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Illustrator, Animator & Designer Work: Kotaku, Pencilmation, Retronauts &more Views posted=my own Please don't repost art without permission

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@GeoffLife You broke Arkham Knight AND drink fireball smh @FUNKVESSEL I actually really like Newgrounds. Animatic Boston helped me find gigs when I was unemployed. I took St… @MatttGFX Seeing them stand up for themselves in replies makes me really happy and really mad 🙃the boys
Retweeted by Melo @DavidWHilton "No one makes logos or icons or scalable graphics" is certainly a take.And you don't need to spend five hundo on bloated Adobe products anymore! Or install malicious keygens!Does the USPS have a gofundme or patreon?
Retweeted by MeloAlso some "college level" digital art classes hired older teachers who weren't comfortable with computers, so they… @OriginalZin Maaaaaaan How To Draw Manga stunted my growth for, like, 2 years, and I'll never get that time back goddamn @2013Nostalgia Those are still techniques you can readily seek and study online, though. There was a time when se… art communities are still "eh" and art twitter kinda exhausts me so I guess not everything is better)I'm really jealous of young artists today Growing up, drawing tablets were really expensive and uncommon. I didn't… @_yapsharlene Holy crap!If you like my take on viyda amminnuls, I'm actually really proud of my Star Fox lineup. I'm just saying. @C_Dobbins lmao I kinda don't get Amy hype but I've got a neat idea @D0C_S0UP I dunno how I'd tweak him but I *am* a Triple Trouble fanboy, soooo
@ActionKazimer Ah thanks, man! I actually like most Robotniks so that means a lot 👀 @ActionKazimer Archie was not on my radar, but for her... 🤔If this cracks 6k likes I'll subject myself to designing Sonic's friends of varying liability.I'm pro himbo Knuckles, pro connecting Sonic's head to his body, and tbh anti drawing Tails cause I always get him wrongthe boys @Slasher did they miss the memo that grade schoolers play fall guys now @RYCloud92 Well that's certainly a take 🙃 @kenjisalk His monologue is better than what the series usually rolls out, I'll give him that.Every other Ganon: stands around puffing his chest and almost nothing else. Phantom of the Opera covers if he feels… like how the Zelda fandom insists that Wind Waker Ganon is this sympathetic guy, but he still punches and backhands 10 year old children 😬I'm just happy I lived long enough to see Fortnite replaced by Takeshi's Castle. @DrewGamblord They animated a whole thing.
@DreaminErryDay he da best had a moment this week where I read the word "empower" and I had to stop working and stop my podcast feed and clo… is the year where some innocuous sponsored tweet is going to break me, I'll tear off my clothes, and I'm just… am starting to fucking hate this hobby more and more as compromised and janky as well pretty much every game gear game is they really did manage to make Triple T… @koko_kagamihara COOOOLToday I played Triple Trouble for the first time since maybe elementary school. I confronted my greatest bully: Sp… billion dollar corporation do you guys support
Retweeted by MeloRelated Article: "On Model" animation rants @DreaminErryDay Can't show an M Rated game on ESPN...I don't understand why so many lefties kvetch about scissors. I did have to invent a new way of writing for a job… up looking like regularass sunnek but eh
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@twitter please let us crop our own thumbnails I'm begging youI should draw more Sonic cause it's usually when I have the most fun messing around #sonicartist
Retweeted by MeloTwitter thumbnails be like googling, I can tell you more about the product tie-ins and exclusivity deals for the Avengers game than I… up looking like regularass sunnek but eh do y’all do this? *Serotonin depleted* “Welp, time to listen to that one song over and over and imagine…
Retweeted by Melo @JarienSky and the circle is unbroken @HiMyNameIsFel i mean i'm not above it at this pointhow do i block every brand on twitter @WalmartCAGaming @FallGuysGame first step is to pay your workers a livable wagePlease port this to PS5 with MP3 support. I'll buy your plastic tumor day one. You don't even need to remaster th…** I HAVE A PLAN TO SAVE THE POST OFFICE ** YOUNG PEOPLE: Call your grandparents and ask if they got the card you…
Retweeted by MeloNeato :D to FFXIVposting and all my new followers leaving @jongraywb Persona 4 was missing was a fantasy where the player starts a band and plays music in front of the whole school… my ideal Persona debate.People like Persona 4's bad story because it lets them play out their fantasy of reliving high school knowing what… did numbers while I was asleep. I'd tell you to follow me but, uh, a lot of you did, so thanks 💦 @DannyVegito finally a relatable tweetmentally I am here
Retweeted by MeloBarry Boardroom just threw that phrase in a PowerPoint deck one day and got promoted to Assistant Thought Leader. @ElliotGindiVO I feel like it means next to nothing tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I think it's weird how people call themselves "Content Creators". It sounds a few steps removed from "Slurry Distr… @aaronlinde Gfkbjgckofd Aaron, dude...!
