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Socialist/Dreamer/Loves Music,Vinyl & Gigs/ I'm a little bit country! Recent gigs: Mammút, Jesse Malin (online)

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I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @BigJeffJohns Language Jeffery!UK libraries need to step up their game.
Emma is in early... #thearchers #ambridge
Retweeted by Leslie KnottMarch 1977, London, England: Sniffin Glue fanzine and the latest Sex Pistols info. God Save The Queen not released… help to make a mask. I was to lazy and bought mine. 😐😐 watched it as I got the link with my album purchase. I'm not a fan of the streamed gigs (actually even before co…
@Richard73894238 nothing regular about you dude. In a good way 😀Avoiding the heat this afternoon watching this. things I've missed most are still locked down or unsafe, live music and travel. I've no intention of eating out…
@leonajayne14 😂😂😂 @leonajayne14 Did you join in? @JonathanHoad Oh come on.We all suspect this dont we? Jeremy Corbyn accuses Labour officials of sabotaging election campaign now selling a turntable that works out at 1.5 to 2 times the cost of most of its catalogue titles. An interesti…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottWhile the pause button is pressed on the live music world, we are making plans for when @thisisgorilla and The…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @leonajayne14 @HollyL1107 @newlook Ive clearly got a lot to learn from you two skilled shoppers.Is it Bandcamp Friday?
Retweeted by Leslie KnottOur hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon right now. Today is @Bandcamp Friday so we are giving 100%…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @HollyL1107 @leonajayne14 @newlook Actually i have about 6 pairs if jeans. Just not bought 3 pairs at once. @leonajayne14 @newlook Why buy 3Thanks so much to everyone who bought the record. Can’t believe we’re looking at this tweet. Thank you thank you. F…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @lottiebirkin Whats she gonna say? @leonajayne14 @newlook Three pairs though...
What a feeling☺️, proud moment for me and my family tonight to make my debut for @manchesterunited at old Trafford,…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottThis is great news, a new @CORDOVASBAND album for October! Better get my pre order sorted. @thebellinnbath Tolls.
@OpTimEllis Thats not true and some would say Corbyn was actually pro Brexit.
@MarcusRashford scores cover of British Vogue's September issue @chrisdrakeuk Too true.I've been thinking this for a while now. Given this year's had to be cancelled early due to the numbers of site cre…
@jen_jenz True. @cortnye_stone Its a tricky one. On the one hand the revenue is good in the city but usually the City treats locals… @jen_jenz I have to say, i don't like wearing them. @IlminsterSteve Only saw them in 79 supporting the Who at Wembley @mariepercival Haha that sounds like it could either be fun or a potential for an argument 🤣 😅This is a brilliant article by Welton’s own @mip_photography on his experiences of being blind...and a photographer…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @mariepercival Looking good so far. @LangkamerBand I think your right. Im not ready for an indoor gig yet. @mariepercival Nice garden!Just replace the word "Man" with the words "Tory MP"
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @IlminsterSteve Thats awesome. I didnt get to a gig until I was 17.
