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✨I make comics and games✨ [she/her] Art/Design Lead on Pekoe at @KittenCupStudio. Art Director at @MightyYell. Insta: @ saffronaurora

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@kait_zilla I’ve just been playing Animal Crossing and Planet Zoo, two games with animals and chill infrastructure planning haha @space_ellien Omg cute!! I’ve never seen one like this before 😮🧡 Here’s the link to the full video! 🧡 @Markymark665 I’m so glad we got to collab on a thing together and excited to do more in the future!! 😍✨✨✨Good afternoon bump 🧡 @genicecream @GiantAnt @trigger_inc It's so good, I love watching it!! 😭
This was fun!! Might explore more little animation loops in the future, and @Markymark665 always kills it with his…🎵 Gulliver's Lo-fi Game Over 🎵 Music by @Markymark665 Mark and I collabed on my most recent #ACNH fanart and he m… Crush KO was featured in Famitsu this week! Look at this gorgeous two-page layout!! 😍👏✨
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @VividFoundry ✨✨✨My friend works at loblaws and they are currently absolutely the worst. Stay safe and don't support this type of se…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @BelgianBoolean I thought I was the only one!! 😮Opportunity: - incubator for commercial experimental games - marketing, legal, financial, other business mentorshi…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸Gonna share a cool lil collab later today 👀
DO YOUR PART, DONT GO TO THE PARK 👏 @blankdave It designed itself, really @carmiico Aw I love this!!
I started playing Planet Zoo this weekend and oh no oh god all of my peacocks have the plague and PEACOCKS ARE ALL I HAVELater Daters is coming to a platform near you on April 16! It's a senior dating simulator full of whimsy and deligh…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @SEchouafni 😭N O @Courtney_Fay_M I hope so too!!! 😭😭😭💖 @Courtney_Fay_M HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎂🎉🎈
Finished that drawing based on a magazine cover I really liked. Missing those summertime vibes. 😞☀️✨
Thanks for the tag Courtney 💖 Throwing out some of my favorite recent illustrations and tagging some cool peeps yo… @chriswulf_ I’m sorry for your loss 😔💜CHICKEN FEET DOG CHICKEN FEET DOGHaha, oh Howl you dramatic himbo magicianCarefully...taking notes of all the I can draw it later...Watching Howl’s Moving Castle as an adult, and enjoying all the little details in this movie 💖 Ugh it’s so beautifulHella psyched to be part of the #indiedev studios highlighted by @ID_Xbox! 🤘🛹 💁‍♀️ #gamedev
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @autumnpioneer Woah this looks amazing @GameGrumps @AngryangryD @RubberNinja The colors, the shading, the composition, everything... 😩👌🙌We're honoured to be invited to share #TheBookOfDistance at @Tribeca's DIGITAL ARCADE this year! You don't want t…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @eugelng pls......nintendo...... ; u ;
Heard the word? 👀 #TheBigCon is coming to #Xbox One, #Windows10 & #XboxPlay Anywhere! 🎉 The Big Con is a #90s-…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸We’ve got exciting news: #TheBigCon is featured in the new @ID_Xbox series featuring #gamedev on #indiegames! 🎮
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@ghostordie SOFT but SPICE @henryfaber I like to think of this as one of my key defining I wanna know 👀💦✨ @instant_onion Fresh cut leeks @cladinrad Omg...the wooden block with gachapon toys 😭😭😭😭 @_mlktea FSo, I realized that it was the lack of keyboard wrist support that has been causing my arm to hurt. This discovery… @DonnaVuArt I bet Blathers would lose his shit over this 😂 @Shaggyshan THE ATTITUDE!!!
