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@queerpoIitics bestie <3 internalized homophobia is a bitch @jadashieIds someone should tell her @jadashieIds it's gay af @rulivya shrieks @m0nello true @rulivya no i need totheater kid (derogatory)internally theaterkidphobicmy girlfriend is being homophobic to me where do we go from here @llkeagoIdrush LOVE YOUbeing in love is extremely cool @eva112233p ooo okay @mara_wald yeahwe need a disney princess that has mommy issues
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktail @pellucidots republican is such an interesting way to spell nazi sympathizer @a1iyahswrld hey bestie! @evocatiio oh YES i do need to read that @or_ellis pretty sure i already read the first two in like sixth grade @FUNR1P oki @m0nello ooo ok @a1iyahswrld YES i need to read those and i have a copy of colorblind i just need to open it @evesbian i need to watch last week's ep @rulivya byeok people drop your tv/movie/book/other recommendations belowwinx club tv show very good lots of gay potential and antifascism messagesofficially rooting for stella and beatrix to get togetherInstacart is union busting. If you use them, please stop, and tell them why.
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktail @m0nello terrible...i am so evil
@iwasyourdaisy the texture @FUNR1P it is loljerry seinfeld trending? we know we all watched seinfeld for her
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktaili love how much winx fate is leaning into the inherent homoeroticism of dark academia @chlo_sg you can'tsome of you need to be worn like a necklace and it shows... @dykeangst no it's true it's true queercoded antagonist evolutionmusa and sam are queering heterosexuality @dykeangst @dykeangst YES YES YES I SAID THATbeatrix and riv are each other's beardsme: these edibles ain’t shit 30 minutes later:
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktail @memoandfriends i'm excitedas i predicted winx club has So Much gay potential😈 @memoandfriends yes i really like it so far @SOPHlEMOORE yesss‼️MIND FAIRY‼️ @SOPHlEMOORE i like it so farmusa the fruity jewish autism coded mind fairy a kinning today @barryblesbian very fair she'll probs show up in a future season tbh @barryblesbian it's not like they could've properly developed every character from the original in one season @fionnwheads @juIesvaughn yeahis this a threat am a homophobic bully trope rights activist @evesbian goodstarting the winx show at least one of them is a dyke i just know ityou shouldn't need to be taught to love trans peopleand yes the fact that some people are coming around is progress but it's also incredibly frustratingthe amount of discourse jules as a character causes by simply existing is really revealing of how permissible holly… need to stop cis men from writing one time i was
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktailtaylor swift successfully queered internalized misogyny @rulivya exactly @evesbian exactly @llkeagoIdrush so truecatra wore a suit to her bat mitzvahso glad that i am known as a frog guy @hisoillucore putting enemy of sia on my resumeI exist in this world solely to be sia’s problem
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktailyou need to calm down is taylor swift's equivalent of casually dropping that you watch rupaul's drag race to your p… is taylor swift's unruly heartactually nvm i don't want to knowwhat do cishets think the archer is aboutnow i'm covered in you
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktailthe lesbian agenda cannot be stoppedpeople that were so adamant that jules couldn't be a lesbian must be squirming right now i am laughing so evilly @MilesViolet48 thank you <3
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktailfried riceas a practicing lesbian,lrt i apologize for spoilers that video simply needed to see the light of dayhello tl here is my girlfriend and my reaction to jules saying "i'm no longer interested in men" #EUPHORIA @greentealesbian YEAH‼️ @greentealesbian yeah. Yeah @greentealesbian YES IT IS VERY MUCH RELATED @_stephonme_ so trueI LOVE LESBIANS SO FUCKING MUCHopening sequence of the new euphoria episode has me craving a lobotomy @chlo_sg miles just showed it to me i'm still riding that highoh to be a pet duck eating an ice water with strawberries on top from dunkin donuts
@eva112233p send me them PLEASE @blacpinc most of what the internet considers toxic is literally just how mentally ill people behave some of you ha… @eva112233p PLEASE TAKE DRUG VIDEOSIt would be cool if u could just get a cup of hot broth the way you can coffee
Retweeted by mazel tov cocktail @cowboylikebea guess we'll have to test it out then @cowboylikebea and air hockey @cowboylikebea orange pink yellow teal @lesbian_go_moo exactly @lesbian_go_moo catradora got put in a blender?