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Seriously? Seven dead in Delhi. Violence has not abated. Stop this insensitivity.
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonBeef eating is only a problem when Muslims and Dalits do it.
Retweeted by Shishi Sonsonmodi's whole political career in two pictures
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonEvidence is walking to the police station and submitting itself, but unfortunately the cops are out rioting so ther…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonThe SC has suo moto powers to question state agencies. Not private citizens sitting on protests. Had they asked D…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonCan Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and other leaders stop sermonising Delhi from the comforts of their room. You nee…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonNaturally Trump will have to take a solo presser. From 2002 to 2020, Mr. Modi has not taken a single press conferen…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonIt was an anti Muslim riot in Delhi and it wont stop at the national capital. The Supreme leader and his bloodlust…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonSaid another woman: “Modi thought Muslim women were weak and needed to be saved. But today is is we who are asking…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonTo plan more attacks?
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonWould anybody be able to recommend a mental health professional in Delhi for a teenage boy suffering from suicidal…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonSo @nidhi do you also advise women who have faced domestic abuse to hide it with layers of makeup when guests come…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonEight documents. All rejected. The cruelty is indeed the point.
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson“A man lies injured on the road.” This caption testifies how rotten Indian media has become. “Man lies injured.”…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonReuters is framing things quite accurately here #DelhiBurning
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonFor my Taj files: Yogi Adityanath, Islamophobic politician from Hindu fundamentalist party, gifts photo of Taj--a M…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonDeeply moved by stoic courage of hundreds of women at protest sites when Delhi is rocked by hate violence, determin…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonThose guys are literally lying in a pool of blood and the uniformed pigs are enjoying this. heckling the injured to…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonThe largest democracy. If this is not a progrom then what is this.
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonMighty rich calling John Oliver "NOT a legit journalist" when you literally write columns for OpIndia. 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonYour city is on FIRE. Your citizens are DEAD. You have FULL FLEDGED COMMUNAL RIOTS IN YOUR STREETS. This is not t…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonIt is a huge honour for me. I accept this award on behalf of all journalists who are fighting an unpopular battle t…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @AdityaRajKaul Sir, I was attacked by pro CAA protestors for reporting facts. A group of men armed with sticks and…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @AdityaRajKaul Sir I was reporting from Bhajanpura today. PRO CAA Protesters happily chanted #JaiShriRam and pelted…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @AdityaRajKaul Yes! I was on the ground where Pro-CAA protestors burned houses. Broke shops. Started pelting stones…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @pimbilikipilapi 😂😂😂😂😂Truth 👇🏼
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonKejriwal should have called for an All Party Meeting. Kejriwal should have met the Lt. Governor. Kejriwal should h…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonsonhow can you hear the sun chanting om but not the fucktards here yelling jai shri ram here? conveniently delusional…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson
.@DelhiPolice is a state sponsored, state sanctioned, terrorist organization
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonSir.. apartheid was a law in South Africa. But it was inhuman, immoral, unethical & evil! Just because something is…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonThis video in particular, shows the Delhi Police *leading* stone-pelting by pro-government mobs.
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonThis is how suitcases are made. The process is called thermoforming
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonUtterly shameful @_YogendraYadav! People from my community have been brutalized, killed, and maimed, and you have…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonsonis this even a real country anymore
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonHey @Eml_a belated happy birthday 😁😁Mount Fuji at Dusk by
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonFor the love of god UNMUTE THIS
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonThe 36-year old double centurion 🐐 #OnThisDay 10 years ago, Sachin Tendulkar scored the first 200 in ODIs 💯💯…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonI find it interesting that it’s always the bowler who is questioned in these circumstances re ‘spirit of cricket’.…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson
Learning to talk
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonJust outside of Bologna you can see the world breathing.
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson3/4 is the false shame of fools to try to conceal wounds that have not healed!
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson
@ChiniZyaada Lol making debutants look so promising. Always happens with us onlyThe comments section looks GOLD! 😂
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @Muneema Hi Muni San 😬😬 @Muneema Govt puppet means no civics class only. @miks_mix93 This account is full of them 😁120👾👽Some spooky & fun physics going on in Manitoba, Canada! The halos are from the refraction of light by ice crystal…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonIndia will never ever forget these Prophetic Words of Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh: ""History will be…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonSunsets in Tokyo, Japan
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @_d33pi Same
@pimbilikipilapi The assumption that all Startup founders are Gods and working with them is a sure way to learn.This is the only prime that is the average of 2 consecutive Fibonacci numbers
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @_Vat____ 😂😂😂😂 @meghakaveri HaTs OfF @DimpledJalebi "I will pay you in exposure, can you give me food"Yeah, who will pay interns right? When "Learning and Growing" is the icing on the cake. Mahal, India
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Retweeted by Shishi SonsonWill PM Modi argue that even UN Secy General is misinterpreting CAA & spreading fear among minorities? Citizenship…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonWhat fraction of the square does this rectangle cover?
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonIt was Rs 220 in 2014!
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @pimbilikipilapi @EkPlatePoha Lol 😂 trying really hard to make her watch FMA Brotherhood :pGoddamn. What a fantastic arc that was!Now I want to watch Bleach again. Especially Soul Society Arc. @pimbilikipilapi Thalaivan is still one of the best villains to have been created. Ridiculously overpowered. Soul… people are SO unhelpful
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson*Aizen Souske enters the chat* @pimbilikipilapi you earn $7000, every hour of every day since birth of Christ, you still wouldn’t be as rich as Jeff Bezos.
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Retweeted by Shishi Sonson
20 Years of Anime
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonWhen my crush posts a pic
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonNo one: Anime character getting hit into the ground:
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonAt the age of 19, Gauss was the first person to accomplish the ruler and compass construction of a 17-gon polygon.…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @shrinivassg 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥India ranks 102 out of 117 countries in Global Hunger Index. As per Human Development Index, India is home to 28%…
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @_curses @ImVHarini She's as awesome as RoBro 😬😬😬😬 Ayam escape :p @ImVHarini @_curses PK 😂😂😂😂😂 @aruink_ 😂😂😂😂😂Jeff Bezos didn’t “donate” $10B to “fight climate change” he’s setting up a $10B venture called the “Bezos Earth Fu…
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What’s the total shaded area?
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonWhy is this man blocking the roads and causing an inconvenience? #ShaheenBagh
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @ImVHarini @meghakaveri Happy birthday ya 😁😁😁"This is a reminder of how powerful sport is and what magic it does to all of our lives." A God for a nation. An i…
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HxH 15 years ago, the first ever men's T20 international!
Retweeted by Shishi Sonson @isarans @MokkaCheenu Heavily @isarans Rosa hai dil mein Rosa hai Yeh Mera breakfast dosa haiOnly one *group* of people can wear such a coat in airports without being pulled up for an extensive *random* searc…
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonOk, this vadak wins TikTok. The rest of you can stop now.
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@EkPlatePoha High time UNESCO declares Andhra meals as the World's best mealsSumptuous Andhra meals at Nagarjuna with @EkPlatePoha Way timelapse from Maui ,island in Hawaii
Retweeted by Shishi SonsonImagine being an adult and thinking you can get 130 billion dollars with hard work and determination.
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