I wish I could afford to buy the big fat tanuki statue at my local Japanese store. I just....need it so bad. That's…✨ Hello everyone! I'm holding a mini fundraiser where I'm offering mentoring sessions in return for a donation to f…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @KotLT_Animation @michaeldoigart @EllePowerr So stylin 😍✨ @egoraptor Wait WHAT CHARACTERS 😳 Gonna keep an ear out next time I watch
@glenoneill I love this its great @TheArtofBella Ty! 🙏Anyone have any art tips or tutorials for drawing/painting digital 'holographic' effects? @pkkaos @CalicoGame CUTE!!!! @colinmcummings Holy CRAP @AlennMakes You’re doing great! @BelgianBoolean It’s not trash, looking back on your art and thinking it’s awful is reflective of your growth and c… Mario Paper Mario PAPER MARIO @Mr_Tedders 😍
@bengelinas I 👏 am 👏READY 👏͈̲͕̥̼̱̙a͙̰̳͎͙̜̟ͅn̼̰̜̲͎̙̼i͔̣͎l̞̥͎̥̰͍̗͍ͅa̭ ̻͕̰̘̜i͉͙̠̝s̝͓͙̲̙̥̭̱ ͍m͈͙̦̝̦͉͚y͕͙̩͍ ͓̻͚͙̘̳̪̟͓f̱̗̼͎̤̟͖̝a̯̲̤v͙̰̜̘̤o̥̪̤̻̰̫̲͙… Zoom, a WFH bedtime story.
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @Gaziter @ADAMATOMIC @adampi @ViktorKraus2 @Lfobbb This is SO FUN AND CUTE!!! 🐸🐻🦝🐍🐘The animal funk club is now open! 🐸🎶 > < 🎵 made by: @adampi @ViktorKraus2 @Lfobbb and me (:
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @emmamochii YES!!!lil drawing cause i love blathers 🦉 #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #blathers #drakememe #drawing #digitalart #art
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@AndreaaCW 😭😭😭
I'm Not A Furry - 2020 Starter Pack
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸My current job has essentially fired me, so I'm looking for work now more than ever. Game producer. Designer. Writ…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @hellocookie Time to go on a hunting tripSOUND ON Haven't unlocked the "time of day" music yet so I made my own I'm thinking this is like a 11pm theme tho…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸 @HandEyeSociety We make do with what we haveWe have fun here #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @SamanthaCKing Hell ya pro strats @hellocookie So loving, I feel so happy watching this 😭 @Courtney_Fay_M @Megcurdy WHAT that's hella cute!!!! @DingoYones It's a bug's world now
@bobacupcake Omg its money rock island!! @desplesda This is a good pin @lazerwalker That’s definitely Meliodas @lazerwalker this 7 Deadly Sins???Hello friends, please read our new blog update regarding COVID-19 and our future programming. Also, kindly fill out…
Retweeted by Froggyfron Chairora 🐸Lord every time I try and draw them iT'S a DiFfeReNt StYLe!!!!!! SO FRUSTRATINGI want to draw my Late For School Club girls more... 😭 I know what I have to do......but I don't know if I have th… @raegeii Oooh loving the dynamic comp on the right!!#SelfIsolationLife updates in the Slack is now available as a phone wallpaper, animated + still, with a pastel variant!'s Game Over (Still) Gulliver's Game Over (Animated GIF) Witcher - Yennefer The Witcher - Geralt The Witcher - Ciri Inside Capy (With text) Stay Inside Capy (No text)✨Ko-fi wallpaper update thread! ✨ Featuring: New capy wallpaper, The Witcher series, Gulliver (animated and still)… @gabdar Kitten Cup Hanami on Pekoe Island??? 👀👀👀Omg thank you I slept through it!!Will this post get...the nice number...Damn that was some deep lore @tavbakowski I’ll link my ko-fi with the post tomorrow!Gonna upload a whack ton of phone backgrounds to my ko-fi tomorrow!! And also been trying to figure out...Live Wall… @Saiato top tier island pull????as a treat, just a lilA lil WIP ✨🐺
We're excited to be one of the Ubisoft Indie Series finalists this year!! Congrats to all of the other finalists as…
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