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Socialist/Dreamer/Photographer/MUFC/Loves Music/ I'm a little bit country! Recent gigs: Art School GF, Omni, Fontaines DC

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Last few days I've been listening to albums from earlier in the year to see if they make the cut for my end of year… @Steve1May Correct 3 options. I feel I have to at least go along @crobo @WaveyDavey001 Same over by @WaveyDavey001 too. Could be coz you're up hill 😂😂Daily #LibDem flyer recieved just now. Daily visit to my recycling bin with the Libdem flyer. 📮📬🗳✔ @BigJeffJohns On another subject, did you see the sort of compilation album of singles by Current Affairs is out? £… @BigJeffJohns Dunno Jeff. Need to find one. Any ideas welcome. @Garethgoape Yeah I know Chris of course. @SowTomorrow I would try to but cant see that happening. Although I did send them info to play at the @thegreatescape @Garethgoape Id see as it as bit of travel experience too I guess. I've not even come close. Think I've seen a co… 2020 be the year I go follow a band around the UK on a few dates? Never done this.The best in Welsh music was celebrated in Cardiff as the Welsh Music Prize (@welshmusicprize) was handed to post-pu…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottI've got to get on with deciding what favourite music is from 2019. I need to make some lists. #My2019FavoritesIf you want to treat your ears this Christmas buy this. Vinyl copies still available in pl… @BBCNews @BBCBreakfast main story this morning seemed to be a plug for their leaders debate this evening. Slow news day then? #BBCElection @OpTimEllis I think you should get an allotment @OpTimEllis Ah ok @OpTimEllis Looks good. Do you grow stuff Tim? @YourPalPill I saw the dead south whilst in nashville this year. It was a lunch time radio live broadcast in a bar. I like them. @ssnakep1t 🦸‍♀️✊🥇🥇🥇🏆 @katehaigh It's more fun isn't itI'm probably going to vote Labour but really tempted by my other two options... : spoil the voting paper : vote fo… watch - British people get told how much healthcare costs in the US.
Retweeted by Leslie KnottVoting intention of 18-24 year olds: LAB: 55% (+6) CON: 22% (-1) LD: 12% (-2) GRN: 5% (-3) SNP: 4% (+1) BXP: 1% (-…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottJust look at this.... And commentators ask why is Labour behind in the polls? 😕😕😕
@WaveyDavey001 Did I mention I did get an actual human liberal visit? They sounded Dutch actually, libdems embracing EU workers I suppose.How to eat: a crisp sandwich For me it has to be fresh, white crusty bread with obv a low cal spread and it can on… @leonajayne14 It's seriously over load here. It's a marginal so I get it. Some days it's a flyer and a posted letter from their HQ. @WaveyDavey001 I'm sure you're getting the same as me. I get it of course, people have different ways of getting th… put my daily #Libdem party letter/flyer in the recycling. 😕 Not read one of them, I know all I need to know.… you GRÓA for spending 3 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped @YourPalPill I've not heard the term genre fluid. That's deffo me though.
Doubters just spur me on 🤷🏾‍♂️ A proper Old Trafford night and a great 3 points 🔴⚪️
Retweeted by Leslie KnottPleases Vote for Labour !!!!! Cheers my dears-Edwyn,
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @ssnakep1t Very smart! and before and after you've eaten that sugary shortbread behind you 😂😂people buzzing about like bees.
Retweeted by Leslie KnottExcellent! Someone has a sense of humour #BrexitShambles live in the happiest region (South West) of Great Britain who knew? But my city is not in the top 10 happiest tow… @hibster2000 I was looking at a couple but opted RT bristol as I could pick them up.We all like lists right? @29xthefun I like to try an work out my favourite albums and gigs from the the year. I agree it's tough. I tend to… @29xthefun Yeah I saw that. Same band too?This is a nice end of year list from a cool record shop in Brighton, UK.
Watching the footy on @amazon Prime. Picture and sound quality is awesome. #BURMCI #AmazonPrimeVideo
A couple of great looking shows here.