Clearly I don’t have any revolutionary ideas for a redesign. Pointier? Rounder? One solid shape for the head and to…
Retweeted by Melo @PierceGardner I'm pro "Takeshi's Castle / Wipeout Simulator", and combining it with battle royale is a no brainer.… animators this is the quirky indie film or the sizzle reel- get that money UP FRONT & be clear about a day rate…
Retweeted by MeloI'm very glad I didn't pay money for this.Also exiting a game is annoying, as if losing within an inch of the finish line wasn't already bad enough.I decided to play Fall Guys I know it is called Fall Guys but every time my Guy falls through not fault of my own a part of me dies @ActionKazimer I'm told other characters exist. Like Frog's friend with the pointy red hair, Frog's arch enemy, Ayl… I'll clean some of these cause I kinda like a few.I had a dream that I was a producer on a VTuber Late Night Talk Show and it's kinda all I want out of life right no…
Retweeted by Meloliterally all of it (2/2) Trigger('s localization) is 25 today and I've realized that literally all of my CT fanart is either Frog or… is #sonicartist a thing right now? lemmie just throw my hat in there.
Retweeted by Melo @TheDuckGod that first one is always gonna be a GOAT @TheDuckGod @Cola_64 I'LL SHOW YOU CHILL I don’t have any revolutionary ideas for a redesign. Pointier? Rounder? One solid shape for the head and to…ᵃˡˢᵒ ᶦᵗ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈ ᵇᵉ ᶜᵒᵒˡ ᵗᵒ ᵈᵒ ᵃ ᶜᵒᵐᶦᶜ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵈᵃʸ ᶦ ᵈᵘⁿⁿᵒ should draw more Sonic cause it's usually when I have the most fun messing around #sonicartist life's dream is to meet a very wealthy person whom I can just say ideas at and they'll fund me to try themthis was not the vtuber in my dream I just liked the nameI had a dream that I was a producer on a VTuber Late Night Talk Show and it's kinda all I want out of life right no… than spinoffs, I feel like Sonic's just iterated on his 1998 "Modern Sonic" design for the past twenty two (2… tab had me thinking there was gonna be a sequel to Us called Among Us. Not that you're short on ideas, bu… know blogging is a tough business but 75% of my screen is ads :T
Retweeted by MeloSo the moral of this story to future creators is "Careful where you pitch your series to" The sabotaging of ROTTMN…
Retweeted by Melo @GeoffLife One for each pillar of business: Funko Pops, plushes, Deadpool statues, import figures, and used Wii games 👌 @GeoffLife I'll let you buy out my share of the company (yea go for it dude)SGDQ hasn't even started and Twitch is already speedrunning Black Mirror damn son @UniteFreedom YUP @GeoffLife sweet website tho"Emotional Benefits" and "feeling of uniqueness" sounds like a cool way for Twitch to foster creepy parasocial rela…
@DreaminErryDay Story mode was the big thing everyone bitched about at launch cause the game honestly felt like an…'m gonna start my own company, and create an actionable roadmap to empower my team to be world class industry lead…