalano @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump when you have no good argument @N0rmel @Grahamalott its way better than their last drop ill give em that, that grey n blue hoodie clean @JhbTeam @xLambo_ @Grahamalott @N0rmel @Haunterx7 whats the song where it's like "Don't know much about history, don't know much about biology, but I d… @Haunterx7 @sebastianjii Pink Floyd @Grahamalott @N0rmel thats what everyone would think then BOOM u know it'd have been crazy, its just the way they h… @sebastianjii @Haunterx7 ah @N0rmel same @Haunterx7 @sebastianjii JOEY BADASS IS PART OF THE RAP AND HIP HOP WORLDmy expectations were so much higher 100T actually announce DrDisrespect tonight that'd would be so fucking geniusThe rebirth. New music Friday 7/17.
Retweeted by lemi @joeyBADASS @TheSamsmanmans single handedly saving 2020 @liImorg they tryna make her a hero ffs @xonemanlegacy hey bro, just left a comment on your vid about the 5700 XT, please get back to me when you can cheers. <3 @percibro I don't own a usb stick... @TipsWasTaken How can you flash a graphics cards bios in MW bro @TipsWasTaken What the fuck
Retweeted by lemiAnyone know how to flash GPU bios's?Here we go again :( languages 100 books read 100 songs he sung 100 sums he did 100 stars he saw 0 hoes he had @SamjaySJ they made him look like a mafia wars ad bro ffs @ELPWSwastaken @may_wedda your mom shoulda swallowed you bro @ELPWSwastaken @may_wedda alright mr all my tweets are double platinum, calm down now @may_wedda @ELPWSwastaken FR LMFAOOOOO @sebastianjii how do i do thisMy man's about to offer a pc for a lifetime subscription... @_LFCNxsir Swap wij for Keita @losdeemix @Avalanche100T Bro I always got put on 800m sprints fuck school @Froste I should've done this when my chair broke Fuck @PrimeHendo @kanyewest @trentaa98 @LFC @playboicarti @BlackYellow @postedinthecrib Yeah I don't touch the game or w… @PrimeHendo @kanyewest @trentaa98 @LFC @playboicarti @BlackYellow @postedinthecrib Fortnite???They said FFP was put in place to stop big clubs having a financial advantage over smaller clubs. But if they can g…
Retweeted by lemi @PrimeHendo @kanyewest @trentaa98 @LFC @playboicarti @BlackYellow @postedinthecrib @Hehe_TV Acer KG241, I've heard other people have issues too. @FakeySensei That's fair bro @Hehe_TV Ye ones 144 the other is 60 but the 144 one has like awful colour so it blisters my eyes sometimes I'm gon… @Hehe_TV Em @Hehe_TV If u mean 1080p HD ye I got 2 of ek @FakeySensei I like cake image memes but not the text tweets about em @FakeySensei Jumpscare @Hehe_TV I'm saying if I had ur setup I would it's too flashy and colourful, I mean it's gorgeous and sick I just c… @Hehe_TV Gaming @notxtahmi 0 clue haven't touched a Pokémon after pearl @notxtahmi That's fair bro @notxtahmi You can't? @notxtahmi 468 in 1? @Hehe_TV Bruh I'd lose all concentration w those lights n monitors and colours everywhere @notxtahmi These @notxtahmi Do you got those cartridges @goal Koulibaly wont leave NapoliNone of the officers involved in the murders of Elijah McClain & Breonna Taylor have been arrested! Elijah was Mu…
Retweeted by lemi @itsKuba_ sick of mfs saying "Normalize" and then some bullshit after LMFAOOOOO @FartCEO @theneedledrop Anthony, get on it lad. @Virg_VD @LFCVik2 Yeah, he had a clause in his contract that would let him leave a year earlier than his contract e… warning signs someone’s anxiety is setting in; a thread.
Retweeted by lemi @Bifner @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump You're one of those anti vax ppl? Jesus christ ffsWhoever this is, god bless you. i hope you get that bag
Retweeted by lemi @Bifner @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump How can you respect me and ask me for my evidence of me owning one and not get… @Bifner @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump Now get yours mate @Bifner @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump Got 2 w different materials for comfort @Bifner @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump I use an N95 @TristanGHill dms @Bifner @oxynod @MisterJazz7 @THump Okay so just get a proper, recommend mask and quit complaining. @TristanGHill I'm super good at research, have experience with merchandise design, sales experience online and in a… did this just show up in my steam queue. @AubieAnderson Ahhh @AubieAnderson U hate apex @Rob33737 @MisterJazz7 @THump Well it's two devil's man at the end of the day it's our choice die from mental healt… @ImThonk U said fuck love-island @MohamaadS_ Vibing w the boys in the den rnHello earth @VoithoSss Issa jumpscare @oxynod @Bifner @MisterJazz7 @THump Tell em @Ludaz_ Fair enough tbf envy that @MisterJazz7 @THump I get that but after 2 and a half years I doubt we're gonna get a vaccine. I wouldn't wait 3 ye… @charlieacog @THump I get you but I think we're fucked either way or atleast the youth are. Half that backbone gonn… @Ludaz_ I mean I doubt anyone would use a word in my muted list to go at me or you bro I just mean shit that u cba to see on the tl @THump I mean I'd say it's more likely there is one that could exist than there isn't it just might take a while,… @THump They should stay shut until a vaccine is available for the public. especially for those younger who wouldn't… @Ludaz_ Fr?What's in yall muted words list @snowmexican9 @Avalanche100T Bro what @Avalanche100T nothing, life is good im sipping cereal watching footy highlights @Boz0kay Fuck youme making sure the homies arent made of cake
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