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Lewis Bush @Lewis__Bush London, England

Revealing power in images and words. Runs MA Documentary Photography (online) @lcclondon. @ESRC funded PhD student @lse_london. Writes 🐕 🎻🏍️

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@dzalcman This = me on the 'gram. Also usually inadvertently liking those posts with the same account that wrote them. @HarryRose__ For art class, but close enough!One of the nicest things about toning cyanotypes is the studio now reeks of tea.
I’ve never haemorrhaged so much respect for an organisation so quickly in my life, and it mostly just leaves me fee… to play spot the difference? 1: The racist book placed alongside @martinparrfdn Instagram apology. Wrong boo…
Retweeted by Lewis Bush @knox_o @chinw_e It was my connection stopping me seeing it, sorry for the delay sharing!Support black female photographers who've lost out as a result of the Covid pandemic. I know there are a lot of gro… @duckrabbitblog It's just something you see through the viewfinder all the time. People see the camera, they don't… @duckrabbitblog Urg I'd not looked through the whole series. Any photographer who's worked around people will recog… @HarryRose__ @Tommyophoto Thanks for the offer Harry, we had a big donation quite recently so I'll let Tom take this one.
@knox_o Weird still not, but maybe it's my connection. Will try again later. @knox_o Sure, the link dosen't seem to work for me though, is it ok for you?
Kicking off the first of the last few studio workshops I'm planning to run. I've really enjoyed them, in some ways…
@alexemmonshere Thanks that would be a solution, but it's a bit more of a general question. @mccauleyphotos Hey James, just replied to it. @andypearsall Interesting, I'll try that. @memorypalace Ah that's helpful, thanks Susan! @_hahahelen Great to know, thanks Helen! @hmorriscafiero Thanks Haley! I was thinking to use it to completely obliterate the blue, which is hard to do with… @MelanieKKing Thanks Melanie! @GregMarinovich There are a few provisional spreads of each one on my online shop here: Ju… fellow cyanotypers, I'm curious to know if anyone has ever explored using selective application of sodium carbo… @incredibusy @ioanamarinca No I didn't thanks Ali, will take a look and share. @GregMarinovich Thanks Greg, they've been a nice diversion from lockdown inertia.I'm engaged in a bit of a zine making frenzy at the moment. Three new ones arriving soon, all responses in differen…
@shotbyshaun @Lensthinkyorks @ninaberman @martinparrfdn Agreed. Creating a bursary is something you can do to creat… #photography thread. IMO MPF could do a lot more than this + do it much, much better.
Retweeted by Lewis Bush @ninaberman Agreed, epecially for an organisation that sells face masks during a pandemic at £20 each. is sold out but one of the participants has just contacted me to say he can't make it anymore, if anyone is in… @PaulTHalliday @LTHdebate In hindsight the tone in which I meant 'great' dosen't really come over on Twitter. @memorypalace It was! Thanks Susan.Quite a few people submitted webcam photos for my crowdsourced zine on improvised webcam covers without e-mail addr… few spots available for an online workshop I’m running on Monday evening. Have a look!
Retweeted by Lewis Bush @duckrabbitblog It does feel a bit like a pay off tbh, I hope it's echoed by changes in the way the foundation prom… is great, but the MPF also really needs to reflect the remit it claims for itself 'to support overlooked and e… of the reason I made these was just to show that not every project about Covid has to be photographs of empty… know, the last thing anyone needs in their life are zines reminding them what a mess the world is, but heyho)I've got a pandemic themed triology of zines coming soon (on webcams, invisible labourers, tourism) I've just added… fun with forensics. was it I was saying about ethics. Hard to believe someone could relish so much in the deception of a vunerable…
Retweeted by Lewis Bush @Detritusphoto Never I suspect. @Photomando7 Exactly. I'm sure he's very aware of that. The use of the word here seems rather smirking. @Photomando7 And the fact he calls them models in the next paragraph is almost equally weird. @Photomando7 Yeah just amazes me people who are meant to be socially aware still use a word like 'prostitutes' tbh. @AnnemarieBala @leahband Yeah I don't know which of these is worse either... @ohmadelaine I know right...Movie night.
