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The only esports/gaming facility in the KC Metro. Gaming, esports, education, and entertainment. Stay Connected | @mavixchairs #mob

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@maycontainpod Oh broccoli if you like! @maycontainpod Heavy duty Mac, ez wing sauce w/fried chicken! We about itA Sub•A•Thon to celebrate my Affili-versary?! I THINK YES! Featuring giveaways from @Pokemon, @FortniteGame,…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @AnthonyKongphan @playnewworld @Sacriel @MrGrimmmmz @Sequisha Streaming this in the arena the past week was awesome! @BeastModeMac816
🎮New week, new life! LEVELUP summer with us!🎮 TUESDAY: Fortnite Box Fights & Game(Her) Tues WEDNESDAY: Strive for… everyone we need to show some love this week to @BennettKobe! This Friday at 6pm he will be taking over the VI…
@MecoleHardman4 @_GREENDOZE @Mackk_01 @Dotarachl Sheesh hit us up next time! We do more than host $75k WZ LANsCongrats to this week's Code Red Top 8! MJG battled it out with in a game 15 Grands and took his first tournament…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @markjosey more beard! @Gremlin785 @OutPlayedNext Okay... we will do 4s... But if either of you doesn't show... @Gremlin785 Gunfight or 4s
Kansas City doesn’t play when it comes to esports! Congrats to our fam over at @PioneersGG and to @ArmaniWatts23! @PioneersGG @ArmaniWatts23 Congrats guys! Big moves! @BennettKobe @RolaCoasta @BennettKobe @RolaCoasta Fire the smm! s/o to @cams_wrId & @ilikepieinmouth for always bringing the fire with their events. We are thrilled to bring t… @MissKalaaaaa When you realize they are the ones selling the cheats ups and Team Passes are available now! Get your Team signed up for our @WFEngaged Kill Race Tournaments! $40 p…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7thSPLITGATE AT 3... That's the tweet! @StoneColdJones @McDonalds Nah. You need them Oreo churros! We tell us how many and we got you fam
ATTN: KC GAMERS August is here and so are our events. We have brought back some favorites and added some variety t… out @lemon33head as he streams from the stage!
@AOC_Gaming We will take 100... You got the address!Tonight for the first time we are bringing you Smash Melee... If you enjoy the classics, today is your day to shine… @lemon33head @rasch_the_smash @faizahat291 @PulseHQ_ @WFEngaged @wickedrage @TeamPwnage @Kindr3dNations @GMRCenter @GMR_Finance @infiniteKJ89 @XSET Oh bug facts! Just ask @imBigRuss
@summit1g @GFuelEnergy Does this work for our large 100 case order?? @H3CZ @blakecissel Anytime you are up this way… we got you @QuickKap @Runicityy
With our grand opening we thought is was time for some updates! @Runicityy came in clutch with the new desktop back…
@mavixchairs We were going to get a "racing" chair... @Runicityy @NobleGG @nobilitytoken This is huge! Congrats!After a meeting of the minds, we have decided to make this event online and in person. WE WANT EVERYONE TO PLAY! So… @UnArmeddGaming @SovereignSyd @_Daay__ Only if there was some sort of place you could go... that had good internet,…
Today was awesome! Made new friends and hung out with old ones! Huge s/o to @VEsportsFDN for coming out to explain… to our Top 8 from last night!🏆 Justin picked up his first Code Red W and Homsguy secured his first Top 8…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @Trickywii We wouldn’t have missed it! Congrats! @BeastModeMac816 @PioneersGG @RealAndrewWylie We know where you can host it! Thanks for hanging out with us today!… @PioneersGG @Jackal__15 We still love him! @Jackal__15 @PioneersGG Gotta quit getting caughtWe had the privilege of hosting @PioneersGG community day and we are pumped for everything they are doing and build…
@RickMalambri @playnewworld Gonna have to squad up with @thekilltac and @JoshuaStuKeener⚠️ KC Melee players ⚠️ We are hosting our very first melee weekly at LEVELUP on Thursday, July 29! Be sure to let…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th.@RealAndrewWylie is here 😳
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th📣 We're LIVE for our Community Day @leveluparenagg 🎮 COME HOP IN CHAT AND SAY HI TO @Jackal__15 👋 📺…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @RhidoTV @PioneersGG
Join me on August 6th from 6-10 p.m at @leveluparenagg to support @MilitaryVetera. Warzone Custom tournament with g…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7thWe’re teaming up with @Boulevard_Beer to help support the GRAND OPENING of @LEVELUParenagg THIS SATURDAY! There w…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @UnArmeddGaming @_Daay__ @_Daay__ @UnArmeddGaming Y’all nerds need to sleep 😴Code Red is tomorrow, get your spot saved now!
