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Léonie @LeonieWatson Bristol, UK

Director and co-founder of @TetraLogical; accessibility engineer; @W3C WebApps WG co-chair; screen reader user, tequila drinker and crime fiction junkie.

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@peduarte @jon_neal Congratulations! 😊📢 How screen readers navigate data tables (+video demonstration) @stevefaulkner @yatil @Lady_Ada_King @matatk as a screen reader user, a heartfelt +1 to Steve's recommendation.Today I published my new video about ARIA and the other layers of accessibility technologies:…
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@aardrian @nicbertino @WordPress @wptavern I don't think it's a policy so much as a vain attempt to disguise shoddy… @aardrian It's interesting to note that the best defense of @Wordpress Gutenberg offered up in the comments of the… on the @W3C and @Studio24 decision not to use @WordPress for the new W3C website, rightly citing… This is not good. I recently deleted my @Cloudflare account and now wonder if my data has been handled in line… programming is an elitist myth, on @Wired
@melaniersumner It might be worth digging into the logs a bit. We recently upgraded our wifi and it was really flak… #racist you ever had any doubt about the levels of entrenched, institutional Islamophobia within the British media, the…
Retweeted by Léonie @NickColley Thanks. It threw me at first when I saw my name because I couldn't remember doing any such thing... then I looked at the date :) @NickColley Goodness me! That takes me back a bit. I think the advice is still good though.Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If someone Tweets something shocking, but doesn't provide a l…
Retweeted by Léonie @asadotzler Ah yes. You're right. I had not explored that far. Thank you. @SteveALee @edent I didn't know that. I've just noticed that when I ask something like "Do you have any savoury sna… @asadotzler Thanks for listening to al this feedback! @asadotzler I've also realised that the toggle button for connect/disconnect does not communicate its state. Window… @asadotzler Yes, I can confirm it is only when the VPN is connected that the content becomes inaccessible. Using Ja…
@asadotzler No problem. Having used a few of these things over the years, this is the only one I would be prepared… @asadotzler ... Like I said, all minor things. I've had no trouble actually using the app. Using Win 10 with Jaws 2… @asadotzler ... Last, whilst connected, going to Settings > Network settings, it doesn't seem to be possible to nav… @asadotzler ... Also, when expanding a country, for example UK, two cities are available (London and Manchester) wi… @asadotzler Thanks Asa. I'll first reiterate how very accessible the Windows app is. As for the suggestions: it wou… @edent I haven't heard that, but I've heard it used as a substitute for savoury more and more frequently in recent years.This year's #a11yTOConf will take place over three days with a new mix of talks, October 21-23rd! Check out our sp…
Retweeted by Léonie @robinberjon @cwilso 😂 @MVPAward Thanks. That is the address I sent the emails to - in reply to a reminder email I received about signing the NDA. @samdownie You did when you assumed I had not read the legislation (or had, but not understood it), that I had not…
@robinberjon @cwilso OK, but you're going to need a Spiderman outfit, you know this, right?👏 When a visitor mistakenly said its website was inaccessible, @Equal_Entry triggered a full investigation. This po… @MVPAward, I've been trying to find the NDA I need to sign but cannot. I've emailed the global admin address… @triblondon I've heard so many people talking about receiving false-positive notifications when motion is detected… @rachelandrew 😂 Amazon makes mention of protecting pets from being harmed by the drone, but not a word about protec… @kevinmarks I don't know much about QR codes, but based on that post, it could well make scanning more difficult -… @Amazon will soon launch a security drone for your home... a security drone that will doubtless tell you when so… just installed @Mozilla VPN and found it to be very usable with Jaws on Windows 10. Have a couple of minor sug… @samdownie You're making an awful lot of assumptions there. @kevinmarks Assuming you know roughly where it is, it's fairly easy. You wave your phone in front of whatever it's…'ve just installed the #NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app for England & Wales and can report that it is very…
Today we describe a #NaturalLanguageProcessing model that achieves near BERT-level performance on text classificati…
Retweeted by Léonie @kentcdodds @KaramelPlatonik @sebsilbermann Well, thank you, whoever it was 😊 @prairycat @psamta I wouldn't use aria-owns in a tabpanels component as a rule, but would for things like menus/men…
From the archives... Using the aria-owns attribute
@carmacleod @patrick_h_lauke @IanPouncey @aardrian @ericwbailey But thank you. It is a labour of love for all of us… @carmacleod @patrick_h_lauke @IanPouncey @aardrian @ericwbailey I remember for the first few I used to stay up for…
The choice is yours. Choose an independent browser backed by a non-profit.
