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wowww this is why I didn’t bring mine to coat check and wore it on my back from the jacket sling 😭 @FREEDDDEM omg I can’t stop lauding sjskdlflsk
@KANDlSHA im YELLINGBlack artists in general are not allowed to genre bend, nor inhabit cross genre. Marketing+distributing gatekeeper…
Retweeted by NS030lmao this says "WE ARE HERE" leftists talking about guillotining rich black people / celebrating the death of rich black people will alway…
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I changed my siri to french on my phone this is fun as hell 😂 @Ayy_G was literally just thinking this while I figure out what the first thing i’m gonna eat today is 😂 @aryu_jassika one nail or sharp rock and their foot is done 😂anybody who wakes up wanting 5A stay far away cause they're armed and dangerous and have nothing to lose ☠️
@DownByDfault Not even a dog would eat 6 lol3B and i’m calling the cops on anybody toasting more than that! always sends me a daily practice reminder after I finish doing the hour of things that are actually effect… Is this me?
@GRRLmusic *3 notes max @djswisha_ LOOOL the desperationWhen all my Pokémon blackout and Nurse Joy tellls me to be careful
Retweeted by NS030 @theleoleoleo I will thanks! @percoset same thing with french pretty muchTime to get used to this 🥴 @philouuu 😂🤍Me: *Has 7,000 Unanswered Emails* Me: *Sends an email and doesn't hear back immediately.* Me: Wow, I can't believ…
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"It's important that we remain visible because visibility can inspire future generations" - @AshLauryn313
Retweeted by NS030Honestly the best weed I ever had in EU was in France... That weed was CRAZYI wonder what the fuck he thinks we’re living in now🧐
Retweeted by NS030I find myself saying simple french sentences to people in my dreams now so I know i'm really learning lol @FREEDDDEM lmaooo period!A 2020 mood tbh @Ayy_G so much dark trauma in every episode like omgattack on titan is so stressful.............. WHEW
@aerielist I only found this out very recently lolremember when you had to pay for ringtones now i would throw my phone out the window if it made a single sound
Retweeted by NS030 @NaaahDJ I’m glad I randomly thought to cause I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the charge 😂French people @frankiefatgold Warren waging war against the middle east is the divine feminine @ThisIsEWALK You aint been on them? @blaing_ @mbootyspoon It's too hotOne time I asked one of my white friends what song he had playing in his car and he picked up his phone and showed…’s an obscenely rich woman who’s admitted to using slave labor and has had like a dozen of her close friends t…
Retweeted by NS030 @ElStache how is like every car hit wtf @mbootyspoon omfgGo debate with the department of state and a airline ticket website before you argue with me about presidents lmaoI'm not arguing about the US 2020 presidential election with any more americans who don't have a passport (with stamps in it) lolFor the people in the back
Retweeted by NS030 @rickie I'm gonna have to track them down cause I never heard @CAKESDAKILLA Depends on how it's prepared @privilegejunkie @iamrockhard This too lolIf I owe you a email just know I'll get to it eventually this weekSome days I'm so lazy with writing emails I hate it @iamrockhard Because china is about state control of business and the US is about business control of the state. Co…
@iamrockhard If China had guns, they could say guns were illegal tomorrow and there would be no more guns there nat… @iamrockhard Because the chinese communist party has total control over all aspects of life in china. The us fed mi… @BEARCAT_808 me @bok_bok Whenever I go somewhere ppl are like “wow these are so nice” 😂still hard for me to understand how people smoke any papers other than Elementshillary is on a roll
Retweeted by NS030 @1MARVELiTO so true @netfuel Trans men absolutely shouldn't be she/her'd but if he was mad at you guys doing it to cis men he should chill out lolIt's always funny when I'm calling a cis guy she/her to be funny and somebody's like "uhh that's misgendering..." M…’m sorry but calling cis men she/her is not misgendering lmao! @Tinashe Where sislmfao @jacquesgreene lmfao
Why are so many creatives so vicious to each other? Someone else’s success is not your failure.
Retweeted by NS030If you think liz warren could win a debate against trump you're smoking crackLOL’all didn’t learn with Hillary and y’all still don’t get it.If warren makes ticket against trump she will lose, quote mei have 3: @HINDZYD - 'target' @I_Skream - 'midnight request line' @Leonce - 'u make me wanna' (flip/rmx)
Retweeted by NS030 @fysicaltherapy You know they just make usb-c cables now right lol
on tuesday, im premiering my first mix ever on @id3_fm! it’ll be a retrospective on the black & brown lgbtq legacie…
Retweeted by NS030How are you 90-something kicking ppl out of the royal family when you're headed to the grave any minute yourself 😭queen elizabeth is scary lmao @cruz9725 I’m not talking about LA & NYC bars where literally $20 gets you one drink after tip 😂 @naptism lmaooo yeah fuck bougie places that ACTUALLY charge that much for drinks, I only ever want 2 at most anywaysOne drink in america is never $20 lmao more like $6-9 people be like oh you haaave to go to berlin no brendyn YOU have to go to berlin as part of my caucasian repatriation program
Retweeted by NS030somebody asked me if I have more "house bootlegs" like my k*l*la one, first of all it's an offi... nevermind 😂If I wasn't a promoter with phone numbers to most venue owners in atlanta I prolly would've showed up at the bar looking crazy 😭I went out last night and got 4 drinks with my friend on my card and saw a $80 charge on it this evening when I ran…*Cat gets caught making a summoning circle
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@mbootyspoon lmao why that’s the best stoves
I thought negation and conjugations were hard but they’re really not lmaoFrench grammar is easier than I realized damn @taytheprayaway You don’t even come when it’s quiet here 😂 @JubileeDJ “why on earth would I do that”Whenever guys tell me they don't have any nudes I'm like "I don't either" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🥴WHAT ARE U GONNA DO WHEN TWO WOMEN DISAGREE!!! YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A MORAL COMPASS AND ACTUAL COMMITMENT TO A POL…
Retweeted by NS030I might only be asking if you wanna get lunch at a certain hour right now, but bitch I sound sexy doing itMy french voice gets hotter every day and I'm only 10 days in @djswisha_ oh nahhh lol
So.... a poll tax ?!
Retweeted by NS030I want an arcteryx keppel trenchcoat so bad 🥺 @FREEDDDEM a damn mood @iReyBear lmfaoI'll still never forget the day trump won... every black person in Atlanta looked so sad the whole day. Any white p… bernie wins my entire apartment complex will be outside partying I guarantee youi wonder if james baldwin hit
Retweeted by NS030If you're black and your music is getting played in clubs worldwide every weekend never forget the power of your influence