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th
@PioneersGG We can’t wait to see you all!!📢 COME MEET THE PIONEERS @leveluparenagg THIS WEEKEND 🎮 Swing through the KCP Booth, play in some Free Entry tourn…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @Bartonologist @GrandmasterGojj @aydan Vouch the vouch
@Gremlin785 @PioneersGG Black is clean!Make nick give you a Jersey! @SoarDogg @TeamLiquid @damagedcoffee We agree!!Happy birthday fam! What is being built here in KC will define what esports should look like in every major city! K… friends at @TeamLiquid sent over a care package! They became the first flag in our sports bar as well! Big s/…
@RealAndrewWylie You know we’re there!Should we host a @Splitgate tourney?!This weeks events: Off The Couch League: a few things happening this week! 7/20 Fortnite Duos (Hybrid) 7/21 Gunfight 2v2 7/22 Free BF4 Games 7/23 CODERE… @MrGrimmmmz @playnewworld Did somebody say codes for friends??
@IceManIsaac @AngelWalksCA Most likely not, that would be a hard date to revamp plans. We would shoot for nov/dec @aydan @AngelWalksCA @NuMbeR1GirlTV We are going to be working to put on a large event still. We will keep you updated!After an eye opening conversation with @AngelWalksCA, we have decided to part ways with the FPS Mayhem event. We wi…
We will see you soon for sure!! @RealAndrewWylie @mavixchairs Not a problem for any of our guests... They never have to worry about lumbar support with our 100 M5 chairs!
Join us at @leveluparenagg to show support for our Apex Boys competing. 🧡🖤
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @rasch_the_smash @infiniteKJ89 Well we’re always here for you if you need that mental breakdown.Who’s ready for some Apex today??? @rasch_the_smash @infiniteKJ89 Are you wiring our audio? 😂😂 @PioneersGG Can’t wait to see you all again!Omg @rasch_the_smash and @infiniteKJ89 are going to be here also!!
This is sick! Glad we have been able to work together! @Trickywii Of course! But are you coming out for the grand opening?! We haven’t seen you in like forever 😢 @SovereignSyd @Boulevard_Beer @PioneersGG @gametime_op @AOC_Gaming @ROCCAT @VEsportsFDN Fortnite, rocket league and… @akaFrxzy an extended soft opening... We're finally ready to do this thing for good! Join us for Live Music, Esports/Ga… youth camps are becoming a hit!! Learn more by visiting and how we are help building th…’s safe to say camp is going well! owls get a bad rap. So what if you like to sleep in? When you’re in Overland Park, here’s what to do under th…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @Koja_sama @xXFPSMayhemXx Well get out here! Lol Events daily!We will be providing a killer event space for @xXFPSMayhemXx and their $75k lan event. Get ready to come to KC.Our team saw all the DMCA issues happening and wanted to find a solution for our creators and all creators. Check i…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7thGonna be sick ripping some packs in here... right @RealAndrewWylie? #whodoyoucollect
@sauceynerd @HuntedWolfTV @OutPlayedNext @Disarrayyyy @scump @SimpXO @ZooMaa We will stream it for you guys! Tell us when!
@Bartonologist we say entertainment for all ages…we mean all ages ❤️ @PatrickMahomes
@dizzykitten7 We didn’t see you this time 😢Look who's in the tvs in @gametime_op! @RealAndrewWylie live in the restaurant! @SovereignSyd a bit going on this week! See you here! Guilty Gear - 7/14 KOC - 7/15 @SovereignSyd says she would play solo…
We are less than an 40 mins away from a new live episode of WWES with @rodneyconyersjr @EEvisu & @skankcore64! Thi…
Retweeted by LEVELUP Arena @ #maniacs1k Aug 7th @Gremlin785 GOTO THE GYM! There… be motivated