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bass player, former sw design engr, electr tech, lawnmwr repair, busboy, it’s ok to be right. purge marxists.

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Simple and clear. @wolfkingofco @BenjaminSolder @MonsieurUgarte @BenjaminSolder LOL!!!!!!!!!! @1juan_con3ras @TheDomsMom @BenjaminSolder @BasedPoland Yeehaaaaaa @tedcruz @SeanParnellUSA And she’s in her 70s. How are new voices going to be heard if old voices won’t pipe down for two minutes? @GhostTerryD @ProjectLincoln I figure Trump destroyed their careers so to get back in the game they switched sides,… analysis. NRO editorial says commutation was “indefensible.” A member of the team issues a dissent. @fud31 Oh yeah? How are they going to watch Hamilton then? @PittsburghPG Loserthink @PittsburghPG Is there any evidence for so-called Covid parties, where people try to get infected? Maybe from someone alive? @EdAsante77 @DrEricDing @ashishkjha This is getting so bad. What is going on in expert-land? @DrEricDing @ashishkjha That’s not what the study says. Read the abstract. It studies symptomatic children—a tiny p… an execrable tweet. So many things wrong here. Let’s start by making sure we are clear about what this new…
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @Super70sSports <sigh> they recruited a walking stick. @da_real_renee @KwCongressional I figured. @Advanced_COBOL @Hal_RTFLC The author was probably bullied by jocks in school. Cheerleaders ignored him. But some day he will get even. @HarmlessYardDog #Landslide2020 if he did it. And sweetened the pot for the Danes. @thedailybeast Cheap! Needs work. Has potential! Use the money to sweeten the pot for Greenland. Could work. @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO Garbage. Trump supporters are fed up with the cynical use of process crimes to make the Syste…
You asked for it fuckers. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @KurtSchlichter I also enjoy those, but not sure about breakfast. @TheHRH This is interesting. @ByronYork Giving Biden an edge in what? I don’t understand. Repubs prefer to vote in person. So what? @HypRobin @ZeeTeeAy @ScottPresler @brightlibra I thought so. I’m 6 and i was looking up too. @EdgeCGroup @elonmusk Ha! Good for you 👍
@AF632 Punching down again!Mainstream Media know their historic franchises built over generations are distrusted & ruined. So what do they do?…
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @KLRNRadio You’ve seen the pic of Chrissy Teigen? Not good. @DeviantMoralist @PetiteNicoco All people should think about this. Our founding priciples—individualism, individual… @sfchronicle Your thought leaders are great at worrying. @DonaldJTrumpJr @TrumpWarRoom This fool is the perfect vessel for the leftists. They are rubbing their hands togeth… @espofootball @MickJagger @RollingStones Ha “Elmo” was Brian’s black-sounding stage name. Ian Stewart played on Beg… @ZeeTeeAy @ScottPresler @brightlibra The avatar looks like he has a ponytail back there. BTW I’ve seen him at a ral… @BearUKnow @Flaaaaalala The last days of Liberace. @FreeBeacon Did they ask him for his swab test results? You know, basic verfication? @curefinder We know how to diagnose it though. @SteveGuest I want to know if @NBCnews asked Fair for the results of his swab test before putting him on the air.So did you @curefinder inform @NBCnews right after the first swab test came back negative? Did @NBCnews even ask if… @TheGangTries @HarmlessYardDog Took me a read-through to figure out what the hell was going on. @LionelMedia @realDonaldTrump Syphilitic ferrets. @Richard_Harambe 120 years or so? @CNN Of course you CNN-follower dummies can’t process this. Is it good? No, it must be bad. But it sounds good. No,… Y’all’s cheese done slid off ya cracker
Retweeted by ʟɛօռMe: I’m thinking of going to Australia, I’ve always wanted to... Australia:
Retweeted by ʟɛօռNew exculpatory evidence int the @GenFlynn case! Good thing it hasn't been dismissed yet! If Sullivan was covering…
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @EdgeCGroup Yes he was. Awesome. Now I get to laugh at the takes. “Oh this is going to hurt Trump blah blah” @EdgeCGroup He was?
