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Oh mate. Oh mate. Youre properly jordached. Youre off that bullwinkle mate
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @therealmrherman me, rn
@__beforedinner no kissingDear @SenSherrodBrown - Will you help us SAVE OUR STAGES? We have been closed since March 13th w/ no revenue. Witho…
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @Nametaken38 @SimonMastri you should be
“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” buddy you can sleep right now it is so nice
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @sibanahh i sent smoke signals saying that, did you miss them??
“It’s not a cartoon Kim! It’s called Anime!!”
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@tammy2turnt happy birthday yoooou lovely being!! hope to see you soon @an_eggle @0la_bisi i wish i was breaking walnuts with my beak right now
Retweeted by demi-dolphinha. ha. ha.
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @kayrosewood kay you're like 5'2 stop lying to the twitterspherewhy didn't microsoft just call it the xbox two?aha i have a gf you all just wouldn’t know her, she goes to a different social media app and is a um instagram mode…
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disney adults utterly are the most terrifying humans ever
Retweeted by demi-dolphinThe Ghost of Epstein about to run a Hail Mary through Hollywood with no defenders.
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @kayrosewood can we do that next weeki want to slit mitch mcconnell's throatinside you there are two wolves
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @kayrosewood other way around omg @kayrosewood I'll give you his number this week @sibanahh me @ ucapitalism is poison to the mind
@MoonytheGemini @DevilInAllBlue yeah wolf is totally my favorite rap album, but flower boy just hits so differentHmmm I wonder who slashed all four of my tires while I was parked in downtown Cleveland for a protest.
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @wavysensei23 thugger and it's not remotely close @queenrik6 bet! i dig those nails @queenrik6 what's the name of it?But sometimes when we touch …
Retweeted by demi-dolphinThe rumor that Bill Gates & I are lovers is completely untrue
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @DevilInAllBlue @MoonytheGemini Scum Fuck is his best project OKAGA, CA is his best song @ExtendoBans
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @Nametaken38 love you what kind of potatoes do you want to use
You’re not a “DIY Kid” you are 26 years old how about you “DIY” and unclog your bathroom sink?
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @jair1970 can't get a pen if you aren't in the box idkPutting this chyron in the record books.
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @wavysensei23 drink water beforehand and you'll be big gucci; it's lev caffiene dependencytommy’s party - peach pit
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @naomi_marsh so they can milk ET @bearinevans im with it wanna help me plan it? @ESPNFC dude i'm a united supporter and i hate how much you guys gobble our cocksdude you and your friends should quit @realDonaldTrumpcan the president resign? @AbelCainSoul she looks fantastic fr they all do
Choose you fighter Garth Maul or Darth Brooks?
Retweeted by demi-dolphinWhen Rain Stops // Noriki @sobermunchiez @NHLSeattle_ @_Andrewjohn_"Fox News should just be news about foxes." My son, age nine, and absolutely correct.
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @sobermunchiez @wavysensei23 @DevilInAllBlue drop the album niggerBuild a lego tower on her back fellas
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @DevilInAllBlue @sobermunchiez well You're 40% of police families
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @Mcfreddy440 🅱️olo bro those mfs really getting marriedpreferably by friday pleaseguys look at this frog 𓆏
Retweeted by demi-dolphincan someone direct me to the suspenders department you don’t vote, I look at you different
Retweeted by demi-dolphin『絵になるなぁ。』 「あっ、そういうのいいんで。ケロケロ」
Retweeted by demi-dolphinthe oldest man alive
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @MamaMerryy that would be neat @MamaMerryy i'll attach them to mine @MamaMerryy your hair's longer than mine we can't have that snip snip
so whos dtf? d-down t-to f-flove me
Retweeted by demi-dolphinyo why every single Taylor Swift fan know everything like the name of her realtor and the way her farts smell?
Retweeted by demi-dolphin!!!!!
Retweeted by demi-dolphindon’t feel like feeding myself today
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @kayrosewood okHow to NOT kill yourself pt 1 Avoid being around people who make you want to kill yourself
Retweeted by demi-dolphinnaming a child bobby shinji ikari hill and making him pilot a propane powered evangelion unit (doubles as the schoo…
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@estrelleteros i need ronaldo to break the record pls and thanks @ashtonbernard_ @ebaybabyyy how did you quote me without even being here @freebeastboy💯
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Retweeted by demi-dolphinLMFAOOOOO
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Retweeted by demi-dolphinPick two. They will defend you. The rest are coming to kill you
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @coco_pewu all-time classic @ebaybabyyy @at_nocontext
@Mr_SheaButterII he can catch mf broken bones lol @bobcatbritt t o u c h
Retweeted by demi-dolphinwhat's the opposite of this emotion bc that's how i feel at the moment fiction
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Looking for someone to cuddle, maybe spit in my mouth too idk
Retweeted by demi-dolphin"dude," "guys," and "fellas" are all gender neutral terms
Retweeted by demi-dolphinOh man
Retweeted by demi-dolphinFeel like not enough people know about this
Retweeted by demi-dolphin @nocheisabeast truuuue, eventually less bad will mean more good though ❤️i should be getting paid for how much i rep @PabstBlueRibbon
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Good morning
Retweeted by demi-dolphinfinna heat up these thanksgiving leftovers
Retweeted by demi-dolphinWhat to do when u lock urself out of ur own house in your underwear,break down a door,hope 4help,use the yard like ur dogs,no phone??? HH
Retweeted by demi-dolphinPEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dumptruck AsS)
Retweeted by demi-dolphinSUNSHINE BRIGHT ON ME(CUB) // KANGAROOyeah but what about the person he killed