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@Xouped @CryptiicNo500 in 5 minutes and i have to do the wap... naked.
Retweeted by Leo @JoeyTheSuperJew WHAT?????? out the baby is mine
Retweeted by Leo @JoeyTheSuperJew ? @Daymeeein 💜🖤yo get in here
Retweeted by LeoAmong Us stream! No getting mad challenge >:( if you lose the vc gets to tweet off your account LIVE!🔴 📲 at…
Retweeted by Leo @scarrfries @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew WHAT THE?????i want to have hardcore sex with @JoeyTheSuperJew
Retweeted by Leo @NickLannister15 OhWe back on now here @CryptiicNoWE BACK!
@kay6e Lmao yeahLMFAOOOOOOOOO that shit didn’t even last 3 minutes
Retweeted by Leo @josayyc I’ll be back in 2 min @CryptiicNo I’ll be back in 2 minMy power went out LMAOOOOOOOOOOOAmong Us stream! No getting mad challenge >:( if you lose the vc gets to tweet off your account LIVE!🔴 📲 at… @LiamFennessy_ @LFC FrY’all got a choice Mbappe or Haaland @LFCImagine that beautiful comp
Retweeted by Leo @GnomicFz Felix 🤔We getting Mbappe vs Haaland for the next 10 years?SERGIÑO DEST SCORES IN THE @ChampionsLeague FOR @FCBarcelona!
Retweeted by LeoSergino Dest becomes the first @USMNT player to score for Barcelona 🔥
Retweeted by Leo @ijdawg998 SameChance and Big Sean
Retweeted by LeoNetflix has removed "Chappelle’s Show" from the service at Dave Chappelle's request
Retweeted by Leo @KingsSeeGhosts Then thoughts on Lil baby getting the nomination instead @KingsSeeGhosts ???????? @KingsSeeGhosts Yeah I don’t see a problem? @fucksherwin @itsWaddles_ Aye man, I’ll keep the Jay but we move Royce @KingsSeeGhosts Definitely Polo G and Uzi most likely as their albums were good and successful @fucksherwin @itsWaddles_ I’m definitely moving Polo G into the conversation @TheTopViking ? @fucksherwin @itsWaddles_ No cap from me @fucksherwin @itsWaddles_ @Boltsiola LMAO @itsWaddles_ Crying that Freddie Gibbs the only reasonable one @itsWaddles_ They missed heavily on almost all of it lmaoNah this has to be a joke tweet or something LMAOOOOOO @may_wedda NOOOOOOO @yasuchu__ Man you know themesBucs might as well let cfc_ant play QB
Retweeted by LeoWhenever you see someone tweet #AllLivesMatter or #MAGA they always got an avy like this
Retweeted by Leo @jffxo Man I got smacked in mid and I just started thinking lmaoTime to hang it up bubba @TomBradyMan just like me smacked in league a couple days ago and I started thinking about life multiple occasions yeah @KittenElise Yes very much soHow you gonna let a man with 7 fingers pick you off @JaredGoff16 @NoshinOcean We need some futaba loveTonight's #Rams-#Bucs game will feature an all-Black officiating crew for the first time in NFL history. (📸…
Retweeted by Leo @kingofthabears @chickfiley @blooluma Nah man if you say “beans and rice” you definitely a criminalThis really true @chickfiley Nah no way @kingofthabears @blooluma @chickfiley No person on this planet says beans and rice☝🏾
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@HarryButAverage Love this clip so muchLMAO @LazasBautista Man LMAOOOOOO @LazasBautista @PBS_Impulse9 I won’t lie I gave a small laugh to the joke my days
Retweeted by LeoYour tweets been nothing magacup since yesterday club getting the Klutch pull? @jaay_cool LMAOOOOOO @Leo__ffs When people see my bookmarks
Retweeted by Leo @knicks_tape99 Tweetdeck might be the enemy! @GreedoShotMe LMAOOOOOO maybe @ahmedIdn Tweetdeck activity feed might be ratting us outPeople can see what you bookmark as well? @Josh_Tries @JoeyTheSuperJew They catching him the act LMAOOOOOO @Edivellent fr @tonymorris1212 Someone better tell Sean! @kingofthabears Oh @dr2xter Memes and whatever @scobesx throws in the gcThat some trash Spanish, I’m glad they didn’t teach it here gonna let you see people’s bookmarks now? KILLED HIM AGAIN RIGHT AFTER AHIDASDASDA
Retweeted by Leo @Gavpai LMAOOOOOOOBJ put the world on notice with this catch six years ago today 😱🖐 (via @NFL)
Retweeted by Leo @ItsBrizz Happy Birthday Bryce 🥳🎉 @C9AIex Haha sup @Schovee Happy Birthday Schove🥳🎉Taker really Vince's best creation. That's wild.
Retweeted by Leo @notchaselyons Not me @Grahamalott Take care brother ly 💜🖤That 2017 TNF one was dumb heat especially the ending
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