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@HeyItsBOOM @TheAlexValle @Twitch I got my video of WWE 2k19 taken down because of the soundtrack. Same with Tony Hawk. @seth_draven @awbored Totally. The acting, score/soundtrack, and direction, I think, are all very good when you kind of take it all in. @awbored @seth_draven Directors cut is silly. I think the theatrical is a great movie and has a lot more depth than… @podcastage @jcoffawwyeah Yep. You can also get PVC pipe cut to size and lego a nice coffin sized booth frame like…, folks. Shout out to @podcastage for educating me on all the gear I've picked up to use for my podcast. I sugge… @jcoffawwyeah @podcastage My setup, while includes a really nice microphone, is very basic. I like to keep things s… @jcoffawwyeah @podcastage's videos helped a lot. I needed a basic interface with decent enough preamps that were qu… @jcoffawwyeah Sm7b with a FetHead going into a motu m2 interface. I record with reaper and use either reapers plugi… 3, When Nature Calls , Return of the Jedi, and The Last Crusade.'re looking at a full time podcaster (in two weeks). Expect a lot of junk from me. Too much Tate on the way.
@althea_khumalo In the works already! @TerribleBooKlub This is a great idea. Thanks! @abnerpnt Not quite a hit yet, haha. But it's doing well enough that I don't have time right now to keep up, so it'… may be doing this podcasting thing full time in the very near future. Very near. What more would you like to see… @Thekindvillain Nah just my fan fictionThe next day Barney gets bit by a dog on the way to the barber. Floyd the barber notices Barney’s neck is a bit mor… wakes up on the couch only to learn that his badge stopped the broom from penetrating him and he fainted. It… up getting staked by the broken end of Aunt Bee’s broom handle while trying to hide from her in a very phys… episode of Andy Griffith where Barney is convinced he’s a vampire. Andy doesn’t believe him and he comica… @AwkwardSapphire Done the same thing, then had a panic attack about being 33, @bluechi93279986 Thanks for listening :)New episode, guys. I hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for listening., patrons. Here's the patreon one shot for the weekend!
This week's episode is here for patreon, ad free. Go get it., 100% this. Mike Love will not tarnish my favorite band of all time. Brian Wilson is the Beach Boys. Al is the…
@othersideam @_whitneywebb The word you should be using is theory. It’s a conspiracy theory until it’s proven to be… @emerald1910 Hello
mc is the man! Keep up the hustle, dude. I don’t remember a time in which I wasn’t an mc chris fan.
The Angelina Jolie episode of Bly is pretty good
@YashcGadhavi1 @dickenson_g @eBay @MetalJesusRocks interested in a trade??? @dickenson_g @eBay It was a rare Gameboy Advance SP that I had as a kid. It's ungodly expensive now and I finally f… @lostandclowned @eBay I don't want to say because I don't want people out there buying them up because it's a rare item. @marknorm @JoeListComedy Agatha Christie? @letsnotmeetcast my favorite podcast
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@CryptaSeries I’d hope so. Some of them are just genuine cool people trying to share their fav pods, but some just… Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries taught me anything, it's that Granny is the smartest, craftiest, and most likely… one looks interesting. Might take a break from Bly to check it out. What are you watching for halloweener mont… case you missed it episode is up, babbies!
Twitter @awbored I'm looking at you @painsofgrown I think you might be confused?Anyone playing Killer Queen Black on switch? It's like $2.00 right now and you should get it! @scr0dumb 1% of us would truly enjoy it. Some people like to pretend they aren’t humans. We’re gross dude. Eat and… is the shit I edit out hahaha. I’m a forever child. I laughed so hard I have a headache because I forgot about…'s a very merry halloween for the patreon. Early ad free episode for ya babbies.
@yesennia24 Next game will be the only one I've watched all the way through in YEARS. I mean, since the Lakers Vs K… only game I regret not watching Jonathan the tortoise a very happy 188th birthday. He is the oldest known living terrestrial animal in the…
Retweeted by Let's Not Meet @haunting hey jerks. Please try not to retweet spoilers for your own damn show. @percjbeth @haunting Damn. Spoiled already wtf? @MadScientistPod @LindseyGrahamSC lol right?
@BethanyRobin17 I know every word in singin in the rain and a lot of the dancing. I was a weird kid. @BethanyRobin17 I don't have one favorite. But, I like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Singin in the Rain and most Gene Ke… facts: my favorite genre of music is 90s black gospel, I don’t listen to true crime or horror podcasts anymor…
@JXjunk @Twitch You can find the movies on usually, or even on youtube. They are obv legal… @Rougecue I'll check it out next trip though! @Rougecue Oh that was way after I moved out of Redding. I was there until I was about 8 or 9, so, like '95ish. I've… small grocery store where I grew up in Redding, CA used to have a claw machine full of Pogs. Damn I miss that.Make me laugh...please a year today has been.
Retweeted by Let's Not MeetThe worlds first true crime podcaster. Can ya guess who?
@YashcGadhavi1 No, it's good. This just means we may end up with a good deal which would mean a better produced sho… @YashcGadhavi1 No that will be closer to the end of the year. Preproduction was halted due to some behind the scene… @The_Movie_Goer @FrankAngones @giugabs Haha I just thought that too! @FrankAngones Me makes me think of Tank Muddlefoot!
Retweeted by Let's Not Meet @bighugemclarge I love you, wifeMark your calendar. I will be doing a live stream episode on Halloween on Twitch at 7 PM PST, followed by a Q&A and… hundred percent! she is, folks! @amphibiacrew Who’s your favorite hero?! @CoreyEdward2 Uhh hundred percent've been doing this podcast thing for like 4 years now, and I don't seen an end in sight. As long as y'all are sti… @CesarWeGetIt @TheSimpsons Grimey!Name this ducktales episode (my favorite)., what really IS Dorcas’ one weakness??? @bertkreischer Now hold on just a minute, folks. Hear him out.
Another treat for the kids's that early, ad-free episode of this week's LNM for the patreon babbies. Go join and support the show to get… @mama_emeritus Shit. Let me know when you find out. Countless awful tuners resulted in my being able to tune by ear… @disneyplus Is this about Disney’s creepy connections with Project Paperclip? You know, recruiting Nazi scientists… @Propertynerd_ This line kept making me laugh because it was so relatable @steve_trem If you like true crime I’m a daily true crime show with over 500 episodes:D I’m also a big fan of…
Retweeted by Let's Not MeetCan't stop listening @letsnotmeetcast
Retweeted by Let's Not Meet @Koost7899 @l0gicth0t @BlodvySuicide This @trashcelluloid Alien @rhowardbrowne That’s not how it works, bub. The burden of proof is on you. It’s okay. I remember my first beer. @__honeybeeee @woomynaydra Same
It’s such a simple and proven way to protect lives. If you aren’t wearing a mask right now, let’s not meet., after he finds the guy:
Retweeted by Let's Not MeetThe person we are all REALLY worried about is doing fine. Thank god.
Folks, what do you say? What's the scariest episode of Let's Not Meet? @JustinMcElroy breaks my heart
Retweeted by Let's Not Meet87% sure we live in a movie at this point.
Retweeted by Let's Not Meet @AngryBlackLady @MaraWilson I was just thinking about this. Thanks for the confirmation. Getting water. @ImNotTannerTodd @McJesse @DanaSchwartzzz They do it to themselves @travistats We all have. I plan to delete my tweets lol.