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Struggle Session x Street Fight Mid-West Tour: Indianapolis 8/26, Detroit 8/27, and Chicago 8/30. Tickets here:

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@TheElZilcho @jrhennessy Feel a strong urge to hurt someone. @RickyRawls @TheEpitomeofMan They don't even do R movies! When is there going to be another film even aiming for ad… @RickyRawls Most movies are bad, always have been, but Disney bad is as special type of bad and they're good at mak… @RickyRawls This is very wrong, sorry.Lovecraft’s grave
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Some of y'all have never dealt with manipulative personalities and it shows.Lol. Morrison you dweeb
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III @mz Please stop trying to sound black online.We are official!
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIRemember before The Force Awakens and people were so excited about John Boyega being a black Jedi Star Wars hero? L… @Deckard_B26354 @johncusack @ninaturner Not an authentic bone in their bodies. That's why they always come for her.…"The kids of today should defend themselves against the 70’s It’s not reality, just someone else’s sentimentality…
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Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIOh wow, can't wait to see how our brave heroes manage to defeat the emperor. album is out!!!!! Listen, share, cry, laugh, dance, mosh ❤️
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIII hear a lot of about Bernie Sanders being “too old” to run or be president... but we’ve currently got a 73-year ol…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIICheck out the latest ep of @strugglesesh where I joined @thejoshl to reveal the shameful secret history of "elevate…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIITruth-telling. @hayleyglyphs Yeah, that's why Anakin did it to Han. @EqueenofMars Hard to do rugged, working class hero who can move planets. Current power levels limit logical storyt… gets frozen in carbonite now. Disney can't help themselves.Preview here: @strugglesesh ! We take down the term ;'elevated horror' with @thejoshl and @kurtmschiller: hate the impulse overall because subtext behind it is that black people in the real world have never created any big beautiful cities.They want Wakanda to be something unimaginably beautiful but always portray it as pretty drab and unimpressive. come you didn't mention Christopher Nolan in the 2 film rule podcast? really wanted to hear you talk shit abo…… is the best superhero movie, but what are the second and third-best comic book movies? — Unbreakable and Loga…'s wrong to post DMs, unless you're like exposing a manipulative sociopath who spends every waking moment talking… @Millerheighife cant waitElseworlds: Batman as an anti- corporate terrorist fighting the spread of the Joker Mart megastore in Gotham.
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIFeeling down? Watch this. Thank you @sunrisemvmt and @ninaturner. Thank you. is always amazing when she speaks. ❤️🔥❤️
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIWe are gonna be in Indianapolis on Monday, Detroit on Tuesday and Chicago on Friday next week. It’s gonna be me and…
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Oh ok I get it. So it’s the Disney channel. We’re just doing the Disney channel for $10/mo
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III @FilministPod Hey, I host @strugglesesh about the intersection of pop culture and politics. We're doing a Midwest t…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III @willmenaker Awesome!Today was tough. Two diabetics couldn’t afford their medications. Had to tell someone they have Hep C & prostat…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIThe message is clear: Our faves are NOT safe.
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III @ashesorbones @SaddestRobots @ConnorSouthard Horseshit. @Fizzhogg Garbage tweet. @leslieleeiii I’ve been afraid to say it for a year. This game sucks! How do I go from an inventory of big fuck off…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIThis isn't even centrist skepticism - it's a full-blown right wing attack on anything resembling substantial action…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III @cuccoburra No, I got them but the gameplay mechanic sucks. Similar to this: @SixHundredBucks yesGoing live on @BazizioGaming now: @cuccoburra No it's not, Fallout, Skyrim, and a grip of other games if you turn off the HUD. There's also not reall… be fair, you have to have a very high PQ (poster's quotient) to understand 𝕁𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕣'𝕤 𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜 (@jokers_trick). @lmfsilva The tone in BOTW is lighter and not as post-apocalyptic, you spend most of the time doing puzzles, and th… @lmfsilva The sparseness in Shadow is a feature not a bug, wimilar to Dark Souls. But those game aren't big and are… you really want to know how I feel about David Koch's death, read this thing I wrote when Scalia died.
