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Black. Gay. And Angry. #BLM he/him

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The gag is... I wasn’t gonna spend money cause I don’t have money to begin with! #BLACKOUTDAY2020
Retweeted by LestBeing the only Black person in a space has never made me feel exceptional. It has only ever made me feel alone.
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@saavvvvvv I straight up told a customer today “yeah it’s a hot mess” @saavvvvvv This is me everyday hahahaSunday scaries
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@BlakeMcComas Glad to see you’re alive
Happy #4thOfJuly 🍑
Retweeted by LestHonestly, nothing sums up American politics better than liberals and MAGA people trying to own each other by postin…
Retweeted by Lestevery day I thank god that Glee ended before Hamilton came out
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Not sure what they were thinking for this.
Retweeted by LestCannot believe this post from AZ I saw today
Retweeted by LestWatch Hamilton with a critical eye. There are some major historical inaccuracies. Many of these large musical numbers never happened.
Retweeted by LestI can’t believe people think black men are going out and hanging themselves on trees to commit suicide all of a sud…
Retweeted by LestYa’lllll Rebel Cheese in Austin is *chef’s kiss* highly highly recommend their charcuterie boards!!! Vegan & you ca…
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Bigots living in South Carolina be like “I hate the gays” and then yell “go cocks” like it’s nothing
Retweeted by Lesty’all have desensitized tf outta breonna taylor’s name. ppl will post a selfie and caption it “anyways, breonna tay…
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Whenever I’m stressed I watch Beyoncé’s Homecoming special on Netflix. Y’all should do the same
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i have 5 days to get abs
Retweeted by LestI am ONE YEAR free of alcohol + opiates today!
Retweeted by LestI forgot to close the link so if anyone wants to order the shirt still, you have 35 hours! Thanks for helping me ra…
Retweeted by LestPowerful and poignant. #Pride
Retweeted by LestVote by Mail does NOT remove in-person voting options! This m/disinformation is designed to pull folks away from po…
Retweeted by LestWhen are we going to start calling this blackface? was the funniest person on youtube and probably the most integral part of pop culture for ppl that were my…
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Chicago said gay rights AND gay wrath
Retweeted by LestHere’s a thought... How about we arrest the police officers that killed #BreonnaTaylor
Retweeted by LestGood morning 🌞 no, it’s not an excuse to say the n word because you’re singing along...
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I don’t think we should be making jokes about newly graduated hard-working medical professionals starting their car… sex is cool but u ever had anyone say ‘school was dead without you’ after a sick day?
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Giants need to have a spring training t-shirt with that day “fuck that guy” on the front. As a Dbacks/Angels fan, I…
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Bernie Sanders does not own the progressive movement and by insinuating he does you are discrediting the incredible…
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Retweeted by LestPlaces to get COVID-19 Testing in the Phoenix Metro Area this week - A THREAD:
Retweeted by LestElijah McClain should still be alive today.
Retweeted by LestMantra
Retweeted by LestI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dreamers are just as American as my daughters. They make Arizona a bette…
Retweeted by LestThree men want you to wear a mask at the “Unmask Us” rally.
Retweeted by LestWatch closely and see if these protesters get tear gassed or hit with rubber bullets. They won’t but humor me. textbooks really had this on pg 10
Retweeted by Lest @brandonisNSFW It’s wild haha @aleccwi Hello good sirI don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, a Democrat, a Republican or anything in between. If you aren’t outra…
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Retweeted by Lestthan* but y’all still racistPay attention to the people who are more enraged by this news then they were about the alleged noose being there in…
i deserve to be verified now stop playin with me
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Can we all agree that cooking & cleaning is a basic life skill and not a gender role??????