Retweeted by Léonie @erikkroes @paciellogroup @w3c In other words, the cost of things many of us are fortunate enough to take for grant… @erikkroes @paciellogroup @w3c Right, but that does not mean there are no costs. There is the cost of connectivity,… @aardrian As I start typing? Something to the effect that "N" results are available. @khallconsultant @SteveALee It was always one of the things we wanted to do - hear new voices and new perspectives,… @Kevmarmol_CT @edent @w3c A W3C account is needed. There is a link to do this on the accompanying news item (which… @Ocado @andygee007 Done.The @W3C diversity fund is for people from under-represented groups that would like to participate in the W3C annua… @stevefaulkner @patrick_h_lauke @IanPouncey @aardrian @ericwbailey was right there with uss too. @click2carney @MAWConsultngLLC Me either. The catch is that a lot of the information is available online, but of co… you to Silver Supporter @Intuit for their support of #id24 2020!
Retweeted by LéonieOn now... #id24 @click2carney @MAWConsultngLLC Right. That's the other thing I found - that it took a really long time to find out… @g16n Heh, yes, that is a bit unnerving - at least until I've been in country for a day or two and have reset my ears :) @click2carney @MAWConsultngLLC It was the same for me with my screen reader, and I think it must be more so now tha… @HenriHelvetica 🤗From the Dept. of "It's all gone wrong"... you'll find the live talks from #id24 at and you… @FredWabz 💜 My tea consumption has gone through the roof... #id24The gremlins are properly in the works for #id24 but you'll find Veronica Lewis' talk at the end of this URL first #id24 talk of 2020 is: Everyone here spoke sign language, by @modulist (YouTube title is incorrect, but w…
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💜 under an hour until the pre-conference session for @id24conf gets underway - come and join us to find out what…
It's almost time for Inclusive Design 24, and the 24 hour schedule (with automatic local time conversion) is here…
@IanDunt *Hands over the tequila...Understanding semantics @DakotaAter It could be slow, you're right. I suppose my ultimate experience would be being able to use my computer… media features and their potential (for incorrect assumptions), a new article on CSSTricks (@CSS) by…
Retweeted by Léonie @heydonworks @FreedomSci Heh. though Sharky did have a pretty stylish Fedora AIRC :) @DakotaAter It'd be good to be able to drive all features of Jaws, but especially read all, and character/word/sent…👏 I did not know what a commitment @Google had already made, and continues to make, to being a climate responsible…
@DakotaAter Thanks Matt. As I said in my first tweet, the potential for this feature is huge. The recognition quali… @simevidas @heydonworks @stevefaulkner This is something the AOM intends to solve by making it possible to referenc… @clairerandall @Ocado @andygee007 Interesting. I do have access to the app, so it is clearly enabled for some custo… @AmeliasBrain @FreedomSci That's true, and I agree about customisability. Even "Jaws" would have been shorter and l…
@accessaces From the @FreedomSci website @FatElvis04 @FreedomSci It is cute. That's my point. I don't want cute when I'm talking to my computer. @robinberjon It's really been 5 years? 🤔 @aardrian @karlgroves @thebillygregory @ericwbailey @LFLegal @detonite @VandLShow I'd cheerfully lend my help/suppo… you team it up with Win10 Speech Rec it gets a little bit closer to the optimum voice interaction experience, th… with the new voice input feature in the Jaws 2021 beta from @freedomSci. It's really limited now, but in te… @thebillygregory @ericwbailey @aardrian @LFLegal @detonite @VandLShow @karlgroves Yes, yes you should. @Ocado @andygee007 In other words it fails at least 3 different WCAG Success Criteria, as well as being unusable wi… @Ocado @andygee007 Really? The component uses the wrong ARIA so the info conveyed to screen readers is wrong; the e… @aardrian @ericwbailey @LFLegal @detonite Well, I suppose I wasn't wearing a blind-fold at the time... 😂 @ericwbailey @LFLegal @detonite @aardrian Tried to read that post. Can't. Interupted every 10 seconds by an alert s…
On it.
Retweeted by Léonie @cwilso I have a growing stack of laptops that I cannot get rid of because of the stickers. Keep meaning to take a… @mfairchild365 @dboudreau Things like general capability to access the given OS and common applications therein; ab…
@DivineOps @pati_gallardo For the love of making the web a better place for humans everywhere, and with help from o…"There are standardised ways of representing UI elements such that they work well for all users. These standards ar…
Retweeted by Léonie @Kevmarmol_CT @katholmes Heh. I'm used to my screen reader really screwing things up, so it was no bother reading your tweet! @Kevmarmol_CT @katholmes Talking of inclusive design, it would be remiss of me not to mention that Inclusive Design… from @aardrian to top up the Google SEO for when you Google their name :)
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