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIMore and more people are recognizing this. @SwitchGlitchmon @Hegelbon But I got them for like $60. @SwitchGlitchmon @Hegelbon Oh sorry, it's actually the HyperX Cloud Pro II: king is back, still undefeated. Who is your favorite guitarist and do you have a favorite guitar song/solo??? —… @Hegelbon I use the HyperX Cloud and love them, weren't expensive either. @hunterw LOL, this is actually fair. Rocky ain't shit.who are you taking to left podcast prom
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIEveryone seems very interested in "electability" but also very confused. I've put a little quiz together. Sample q:…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III“so whatcha listening to these days?”
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIThere's a reason that the most interesting Superman stories are often the ones where he's a villain.Very sad to here billionaire David Koch died of natural causes. @ironhandslil @jess_mc She has a lot of followers, that's why she wants to spread misinformation.Coup in Brazil that led to Bolsanaro/Amazon fires? Obama Honduran coup that led to the migrant crisis? Obama Liby…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIIn addition to unfairly suspending our account, @Twitch is also keeping all the money from bits and subscriptions t…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee III"Seven armed U.S. marshals arrived at his door in Houston last Thursday, arrested him on the spot, and took him to…
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIStarting to feel like a human again.Funk, Trance, R&B, Electro, and those orchestral hymns he likes, all in a package that doesn't give you a headache.This song is the 4 genre mashup that all the awful big pop acts try and fail to pull off: @disco_socialist @aarxn82 @getradified I'll give it a go and just pretend it's called something else. @getradified It actually looks like a decent, earnest movie that someone saddled with a name it could never live up to. @IanSams Hillary already tried this. on borat? — I saw 90% of it once in college. @dickmodel69 They already had a Scooby Doo live action that was good. @RickyRawls Perfect.Has the term “slurcialist” been coined yet?
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Meant Mother of Tears. Dreadful.What’s the most disappointing horror movie you’ve ever seen? — The Three Mothers, honorable mention to Cabin in the… do you think the libs are so focused on hating Nina Turner specifically? — Racism mostly. will you become a Ted Bundy stan account? — I heard Ted Bundy was cancelled. listened to you and Jack talk about the two film rule (good episode by the way). I'm wondering how well you… —… The Purge except real life Our latest
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIIf you could send one android back in time to delete The Cabal, would you send T-1000, David from Prometheus, or… —… you think Pop Punk is inherently a ebiphile's genre? — I think that's a bit unfair no matter how bad a lot of po… you think you would be touring with street fight if that person was still involved? — Not sure, but we probably… 3 vs God of War vs Horizon: Zero Dawn, which was your favorite — Witcher 3. All three great games, but writ… @CNNRGLDN Strangers was already on the first list from what I recall but we didn't do an ep on it. Maybe this round. @secretfilmpod He wasn't going around killing POC, he was going around killing poor and powerless people, like all the superheroes do. @secretfilmpod Take it form a black person who lived there, Japanese people in Japan aren't POC. If you want to ana… me anything! we go! @Yair_Rosenberg @bariweiss @ADL_National @IsraelPolicy4m
Retweeted by Leslie Lee IIIThis is the only Wiki you can trust: how Epstein died the day after Prince Andrew was formally named as being a pedophile — Royal family low key d… Kamala says she is for Medicare for All, know that she's lying. There's no other explanation for this. They ar… last few minutes after actually really good.Audibly groaned during the Q scene.This isn't a real movie. Kevin Hart is in it just because. @MitchellCares @jonny_is_good Mention those here but all much better gameplay and storytelling: is unforgivable.Really cheap looking too. Don't go see this watch John Wick 3 again.