Retweeted by LestAll our love goes out to the Hatch family. Our hearts are saddened by the loss of an amazing, beautiful and kind he…
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Joker is just the Perks of Being a Wallflower for problematic white boys***
remember when kavanaugh was like “look at my planner see it doesn’t say rape on it” and everyone was like “he’s right it doesn’t”
Retweeted by LestRetweets are free, yall are mean 😔
Retweeted by LestWhat the hell is “allyship fatigue” y’all just discovered racism 72 hours ago
Retweeted by LestDACA recipient on @CNN few mins ago: “This is not a long-term solution. Trump could choose to rescind this program…
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Ok but.... everyone tweeting about fuck doug doucey.... ik some of y’all not even wearing masks 😭
Retweeted by Lestbikini bottom is shakin lmaoo 💖💛🌊
Retweeted by Lest @A_TUNICK @LMFnode @chrisdelia Lol you fucking suck dude get off her TwitterMayor Kate Gallego: Mayor Gallego - INVEST IN PEOPLE, NOT POLICE! - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeLiterally the easiest part of my day, every day, is to not flirt with teenagers
Retweeted by Lest @ryandlg Hey hottiemen are like : noooo not Chris D’Elia?!?! wtfff i’m shocked and women are like : yes Chris D’Elia, also like at le…
Retweeted by Lesti’ll admit that “affect” and “effect” be beating my ass
Retweeted by LestMe ignoring “3-5 years experience preferred” and applying for the job anyway
Retweeted by LestHas COVID-19 forced you to wear glasses and a mask at the same time? If so, you may be entitled to condensation.
Retweeted by Lest“My parents raised me right🇺🇸” No you’re blindly patriotic to a country that does not give a fuck about you. The…
Retweeted by LestThings will not change in our society until it is the norm for this behavior to be punished socially and financiall… is no excuse for your ignorance on @chrisdelia. Time and time again men have abused their power/fame for sexu… where’s Doug doucey w the curfew now that Arizona is the #1 hotspot of covid cases escalating at a rate that’s 3…
Retweeted by LestIt’s wild to me that we’re still pretending it’s uncommon for adolescent girls to be propositioned, coerced, or sex…
Retweeted by LestI unfriended mostly all my white teammates from ASU that ain’t speak on black lives matter but was treating me like…
Retweeted by LestArizona is an experiment to see what happens when you run your government like a coldstone in a failing mall.
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20 shirts away from hitting 200 shirts sold! Less than $200 away from raising $3000. Link closes Saturday!
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Wild that Neil Gorsuch come out with a better opinion on transgender rights this month than JK Rowling
Retweeted by LestHealthy reminder: black people do not have to be scholars or in highly skilled positions to be worthy of life
Retweeted by LestI didn’t know much about the specifics of what happened beyond Breonna Taylor’s murder and started reading into it.…
Retweeted by LestArizonans rn
Trayvon Martin should’ve had more birthdays. #AllBirthdaysMatter
Retweeted by Lestwhite men be like “let me play devil’s advocate” whole time they’re the devil.
Retweeted by LestYou shouldn’t have to see footage of murdered Black people to be convinced of their humanity.
Retweeted by LestArizona Governor Won't Require Mask Use as Coronavirus Cases Spike, Says People Need to 'Learn to Live' With Virus…
Retweeted by LestTwitter is a wild thing because all the people who are “not taking a stance” on racial issues forget we can see the… basically told a White friend I have no idea what it’s like to be so protected that I can ignore the world around…
Retweeted by Lestdo not stop demanding that they arrest the cops who killed breonna taylor until they arrest the cops who killed breonna taylor
Retweeted by Lestwhite “allies” turning breonna taylor’s murder into a meme under the guise of awareness does not sit right in my spirit
Retweeted by LestTransphobia has NO place in healthcare. We care for ALL people. Period
Retweeted by Lestdonald trump is banned
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Dear fans...
Retweeted by LestI don't know why these images have disappeared from our TLs, but the #BlackLivesMatter protests have not stopped.…
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and that person should be, @KamalaHarris
Retweeted by Lest @whosjosie I would like this as well
Forget to charge my phone at night, spend the entire next day making sure my phone doesn’t die, rinse, repeat
Retweeted by LestBreonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Bre…
Retweeted by LestTo all the white mormon boys who’ve been silent this past week, your king has spoken. Now it’s your turn.
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@GareBear25 R u okay?
So hear me out: Twitter is great and all but how about we take our anger and frustration towards systemic racism an…
Retweeted by Lesti see people saying “don’t gay shame lindsey graham” lol why would anyone shame him being gay and hiring male escor…
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omg harry styles and timothee chalament were spotted together<333
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