@RealSarahIdan Yeah, it’s Russell. If it’s leaves it’s rustle. @dmartosko That’s plausible. It reminds me of something Reagan said on the order of “when you pay for something, yo… @popesaintvictor @bradcundiff @JoeBiden But y’know, Victor, sure, we all wish it was ZERO, but that’s the lowest nu… @NBCNews @harpers magazine take note. They are still at it. “Backlash” as in “raze them to the ground.” @toddgillman Huge story!! @RachelDTobias Instant shthole @madeleinerivera Dwight Schrute could’ve drawn way more fans.
@EdgeCGroup Wow, the gossip is flying hot and heavy. @3hiqh @EdAsante77 LOL, pretty much every hoax. @Julio_Rosas11 Such a pile of boloney. People love to be scared. @EdAsante77 And China is our friend.USA : Los Angeles Delivery van swarmed by blacks. Just watch the behavior here. As soon as 1 or 2 start stealing…
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @iowahawkblog LOL!🇲🇾CALLING ALL PATRIOTS FOR TRUMP!🇲🇾 Please help this girl reach 2,000 followers so I can spread the sad truth about…
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @OrwellNGoode Police are investigating! @EdgeCGroup Don, put it back...
@HolzYour Where did the Great White North go? @mhealananda @HarmlessYardDog Seconded @som3thingwicked @TrumpWarRoom Youchy @TuckerCarlson Wow, pretty good commentary. No wonder Tucker has such high ratings. I guess the RINOs and neverTrum… @MaryGraceMedia @CatherineCace Yeah, not like good ol’ Ebola with blood coming out of your eyes. @Architecturpic Better than Chinese ghost cities. At least you can buy a sandwich and Pepsi. @ZakNguyen @HarmlessYardDog @UpAndOv3r This alone would result in a GOP landslide. @MarkSimoneNY YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA @MattsIdeaShop See? Simple. @mchooyah We all look fwd to you moving on. @RachelDTobias Yes we do. The System has severe, widespread problems, like frivolous, drawn-out lawsuits that drain… @rachelnpr @sarahmccammon I doubt that’s the reason, but it sounds good if you think schools should not open until… @drillanwr When he joins the NBC family, I’m sure he will show up on MSNBC. @LionelMedia Guys, you’ve been there. Captive audience. Yammer yammer yammer. @Super70sSports I loved ‘em. @BretBaier The campaign will love this lifeline. @gwhinton It was my goto. Now I keep away. Pure scare-mongering. @ryanstruyk Yes he’s a real genius. @AnaCabrera @SenDougJones @jonwins @DailyCaller me when #Fauci changed his mind or had new information or data. Go ahead, tell me. How can anyone with a pair…
Retweeted by ʟɛօռ @BoomerYessir @JeromeAdamsMD @realDonaldTrump Fire or at least demote this showboater. What is he doing? He partici… left, the entire left, and of course the odious neverTrumpers positively giddy over Fauci unauthorized presser… @jimsciutto So he told citizens to not bother with masks as a ploy to avoid a shortage? Gee, that speaks very highly of your brave hero. @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness Fauci still knee-deep in bs. @BuckSexton Why is Fauci doing a press conference with a Dem senator that is in a close race? I would like him den…
@Kevinliptakcnn I love those big gift baskets from Wisconsin! What, she’s complaining? @kelseasgr8 @fran_chambers @jwgop Noted. I kinda hear ya. @PetiteNicoco No one wants to live in a crevasse. You open the shades to let in the sun and... nothing.Unbelievable. And the CNN-following repliers are not buying it. @CNNnewsroom Is that supposed to be a gun-control chyron? Any insight on who wielded the killer guns? @emzanotti Watch it. He eats humans. @ConceptualJames I have a question for this Ontario honoree. If “melanin is directly linked to the strength of neur…
@CoolKrista @KamalaHarris Surely there is at least ONE govt official within earshot... @fran_chambers @jwgop His approach has bewildered political strategists forever. There is nothing worse he could do…