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ah yeah shur look sin é | she/her | priv: @lexawoes

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good thing i’m too scared to sleep upstairs my fishies filter just movedI know money is tight now, but if you care about nature, @BirdWatchIE could do with a donation to tide them over in…
Retweeted by hot patootiethis one was a close second @abletonhoe no you xome // some random note on my phone @garlicdip1996 oh my god that’s so many babies ahhhhh @garlicdip1996 oh my god yes goldfish babies 🥺🥺🥺 @pitbullstan69 the only right answer i wanna fook Faith why do i kinda wanna fook Kralik?? my grandad is so cool, i want to be him when i grow upone time i played joseph. i went to a mixed school. deep conditioned today, who’s kissingevery year for my spotify unwrapped i think "this year's gonna be a good one, this one i'm not gonna be ashamed to…
Retweeted by hot patootiewait that’s actually so cool, that’s my arm! @esialbenaved oh yesss, a billy ray bop wee mama @mothsIime happy birthday!! <<<3 @FavouriteDuque you’re so so lucky, this is a bop“how did you know i’m an aries”
Retweeted by hot patootiemy fangs have been dispatched, oooh babyoh for crying out loud
Retweeted by hot patootiei love it i love it i love it @yiddybitch66
Retweeted by hot patootiehow many people thought i was hot until i posted my spotify wrapped? @local__eboy it’s a bit of a bop! @NotTheRealGough you’re very lucky @local__eboy @whailish this is a goodin am once again asking, me and who? @molarinfluenza oh it does have very big tiktok vibes actually @WackJrixon oooh i forgot this song existed @crumlingothic_ very zesty @molarinfluenza a great song @BIGBOLLLOCKS a bop’s kind of funny, comment a number and i’ll give you a song from my shuffle i can’t find either of my new glasses but i did manage to find the pair that i lost months ago that i’ve already replacedthis playlist is a mess that I'll never get to see my skeleton
Retweeted by hot patootiein 2021 i’m gonna listen to rock n roll kids in incognito mode @dvnisemck i needed this, thank you @yupcorcaigh @music_struggle that’s so disrespectfulno no no no no, i’m so embarrassed
sky daddy trending and reminded me of this lil' gem.
Retweeted by hot patootiei wanna fook vampire willow
Retweeted by hot patootiei fancy one(1) person’ll be really able to sing my little heart out with my housemate gone during the day at him!! i love him babe, don’t mind that noise, that’s just my mattress protector, keep going xx
Retweeted by hot patootienothing makes me cringe more than saying my name out loudjust wanna hold hands and look at christmas lightstattoo on my wrist ball , kinda wanna scream @culchiegoth ucchh literally same! i just don’t know to style it at all :(My Christmas collection is live ❄️
Retweeted by hot patootieLady Kaitlyn? miss my long hairjust screamed because i wasn’t ready for the bit where Kate Bush whispers at the end of Under Icepardon? to bring my glasses and my ‘i’m not wearing my glasses face’ is almost offensivekinda nice has had it
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Retweeted by hot patootieam on the episode where the adults are young again and i really wanna fook Giles, and also kinda Joyce looking like an absolute DON 🖤💀
Retweeted by hot patootieI feel attacked
Retweeted by hot patootiequick update dad 22 years ago
Retweeted by hot patootie @earthtojan no :/ it’s annoying me so muchsomeone please help i can’t sleep over it else horny or have i just been in lockdown too long? found the video of my first successful floss, oh how times have changed eilsh @gothtallaght brains and beauty, god you’re incrediblei own one hoodie and it belongs to an ex but i can’t bring myself to buy another hoodie but i also don’t want to we… @trannyfrmdablok oh my days please doi hate it here @maggiesaysrelax oh my days is it an irish elk? 👀
Retweeted by hot patootiea tattoo for me tomorrow ?? yuppp the parish“Look who decided to come out of their room!”
Retweeted by hot patootiei bought fangs and if they don’t make me hotter i want my money backChristmas is in full swing in the Candy Establishment @v_agi_na i love you 😳😳 @culchiegoth oh hiya 👉🏻👈🏻 @Peachicedqueen can’t wait xcan’t believe covid is depriving me of desperately trying to find someone to go ice skating with“How did you know I’m an Aries?”
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hey y’all remember i have a 20% off black friday sale!! 63 listings for u to have a mooch…
Retweeted by hot patootiei love my targeted ads THE MUSIC VIDEO TO 1K HITS IN THE FIRST WEEKEND! GO STREAM IT BABY 💚
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Retweeted by hot patootieThe painted bat is a species of vesper bat in the family Vespertilionidae. It is found in Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma…
Retweeted by hot patootielast selfie // last meme twitter where yall at
Retweeted by hot patootie @jadelouiiise doo 2: monsters unleashed, scooby doo and the witches ghost and the jungle book Dickens in 1843:
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