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@dapr Just a normal white t with a penguin patch that I haven't worn since like the 7th grade but haven't thrown aw… RANKED // cs surf During q !twitter @dapr I still remember the day I walked into a wawa to buy a slushie with a friend in the 6th grade and the girl wh…
@PrecisionVal Irl is heavily overrated the developers (god) hasn't dropped a new update in forever and there games… @ItzBoltzy @Huso_VAL He wasvEz caught sniping wardell in my ranked game. actual fucking loser
Retweeted by LeviathanAG @480Wrap @vEzCSGO Just waiting @iBuhms I like this @aneeshmurp He was stream snipingLmaooooo I just heard wardell thru vEz#1337 mic on the last round lmaooo no wonder he was complaining the entire game
@NiSMO_VAL So this is the guy that running 1 taps me with ghostI hate @dazzLeGO @NyKoVAL @regan_travis I need this mindset for ranked!TSM RADIANT RANKED // BTD6 During q !twitter
What is this? @hazedCS Yea but you got 200 gifted so is it rly that bad @Apex177 @T1BcJ @frostyZK All I ever get is some sloppy toppy.... @Subroza @hazedCS Business doing good?
@Governor_Val I will be waiting to enjoy the stream I mean @Governor_Val I will be waiting to stream snipe @frostyZK Water >Signed professionals my ass. Thought pros uses sheriffs guardiand etc. but these noobs are odin spamming like my fr… @Governor_Val Why are they not in my position then?RADIANT RANKED // BTD6 During q !twitter
@valyngod Waiting for this day @Governor_Val That guy will never be as tall as you @PureRedfish My door dash drivers just put everything up against my door that I have to open and push the food and drinks with @Corey_OW @frostyZK 💪 @dazzLeGO @Rawkus Had all the bronze people from shaz's stream just spamming my chat after cuz of this round calling stream snipesAin't no one peaking mid to kill a drone like that unless there's a bait that's how I knew @Rawkus RANKED // BTD6 During q !twitter
@TheTeamDN Qing ranked @NiSMO_VAL @GhostGaming @GhostGang Now show the fps ingame @ANDROIDX23 Wdym dm is very realistic. I think your just bad if you can't replicate sitting in a corner then having… @WedidOfficial Look away? @TSM_ZexRow You look photoshoped lmao @nateschanker Noti
@jacobcavern Was a good try @RossyUA @bdog2916 Ty <3
@phoFPS @dcopGG @1leakcs u didnt have to do him like that now cmon @dcopGG Do it my ranked gamesYou're so free @RossyUA @bdog2916 @zekkenVAL Aren't u underage @nateschanker It's about how strong u come back not how hard u fallRADIANT RANKED // BTD6 During q !twitter @bangzerra @LenovoLegion @TSM How many times did you have to take a picture to upload this
@nateschanker Inspirational @WuuzyTs @ez5gg Ez5 has always been up next since the beginning @regan_travis @DubzaimTwitch Yes siirrrrr @xSpar7a We're you scared before you were born? Exactly nothing to worry aboutRADIANT RANKED // Noble Leviathan !twitter
@aleksandarosa @EvilGeniuses @CarterPulse Big vouch
@ValorLeaks Kayo end of discussionRADIANT RANKED // Noble Leviathan !twitter @TSM_ZexRow This is not it
If you run from raze ult instead of trading your life for it, I'm sorry but you a bitch
@bumpaah @SoaRGaming Mr big time @Governor_Val @lucasVALORANT @Governor_Val @lucasVALORANT We made a 10-2 comeback and I clutched a 1v4 at the very end to finish the game off while I had Mozart playing @Crashies @GenG Mr.clean @ItzBoltzy @nateschanker @ScrewFaceVAL @bearkun @root7K I didn't get one tho... @nateschanker @ScrewFaceVAL @bearkun @root7K Where do you find this ?
@zekkenVAL @Sentinels Clean with it @120edit Odin is broken that's why I use itThe amount of times I die because of my hand pain is actually depressing @FrostyValorant That's the man put some respect on his name
@xsetnate I think valorant cuz I heard somewhere that becoming a esports athlete has a smaller chance then making it to the NFL @frostyZK Can't wait to cut myself after I slam it @1johnqt V
Big day @frostyZK if u shared ur cheats with me we would have qualed for closed @KegShouts I haven't dressed up for Halloween since like the 2nd grade @KegShouts I ain't out here to be average I'm here to be the best
Looked out my window and saw a cloud that resembled one of my lineups @Crit_VAL Hey man you know I've always been there and supported u from day 1 right I remember being best friends wi… @Dronecsgo ur insane man you will find a new home soon @bumpaah Bumpah_._._._ @Corey_OW Stop taking steroids? @WARDELL416
@CSNaturEE @andbox_official looking clean @Shanks_TTV I cant believe how many times you guys got a free site @frostyZK Which one u gonna drop 40 with @NRGgg @WedidOfficial @1johnqt Still can't figure out why they are peaking u. U must be hiding ur name with streamer mode. @DerrekOW @100Thieves Tbh I thought it was gonna happen during my ez5 days so I stopped using it as much @oAgera_ @shroud I did @T1BcJ Sova mains are the cutest @Hakns_ All good brother is where you go if you are interested about stats about anything @Hakns_ Including the Odin its 19% @DerekJoon @shroud Good ideaGreat minds think alike @shroud @Asunaa Congrats u deserve it @KegShouts 🥰🥰 @SpadesR6 I remember those days like they were yesterday @MatthewCElmore @100Thieves Thank you so much @1johnqt @100Thieves Never gonna forget our ez5 days @WedidOfficial @100Thieves ❤❤Just going to take a step back here and appreciate what has happened. I've had so many ppl reach out to support me…