@IlminsterSteve You must have been about 12! @BigJeffJohns Ah right. @tsitaph @BigJeffJohns I guess. @BigJeffJohns Well theyre breaking the law then. Assuming it was indoors @Tim_Burgess One of the first few gigs I went to. Late 78 at the Bath Pavillion. The Banshees supported by Spizz Oi… @tsitaph @BigJeffJohns But the only option is to book a table in these places. Of course one person can sit at the… @BigJeffJohns Yeah well even the pre book table gigs are off now jeff. Well at least for 2 weeks when it will be reviewed.Pubs in England may have to close to control coronavirus, says Sage adviser
Went to the pub and is was summer, walked home and it was chilly as fuck! @ItsGrahamParker & The Rumour really were/are a tremendous band! This lockdown period I've dug out their old vinyl… do believe with all of my heart that life will be good again 💗 Listen to my brand new song #WhenLifeIsGoodAgain n…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottAt home right now I have the window open slightly and with this brief storm I can smell the summer rain. Fantastic! @redbossfan Thats sad news. I didn't even think about getting a ticket as I'd assumed they were streamed. I guess… @redbossfan Ah right. I try to watch the Grapevine news. @redbossfan Im the same. The Bjork gig was an online show wasnt it?A cup of tea on #YorkshireDay
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @redbossfan @amandapalmer Same happened in the UK. August 11th i was going to a nice seated gig but now thats all been put on hold.It would have been amazing to have seen this gig by The Jam on the streets of Soho in 76. What a time to be alive.…
@johnpeel3904 Its OK. But I found when reading it it seemed like a book by someone who had just pulled together inf… are the new lockdown rules in northern England? breaks my heart💙🤛 #MUFC @MarcusRashford “Please will you show Rashford” 😂
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @jonbull Shoulda went to @Specsavers ? @jonbull I hear ya. I think they're almost black as opposed to royal blue.
Just finished the second book about John Peel this lockdown. This the tribute by Mick Wall. This quote from Peel pr… to get August edition of @FootyWeekends & see my piece & pics of majestic @HacFc v OC @AmateurFC cup tie in i…
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@MELANN_UK Good thanks. Hope you've got your house back now. I only eat out rarely or get get takeaway. I may make… @MELANN_UK No just you Mel, lol @lottiebirkin Sounds traumatic. Hope youre OK now. @crobo Nice. If you've not seen that movie it's worth watching.With the US presidential elections looming I thought I'd watch this again. Willie Nelson has a supporting role too… though, this man is a president of a large country. He has his finger on the nuke button ffs. 1969 Fleetwood Mac (or should i say Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac) sold more records that the beatles and Stones combined 😲 Who knew.Meet @PintZine Arlo! He’s the kiddie mind! Plus he works @LongwellRecords
Retweeted by Leslie KnottThe crumbling coastline between Kessingland and Southwold #Suffolk
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@RuthWilliams7 Yeah i agree. I did actually get through to the registration page, entered my info and it crashed again.Thought Id have a look at the Goverment's Fix Your Bike voucher scheme which goes live tonight. The website has cra… @OpTimEllis You could never be a gammon dude.Electronic at the Design Museum review – a sweaty rave paradise lost Johnson, singer with Primal Scream, dies aged 56 @lottiebirkin It's some who works as part of the production line, producing those boxes of fudge you find in seaside was great to hear Mig @LouisianaBris Jeff from @100clubLondon Rebecca from @Leadmill and Jeff from @kingtuts on…
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Tonights movie. I enjoyed this, subtitles and all. @lottiebirkin @kylieminogue Excellant merch.A truly tragic loss. I have memories of her brilliance at Primal Scream gigs in the early 90s, and although I didn’…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottStruggling to get my head round the news today, it’s just so sudden & unexpected. Denise liked this photo enough t…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottUnited set a new record during yesterday's game. Im sure down the the fast attacking playing style. #MUFC vs Spain comparison: New cases in the last 2 weeks: UK 9293, Spain 16468 Deaths in the last 2 weeks: UK 922, Spa…
If you'd have asked me pre lockdown where United would finished in the league, I'm pretty sure i wouldn't have gues… the words of Sir Matt "You're good enough, go and express yourself" @ManUtd
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @kelsey_waldon Sounds interesting @MissMargoPrice Awesome... i think this is where the problems start 🤣🤣BREAKING: We have a new contender for the "you couldn't write this stuff" stakes Transport Sec Grant Shapps is on…
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Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green dies aged 73 one day people will look back, see the pictures from the Liverpool photoshoots and think they actually won th…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottFunding applications for venues at risk of imminent closure are now open. Have a look on @ace_national's page for m…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @SowTomorrow Yeah I'd agree with that.Currently reading this book about #JohnPeel Half way through, its ok... probably worth reading, nothing ground brea…
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