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@beackupburner I know exactly what you mean, and yep.
early page up on patreon! @saturnmavi my very own chupacabra @julesrivera The people who do the 'Devil's Advocate' stuff over weird/gross/inappropriate things are doing the wei… @julesrivera WTF JONATHAN ZIMMERMAN @trecoal Those look like great beds (and dogs)! I still have some good beds she's been using. @melgillman I didn't know Junji Ito's Frankenstein was in print over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is getting adopted! (By me) Waffles and *teen intensifies* | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal LepasFresh Waffles and *teen intensifies* | #webcomic #hiveworks @deedala trapped in this cursed human carapaceGoing right from an inner ear infection to food poisoning is making me wonder if I recently somehow accidentally sp… @Alterici I just finished “A libertarian walks into a bear” about an attempted libertarian utopia in New Hampshire…
@Dihuh OH MAN, there's a Reply All episode about this and it was unbelievable. @Renn_PNG go for it! I'd love to see! :) @shawnlenore If he gets re-elected I don't know when this will end... @Fitz_Bunny It's fine. I love being trapped in the land of the baby-men.Man, I watch some youtubers from New Zealand and it’s just... crushing to see them going about their lives generall… Waffles and you've got something on your face | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal LepasFinished inking a page before the migraine hit Waffles and you've got something on your face | #webcomic #hiveworks
Corgis are Kirby page!!! @JessFink THIS ONE SENT ME OH MY GOD#tiktoktime
Retweeted by Rascal LepasWhy are all american candy bars just peanuts and chocolate in different combinations? THERE ARE OTHER FLAVORS
@beackupburner That reveal at the end!! It reads like dry humor.Get in boys. Time to kidnap the governor. @Kobold_Kavalier I think it's more likely it was just the car they could affordI've actually always liked the convertible PT Cruisers. They're weird looking in a way that I find pleasant. Don't…'re all laughing about their car, but honestly nobody would have suspected them rolling up in that PT Cruiser lol
@hspter I just got a ruby rubber plant! twins!this person also has a variegated cat @hspter it is!currently furious at my banana plant for not being variegated like this @ashworksco banana plant???? @breebird33 Bon Appetit: The New Class lmfaoFresh Waffles and stop, hey, what's that sound? | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal LepasFresh Waffles and stop, hey, what's that sound? | #webcomic #hiveworks photograph?
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what's super intriguing to me about this monster is that in the seventies, people in Mobile, Alabama described a si… ears are still completely plugged up from the infection so I have the volume turned up super loud like I'm rocki… Last Podcast is doing a series on the Bell Witch, one of my favorite American monsters!!! Happy Halloween to me… @julesrivera HIMBO HIMBO HIMBO!!!!!
@SHO_Dexter no thank you @JessiSheron like, congrats to all the people who on this day learned what human skin looks like under an elastic…, I'm behind on your page and the responsible part of my brain says I should put my bacterial carcass to bed… Waffles and Haunted Book Club | #webcomic #hiveworks season
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@Yamino ARE YOU SERIOUS????? :O @Justcoscosplay I just can't bring myself to spend that much on a houseplant u_u @Justcoscosplay ooh the 125 is the best deal I've seen but still D: @Justcoscosplay ooh how much are they there?I'm sick could someone send me a pink princess philodendron cutting thank you uwu @comichermit oh no you might get added to his folderupdate: Inner ear infection.
I didn’t mean to imply that I think it’s covid! I think it’s just a sinus/inner ear infection.Ya girl here started having a bit of a fever on Thursday and it hasn't gotten better so now I have to go to the doc…'s sold out!!!😍😍😍😍😍 @JessiSheron @jendrawscomics @byelacey This has strong "white people think cheese is a spice" vibesFresh Waffles and things are looking better all the time | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal Lepaspatrons, your early page is about 75% done and I'll be up again in the morning working on finishing it up! zzzFresh Waffles and things are looking better all the time | #webcomic #hiveworks
ghost buster
Retweeted by Rascal Lepasa blessing from the before times just realized we aren't going to get to see Jenna Marbles dress up her dogs for halloween this year :(
Fresh Waffles and you've worn out your welcome | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal LepasPatrons, your early page will be up tomorrow!Fresh Waffles and you've worn out your welcome | #webcomic #hiveworks @cubewatermelon it legitimately scares me at this point @JessiSheron I pretty much have this same outfit, lol
wow I thought it was Wednesday all day until this very moment and am now very confused. @savvyliterate Ok. I didn't know if this was a case of hitting the button too soon while awaiting confirmation. :| @savvyliterate wait, did he? @Anyare27 Well, I agree with the thesis of this article. lol @Anyare27 that's so weird! Is this a recent article? @Alterici That is, in my opinion, the absolute worst true crime case. I would not recommend it, esp if that part up… is a thread about being human. It’s a palate cleanser.
Retweeted by Rascal LepasI'm sorry but Mike Pence has red eyes and flies are landing on him and that's some Beelzebub level shit right there.
@TheRealHoarse His sagging eye is actually super concerning. @Hannah_illo I've been wanting to try canning with the weck jars, too! I really like that the rubber gasket is reusable. @shingworks Pink Princess phils are also wacky expensive! 0.0Fresh Waffles and *offended scoffing* | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal Lepasearly page: Waffles and *offended scoffing* | #webcomic #hiveworks
@melgillman absolute unit @JessiSheron ugh I know how this feels and it's the worst. I hope they listen to you and that you get some answers!y'all this halloween we can all just be ninjas
good grief. He's Weekend at Bernie-ing himself. @SlvrScrnKnckout if he was the only one in his inner circle who got it, I'd be more open to that possibility.also I am fully confident he thinks dexamethasone is a new deal invented in the last couple years. ALSO ALSO the pr…'s taking dexamethasone and 100% likely not listening to the medical people around him trying to explain that it… @Escritorian It was dirty, at the very least. They didn’t give tribes enough time to formally object.Fresh Waffles and hey there, Eliza, don't you worry | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Rascal LepasWHAT. THE. FUCK. an early page)