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@SkimVal enjoy the rave man shut the fuck up @yongwoon_chris @SkimVal @vinnerwinner LMAOOO @dazzLeGO @FaZeClan @Poach 💯✊🏼 @yongwoon_chris @SkimVal @vinnerwinner can you change their clocks and like confuse them @vinnerwinner @SkimVal i’m good, that dudes dumbthink i need a roommate still if any mutual are looking to move to dallas, dm me
@Luminosity if only they had poach @SkimVal ikr!!definitely had some months where i was more inconsistent but progress is still there :Dmay 2021 -> may 2022 @iamdabinlee next year 🤝 @kaylenn happy birthday!! @builtbygamers @danicabrackett W @BaileyGoatTV @lonimonibtw smartnot on valorant for once
Retweeted by Leonie @SkimVal @BaileyGoatTV ma brotha ✊🏼 @BaileyGoatTV hi
@ddddddddd252525 $leoniemontynot on valorant for once you’re going to edc, i want you to know that i do not like you!! how dare you go without me!!3 months till i’m 21 start saving up guysplease the caption was so funnygonna force myself to take thursday and friday off of streaming. i’ve been very burnt out and find myself dreading…
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getting d3 back tonight @Scaldriss someone drew </312-13 1 v 4 playing breach for the second time woman all the odds were against me 😔😔✊ @z_Rapture LMAO he said “i’m not mad about dying to raze nade after that”gm, watch this again @BaileyGoatTV you mean 🥺🥺 someone will really suck my toes? 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @KALE__VAL LMAOOO @barl0s0 the background LMAOO @Bjorlulu me: no you: @iCarleeFN thanks i wrote it for you <3 @BaileyGoatTV i was boredhey king. I saw your tweet about how women are trash and I just wanted to let you know that I agree. although I mys… @Bjorlulu @Bjorlulu no way a pro valorant player (who’s LFT) is being sexist on my (a partnered female streamer) post (a really good valorant 4k clip) @saiijax was hoping people wouldn’t notice my fault @BaileyGoatTV that was satisfyingpretty good for a girl huh
@barl0s0 so true 😩😩😩😩 @iCarleeFN inv me to next lan 🙏 @ddoubledom1 LMAOmy best 4k @BlaiseP_ LMAOOO @vinnerwinner @yongwoon_chris @SkimVal wtf is in yalls AC unit @Electra @GameStop @Xbox i AM an ultimate gamerLIKE THIS PIC RN pls tehe
ily to build a basic streaming pc for my kitchen! (for cooking/ merch making streams in the future) any advice… @deykxn @MasterOtenko 😭 @MasterOtenko @deykxn @wahoooopunch i think it’s time we start a team @sapharic @jasondesilvaa @sapharic @jasondesilvaa idk like leo or something @barl0s0 LMAOOOOong 😩🙏🏼💯✊🏼🥶
@barl0s0 @saiijax @AaronnFtw @ING it was supposed to be meme manthe bottom frag reyna after he tells you to go make him a sandwhich: stream for the nrg v tsm game :D might watch some nsg lan too, we’ll see! going live in 45 ish mins @BaileyGoatTV @alexiaraye lets see this happen shall we @BaileyGoatTV MEMEMEMEMEMEM PICK MEspoilers btw, don't watch if you haven't played @iamresnick i already finished it D:got a lil scared there short stream
i’m so burnt out of my pc holy so sorry yall hopefully back on the stream grind in the next couple days @xbigkoolaidx no its 4:41pm cst rnFUCK I FORGOT ABOUT THIS 😭😭😭i am scheduling this tweet as of 2/13/2022 att 4:29 pm and if i still don't have a boyfriend by the time this comes out, i am gonna cry rn1. story time about creepy gym worker 2. faze v optic watchparty after 3. we're two subs away from my all time high… @iStunt_YT i’m not talking about this clip in specific, i’m saying i’m general 😭😭 not gonna argue with you cause yo… a 30 min. so oopzi @BlaiseP_ gm blaise :Dwaking up at 9 feels so good :D gonna gym, cook, then stream the faze v optic game! @Ro0dBoi i get that but it was 1-3, low elo lol @iStunt_YT the comments were sexist. I was saying that we deal with it all the time that when a guy raise his voice… @kyeruuu yeah 💀 i get if it was a close game too but it was 1-3 💀💀 @Electra fr“this is why you dodge when there’s a girl” just say you get no bitches man 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭this comment section pissed me off she doesn’t play this game so she doesn’t know the sound timing but y’all don’t… @cloaser who daughtercan a valorant team do a knife fight mid for one round in #VCTNA @DamianEstrada @TeamLiquid @kingvader THE JEAN JACKET>>>>> @wahoooopunch @SkimVal hey skim val thanks for lending me your lambo 💯✊🏼😤
@Electra @TheRock @BaileyGoatTV change is good!! could always start with morning some set days and night some days then when you’re c…
@realmocking how many takes was this @WillFPS @AnElfGirl_ @pulte i took a food sensitivity test (kit costs <$200) cause i get those but in small patches and i fo… finished the 7 day cap subathon!! so overwhelmed with the love y’all showed me. so grateful to have you in my community <3 @wahoooopunch @SkimVal ur in vouchers :o @AlexGLogics @Luminosity hi :D @Electra @Poach HIT THE CAP!!!!last 5 hours of 7day cap subbie