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Back to the future had its US release yesterday 35 years ago on July 3rd 1985. If I had a time machine I’d go back…
Sex talk with @AlanCarr That time we went shopping for fat balls time me and @realjoeswash was in America doing a totally original idea called ‘TAXI karaoke’ with real people…
That time I went horse riding with @ImAshleyRoberts (WARNING adult chat about horse hygiene) have a great day!
Kil clothes is back! This new collection ‘Legs’ is inspired by some very famous legs all illustrated by me -… in’t day when I auditioned for the X factor in front of @mrssosbourne with me mate @jadejonesdmg and met up wi…
Good morning! Hey ‘Never gonna give you up’! Have a good’n! All t’ best!
That time @rickontour thought we were live, but we wasn’t live
That time I went Shoppin’ with the beautiful @AmandaHolden and talked about pant crappin’
That time I went shopping with Mr Dickinson. Such a lovely man. By we had a laugh
That time I was in Coronation Street
And how could I forget #ghostbusters also released 36 years ago to day! What year for cinema! Shame about 2020. was released 36 years ago today! Love this film big ups to @zwgman for all the years of gremlins joy!
Hope you enjoyed tonight’s #thefantasticalfactoryofcuriouscraft goodnight! X bit of craft here on some pumps of the beautiful @jennypowelltv not sure who actually did these but I still… for ya team if ya know what film this is from???? ya a #backtothefuture fan. The full length tribute to back to the future is on Keith Lemons doings on YouTube. W… fun day on T4 years and years ago. Not sure why I’m dressed as Spiderman??? was such a great day! Through t’ keyhole at @SteveGuttbuck house. Such a nice man. Miss the days of keyhole. H…
Have a nice day! book!
I wonder if we’ll get to go on holiday this year? I feel I could do with one, which is funny cos I’ve done nowt. Ho…‘Burning pockets’ by the super skilled @saveferres this should be a t-shirt #colourfulclobber
Since lockdown I’ve become a dress maker. Haven’t actually, but I have learn’t to sew a bit. Made 4 t-shirts. Who n… recent events, I’ve done a lot of talking and learning and I would like to put this out there. I want to… crossed for fortheloveofhorror @jasedando10 Yes I’ve dyed my hair, cut it and shaved my beard off apart from the tash @annis94921415 Ah Fanks. No worries
@hkr1862 @vikingbreakfast Cheers @MichaeljonF @LeighFrancis Vivienne Westwood. But it was last September @hkr1862 @vikingbreakfast All t’ best! Love erasure! @stephaniemain2 @IWilson2007 What materiel? Is that me? No I do t have white hair! Shakes head even more till it’s… @budge_emma @AnnaRichardso Cheers @DarthToyMan @UKToyCollector @Channel4 @All4 @AnnaRichardso Fank you @IWilson2007 @stephaniemain2 No I don’t have white hair
@AdamGre51819666 @PaddyMcGuinness @RealKiefer Ha ha @TheVeronaRose No worries! Good luck with ya show! Looks funny! @AvrilTimmis @DrewStruzan The world is broken @AvrilTimmis @DrewStruzan Nope @ChodValley Yeah it’s nice it’s name comes from the mallow flower
.@lemontwittor @ARVEENEandMiSK @SHAMONCASSETTE - Keith, thank you for supporting #BonVoyage's #HighPower - I'm a bi…
Retweeted by Keith LemonCreated by @harrietvine @fan2500 @Channel4 @AnnaRichardso @HarrietVine @realmartinkemp Ace! I made Nien Nunb too! @amandah36354104 Amazing @beckystiles Where’ve ya been?