Last avaliable place for my photographic storytelling workshop next week, taking place over four evenings. Taking a… @leahband Yikes, hopefully not! @davidxflood Sadly I'm not sure I would be that suprised. Still I think it's becoming fewer, or put another way mor… Instagram filter open call @GETXOPHOTO 📲👽🤖🎃 There's a 400€ prize for a filter the you would use to go back…
Retweeted by Lewis BushThanks everyone who attended our MA virtual open day today, amazing turn out. That'll probably be the last one for… @pixelsonapage Cheers Barry! @elledallago @duckrabbitblog Yeah agreed. To me it's documentary work that isn't really about anything about aesthe… call! I'm just putting the finishing touches to a zine about improvised webcam covers. I've been collecting im… is the final call to submit an image of your homemade webcam covers for my new zine. All included contributor…
Retweeted by Lewis Bush @elledallago @duckrabbitblog Sort of equivalent to my point about people hating Mishka Henner's work. Got the feeli… @elledallago Completely agree Lisa. @mikebeganyi I know it! @Russian_Photos “Cake, and fine wine.” @aisling_prior @MACK_books Like I say I don't know that the rest of his work is unethical, but the Waiting Game rea… is the final call to submit an image of your homemade webcam covers for my new zine. All included contributor… @aisling_prior Don't feel stupid. I don't really know the new book but I don't think it's exploitative in the way that this project is.It's actually not just unethical, it's legally questionable. Spanish law as I understand it is that you need permis… that quote again just makes me feel sick. Is this really the sort of photography we celebrate? Something… @janissima What I love (and hate) about it is that you just don't know which it's going to be untill you get up, pick it up, and play!Really makes you feel that influential photography people are more distressed by the idea of someone rejecting the… mad thing is that Miskha Henner seemed to get far more flack for his No Mans Land project, where the women are… was it I was saying about ethics. Hard to believe someone could relish so much in the deception of a vunerable… at 16.00 BST I'm holding a virtual open day for the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (online/pa… @langphil Ah lovely, hope it soon becomes more joy than woe! @langphil What is your source of woe/joy?This sometimes makes the day worth having gotten out of bed for. Other times I just want to bury it in the garden a…
@JosephKendra @lizzyorton Also (and again I'm afraid totally grim) but I read Maus by Art Spiegelman was I was 12 and it blew me away. @hil_clix_pix @Grain_Projects Thanks Hilary!Today was going shit, then I learnt a sea shanty on the viola, then it was good. The end. @chiragwakaskar Aw thanks Chirag, needed that today!Cyanotyping again. Saturn and Titan. @jmcolberg And then catch Coronavirus and nearly die having just written it off as a 'little flu'. @jmcolberg The dog is steering, I think this is a metaphor for 2020. @Russian_Photos yeah, if you're buying one of these on Amazon I think you missed the point of the film... @lizzyorton It's a bit grim at times but Judith Kerr's When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is brilliant.I've always suspected (but never bothered to check) that it also influenced W.G. Sebald's novel of the same name.Grandville describes the rings of Saturn as in fact a balcony or promenade on which the planet's inhabitants take t… about nasacent dreams of space travel this afternoon, and returning as I so often have to J.J Grandville's… @zakrdimitrov @Grain_Projects Thanks Zak! @CharlieLBooth22 @Grain_Projects @grainphotohub Thanks Charlie! (I tagged the right one on Instagram where the post originated)Big thanks to @grain_projects for giving me one of their recent writing bursaries. I'm planning to use it to look a… remaining place on my online funding workshop this Saturday. We spend a day covering different approaches to ra… I meant fewer *photographers, not fewer *photographed! The photographed usually have a far better sense o… @Antihippy Not really but thanks Gav.Sigh. I sometimes feel discussions about ethics in photography would be massively more developed if fewer photograp…
@alexwiederphoto @UPS @USPS @Newegg Commiserations, I had to go and collect mine myself.Here's a link to register for the open day in case anyone is interested in learning more: @incunabula @TaMcColgan @_Ben_Franklin1 Not that I think this should be taken as a given just because he said it, b… @incunabula @TaMcColgan @_Ben_Franklin1 By Parr's own description Cyanotype of British Algae is the first photobook… @MiriamKings That one always sends a shiver down my spine!If you want to see what I mean you can follow our course Instagram here: