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Artist, Maker, Photographer, OwO, Queer, C64 hacker, Fire Witch, Art Director of @toorcamp, and Synth Queen 👑of Gloom and Funk @MultiSynthCorp

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@fuzz_sh @cornerpirate Thank you and yeah I have always had a fondness for super bright crazy guitars. @NumbZombieMom I super love that stuff! 🖤 @Orinz @IHazRabies Rad thank you for sharing this, I learned something new today. Thank you! @IHazRabies I mean it is kind of clustered in certain part of town, I am not as familiar with this project but would love to learn more. :) @chinbeard Thank you <3
@jack_daniel thank you! @frameslip She is so pretty, I am so pleased. I am going to get lost and go play for a bit and get the strings worn in.I feel like this guitar is reborn and I shall call her Starlight because this colourful axe reminds me of the happi…’m crying this looks so good!! for reassembly!! really forgot to take pictures of the painting because I was just having fun in getting lost in it. There are 4 c… then a nice solid two coats of etching primer. Just let me get a good contact with the existing surface that wa… is going to happen so let’s mask it up too. I didn’t pull all of the internals out because it’s a lot or re-w… were loose and needed some extra love. Also I love the way it sounds but it just didn’t really feel like mine…’ve been quietly working on a little project and now it done and I want to share. This is the guitar I have, it’… @caskings Yeah it’s a sticker I cut for the lid of my record player. @HackersCurator Got mine! @thesimonboswell track 2 “Hackers Suite” is a masterpiece!! Thank you that track is just everything to me. I ende…’m m only on side one of the first record and I’m blown away. @IainSoftley this is amazing thank you all for doing… @tinyblob I had to go out to the grocery and there’s a record shop next door. I got lucky it was the only copy ther… personal headspace hasn’t been the best but I did get myself the new 25th anniversary Hackers album on vinyl!…
Yeah this is my mood now for the weekend. @violetblue <3 Thank you and love you so much! I have always got your back and we know we will continue to keep standing up for those can't.Please be kind, please stand up for those who can't. (20)As for myself and my family the current time are a grim reminder of that pain. We are ok and have worked very hard… need to find a different way, we need to find a way to collectively find empathy so that those who have suffered… a community we stand up for one another and the system punishes us for it. We cannot continue to do this. I don'… say all of this to you openly because we need to talk about this in our society. We treat people who a bit differ… I saw what happened to Elijah McClain and the little boy in Utah It broke me again. When I continue to see int… I know is that the systems that we have do not work. Ive talked to other family's that had a similar situation… was the last time he was arrested, a week later he was dead. Whether it was from suicide, the use of sedatives… progressed he got to come home after a while but was so broken. All that progress we had was lost and he ended… that we finally found a doctor who's treatment was helping. We were finally starting to see him again. But th… tried cooking school again but by now his mind had learned to many bad ways to be and he found trouble as he was… and time again the police would tell my mom that she was a terrible parent and that her kid was destined for p… went on for years and the poor kid knew in a way that he had little control and we were all at the limit of wh… would get arrested for having outbursts of those that medication could not quell or from decisions that he would… had these moments of absolute violent anger and then would follow it with sobbing tears of apology. He got lost… the years went by the trouble really started he tried so hard to fit in and do something with his life, he wante… he got older we all tried to help him with school and life. Doctors were quick to put him in a category and over… go back a bit, my brother good and sweet kind kid, he was ADHD and had a learning deficiency. It really develo… years ago my brother died, the reasons are still not very clear but we know some things that I'll cover. I want t… want to share a story that I have never shared before, heads up its a very hard topic and a very difficult one fo… @HackersCurator @IainSoftley @thesimonboswell @guypratt I am so Hype for this, I want the vinyl very much. Is there a link can I pre-order?For anyone interested, I have the Transit Connect vanlife build up for sale. 10% off to any follower in the PNW who…
Retweeted by スコットランドちゃん ✨ @jjbbllkk @Chris_Randall @Hainbach101 @noisejockey Like maybe but only if the moon and stars are all aligned and a… @strngwys get one if you can afford it and then when you are done with it sell it cheap or give it away to someone… @Chris_Randall @jjbbllkk @Hainbach101 @noisejockey Also @jjbbllkk I can introduce you to a friend of mine that migh… @Chris_Randall @jjbbllkk @Hainbach101 @noisejockey So this thread makes me feel like I'm not crazy, every since I s… @spetku Same train, hello fellow passenger. @nanographs It was worth it and I am going to make a habit of doing it more @MLE_Online @spetku Yes this I did most of last week, I found vegetarian nuggets and I am in love. @spetku <3 - I just consume rice, vegetables, candy, and drink the occasional protein shake I am not even sure what… @spetku yeah I use it in spicy foods some times to play with the spice profile. It might be worth a try but its just a guess. @spetku Blend it, with ice, and maybe nutmeg or cinnamon. @spetku Go on...