@GrantTheHatter @Channel4 @AnnaRichardso @HarrietVine @realmartinkemp Wasn’t itI've done one of those box opening fings that people do on ere with Princess Leia in her Bespin outfit! Watch it on…’t wait to get back to normal times. When we can sing our favourite karaoke songs with our friends “Don’t go bre… Sunday! 8.15 tonight @channel4 with me @annarichardso zakadit @harrietvine and @realmartinkemp and some am… Sundays on @Channel4 at 8:15pm 👩🏻‍🎨🎨 Also stream on @All4 #TheFantasticalFactoryOfCuriousCraft with…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon @dickens_james I like it that they all look different @PhilJacksonuk We’re all lovely in our own way? @GraemeYard Wicked @huntersway3 I didn’t say that did i @dickens_james Look at it’s lovely eyes @junesarpong Ha ha yes. Have an ace day! X @junesarpong Appy birfday lovely June! Big hugs xxx @TunesLennie @BridgetteMeree1 Amazing @lemontwittor @BridgetteMeree1 Hey @lemontwittor Lennie is a little leeds lad who is spreading love and positivity…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon @chrisyhinchliff Yeah look at it’s little eyes @BeatsonJus @TheVersion @realmartinkemp He’s a lovely man @BridgetteMeree1 I hope it’s not in any discomfort having it’s tail on its head. @BridgetteMeree1 It’s a poor dog if it’s tail starts wagging and hits it in its eyes. Bless @SusanHu46303185 @michellevisage Fank you @ifthefaceFitz It’s real @Brendan83274292 Yeah. @realmartinkemp is the celebrity client on @lemontwittor's Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft - tonight on Chan…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon @stuartdickson72 Yeah I think that might be the case @blueskysand65s What?Dog got me up early this morning again. Puked in my hand at 5am. She’s old now. Anyway I couldn’t get back to sleep… at this poor little dog with a tail on its head Lemons Doings - Bear chat with @michellevisage just a bit of lockdown fun @Naomisp22562993 @MrDDyer @BTTFmusical Not seen him for ages @lemontwittor Plz get behind my fiancé & take him to his £5000 target! Completing a 100 mile cycle in 1 day to rais…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon @MrsSkaife @MrDDyer @BTTFmusical Ah such a shame @realnandosboss Yeah that was a tweet from 2012. I’m fine now. Fank you. Fank you for all your lovely food
So look forward to Sunday evenings x #FANTASTICALFACTORYOFCURIOUSCRAFT
Retweeted by Keith Lemon @CreativeRadd They’re amazing!!!Back in 2014 when meself and Malcolm Smith aka @mrddyer was trying to bring Back to the future to the stage.… @kebabjones76 @ThroughKeyhole Tomorrow 8.15 C4 @paulalex1 He’s on my doings! That’s Keith Lemons doings on YouTube! @invertedhedghog @BBCRadio2 @BBCSounds Not sure I even understand that sentence. You spelt Keith wrong though. Have a lovely day xThe REBELLION high tops NOW SHIPPING - they’ve arrived earlier than expected - such excitem…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon. @realmartinkemp is the celebrity client on @lemontwittor's Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft tomorrow night on…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon. @lemontwittor's Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft is nominated in our Lockdown Awards. Vote via…
Retweeted by Keith Lemon @cathywhite10 Hope you had an ace time!!! X @paulalex1 avid Merrion! He now lives in my loft! @michaeljmunro Ha ha cheers @Debo606 @BBCRadio2 @BBCSounds So is your face @SteveMiraverde @BBCRadio2 @BBCSounds I get paid to be a prat. I’m guessing you don’t @ShaunSpex @hollywills @RealKingRegal @DannyJohnJules @benshephard @MrRyanSampson @rosentweets @Bubbadwrestling these comfy @po_zu #starwars boots! Word!
Morning Movies. E.T. the extra-terrestrial.
@StevenD53505389 No logically it’s impossible @StevenD53505389 Keith Lemons doings on YouTube @Lowey_Ol Cheers! @twiteruser14 @lollol5 @Jamiexxs @EijiMihara2013 @CelebrityJuice @itv2 @keithlemon @itvhub @hollywills @Kathbum @Ginofantastico To busy @g1ng3r1999 @EijiMihara2013 @CelebrityJuice @itv2 @keithlemon @itvhub @hollywills There is no story yet @KlRussell @michellevisage Very kind @dogsbolox @EijiMihara2013 @CelebrityJuice @itv2 @keithlemon @itvhub @hollywills @Ginofantastico Too busy