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physically i may be in my 20's but on the inside i am a 70 year old grandmother || Twitch streamer || Voice actress || she/her

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i just got the words "dysphoria" and "dystopia" mixed up and i've never been more woke @TVDiVER you really are @TVDiVER honestly as soon as i started using the mute button very liberally my life improved significantly its prob… really have to hand it to him, he REALLY wants to use my password for something but i guess hes running out of… this person who got hold of my old password for everything trying to log into any and all sites he can think… love this new meme with the polite strong boys on the computers
i also feel the slightest tinge of nostalgia from laying in bed playing games on my gameboy advance as a kid its… in bed in the dark playing fire emblem three houses on my switch, there is a slight breeze from the window a… @Rev_Scarecrow if its not too much to record/post i think a good alternative could be posting 3 videos when the 2 p… are the golden deer 100% the middle child that always gets forgottenyeah, because the golden deer seem really involved in the battle of the EAGLE AND LION @GetOldForever my smoothbrain just cant ever get used to my shots dragging behind me so i absolutely do not like her but thats just my onionactually with holy mantle the lost might get bumped up to a c but im thinking original "hold R until dead cat" lostbefore you reply to tell me azazel should be higher, you are a Fool. his range is so bad it absolutely is not fun to play withisaac hot takes, tell me im wrong
it really has no right to be that catchyyou know, i do have to thank jojos for introducing me to a lot of the music i listen to but every now and again "ch… @egirl_png its a sign to watch jojoJoin @egirl_png and I as we discover a couple of hoverboards and grind the air playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in Fo… goose has collected all the dragonballs the dragon is summoned "What is your desire" the goose honks "…
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻this was the tiktok that got me banned smh
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻 @GinzieG for us its usually pre cut but with this roll there isnt even anything on the side of the box to cut it wi… @zDualVission like a roll of parchment paper lol, the pre-cut is also in a roll but theyre separated so you just pu… @zDualVission there is no difference theyre both [ ] @zDualVission no matter what its called, leaving it un-cut should be a crimewhenever i use words i have only heard said like once or twice in english i google it just in case it isnt a real t… didnt notice when i bought it but the baking parchment i got at the store is just a roll, not pre cut, and im los… @egirl_png yeah uh it says uhhhhh "this tweet is unavailable" which means the tweet is nto available's absolutely balls out wacky as fuck adventure
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Sylvain can perish for all I care thoughand I definitely pronounce her name like the car brand 100% of the time, I'm sorryokay I know I JUST started three houses but already I would die for Mercedes she is too good for this world and I love her @katelovelymomo it's a bit big compared to the last one isn't it? are you sure he needs all that space?
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻its a lump of plastic with a charging port and an hdmi output, they do not cost anywhere near 124 dollars to manufa… into buying a second switch dock so i could easily switch between my couch and my desk and they really have…"if youre so tired of being single why dont you try dating apps?"
no one: gigantamax meowth:
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻Join @egirl_png and I as we continue our trip around the world in Geoguessr, this week we find ourselves in Europe… blizzard actively trying to dig their own grave at this point or whats going on downright CRIMINAL that there are like 50 cats wandering around the monastery in three houses and you cant pet… man i usually get the cheap store brand burger buns but they were sold out today so i splurged on some nice brio… changed my mind get me out of this house immediately DID IT2 and a half hours and I think I've decided on blue lions.....I thinkthis is the hardest game ive ever playedits been 2 hours.................i still havent made a choice.........................i keep running back and forth… Charizard looks cool but how many variants of this one Pokemon do we actually need? where are the Blastoise and… @coffeeox_ I mean the black eagles are red funny enough but they're probably the ones I would pick last at this point honestly @coffeeox_ fire emblem: three houses u gotta pick a house (faction) and I am,,, not strong enough to make this simple decision,,, @TVDiVER say what u want about astrology but I am very indecisive and if u told me to pick between 2 things I like… still havent made a choice btw im a LIBRA i cant make decisions wtf were they THINKINGHOW do you expect to make a choice, ive been staring at the house select screen for like 10 minutesoh no,,,,,i like the blue lions too,,no,,,,,this is,,,too much,to handle,,,,,i caved and got three houses and before i went in i was so sure i would pick black eagles but after meeting the gol… four horseman of the apocalypse
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻 @hipponanymous what a mood lmao @hipponanymous either way i choose to believe that its a representation of what your face looks like at all times when im in your chat @hipponanymous it took me like a full minute to realise this was an emote and not just you sitting on your phone while twitter was open 🤣
What’s fortnight
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻 @ignChucky oh dont worry im VERY aggressive i have like 6-10 kills per game although to be fair pretty sure a lot of them are bots lol @ignChucky i mean im consistently top 20-top 10 so i dont think im getting owned but i still havent won either so @ignChucky i can get why they would build for highground but when they already have the highground and they keep bu… @ignChucky yeah sweats have been kinda annoying im just over here building 4 walls and a ramp while they build a m… @ignChucky i mean i would like to win but i absolutely refuse to be sweaty lmao @ignChucky right now i have ramps on shift and walls on a mouse button but it feels pretty weird and slow to use bu… @ignChucky i like having crouch on my mouse though since it makes A-D crouch spamming a lot easier plus ive had it… @ignChucky i have no idea which buttons mouse 4 and 5 are i have like 5 buttons on my mouse and most of them are aw… who are good at fortnite, how do i get good at building? what buttons do u bind the different shapes to? pl… @birdhusband ok red is a good color i'll take it @birdhusband me!!!! @birdhusband hey back off mister hes taken!!!honestly i think i would like fortnite a lot if my old grandma brain could comprehend/keep up with the building but… telling me thousands of people spent over 24 hours watching a gif of a black hole and nothing even happened L… then after a long day watching the black hole you go to bed and when you wake up the stream is over and you mis… just feel bad for the people who actually do play the game who care enough to watch the whole time, like imagine… hate that i keep checking the fortnite stream every so often i dont even play the game why am i interested in thi… it be said, this is absolutely why you should use different passwords for everything, eventually someone might… tried to log into my apple account lol all you're gonna find on there are transactions from 2011 when i bought t… guy who hacked into my inactive hulu account a little while ago has been making the rounds trying to log into a…
running out of picross puzzles is the worst thing that's ever happened to meno!!!!!!!!!!!! adventure in Zero Escape: 999 continues this week as @egirl_png and I run into a highschool algebra teacher on… pokemon streams 24 hours of a forest and now fortnite has been streaming 22 hours of a black hole so far, wha… reminding y’all this video still exists
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Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻Anyways goose is trans
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻 @JesseCox that's a gremlin if i've ever seen one
every time i see the .mpeg file extension i read it as .mpreg in my head and im not sure...whats wrong with methere's an episode in dbz where goku and piccolo take a break from training to fight the androids the guy from the…
happy #ComingOutDay! to everyone whos been working up the courage to come out, you can do it! i believe in you!!… made @egirl_png try to guess stand names and abilities from Stardust Crusaders!! How do you think she did? love the rain but not when i have to walk in it for 20 minutes back and forthi need to go to the library to pick up a book i ordered but its a 20 minute walk and its gonna be raining all day 😔🤙someone hacked into my inactive hulu account of all things, i hope you enjoy it, andy but the credit card informati…
We have two sane cats. Pushed our luck getting a third.
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its only been a week and we're already doing a jojo videofriday video 👀 is up!! watch @LethalStef and I try to figure out where we are!!!
Retweeted by 🎃 Deathinitely 👻join @egirl_png and i on our globetrottin' adventure in geoguessr as we try to guess where in the world we've been…