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.@UFC I get my ass beat like that don’t bring that baby to me lol I might swing
Retweeted by Leo @MettaWorldMack happy birthday boss 🥳🎉 @Blankzy__ nope never @Daymeeein LETS GOOOOOOOOO list @Daymeeein apl and sark was goldenwe played jackbox the other day, these mfs think they funny with this shit huh just wait till im the last one lau…
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@leahdb98 same @scobesx happy birthday 🎉🥳 x2 @Exocism_ yeah man, it’s sucks so much but they messed us up and left us with no helphappy birthday @scobesx 🥳🎉Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna
Retweeted by LeoHow do you even make a song as futuristic as this 20 years ago?? Like what type of drugs were they smoking
Retweeted by Leo @Diesel2199 LOL @SteelersHateMe_ yeah one day it will happen @MarcusSmarf yup @DMVCoop301 one day it will comeAdam Silver should be fired for thinking Mike Conley can play entertaining basketball @xAidanZul oh @C9AIex @Cent @MPleasing72 LMAO @MPleasing72Worth it @xAidanZul soon i just have no idea when @silvasalavisa BRO????? @kingofthabears ??????? @Daymeeein 8 milliondamn this tweet was legendary, need the screenshot @MeekPhill_ one day i just don’t know when @aw_ftf idk when but it will happen @wtfshayfanacc @Cent crazy @WashedJC @Cent they fooled us all! @WashedJC @Cent whew chillsalright nvm y’all will outbid all of you @BasedGothlol my faceBuy this tweet Bears fans @centTime to buy this tweet @ParkerRevolt fr @_miyamoto__ wowretiring the shiba avi after i show my face soon got the best apparel on the planet bruh
Retweeted by Leo @Brett_Pats NOOOOOOOO @kingofthabears afterMe and @kingofthabears @xoxabstract it sucks salma it really does @nickisdownbad someone is gone
@scaruki THANK YOU SCAR @wtfshayfanacc WOOOOOOOOOOOBANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG away @Josh_Tries @BasedGothlol That nigga is not black he is a dog
Retweeted by LeoWait until I show my face on this account, my shiba avi gonna be retired associate everybody with they avy i aint see leo face till this year and i known him forever so that nigga shiba to me
Retweeted by Leoim crine nigga thought he was in college but it was just a camp hosted by josh tries
Retweeted by Leo @DarienBMG LMAOOOOOOOOOOOYou teach esports as an unpaid intern and get slandered @DarienBMG @Josh_Tries @BasedGothlol LMAOOOOOOOOOOO15 MORE SIGNATURES NEEDED UNTIL 1,500! @SONOFDAZAl cartoon network and nickelodeon kid tbh but mostly cartoon network @kingofthabears’s crazy how talented all my friends areYEAHHHH
Retweeted by Leo @Daymeeein You see it! @DomsRansom LMAOOOOOO I just noticed that 😭Bro aint even spell my @ right smh
Retweeted by Leolol @DomsRansom @notchaselyons morning @SONOFDAZAl MY GOAT OH MY GODdrake scouting talent at PTA meetings. we cant beat this guy
Retweeted by Leo🔜 @AaronOfGeorgia go awayThis speaking to my soul we talking album? @BrunoMarsWe have been gifted sign the petition in normal names guys, it would make things a lot easier @BeckerCollege once again shows that small, privatized colleges do not work for the students nor the staff, they wo…
Retweeted by Leo @Diesel2199 thank you dale! @FavsPriv thank you daniel! @NesoEE thank you man @dracubina 6’0 @stanthefishman @HarryButAverage thank you man! i’ll be fine dw @FelonyPS thank you felony, this helps so much @HighAzMarz25 @Avalanche100T THANK YOU!!!! @PeterThePepega thank you!!!! @_miyamoto__ johnny thank you so much! @IanMCusick thank you ian, yeah it’s a mess rn but we trying to find out everything @Leo__ffs ✍️
Retweeted by Leo @Boy1drr ishan you the homie fr man, thank you @KyleTheGod_ thank you! @JoeyTheSuperJew JOEY! thank you so much man @exJackiee Jackie THANK YOU HOMIE! @Avalanche100T AVA THANK YOU BROTHER , THIS HELPED SO MUCH MAN! @RTG299 thank you very much @populardexter thank you very muchPls take a little time out of your day and sign this 🙏
Retweeted by Leo @JOSSI4H thank you man