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@iwywoutsold shane dawson literally disappeared. I've heard no news about him πŸ€” @iwywoutsold i never been there @iwywoutsold what universe πŸ€” @dawnsouvenir idk πŸ’€ i just typed #dawn and it showed up #DAWN @dawnsouvenir yup yup #DAWNDIDIDAWN @dawnsouvenir omg @marshallslily @PopCrave @taylorswift13 stay pressed king of country @marshallslily @PopCrave @taylorswift13 1989 exists @PopCrave @taylorswift13 her best no new Adele album πŸ˜” @KEEMSTAR @REPUEXILE @PopBase i know. hopefully luke combs pull through @CaucasianJames @Drake yo i don't have Verizon but i I'll take it @needybitcxh @swucarts achoo @needybitcxh @swucarts five nights at freddy's @needybitcxh who's that @swucarts @needybitcxh wait i did it wrong 😭 @swucarts @needybitcxh who's joe @needybitcxh i don't stan lil nas x @REPUEXILE @dawnsouvenir it doesn't exist πŸ’€ @needybitcxh mhm @needybitcxh you? @myfavsoutchart @dawnsouvenir @REPUEXILE haven't seen the 1 music video you been claiming for the last month's on SNL today? @iwywoutsold her whole discography minus sweetener and positions are bops. she's just am awful person @myfavsoutchart @iwywoutsold oh no @iwywoutsold i never liked her i just needed moots @iwywoutsold me too. ariana ruined my life @iwywoutsold The worst news ever @w1llbu @CaucasianJames
@REPUEXILE @MrBeastYT @REPUEXILE @MrBeastYT might as well become bts armies, build an audience, then drag them @MrBeastYT @REPUEXILE we lost @MrBeastYT @Corpse_Husband @REPUEXILE WE WON @MrBeastYT @Corpse_Husband I'M CRYING WE WON @KaleiRenay waffle stomping to first place @REPUEXILE 33 minutes left. anything could happen 😐Like the tweet @AOTDDrake yes slay @REPUEXILE he's ahead now 🀠 two big youtubers just gave him a boost @REPUEXILE NVM IT'S ~1K DIFFERENCE @REPUEXILE it's a 5k lead. scammies won πŸ˜” @babydollrems "YOURE SICK THAT MOVIE IS AMAZING" @dawnsouvenir that's no unicorn 😐 but they have one of you @dawnsouvenir @PeepaHog definitely not stolen 🐷 @PeepaHog @AvaTaylorAriana threw up in the toilet @aleexbala @PopBase BUY FOREVER AFTER ALL @CorinnaKopf 😳 I'm cured @CorinnaKopf i got run over by a Ford F150 and I'm really broken. I'm using the last muscles left in me to type thi… @katyperryandni1 34+35 @folkloreisaoty πŸ¦—πŸ¦—πŸ¦— @dawnsouvenir charity donation if we wins. he's losing by like 2k likes to an armys funds account that's using the… @dawnsouvenir go like for a good morning @needybitcxh oh 😐 WOW @ImAllexx *shakes bag* FISHY WAKE UP @AOTDDrake @needybitcxh they're literally selfish and stealing from charity @needybitcxh yes 🐷 @needybitcxh fine @needybitcxh like it please. he's donating it all to charity. currently bts funds count is leading and they're goin… @PopCrave @taylorswift13 QUEEN OF POP, ALT, AND COUNTRY @needybitcxh no but go like @needybitcxh @needybitcxh hmm well either way Spotify only counted 7 million @needybitcxh not even half πŸ’€ @needybitcxh @REPUEXILE @thealexprint where @dawnsouvenir πŸ™„ why it's just cut and it needs a bandaid @mehjesus 😭😭2k likes away from first place @iwywoutsold well umm i gotta practice promoting. can't let the money go to stan funds. it should go to charity @iwywoutsold @dangelno omg never new him @iwywoutsold omg idk who that is but congratulations, now go like @thelastsiastan @Mari95Chavhez @koyasdadmydaddy @Corpse_Husband @MrBeastYT @BTS_History613 @OneInAnARMY yea. they'l… @Mari95Chavhez @koyasdadmydaddy @Corpse_Husband @MrBeastYT @BTS_History613 @OneInAnARMY only 50%... corpse is doing all of it. @dallapink smh @BARDlSBUTERA @BARDlBUTERA stop talking to yourself @dallapink ... @dallapink it's mr Beast doing it. do you really want it to go to a bts funds account to buy albums? @dallapink IT'S FOR CHARITY @dallapink pleaseGo like if you haven't @needybitcxh @eatariola follow back @REPUEXILE πŸ™„ I'm an oceanwoah this tweet blew up 😳 @iwywoutsold @totalactive1 @tommyinnit πŸ™„ just ignore the man @Valkyrae @starsmitten_ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @justswayii thanks 😊 @justswayii please forgive me @justswayii i accidentally unfollowed you πŸ₯Ί @kevsondakeys @starsmitten_ aren't you the guy who started the bush fire @starsmitten_ I'm not 26 yet πŸ˜” wait some years please @needybitcxh @eatariola WOW OKAY BYE @eatariola no @CorinnaKopf knock me out 😳 @eatariola doesn't update until 5am @REPUEXILE nocan this photo of me get 100,000 likes?