Did you know there is a website where you can look up information regarding every single volcano in Iceland? The we… ridiculous the council is failing to manage the situation. Trains over full, park n rides full and residents… thinking of going to @thegreatescape festival in Brighton next year, 35% black friday discount here: @jazzycatbristol if you were thinking about The Great Escape there's diccount at the mo. last night's gig we chatting about the incredible rise of Fontaines DC. It was only 12 months ago I saw them pla… @LydiardSimon Shockingly bad. But #Marr is a terrible interviewer. He couldn't control the interviewer at all. @JustGetOutNow1 @A_Rowls @david_clarke91 Well to be fair they both talked over each other. @jazzycatbristol Additionally both men talking over each other to the point I could hardly understand what either p… rare visit to Bristols #SWX venue last night to see @fontainesdublin . I couldn't believe how bad the sound was.… @bathnes the xmas market has got out of hand and it's not being managed well enough. The city for vehicles and pede… @AndrewMarr9 SHUT HIM UP TALKING OVER YOU #Arrrrg @AndrewMarr9 show this morning on @BBC , dreadful interview with @BorisJohnson . Johnson needs to learn how to answ…
You see some of the dicks I have to put up with. I love you but your fricking dicks.
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @BigJeffJohns @morenaleraba I better go check him out. @jazzycatbristol From 5.30. I'll am you my mob
I'm more disconnected with this general election than any previous election. Anyone else?The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @PhilMoscovitch Well I hope. Not really been involved in anything like this before. Just please I'm not performing.… @PhilMoscovitch So basically its gonna be a long day. Up early to take stuff to the theatre. Help set up. Get back…, a boyhood dream came true for me. To captain Manchester United has been a lifelong ambition ever since I j…
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @PhilMoscovitch Oh maaan. I've spent most of this week helping a friend prep for a one man show at a local theatre… don't know how good this guy is but I'm loving the music. Icelandic rap music. Have a listen. Here’s an artist… want another glass of wine but know tomorrow I have a lot to do. 😏 @Biff_Liff It's great isn't it. I kinda like the subtitles too, means you have to pay attentionDe stressing tonight by watching a couple of episodes of the Icelandic drama Trapped. Its subtitled so no devices as distractions.Pass it on. 15 days to go. (Location: Bournemouth station)
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@crobo @BBCNews @afneil No I didn't. Not watching any of the leadership debate things, they are duuuuuuull.
@hibster2000 @Donnnnnnnnnnnna Pretty sure you didn't make it. Maybe a joint effort but I seem to remember buying an… @BBCNews never give any examples of anti semitism during their continuous coverage regarding labour party. I wo… @Donnnnnnnnnnnna Pretty much given up meat for a year or so now. Surely you've not forgotten that delish vegan chilli I made in Brighton? 😉Stormzy backs Corbyn 10 minutes ago. In those 10 minutes, the number of people registering to vote shot up from 4,…
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@leonajayne14 @British_Airways Thought so. But you have a Cape? Super girl? @Donnnnnnnnnnnna Meat isn't the issue. I've given that up. 😀 Just when I looked into soya its being framed in the r… @leonajayne14 @British_Airways Ran? @Donnnnnnnnnnnna I've tried quite a few. Soya seems to be best for me. How about you? My prob with soya is the depl… @Donnnnnnnnnnnna I get that but I'm struggling to find something for tea. @ramblinmagnolia Good move can I come? 😉 Joking aside I've pretty switched off from the election, etc. My constitue… @YourPalPill Ahhh pretty much just tweeted that. United defo need a classy attacking midfielder in January. @YourPalPill Rescued a point in the end. For me the main result was that the changes Ole made were great and made a… hours to register to vote. Get on it, people!
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @KeithM81 Was this for your birthday?
@fontainesdublin Hey guys. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but can you let me know who the support is for Bristol SWX next weekend?Interesting to look back at the list earlier this year. @jazzycatbristol I'll message in the week 😀
@jazzycatbristol Uhhh not got any plans yet but it's doors at 6.30 so an early one. I'll deffo let you know my plan…
@PhilMoscovitch Who knew? I didn't even know there was a Aussie league. @crobo This is hilarious.We own Farage and co have sent us a long legal letter demanding we give it to him. Well, h…
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Great artical but, wow this has to be to coolest look for Dolly? the @AlmaTavTheatre this morning to scope the venue pre performance by Jonah. Jonah is from Jon from Bath… night I was in the audience for the live #ITVLeadersDebate and when they came off air only one of them stayed.…
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Two Tory would be MPs have been suspended in the last 26 hours for antisemitism.
Retweeted by Leslie Knott @BethanBlake That's hirariousMay seem weird for us to say this but, if we’re honest, we reckon @jeremycorbyn was the clear winner. Pay no attent…
Retweeted by Leslie KnottSold off again by tories and we end up paying more.
Tories tweet anti-Labour posts under 'factcheckUK' brand