Trying not to stress out about the world and just sharpening my side cutters to a mirror finish better meeting. morning everyone, my new Pandemic Roundup is live and has even more #COVID19 memes than before! Also news ab…
Retweeted by スコットランドちゃん ✨ @MLE_Online totally I will send it to you, its supposed to rain all day I'll send them all to you.Here is 90s of rain outside my window, nothing else just water from the sky bouncing off the window with one of our… @spetku @MLE_Online Same I am also glad you got sleeps, it was up and down for me again last night. But as long as… @caraesten Get it! This sounds awesome!! @GlytchTech Yeah its been quite wet today, let me know if you need a place for internets or want to do a distanced hello. @ElleArmageddon @tendency @dustrial Actually now Im tempted to make and sow one up myself! @ElleArmageddon Can I sign up to get a dazzle dress as well!
@Viking_Lass Drat they beat me to it!!! I'm definitely going to win the next one! @MLE_Online Honestly I view everyone in the process of science important but still I will still be in awe that you are working on this. 🖤 @aressa For me it’s really helped my health, I’m losing weight in a good slow way and I’ve watched my BP and other… @MLE_Online I have been beyond lost in looking at the poles of Jupiter, the patterning of the storms is just so mag… @aressa the beyond burgers and honestly most of the better veg burgers take flavour really well! I like to hit them… the world isn’t great so why not make a giant vegetarian locomoco “extra spicy” - one impossible burger - tw… wake up and I know I slept t but I feel like I didn’t :( This is an every day thing now and I am convinced I am in the worst movie ever. @powlpaul Yes its a contact piezoelectric microphone. I really was happy with how clear it was and have plans for some other stuff. @FreqyXin YES!!! @powlpaul's what is sounds like plus a second clip of what it may be like if I decided to use it in a song. Ah this driv…
@powlpaul Got taken away by a few meetings but I am going to post the sounds here in a bit. @MrsGreatnews This outfit is super cute!ok if anyone want to try this experiment here is what I used: - Piezo mic - XLR connection - Piezo mic + bridged to… @violetblue Happy Birthday!!! @CoryLaflin lol @sarahhbickerton The construction is so much further along then when I was there last. @ra6bit Thats a fascinating idea, I mean hypothetically this is plausible in some weird way in my head. But now you have me thinking.update: The drive is still good and I was able to create a new partition. But hey new trick learned 48v is all you…’m recording sounds off of hard drives this morning. Also I may have just learned that accidentally applying an ad… @Hainbach101 I love the dynamic the wire recorder adds, makes it feel all far away and edgy but also close at the same time. @AljernonBolden @OrionDBlack @LizzieTheBold your new state might change your mind :P @MLE_Online @spetku So in the same boat...
Come try and out bid me and get a piece of art! @dirtbagboyfren Thats beyond awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
This project is great and you should absolutely take a look!’s stopping you from hacking like this? Seriously @elkentaro this is beautiful nice build.
@violetblue Kitty cat birthday 🎉 RBG RIP
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Tomorrow I will be angry but today I will pause in respect to RBG. That woman fought hard not only for herself but… .... I am not sure what to say @theavalkyrie @lumin_noir @Laughing_Mantis I am not totally sure but I feel like if we talk about it we maybe can understand it m… @Laughing_Mantis @jjbbllkk did a video on mastering and it totally gave me some ideas to try with mastering to work… @joeltelling @BT ugh this song was always my "time to get motivated and go" track, it just fills me with energy, so fun!