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If nicole kidman and grace jones really come to the club tonight i’m gonna fuckin yell @chippy_nonstop HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!My first full function in Sydney 🇦🇺 tonight with @mbootyspoon @Leonce @stereogamous @GODDOLLARS and heaps of hot pi…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAWI just had the most iconic dinner EVER!Funniest shit to me today is people attributing random things to david koch’s death 😭😂I love when ppl act like they’re too famous to follow me back because then suddenly I become too famous to send them my music for free lol @lord__raja I know but its barely cold here even now lolThe heat is on in Sydney for our gal @RhondaINTL big night tonight. A huge gaythering of nocturnal creatures coming…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW5 am license tonight 🇦🇺
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @mbootyspoon LOLThis is winter in australia?! This is LA weather on a bad day!
Tonight in Sydney 😎 @cyberia_mix lmaooo that’s what i’m lowkey afraid of too @mbootyspoon HAHA me tooSo this is how I’m living in Sydney and I just want you all to know that I will never be coming back to America, bye @_lizharvey Put the eggs directly into an ice bath after you get done cooking them, it’ll stop the eggs from cookin… really be watching your IG story but not following you back, like what the hell kind of shit is that lol just hit follow sis!FUCK I forgot the plugs are different here and I didnt buy new ones 😂Oh you KNOW i’m celebrating tonight! my driver at arrivals in Sydney now I’m in this black audi SUV on the way to my beach house for the weekend I love my LIFE
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @CAKESDAKILLA Yesss you better give eras and artistic development bitchFinally got to Sydney 💕
I know somebody should def be sitting next to me on this flight to Sydney but shoutout to them for missing their flight! @20xxhellscape They arelil wayne really used to rap like this @emilyxglass put some hot water in a cup, dip the mouth of the buds int the water and let it sit for a sec, blow th… I don’t hate my airpods anymore now that I figured out how to melt all the wax out of them, they sound so loud again 😅there’s a dude named steel fagnolia on scruff in honolulu ☠️Give this man a job @apple sounds like spongebob @loneamorphous lmao how you missed all my LA tweets!!! @loneamorphous I been in LA since the 11th lol i’m gone nowWho want a Leonce DJ set in Honolulu on a Wednesday night? Lol
@mbootyspoon I’ll get to Sydney friday night, stopping in Honolulu on the way there for a day 💃🏿Almost $10 later I have a full bottle of Evian finally 😅Heard a dude in LAX yell “We all go through shit, its how you deal with it!” and I was thinking calm down sis I jus… the other quadrant of flat earth to play @RhondaINTL this Saturday nite w @Leonce and more 🇦🇺 🌏
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @cerebralthot @poemproducer @whichisnotsaid They do pay supposedly but only if the show is sponsored and also they… keeps saying there's no money in digital club music sales is lying to you, not making interesting music or…
When its been less than 2 months and the support on my EP's bandcamp page is past the description fully expanded >>…’s crazy how much better you feel if you just drink MORE water
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @RellieRelz Always @Remdelarem sfshdldlflk lmao
@stereogamous 💛💛💛 @Leonce Played it at honcho this weekend. Went the fuck off.
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAWI think the world is so crazy... people will literally do shit to YOU then start spreading lies about how much of a…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW... y’all good?
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAWToday’s @RinseFM show is up now. New bits from @sietecatorce, @BFTTyco, @avernian_, @Leonce, @DjGemmy, @D33CO + mo…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAWNot enough people talking about these @1djhelix free (!) Kelela edits but you're all boring DJs so that's normal I…
Somebody told Zaida they were obsessed with a track she played last night and it was Quick Acid Track by me when they shazamed it lolits Leonce - Penetration Testing boo 😘💕 @frankiefatgold is he even hotter irl420-69-2019 still can’t believe last nights energy. Never have I ever had a crowd applaud my set after my closing song. I fel…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @blackdominoes @ClubLosGlobos @RhondaINTL @djpierreacid @GODDOLLARS Exactly! @kush_jones_ @1djhelix Hell yaShe returns tonight... A Club Called Rhonda @RhondaINTL w/ @djpierreacid | @GODDOLLARS | @Leonce and more! Doors a…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @1djhelix @kush_jones_ nah I did one of usher u make me wanna tho
Tonight in Silver Lake 💕 @UMFANG Go to Risa! @ThisIsEWALK Ill link you @1djhelix somebody been sent me a website already @KiyaLacey @NinjaNoize @djboothEIC @yungbabytate @jayhaspower Period @cyberia_mix I was so disappointed nobody took the opportunityFree website idea: give me a TV website the one I keep using hasn't added the latest AYTO episode after a whole week almost 😡Respect my talent
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @cerebralthot lmao I sound so shady when you type it like that 😭 @cpowers1986 @cerebralthot Already is tbh
This young thug album is a instant classicLOL my sister is wild funny to @boomkatonline again for featuring my EP on the front page 💛’s back… Saturday! A Club Called Rhonda @rhondaintl w/ @djpierreacid | @goddollars | @leonce and more! Doors a…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @GODDOLLARS I’m hooked 😭 @BYRELLTHEGREAT Lmao yes, get you one in LA next time! @BYRELLTHEGREAT Me too, I put a weed patch on my foot last night and still woke up high 😭Gia Gunn honestly gave me the most iconic advice ever yesterday!New Pose was so good 😭Watching the new Pose episode while I wait on my Veggie Grill postmates order and my weed delivery order, the LA jumped out @botazlabestia tell me about it @botazlabestia not in the city, noI’m putting like 10 topo chico bottles in my checked bag when I fly back to atlanta 😭 @jayhaspower LOLthe moon is wild pretty in LA tonightI always have the best time in LA
This 90% thc Strawberry Banana cart I got from Bloom in downtown SF has been kicking my ass for the past week and I'm living for it tbhIf I hear any of you slip up and say DJ Nigga Fox name out loud just cuz he playing nowadays this weekend it’s gonn…
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW1, 2 and 4 period this day, Kelly called Freddy a fag
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @jayhaspower LOL @jayhaspower @USATODAY Imma just show them this’m on before DJ Pierre, see you this Saturday LA 💕 you @boomkatonline !!!
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAW @jayhaspower OmgPERIOD!!!
Retweeted by CARRY BRADSHAWIntroduction for Oz to legend @Leonce here to make Oz twirl for A Club Called Rhonda